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Chapter 4

The Parliament of the Princes of this World

and its Sequel


It was such a sunny day. Little Angel, who had been feeling rather sleepy and in danger of pure, or slack indolence, according as you wish to estimate it, which would in case be unwise, since it would all depend on what he had been doing, was suddenly alert.

Creating a draught on Junior Angel's face, by way of warning to watch, he flew slowly over some trees to an arboreal setting, where a number of Mercedes cars were sitting in the shade. Shady Retreat was the name of the resort, which seemed especially private. Cutting the visibility switch at the base of one wing, LA swept into the room, which created a slight draught, for it was specially wired to detect all kinds of entrants, but was not sophisticated enough to register in any practical sense, the manifestable world of the invisible, such as that of angels.

JA followed discreetly. Before them, they saw faces of such grotesque puffiness, eyes of such shady retreat into their own psyches, watchful alertness of a kind that would make card-sharpers look galoots, scheming brows and double-talk symptoms in nose-sniffing, fingering and the like, that the first impulse was to sweep out again. However JA could see that something that could be important in their own work was occurring.

Looking at the name tags, they saw the occupants of the round table to be all princes, and this in itself, the mere fact that they could co-operate instead of either making war or trouble, was impressive.

Before long, they had assimilated the array. One was Prince Tongue, because he was in charge of diverting Christianity into multiple speaking in tongues, with emphasis on non-interpretation, to help Prince FAR, the scion of False Religion, and Prince FAP, he of False Philosophy, in their ministrations, for what could be better than making the very act of speaking seem strange, while exalting its importance contrary to the Bible, so that people could ignore the force of logic in a sort of psychological slip-stream, a blather of blah. Again, there was Prince Mur, whose special field was the administration of murder squads, and individuals, where war was deemed inadequate to create enough chaos to bring down order, organisation and advancement with a view to making desperation allow absolute tyranny; and with him in close conclave was Prince Blur, whose task was to blur issues lest anyone ever found a solution, in order to prepare people for that special variety of Big Brother who would be the Devil's Messiah.

Prince Maim was opposite these, and they often exchanged glances in ways that rather reminded LA of knights with lances, so keen were the edges of their thoughts as their eyes expressed them. His task was to maim so many, in conjunction with Prince FAR, using false prophets by preference since this could become a matter of pride, as with competing football teams, and so lead to more passion and less thought, since clear-headedness is the last thing they wanted, in sending people where no spiritually sane person could even conceivably wish to go.

You go too FAR, FAP, cried LA, making JA cringe in horror; and as for you, MUR and MAIM, you are no mermaids, but more fishy.

Heavens above, LA, what has possessed you ? asked JA. Are you seeking to create war among the princes of war ?

Yes, actually,  responded a delighted LA. You see, my policy is this: If the war-mongers are at war, they will be essentially so pre-occupied amongst themselves that they will be less efficient in starting wars among humans, psychological wars, sociological wars, political wars, religious wars, financial wars, commercial wars and military wars, just for derring-do, won't they ?

Very possibly, is this courteous ?

You remind me well, my good friend. I conceive that it is not, at least not in the fishy bit!

Meanwhile, there was a grand scuffle among the princes. FAP was in a flap, and having no wings readily available, since they liked to at least look human, he was growling at FAR, and the two were having such a fight that it was not long before aid came from MUR and MAIM, who having become utterly habituated to their tasks, were fighting soundly, and to kill. TONGUE was pondering how on earth to use his tongue to secure advantage when it refused to speak sense, and was envisaging a temporary downgrade or a synthesis with some other Prince, or even appeal for something from afar to add to the group. Instead, he emitted such a high-pitched, but now low and growling series of sounds that the pandemonium was increased.

At this very instant, the devil appeared in flashing fire, and he gave them some of his tongue, but not in tongues, since he felt it very important that they should understand IMMEDIATELY, what he had in mind.

After castigation from a devilish tongue, they were subdued, and listened to the diabolical discourse, as if it were honied words of joy, such were their hearts.

You fleet of broken down cars, you rusted ships in nautical grave-yards, sunken submarines and exploded mine-fields, you assembly of the dead ...

This being the form of address adopted by the devil, it was apparent he was displeased. They were accustomed to some extravagance of language from this source, but at that, this had class.

At this, Prince MUR who had become rather bloated in blood baths, through skin absorption, dared to revile the devil. Using his notorious powers to kill, he turned in cold rage to his master, and without holding back any of the dramatic energy to destroy which he had so often wielded with such extravagance that even the devil's accountant put red lines through some of the items, and disallowed them, causing Prince Mur to feel truly murderous: he execrated him. The servant scorned his boss.

Were it not, most abhorrent Prince, said that evil sire, that I value your undoubtedly designer-made powers so much, in the forthcoming conflict which is to reach its peak and summit shortly, I would obliterate you without a moment's delay. However, let us be at least civil. Your apology will help, while I consider your case.

By this time. FAP, whose province was finding words that mutilated reality, had come to the aid of his friend, Prince MUR, and together they worked out a document which satisfied the devil, who was secretly slightly pleased to see such venom in this prince, since there was much for him to do with it in more profitable fields. However, he thought secretly to himself, when the war is over, and I take my place, I will remember this little scuffle - execrate the devil indeed! We shall see whose curses are stronger before too long, if the enemy does not prevail. Meanwhile, lucidity demands a more subtly  discreet lordship from me than mere revenge at this juncture.

Thus thinking, the evil one left, but in so doing, made the air so hot that the highest air-conditioning endeavours did not remove considerable discomfort to the assembly for several hours.

This will weaken the group! glowed LA, quietly to his friend JA.

It may weaken your influence, however, if you for your part do not speak more directly to the point, and without allowing any atmosphere of unruly speech to enter, suggested JA.

LA had no trouble in being rebuked, even when his admittedly imperfect work was so successful, for he reasoned in himself, it DOES say, Be courteous in I Peter.

By the way, JA, he proceeded, it also says to be PITIFUL! How can I be that, to this group of outrageous hypocrites, and noxious outlaws, emitting evil contamination to the atmosphere of spirit, wincing at the very tang of truth, allies of the devil, theological thugs, lying relics ?

You could hope, since we know only a little, that maybe something might turn one of them back to the Lord ?

Very well, JA, you are apparently right.

So, impersonating the voice of Prince Maim to a nicety, while the group were pre-occupied with talk about the events just enacted in their devilish drama, LA made this short speech. He was able to do so, being invisible at this phase, and because Maim himself was rather pre-occupied with refreshments in another room, taking advantage of the mini-break; for although that Prince loved to maim, he did not like to be discomforted himself. After all, when you have studied sufficiently the principles of pain, it does not appeal so very much, he thought.

Friends, Romans and Countrymen,  orated Little Angel, just to rile them, listen and listen good.

He used this rather gangster-sounding Americanism, because he thought the high feeling of superiority and menace would be sure to arouse anger.

Now while you listen, get this, he continued. I find the group of you such a disgusting lot of self-centred, self-interested, self-advancing pawns in the possession of the very devil, that your lives are as rottenness, rust and oily smears on a garage floor. Your admirers are evil, and evil is your name. How can you continue in such devilish debasement, or is it possible that you feel so debased that the limit being reached, you feel free fall is the only way . ..

This speech was received with aplomb. Once rebuked by the devil, they were not keen for another brawl.

It is apparent, said Prince Maim, appearing suddenly, that we have some unsaintly and unsavoury provocateur in our midst, or else some acoustic device. As I think you will all be aware ...

Aside to JA, the Little Angel smiled seraphically, noting that this was objectively true depiction, rather than rude, and if the truth hurts, it can also help in bringing about an awakening. These are all evil spirits and have so shown themselves to be, beyond question or appeal, their very master the devil himself!

Delusive deluders, continued LA, does it now seem to you any better than it did, that you should be deceived as you have deceived, and that another should teach you by your own reprobate follies what it is to have thoughts planted on your persons by such an awakening device as that which was here deployed. Now you begin to see the end of your own dealings with others.

Prince FAR, who at that very moment had been toying with his lap-top, in preparation for another religious delusion, to be visited on an Islamic customer, for whom hatred of goodness had become a devilish device, one apt for leading him to destroying many, felt a sudden spasm. Appalled, he found he had accidentally destroyed 50 murderers who had infiltrated into his domain from that of Prince MUR, people who had eventually been accepted on the ground that murder does not have to have an unspiritual basis, but in fact looks handsome on some who had not realised the scope for play in the field of religion. In fact, these sojourners in murder's realm had been coming more and more frequently, so that there had been drawn up an entente, restoring some of the working arrangements they had adopted centuries before, during the Inquisition.

The Middle East will now be much quieter, I suppose, philosophised FAP. However,  on this point he was instantly enlightened by Prince Maim, who pointed out that he had a supernumerary Islamic population in his own camp of converts, and that he would at once release these, for he mused -  seeking to look smooth and approachable in an endeavour at image approval - it is good to be philosophical and to accept losses on one front, when we can unburden those from another.

At this, a smug sense of self-satisfaction descended on the meeting, for here was at least an appearance of unity. Indeed, the sense that the devil could only be pleased, delighted them; for his enmity was never wise, they felt: and if they had not, perhaps none of them would have descended to the 7th hell, where they were currently stationed, having adopted a carefully prepared human format to extend their work. They viewed the human pawns whom they possessed rather as an executive might view his jet, a mere instrument for use. The pawns themselves of course were both elated and inflated at their 'importance', little realising the classic proportions of their descent.

As far as the occupying devils were concerned - the flesh units, once normal people, whom they had possessed being referred to as occupied territory, it had been once a question. Was this the way ? Was there no better means of BEING human, outwardly, while utterly devilish inwardly ? It was easy, cheap and effective, was the prevailing argument, so all the princes, though devils, used the bodies of their own choice, people who had fallen below the surface of the spiritual earth.

Yes, there had been much talk about this, whether it could be an incarnation, for each Prince; but the devil had scorned such a concept, in fact being unable to manage it, and had simply sent the spirits of those concerned, into human bodies, exploiting the phenomenon of devil possession with great wit and charm. People had wondered what had happened to the adventurers who had been possessed, but they conceived murder might have been the cause; and in this, they were helped by the devil himself, who especially delectated, as with chocolates for the fat, the art of deception, being a lover of lie even to distraction, which some of his enemies thought might be the reason for so uneven a conflict in the first place. How could anyone be mad enough to challenge his entire and complete, his exhaustively competent Maker! It is more than biting the hand that feeds you; it is attacking the Being on whose power your existence depends!

Matching God! what was the devil thinking of ? Yet, being a deluder, he had deluded himself, and had become a type of celestial schizophrenic, for with one mind he knew that his time was now short before judgment, as Revelation 12 shows, and with his brilliant intellect, he was wisely aware of his own end; while with another mind, he was so proud by nature, since his fall, that he could not conceive anything like defeat. Thus in a dissipative division within himself, each of  these minds fought like a wildcat, and shuddered like an owl, biting a concrete mouse, through failing sight.

His ancient skills of delusion still worked in the feeble, the spurious and the haters, since they were active in their lust for his will. He lacked nothing in their numbers!

While, however, the prince of this world, his satanic lowness, was slightly pre-occupied after the unusual appearance he had needed to make in the Conference on that day, and there was some dissension in the meeting of the Princes, Little A had left their summit. He was now walking in human  appearance in thought-apparel (HATA), that had a surprisingly realistic effect on those watching him, and speaking in an engaging manner of vitality, with an Arab.

JA had been highly concerned at the recent tactics of young LA, and was even  then devising an ethics  course for him, in order to add more morality to his skills, and was amazed how quickly that angel had begun the acquaintance he was now pursuing. As a result, he had not switched from invisible mode, to HATA, and was gloomily waiting to see LA make more moral errors, as he conceived it.

Of course, before he could actually institute his ethics course, he would need the advice of a Senior Angel, whose input would be invaluable, and the outcome of which was something to be discovered. As he pondered such things, he heard the words of that active angel, LA, and listened.

And you are finding the relish of bomb-throwing less improving than that of constituting a bomb in your own self, so that the sacrifice will be greater ? LA interrogated his gleaming-eyed companion.

Much more: for to throw a bomb ensures nothing, but a little praise perhaps; but what is time compared with eternity ? By BECOMING a bomb, I seek an  assured post in paradise, which like that of a villa by the sea, could endure for myriads of time units.

And you seek to destroy, in part, or altogether as many Israelis as intelligence and passion will allow ? pursued LA.

I have hopes of 100 at least, with 200 injured; for I have only one life, and if I get that sort of statistics, you can hardly imagine the celestial joys which may await me.

You did not think, perhaps, of the possibility of error ?

Error ? my friend, I do not make errors, for the Koran has much to show that in gaining victory by any such means, devastating resolution, keenness of clamour and undying militancy, I will receive a vast reward, almost inconceivable to the mind of man.

Yet, the Koran, which you hold, is it not a book which acclaims the Jewish prophets ?

Yes, it does, for Muhammad has a vast background to draw on.

And did not those very prophets predict the Messiah, down to the date of His death, and the sacrifice of pain which even your best efforts can never inflict, pain experienced by the Messiah, an atonement by gift of God, so that speaking of believers in this Messiah, he wrote, On Him are laid the iniquities of us all!

You do not have any such teaching in the Koran, but quite the contrary; so how can these prophets, who in many cases reflect just such teaching as that of Isaiah, be a basis for a completely different structure of salvation with works, such as yours which you plan ? and if I may say so, in your case, it is not the Saviour sent but yourself who is to suffer pain for your salvation.

Who knows all these deep things ? ask a Mullah.

Yet would you commit yourself to buying a house when the pamphlet on it did not match the facts you knew ?

No, of course I am not a nitwit.

Here LA took a big leap in his spirit. Then why be a spiritual nitwit!

Of course, he could get no further, and JA who had been listened, had by this time managed to master the way in which one turns from invisible to visible, and hailing his friend LA with a loud voice, he turned at the same time to the Islamic bomb-man, and shaking his hand with enthusiasm declared, May I have the honour sir, of your acquaintance ?

Certainly, replied a suddenly distracted Ishmael, for such was his name. While JA did this, LA disappeared.

One would hope that this is not the rapture! cried LA.

What do you mean, asked Ish ? as he was called.

Oh, Christ's work is far from finished at the judgment side, responded JA, and when He is ready, He returns to collect His people to take them to heaven to what is called the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, in Revelation 19. You see, this is predicted just as surely as His first coming, which was covered by the prophets as to its place, its race, its tribe, His human upbringing, its relationship to Israel, His death, His turning to the Gentiles like you. In so doing, He has been and is still offering not hatred for sin, though He DOES hate it, but love for the sinner, since God despises man's vengeance on man, and prefers to take it out on Himself, thus meeting justice and providing pardon.

Ish was staggered at this. Delusion stood shattered, like an exploded statue. His whole being seemed to experience tremors, and a look of hunted guilt came on his normally stolid features, as if caught in some criminal act. JA then followed LA, and declared, I don't know where you would have ended if I had not materialised, or pseudo-materialised, to be more precise.

Thanks, my good friend, cried LA; and your testimony is good. But look! there are thousands of souls in a great mass. What are they doing ?

Oh you are seeing it on angelic vision, replied JA. I had a course in that, and it simply means that somehow you have switched it on. Wait and I'll join you. We are seeing the spirits of those possessed by demons, and watching their regress as one might watch a football match. These seething spirits are grouping together in plans and places all over the world, but what you are seeing is the spiritual resultant, and this is simply the cohesion of their self-destruction, not in terms of bombs, but of the obliteration of their own hopes, as they murder their way to hell. It is a kind of outline of their spiritual regress, which is in these cases beginning to look like the rout of an army, a massed decline with steadfast purpose, like a suicidal pilot, sick of life.

They move like a flock of birds, caught in a down-draft in some aweful chasm, and yet, it is still possible that some may be found.

I hope so, cried LA, whose compassion always caught the attention of lovers of good, for their rush is as headlong as the Charge of the Light Brigade, and as doomed.

They watched as this group of spiritual resultants displayed in virtual reality their downward thrust, and for all the world, LA felt it reminded him of some aircraft in World War II (he was rather an historian, because of his love for mankind), having made its bomb run, and now meeting deadly flak, descending, at first with a whimper of engine noise, then with a thrust of unguided power, as rudderless, it used its very strength to destroy, for its own destruction.

Why do they do it ? asked LA.

It is because they are deluded. Fancy following a book with zero evidence for divine inspiration, while ignoring the one which preceded it and covers history like a mantle, indefatigable in verification, accurate in detail, profound in peace, wonderful in love, magnificent in mercy, focussing not some angel who says this or that, but the One who coming to earth, did all that was prophetically required, even though any one of these great deeds predicted, would require God's own power to perform it!

They are lethal to others in their human-bomb destruction, their assaults and kidnappings, but far more so to themselves!

How many, asked JA, are those who have done the same in business, blowing up their competitors, not with bombs, but by price-cutting so that they could fracture their market share and then, when the competitors were beaten, buy up the sites and become a monopoly, to their own gain, and the loss of all others!

Do they do that ?

Yes, and call it sinless, in at least one case I know.

WHY do they hate ? love is the only answer the world can bear, the only operation which brings society into correlation with the effectiveness with the unitary human body, and the only hope for man, since vehement hate units are mere fodder for death, and clamour for judgment!

They hate, because they would have it so; but while erratic revenge, passionate aspiration and lust for glory, paradise and co, all figure, the end result is what you would expect for hatred of God's people, and that is ruin.

God's people ? you mean the Jews ?

Yes, but not them alone. ALL people are made by God, and His property, and to imagine that you can pick a religion and apply it without reference to reality, to truth, to evidence, to the incomparable majesty of Christ, the objective power of God so often displayed, and then declare you serve Almighty God while your armies fail and your ways are desecratory of much good as well, and all this with some lust for pleasure in paradise, as if the pain of others were some sort of payment schedule for your personal profit: it is to swim in sin, engulfed and engulfing. Why it is just like some horrible terrestrial business, blighting the opposition for its own welfare, ignoring reality, not competing for excellence with goodwill but stamping with bloated feet, on parts of this world, as if one owned it.

They watched together as thousands of lost souls in passionate descent surged down the hillside which virtual reality used to exhibit both their state and their status.

Having explained this, JA went on to note that this state and status exhibit, rather like a graph of battle setting, essentialising the spiritual realities as those of history continued their own visible course, though called a Virtualiser, did not include fate. It is, he declared, not a state, status, fate display, for the last of these is known only to God; and indeed,  do you see even as they go, here one, there another, suddenly removed from the screen altogether ? These are those who realising the sinfulness of their destructive irrationalities, depart from these modules of devilry, and find peace outside them.

Do you mean this, that they become Christians ? asked LA.

You could begin to put it like that; but the point is this, that they are made to realise, right over the heads of the Princes of this world, what they are really doing, and either they are repenting of their crimes against humanity, or of their selfish use of others for their own glory or pleasure, or of the horror of attributing to God the merciless maimings which result when so many are indiscriminately, yes even children, left to live out the residue of their lives, in agonies and anguish, in deprivation and horror, because of their selfish passion for their own placement in glory.

It was apparent that JA had not been inactive in his researches and that he had more background than his talk would suggest. It was LA however, who continued his account, so that their shared knowledge was rather like a Bach contrapuntal composition, mellowly enriching for each of them. Reflecting with a look of distant compassion in his eyes, JA paused for some time.

Thus the Little Angel took up the pageant.

Some of these who leave the rushing decline, do indeed become Christians, and so find peace; but others seek to use the United Nations, and so to have Israel invaded in its tiny permitted enclave which the international body is trying to reduce still further, and even to get a part of Jerusalem. They do not repent with a repentance not to be repented of, as II Corinthians 7:10  has it, but suffer a little sorrow only to return to a slicker, and quicker grab.

So spoke LA, his angelically youthful eyes sparkling while a subduing softness flitted beneath, as compassion contended with realism, and hope with contemporary evils.

But tell me, LA, more of  this international body, JA requested, the very shimmer of his iridescent feathers quivering in the light.

The United Nations ? replied LA. Yes, it is called  the UN. It is a secular operative milling about in spiritual things. 

Is it alone in such horror ?

No, responded Little Angel, who also had been most diligent. No, it is not; for the Madrid Quartet extends the matter of Jewish assault. As to that, it  also involves the EU (a congregation in the area called Europe, expanding its power as prophecy indicated would occur), Russia and the UN, as well as the UK. This last case, it was once a great Bible nation, rejecting another massive persecutory body, that of the Romanists, whose pope, like many followers of Muhammad of the Koran, also co-operated with some of the most hideous tortures, individually carried out or exploding into groups both young and old, even known to mankind.

That means there are two religious bodies, one using Christ's name - that's it isn't it ? there are two which have brought about some of the worst hatreds even known, using words one way, and deeds another ?

Yes, it does, and even Muhammad tried to make another Christ, contrary to history and prophecy, so that his own words could have pre-eminence, and the Christ would become a subordinate. Of course, it was only a puppet Christ whom he had manufactured, but he used his name just as Rome did.

Nice play, but I suppose he was deluded.

I am not in a position to declare his precise spiritual dynamics, never having seen that Virtualiser set, but whatever the basis, this was the result. His motives are his own.

How could he invent another christ so long after the first and real one, and play about with the actual fulfilments wrought by Christ, basic in making His name so great, and convincing so many with such irresistible conviction that only mounted, and arresting even those in Jerusalem in the year of His crucifixion, to the tune of thousands, thousands who had seen and heard and witnessed these things which He did, so that no denial could demolish nor fact dismiss ? You know Acts 2-5!

How does imagination in countless roles, ride over reality and despise fact ? responded LA.

It is one of the great escapades of the human spirit to behave like that, in domestic, national and racial, in religious and commercial situations! It is part of the vice of sin and the adulterating fiasco of 'faith', when its meaning is changed from belief in the manifest reality, to belief in whatever you like. Much the same happens in 'science' where the stakes are spiritual, the facts being buried in solemn speciousness, and scientific method dismissed like some hired lackey.

Such faith is fiasco, but man in his mischiefs loves to have it so. You can get a convenient outline in The gods of naturalism have no go! and concerning Romanism in SMR; and for that matter, of Islam in a book called something like More Marvels ...Ch. 4 and so forth, just to mention one source.

I suppose we are so used to employing our imaginations for good things, ways of achieving things that balm the heart and bless the life, that the whole idea of distorting a gift like that to do or even think evil, harm, for princely pride to pollute the spirit, is like seeing someone voluntarily take poison, mused JA.

Some of them do that, you know, LA added, for it is called suicide.

I am glad we are unable to do that, now, having eternal life as spirits! glowed JA. But it seems to me that these deceivers, whether deluded, or merely delusive as Lenin seemed to be from recent reports, at least as he grew older, they are committing spiritual suicide, and as for them, they have no eternal life, but eternal judgment to face.

What is the good of imagination to secure that, he continued! It is hardly high class real estate. Why put effort into that! Some dictatorship, that of Lenin, for the proletariat, the ordinary people, wasn't it ? They dictated nothing, and became dictatees, a political disease, divested of property, not gaining it, till a famine wiped out many, their collective farms collectively inadequate, and the tortures of Stalin an exhibit of liberation, devil-mode, if ever there was one. Presuming to free, they bound; offering to give land, they removed all; predicting industrial subversion, instead they gained an undeveloped base in Russia, an exhausted nation in 1917, and were altogether such an enterprise in deception that the devil must have been proud of his accomplishment in demeaning the race, and outrageously using desire to remove what they had left of liberty!

Would you term this a religion ? asked LA, since he gathered that JA must have studied that field.

They had a religion, responded JA, of laws that had to happen, though they did not work in practical historical fact, in a chance universe, where anything could happen, law arising magically from its absence, and working in word only. that the supposed employment of the proletariat as dictators became a wicked device for dictating to the people by a few, unelected, who by sheer force brutalised people, making the individual nothing, each of those so electing, while each of these rulers was himself or herself an individual.

Contradiction was their mode, non-verification was their result; atrocity was their method, and they joined the club of the religious persecutors above, since their mere omission of the word did nothing to remove the fact.

It is really rather easy to invent what is not real, LA responded; for this, the very work of imagination, is a byproduct of liberty of man; and where facts do not help, then falsity can be repeated and applied, as Hitler did to the German nation. It is called propaganda.

The Mormon religion did just the same, and centuries later again, the Liberals, as they are called, did it later yet again in their final flourish, re-inventing the Bible in this way or that, never on any reasoned ground, only on factitious premises, ignoring the conditions of their own discourse, making statements in God's name without having either His own authority or wisdom or power, so that all of them in the end came to the same place as did Romanism, which simply added doctrines or teachings in contradiction of Christ's requirement that He ONLY was Master and all the rest brothers, so making the changes by this gradualistic method and antithetical method.

Gradual in method, however, it was not small in result, another religion as surely being created as that of the Jews, ignoring the fulfilment of their own Old Testament in Christ, yet clinging to it; of Muhammad, just inventing a Christ and using force for his own part, precisely as Christ prohibited for His kingdom; of  Mormonism - to take one example of the more recent additive kind, subordinating the Bible to angel talk, while transforming its teaching into vast chasms of contradiction; and of the Liberals, recasting the Bible, like melted metal in a furnace, re-set in new shapes. Man and rebellion are as near as your two wings.

All have one basis, beginning and end: rebellion, together with an endeavour to harness - as they harness rapid water in hydro-electric works -  the word and Son of God, while pushing other and alien agenda, and irrationality combined with subtlety. The terrible passion of this pulse of pollution stains the earth, as the oil-rich smog dulls the skies of much of America, something you can see at times from the air. There are many more spiritual pollutants of the purity of the word of God, the Bible, attracted by the doughty power of Christ, and unable to stand alone.

Yes, there are more  than the Romanist, the Mormon, the Liberal, and Islam; there is a bundle of sects which seem intent on snatching the name of Christ from the Bible and making something specious, as if they had arrested the flight to Egypt of Mary and Joseph; but they are too late. The word is written. It is condemned by the very court to which it appeals. Islam is only one of the group.

I suppose, mused JA, Communism is like a late-coming sect, excluding the Bible altogether, using power instead of precept, and chance to create law, nothing to create the universe and getting nothing back in verification but the shame, sorrow, grief, fraud and lies which makes of the liberated the most subjected of all, except of course for those of Islam.

Indeed, replied LA. There is a rule as in the case of their sharia dictations, which can make of mankind a puppetry for pronouncements, much as the Papacy used to do, with its force, and continues to do, with its tongue. Islam is of course a current major basis for subversion and exclusion of the Gospel.

At this, JA seemed slightly perplexed. But how, he asked, how can they make a religion supposedly drawing on an established past, when they contradict to the last point both the Old Testament and the New, and simply opening the mouth, ignore their contradictions of the very Jewish prophets whom Muhammad accredited, and of the history he ignored, which none could deny at the time, except by the misuse of force!

How could you make a Karl Marx who loved capitalism, or a Freud who thought all men pure, and get away with it ?

LA pondered a little, his wings fluttering and making interesting designs on the ground beneath them, before he replied.

Man,  JA, as you are gradually realising, and as one does see after a while in this place,  is so apt for delusion that the Princes of this world make him cannon fodder for their desires, and serve the underground with passionate hope. You read about them in Ephesians 6, and they are not slack in vehemence, violence or deception, though they are quite readily overcome by the faith of Christ: without that, however,  the slippery slopes of decline lie littered with the corpses of the ungodly in all their romps - I mean, you see it in the virtualiser.

Yet I should like to visit the Jewish people! cried JA.

I do also, my friend;  for if ever there was an anomaly, a people rejecting as a nation, Jesus Christ, their own Messiah who came in their own bodily format from heaven, and provided for their sins as their own book, the Old Testament has so amply described and inscribed! this is it. Instead of simply and nationally receiving Him, they seem to many like a mouse for the international cat to catch while they ignore their own strength, their own Rock, just as they did before as you see in Deuteronomy 32:18. Small wonder Isaiah 51:1 recalls them to that Rock, for they even now do not rest upon it as a nation. It is so pathetic, so poignant, so needless ...

And so costly for them! JA interpolated. What then is it ? It is like an international cat helping a rebellion against God to get more of the mouse than it could for itself: that is drama indeed.

Mind you, LA continued his theme, let's not forget that this is a super-mouse, even though still unrepentant, or rather, in God's mercy they have been empowered like one, and just as Zechariah 12 predicted, they have overthrown several multi-national assaults in a way miraculous if you like! Yet, they remain in their small area, which the UN and the Quartet want to invade further, helping Islam to get what its god could not manage in 50 years, as a former ruler of Malaysia in effect exposed.

How often does man need to be brought low by grace in order to have grace shown! reflected JA.

That's what's in Deuteronomy 32:36: it is when He sees that their power is gone that He acts, at the end, for this people! You see it in Micah 7, in Joel 3, in Romans 11, in Isaiah 59. Imagine a group of nations trying to dictate triumph to Islamic bodies, who own much of the earth from Morocco to Pakistan, or greatly influence it, and to help them, help, mind you, as if a lion needed help against an ant!

That's what happens when God is committed, responded JA. It is always the same, is it not my friend!

I am eager to become involved in this field, even if only a little.

Let us hope heaven will allow such a visit! yielded LA, to a people who though they have asked for it, in terms of rebellion against the Lord who even came to them more closely than in the days of Moses, yet are being preyed on by a multitude.

Imagine, rejoined JA, if they had not listened to Moses in the first place, but this is far more significant, even than that! It is the culminating glory foretold to the very date, by Daniel, one of their own prophets.

It is good, LA replied, that the Lord is showing His faithfulness to them continually, so that with all the horror, there is help, until the time comes when the Spirit is poured out, as Isaiah put it, and for that matter, Zechariah in 12:10, when they realise just what they did to Christ, and so come to God the only way there is, by repentance and faith.

And by the way, JA, for a Junior Angel you are a REAL angel, the way you never pull authority on me, and seem to help me do better than I deserve.

JA, who had secretly wondered if the rambunctiousness of youth were in some sense upon LA, or whether he had swallowed some of the human tendency to exalt in youth while young, or its angelic equivalent, wept at his word, and indicated that the good Lord had indeed answered the prayers of both of them. Their wings touched in empathy, and each brought cool draughts on the other in diligent joy; for it WAS hot!