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Chapter 2


Devices of Disintegration

and Their Dynamics

News 338

The Advertiser, February 22, 2005


Little Angel's Report Continued

When the Angel body was sufficiently refreshed with angel's food, they returned to their conference, and asked Little A more about this world, which some had visited, some had not, and all found both fascinating and gravely afflicting to their hearts, the spiritual epidemics which in scope capped all the past ones on earth.  

If you had, reporter style, asked some of them why they felt this last to be so, the reply would undoubtedly have been along such lines as these. It would be maintained that firstly, there were far more people per square metre of the globe; secondly, there was far more power for each to use to afflict the globe, its inhabitants, its ecology and its availability for healthy living; thirdly, that though there had for thousands of years been heresies and pretence, now it was reaching its very zenith.

But as to the last, here was the kernel.


With many words and ways of communication, great is the fire,
the desire and the scope for many false practitioners
to pander to pride both providing and meeting with scurrilous motives,
as likewise to blather the futilities of rampaging reason,
impassioned past all recognisability from logic itself,
like so many rockets of ruin, spat out and propelled by pollution.
Coming from the bent and rocket-like hearts of many of the inhabitants of Earth,
long disregarding Christ and His work, there is thus a thrusting emptily into space
of the ballistic missiles of pretence, allied to the grovelling before evil and calling it good.


Thus does the epic of the dark schemas of wandering imagination,
losing all semblance of reality, mislead by passion, and propound by pretence.
Indeed, now the contrived cultural mode is becoming a religion in itself,
a matter of spiritual multi-targetting missiles, S MIRVs, striking,
whatever the verbal illusions of their noise, most of the places of power
on the earth, whether campus, publication, library, TV, radio,
even in some cases mission field. All were becoming explosion sites
of this unhallowed travesty.


The conditioned hearts of many are moving to such a self-trust,
with such self-esteem, that their very psychological struts, free in air,
become spurious foundations for buildings soaring into space,
based on imagination, awaiting their early downfall; for man is learning
to become his own god, to trust more and more in himself,
ignoring the attestations of his origin, of that of all the universe,
learning while ignoring the demands of the validity of knowledge
and the nature of truth, telling it anyway while denying it,
oblivious of logical causation and the impossibility of reasoning without it,
as if truth were the enemy, and imagination both goal and god!
Nothing becomes the origin, or something inadequate for the result,
and instead of God, they come increasingly to worship their own shadows,
the darkness cast by a light other than their own*1.

If they did not put it in just these words or just that style, such, nevertheless, would be the burden of their response. Much more might be said, but since at the moment, we are surveying their Conference, and since moreover Little A is the Speaker, let him speak for himself.

After all, he has just returned from a visit to our globe, that terrestrial marvel which, despite its littleness, like a computer, is dense with meaning, operability and results which summarise and reveal many things from afar, an engineered hub for galaxies, a jewel in the canyons of space, set like a driver's seat in a vehicle, or a homestead on a sheep station. Indeed, some scientific opinion*2 from varied sources is beginning to re-evaluate even the centrality of the earth, though our concern here is more its significance. Small it may be; but large is the scope for man provided.

Large is the field constructed for his dynamic, devices and distillations, yes and for worship and inspiration by his spirit of the Supreme Artificer, Creator and Communicator,  upon it!

Vast is the scope for love, for hatred, confused, convex or truncated, and even sincere and sacrificial. If trivialising truth has become a pre-occupation of a fallen race, yet finding it has become the passion of some, and knowing it, the culmination in Christ, for others. While some therefore journey where truth is to be found, and where indeed it is the very pathway of their progress, many find defilement in degradation for the perversion of their inward dynamic, and the death of their spiritual lives. But listen! the meeting resumes.

Little Angel, said the Chair Angel, his eyes glistening with admiration for the Little Fellow (for he was now an Angelic Fellow, but a little one), you have been very frank, a quality which we all enjoy, and would you now give us some kind of summary or overview of your thoughts on what is occurring on this earth, swarming rather than being merely occupied, with straying inhabitants who seem increasingly to love their sin, display it, shout it from the housetops, wire it into their bodies, drug it into their souls and soil it into their earth. Is there some rationale which you can at least supply, some aspect you can feature, and is there some vital evidence of the divine restorative at work ?

Little A did not clear his throat, for it had no tendency to become husky, and he had no need to sound impressive. He simply spoke freely, his eyes roving over the angelic assembly, a small part of the vast angelic host of the Celestial Sphere, some on deputation from heaven, where myriads performed their angelic tasks, some equipped rather for earth, to minister to the heirs of salvation, his heart filled with that exuberance of concern which was one of his angelic features.

Great Angels, Senior Angels, Junior Angels, he began, it is indeed hard to find an angle for angels, since you who know so much, may even be inclined inwardly to laugh at my endeavours; yet,  if there should be at times some little glee at my comparative ignorance, I shall meet your request and share as I may what I have found both from my recent researches from literature, and from my excursion into the terrestrial sphere. What a feast of knowledge have I had in that little globe which though so small,  yet has vast concourse of wit, imagination and spirituality, both degraded and upgraded; and indeed,  the upgrading of some, elect, is merely to the stature where they first began, albeit now surrounded with promises and grace that only God can give.

Let us look then at this earth with the eye of discovery and consider it.

There is abroad, on the earth's surface,  an anti-personnel bomb of great blasting proportions, which would act to disintegrate, as far as may be, the human psyche, soul, life, personality and being. Its origin is hell, as is its destination for many. The broad way is now so over-populated that though it is one of the most extensive freeways ever constructed, it is clogged, and confusion and freedom mix so amply that it leads to very volatile behaviour among the drivers, with death not uncommon.

On this failed and fallen way, blasting is endemic, and though many extol its liberties, death is a bond that cannot be ignored. Yet for all that, the propagandas ignore the disintegration as if their very lives depended on it, which is the case with the livelihoods of many participants, who profit from such spiritual slumminess. Unless they follow the allegedly picturesque but alas, in fact picaresque line for this wanton carnage which grips even that exit route from life, many would lose both jobs and the reputation needful for them. Many conform to the propaganda image, increasing their own damnation, defiled and defiling as they communicate, like some spiritual plague, with others.

But let me become figurative about the disintegration of the psyche of man. The personnel bomb is not only literal - and it literally does blast on many sides with a reckless abandon and unredeemed depravity which is making corpses of many of those magnificent constructions called mankind: for it is spiritual also. Indeed, it is the spiritual bomb which is the basis of the physical anti-personnel ones. Murder begins in the heart, as does hatred and its outcomes, on those who hate as on those hated.

This spiritual bomb, with its disintegrative dynamic, It ignores the spirit in man, the purpose of man, the provisions for man, and selecting bits of man's nature, opportunities and ways, extracts them from the whole, and then acts as if the satisfaction of these blasted remnants is in some way relevant to the life of man. It is rather like an amputation operation in which now one leg, then another, an arm here, an ear there is detached, and each bit is given its instructions for life.

It is life by bits, excursion for excision, segmentalisation as ideal; and it profanes that beauty which the Lord made for man with the quivering fingers of spiritual surgeons, as spiritual in their vision and perspective as slugs, but far more potent. Meaningless bits are produced in a way which reminds of the earth book, The Naked and the Dead, where soldiers found it hard to see anything personal in a severed limb or  foot of a former comrade, now dead! Let us see some of these psychic bits, then. They include:


sexual satisfaction (how is your sex life ?
is one of the questions of this terrorism of the soul,
a ghastly severance from both love and personality),


prestige pampering (do you feel good about yourself ? is its interrogative mantra),


political power (force what is to be, with red hands and grubby wills,
substituting blood for argument and horror for understanding),


religious mania (how is your purity ? do you keep the words of the latest,
or last acceptable guru ?
if not, behold, the hand that forces death or else gains  its satisfaction
in domineering authority,
that it may rule millions with its milling mouthings),


your career (you MUST fulfil yourself ? otherwise, what is the point!):

and so on ad nauseam, the meaningless guidelines of the desolate proceed.

Parts of life become lives in themselves, and aspects become agendas.

The thought that since YOU are NOT the centre, or chief significance of the universe, it is but idle to pretend that you are, or to be sold such panaceas of putrescent philosophy and infamous religious deviations from reason and truth as act to satisfy each of these delusions and all like them: this does not seem to occur. Culture propels, and having died, it does it by little explosions as the body rots.

While in the case of religion, it is not so starkly irrational at the outset, it amounts to a mere ventriloquism when it is NOT SHOWN BY REASON to be the product of God Himself. Anyone can mouth philosophy, precepts, positions, provisions, values and so forth, and then bind them on others by military or cultural mandates of this kind or that; but it is meaningless.

Then man laments meaninglessness, even blames God for it, or tells Him he will not believe in Him, as if to administer a petty penalty instead of receiving his own penalties for spiritual promiscuity on so vast a scale that he has lost the very integrity and unity which makes him what he is. God has given man a mind to use, and a way to test, and woe to the erratic proponents of not testing the spirits, or seeking from God the august imperatives of His infinite wisdom, which only the blind could miss. As the Lord Jesus told them, Matthew 13, citing Isaiah, They have shut their eyes lest they should see, be converted and He should heal them!

This fiddling instead of faith, this disfiguring instead of life, what does it resemble ? It is like some clammy corpse shooting out parts of its body, each for life alone; an eye in the corner, an ear on the hill: for the life is already dead which so exports its components.

Meaninglessness, accordingly, as a pathological exhibit, is becoming a main feature of man in the 21st century: a blastee.

Worse, the meaninglessness then conveys itself to the blatant bulldozers of men, who blow up others with themselves, like murderous suicides, consummating evil passion to the uttermost, as if controlled by wires, which some indeed wear. Again,  it applies to the purveyors of mental floods, who seek to drown a generation in their delusions, as if mere habitual propaganda in some way related to truth, making up instead


naturalism, that spiritual dyslexia, then


existentialism, that will on wheels floundering along by itself, then


evolutionism, magic by import from the imagination only, then


secularism, that defunct substitute for thought, and then, in full flight from God,


paganism, the natural resultant of spiritual death, with


humanism, the necrotic tissue of scattered minds:

and the it yawns, as man yaws.

Meanwhile, the journey to God is indecently exposed to ridicule in the very face of reason, to which listening ears are shut. In fact, in despite of truth, the very thought of such a journey is despatched as far as hand can fling, and with it,  many of its proponents, are gored or galled by oppression, just as Christ was in His day: the servants not being greater than their Master.

Friends and angels all, I have found all such devices abundantly exposed in many books, some written indeed in this very century, or not so long ago in the last one, such as Escape from Reason, The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, Runaway World, and vast is the exposure of it all.

Yet the pathology though exposed, is not cured, for the cure is ignored, reason itself disowned, as if reason for the removal of reason could be more than a death rattle in the very throat of the one who speaks.

They do not seem to think when their passions for departure from the journey to God are in view. Reason for not using reason ? yes, it is a midsummer madness (on the earth, you see, they have seasons of beautiful blending between hot and cold, seed and harvest, and it seems the spirits of man often have much the same). Thus do the spiritually insane, as Hosea 9 puts it,  die in scores without Christ, and their dismembered lives die in parts, until all is dead.

 Here one of the mighty angels, massive in seniority, like some vast cliff, spoke out.
Surely, Little Fellow, and esteemed colleague, there must be vast spiritual movements as well ?

Ah yes, esteemed senior, there are indeed such. Here however is one further blight. No sooner do many begin to seek the Lord, than new evils erupt as if a very Vesuvius of wantonry were at work, as it is, the hot lava of lust of mind, spirit or body, directed to ruin, the devil the driver. Thus when some collections of churches, called there by the name 'denominations' begin as many did, to become watery and unspiritual, following the culture of the day into anti-supernaturalism as in New Zealand's horrid Presbyterian case in the person of one teacher, whom many followed; and when others like the Anglican, become more tolerant of idols, and again, further groups, derelict in biblical exegesis, interpreting, as they were  pleased to call it, by liquidation of the biblical text: this was the disease.

However other bodies arose to contest it. In this they did rightly. Even one of these was soon to fall in most of its constituent units.

Into these bodies, stressing now the supernatural power of God, a wonderful change, and the gifts of God, an excellent feature so long as it does not lead to pride and pre-occupation with oneself, which it often did, there came a dishevelling dynamic. They began to speak together in tongues, though this is expressly forbidden by the apostle Paul in I Cor. 12-14, and to have such kinds of utterance not by two or three, one at a time, but in hundreds with unedifying clusters of noise. This they began to do, not with priority to prophecy, in the sense of interpreting the now closed canon of the Scripture, adorning the coming of Christ and finishing with His apostolic gifts to man concerning it, but with evil surmisings. Thus, some would declare that tongues speaking was a NECESSARY sign of conversion ...

Here the Senior Angel interrupted. The whole congregation of angels held its breath,
a mode used in empathy with man during the conference, and wondered. Interruption -
was this not rude ? had an very senior angel committed a public ... sin!

Forgive my interruption, began the Senior Angel, aware of the consternation in the company at his conduct, for my concern is not selfishly to impose my passing thought on your excellent speech, but to relieve the feelings of many; and I trust you will understand. Have you actually seen such a thing! Have you personally encountered any saying that the speaking of what is dynamised gibberish from a strictly vocal point of view, is a necessary sign of loving the Lord, even of conversion ?

Alas, great angel, it is so, responded Little A. I am so glad that you interrupted me, since it will serve for all as a clash of cymbals to evoke memory in the future of this sad spectacle of dignified delusion. Not dignified however is the roar of gabble that they make, as they excise I Corinthians 1:1-3 from their thoughts, those words of Paul, as all will realise, which makes his rulings - as does I Cor. 14:37 - applicable to ALL churches, and so exclude none. Moreover, how lordly to abase the apostolic word, when on the apostles and prophets, with Christ the corner stone, is built the very church as in Ephesians 2!

Yet they fail as did their precursors who went before them, and ignoring the strict rulings of the Bible, they add to it and at the same time subtract, so that the result is no better. Some even have 'prophets' who speak some word as if from the Lord, so violating the stricture of Revelation 22 and that of Proverbs 30:6, and this becomes one more additive mania, like that of Rome*3, of Mormon*4 and others, who not satisfied with the historic realities of Christ, have to add their own words on a par with those of God, and so make of His journey to earth, an element and not the closure of Gospel and directive revelation to man. New christs from their own brains or pretended books, they add, though even in Psalm 111:7-8, you find that "all His precepts are sure, they stand fast for ever and ever and are done in truth and uprightness." They could not be done if they were not known, or known if they were not available.

Christ's word concerning every jot and tittle of the law and the prophets being fulfilled is not a basis for the import of oddities, but the export of certainties, known, assured, testable and triumphant.

Little A's words of description, and the sheer prattle of impiety which he depicted had a profound effect on the members.

The congregation of angels, having invested themselves temporarily for the conference, with the phase of life known as breathing, out of their courageous empathy with man, began to swoon, until the Senior Angel, recalling them to their angelic selves, aborted the device, leaving them free of such respiratory function, so that their angelic mode resumed its former invulnerability to such conditions.

Only then did they listened once again, and even more intently.

Thus, said Little A, who now found it somewhat easier to speak, as they did to listen, oh angelic colleagues, came the delusions to bind free churches to those of the one who calls himself God Almighty on earth, and who becomes the master who can state requirements for salvation at will which, though he call it that of God, being excluded in Matthew 23:8-10, is the will of the flesh which saves no one. The philosophies of Rome but entangle the unwary; but many like to be seen with them. The Roman and the Pentecostal as many of these of the tongue are called, come nearer to union, worship together, have conference together, witness together. Thus these ultra-tongues specialists became in many cases allied with the authority-specialists, so that by two evil devices, many would be deceived.

Nor was this all.

Indeed, England, one of the nations which rejected with vigour the Roman rigor of rule, and did so rightly, seeking biblical freedom, nevertheless after much turmoil and several centuries, elected to join the Common Market, which became with development the European Union. And that ? it is  now with an international body with a Constitution pending without reference to God at all. From that European body, it was warned to keep its rules (see Wake Up World ... Ch. 3). One rule ? it was that they cease to exclude the homosexual promiscuity from the Army. They had to take down the barrier on perversion and make it honorable and acceptable so that it could spread as it would, plague or pollution, throughout the forces supposed to defend the nation. How different is this from their position in their last major war, when there was still some national fear of God!

Here, then,  was an incitement from their European attachment, which has led to much worse. Germany twice sought to subdue England and Europe, but failed, faced with a terrible tenacity and fearless determination. Now ? they are subdued by mere words from Europe, and must become immoral in order to be acceptable. Government by hypnosis ? or greed ? or a sense of dominion by the group, by a dispiritedness and a loss of individuality ? So did the sacrifice of sanctity become rife, and the human psyche reel as it was made to accommodate the dynamics of bits, sexual, political, philosophical, religious, all affirming what they would, the Bible increasingly a goad to revolt, not a guide to life.

Now there is in February 22, 2005, record in one of their newspapers, that even in this very same England, in their armed forces, there is to be official provision for couples, accommodation for those both of one gender, treated as if married, with 'married quarters' for the purpose.

Is England not now gone, corrupted in talk and spouting of lurid thoughts, convenience and power with an international body, and become a setting for assault on the word of the Almighty at the national level, making mockery of the natural instinct and racial provision, alike! Has not one of its earlier Dominions, Canada, made perversion 'marriage'! Thus does the new homogenisation of remnant parts become a sickening regrouping. It is as if arms and legs from various quarters were placed in one new aggregate, meaningless, futile, godless and divinely condemned.

Oh I know that some of you are too appalled to want to wave a wing, and some even find prayer still for the moment in their breasts, at such a fallen mode; but reflect, dear friends, that the Fall of man was an incident, not an accident, a feature not a twist of fate, a debasement ultimate and irrevocable except for the Gospel; and remember this, that the apostle Paul declared that EVEN IF HE himself should preach some other Gospel, he would be accursed!

That Gospel concerns the word of God being the rule of sin, its criterion, of pardon from sacrifice on the part of Christ, made once only, by Him only and effective only through suffering and actually shed blood, as Hebrews 9-10 so grandly denotes and John 10 so clearly depicts; and not at all is it concerned with the removal of the outrage by redefinition of sin by the secularists or its increase, through multiplied sacrifices by the false religionists, moving towards contempt for Calvary by its illusory recreation and multiple denial of the multiple insistences on one sacrifice, once made not often, by Christ Himself and not by others, with suffering and not without it, brought and wrought by the Lord, sinless in salvation,  and made already then when Hebrews was written.

To take the secular case, in one sense, Christ's death is the narrow way, and redefinition of sin is the broad. The latter makes His death a folly, and His law a foible. So does England hide from God, as much in Europe has done for centuries, either sick with Romanism or nauseated with secularism, often in  revolt against the revolting revolt of Rome, as if tired of all religion because once so oppressed by one, and floundering amid so m any errors without God Himself, in fantasies innumerable.

See this map, Angels all ? Do you not see that what had been a island of wonder, with an empire with more law and organisation, concern and creativity than any before it, for all its evils and errors, that this now may be called an outland of France, an isle off the coast  of Europe, an incidental to the glory of Europe, which makes its own godless nest as we have been seeing.

Making things outside the word of God is a crucial evil, as it would be if someone who did NOT see an accident added his own testimony to that of actual witnesses of the event, and the judge had to determine the overall result. Making things contrary has much the same result: the irrelevant and the lie but mislead, whether the one or the other, when given standing.

How can error, or the unauthorised, or the disallowed synthesise without sin, with what is real and godly and given by the Lord ? It is no better than the Liberals. That name,  dear angel friends, is amusingly enough, with a sad and very grave humour, the name given not to those free with aid to others, but to those who throw the Bible around, as if in a fit, to make it disintegrate, yes it also, so that they can fit their own authorities into its pages.

All must be disengaged, divorced, disrupted with an evil dynamic, in man, in the word of God, in politics, in sexuality, in the division of man himself into regions of power and interest, till all is flung into an abyss of miscreancy, a sort of anti-creation LIFE!

Did not the devil do just such a thing when he tempted the Christ ? Did he not subtly interweave the very word of God with ulterior motives and desires, thoughts and ambitions ? Did he not appeal to ambition, to need, to drama, as if to divide the Lord Himself into passion play! and he failed because God is one, and is never divided.

As to that temptation, is it not even so to this day, but with this vast and crucial difference, that now it is fashionable and taken even with many for something good and excellent, even outstandingly spiritual, to make such additions or contradictions, and millions mill for them, hunt for them, pant for them, and as with the idols of old, in Hosea, SHRIEK for them. Their spurious provisions and detestable -isms become obsessive. Parts of their lives rule, like children run amok. No longer are their hearts united, nor is there unity for millions, with their own Maker. Severed from themselves, they are severed from Him. They cannot live without their props and mandates, passions for autonomy like a rabid army of robots. This they feel;  and their additives burrow with their subtractions and evict them.

Even the religiously rebellious, with the rest, they appear like lemmings,  delighted to die. More and more who were in sound spiritual teams, these are now found having fellowship with the rebellious, communion with the darkness,  despite Romans 16:17, Ephesians 4-5 and I and II Timothy. Ignoring the errors of Jehoshaphat seen in II Chronicles 18,  and the rebuke he received in II Chronicles 19, they join the ranks of the Ahaz' mutiny, as in II Chronicles 28, and act on their own, hugging a delusion, and loving a mirage. As the Lord said to Ahaz, we see in Isaiah 7, to that king with his double-tongue and faithless heart,
Is it not enough that you weary men, but must you weary God also!

This severance of spirit and pollution of purity, this addition where unity prevails and subtraction to dispel it, it becomes a glue which makes globules of agglomerations and cysts of cessation. Plus and minus become the language of pollution and the drama of death. Life departs and flaps its wings, as did the cherubs in the day of Ezekiel, as he describes it, with the Lord departing from the threshold of the temple, as shown in the spiritual symbols in Ezekiel 1-10. Abominable was their idolatry, wild were their dreams, vile was their effrontery before their God; and having said and protested many things, and disciplined in many ways, the Lord departed, the glory departed and their end came. So does the world, the Earth, solicit its end, which will not now be long in coming.

Nevertheless, despite this systematic exploitation of the lukewarm, and this harrowing of the debilitated, just as wolves harry the weaklings, there is much good also to report. Thus missions in Africa abound, house-churches, sunk in secrecy, mount to a reported many millions in China, sacrificial souls pour out the Gospel on the Internet, on the radio, and in small churches; and the body of Christ continues its doughty dynamic, over-ruled in civic places, but endowered from above, and the Gospel is not stifled.

These are their last days, and as in any illness, as death approaches, their is a harrowing time. This, it is that time for this earth.

The free still have divine favour, their words still echo with those of the rest of the millions and myriads of the saints down the Ages, souls are still being won, people still make enormous sacrifice to spread the word of God without intermingling of factitious authority of flesh, or synthesis with spurious spiritual signals of heart, and the Gospel moves on its mounting wings, until every tribe and nation, however they now rebel, exposed to its word, makes the time come near when the Lord Himself returns. Thus He said in Mathew 24, and thus will He do, and at such a time for all that, when the Earth is not prepared. So once again, has He said, and so He will do.

Then we shall hear of much now repressed, and see many of those whom I watched when on earth, whose zeal does not flag, whose flame does not languish and whose passion is not compromised; and doubtless we shall see them with us. Small wonder we angels desire to look into such things.

That Oh angelic host! that is one of my greatest desires, to share with them, among them, the common delight in our gracious Lord. One would wish that it might be NOW, for it is horror of soul to consider them lost. It is His salvation by grace, through faith, the very gift that of grace as Romans 5:25-17 shows, and Titus 3:1-7, the very kindness categorical to man, so that no man goes to hell without having to step over the very body of Christ as in Colossians 1 and John 1-3: it is this which activates the godly.

It is this love of God, sovereign, free, omitting none from its purvey, but forcing none in it perception: it is this which dynamises the saints who by the power of His Spirit are able to find that God does indeed give the Holy Spirit in no small grant, to those who obey Him. This Peter and John found, and so is it written in Acts 5:31.

Here the Senior Angel clapped his wings, and thanked Little Angel for his rationale and presentation.

Oh Angelic Fellow, he declaimed amidst all, how you have regaled my heart with the tail of your tale, for though the ghastly features of human decline have been outlined for our pathological centre for studies, you did not omit the glory and the wonder to come for such glory, where God uses men, as Elijahs if necessary, but uses them with all that  divine power which is His, which nothing either limits or can control.

Gentle Angels, we depart from this Conference, if possible, more sober than when we came; and we thank God for the excursion of Little Angel, whom we all hope, will lead many more to come to the terrestrial spiritual station called Earth, to invest it with more ministry to the heirs of salvation, while the angel given to proclaim the everlasting Gospel, continues his work, and men, some missing cylinders, some with dulled spark plugs - I speak to the cognoscenti, but my meaning is people with defects dynamised - these go on to their scrap heap  ... unless ...

Here the Evangelical Angel, EA,  himself spoke:

Oh Senior Angel, as you interrupted with sublime spirituality of will, so do I now. Yes, proclaiming that Everlasting Gospel in the earth, that by which men are made free - not by any Statue of Liberty as in the United States, or Constitutional Proclamation as was in England: I relish my work, as we all pray for mankind. What kind of man however is one of this mankind who is separated into pleasure, ambition, sex, ideological innovation and specious proclamation, moral innovation and spiritual autonomy, parts and bits each one of which this world seeks to satisfy, as if by right! What kind of creation is it which falls into this separation machine, bits flung to the air like spume and spray,  when the whole of the man becomes lost even to knowing itself at all.

On the contrary to such errors, how wonderful is this Gospel which reclaims the disintegrated psyche of man and restores the image first given him by his Creator. Through this, the Lord renews for man his life, restores the design, rejoins the parts, puts all in celestial perspective, acts to bring back the fellowship with the divine without which man is but rubbish, and makes of a man, of a woman, and yes of a child, a thing of spiritual meaning, mandated to be, granted life eternal, working with God as a man with his horse: a thing of joy without glamour, clarity without stammer and peace past all understanding.

For the ways of God are beyond those of men, as the heavens beyond the earth; and He, He does not moon about, as if landing on the moon made man wiser or better or more true, but as the author of space, and the Invader from Grace, brings not death to man by His invasion, but life, and not gain to Himself, but death, that in resurrection He might assure man of his standing, meaning and end, and grant him a vitality which, divinely endued, is humanly the peak and wonder. Eternity is the source of man's creation, where its King, the Lord, has always been; and eternity is the meaning for man, by the grace of God, where truth and joy and peace are as natural as birds in the sky, and the light is never extinguished. Eternity alone satisfies man since he is made for it, and love alone interprets him, since he is made with it; and when all is disjoined into dishonourable and futile segments, man becomes both vile and violent, in pride or puffiness; and men wonder at themselves, their neighbours and their nations.

The beauty, dear Fellows is this, that it was made freely available, while the Age lasts, and beautiful for prospect, it recreates the lost with pardon and purity alike. Let us then all thank our God and call on His name. This they did with angelic voices musing, adoring, contemplating, not all at once, but in order, first the one and then the other, until the best songs of earth were as parrot talk by comparison.

Thereupon, with bubbling joys and grand fellowship, the entire assemblage fly away to the various tasks and opportunities, in heaven or on earth, which fell to their lot. The very sound of their wings was like music celestial, unthinkable until it is thought, and found only on discovery; for in the Celestial Sphere, the presence of God is so palpable, that finding His own direct workings is no more astonishing than finding the air in the atmosphere fit to breathe, and the delight in His arrangements is like the ocean, constantly rearing up with expectation, and yielding volumes of spray on which the sunlight plays, as if making one organic whole: and yet for all that, it is beneath the sky. So beneath the Lord, and yet with Him, the delighted assemblage with even more heart than usual, made its way, each to his station, each on wing vitalised and untrembling, to do the very will of God.





 *1  On such things, see SMR Chs. 1-3, 10, TMR Chs. 5-7, Barbs, Arrows and Balms -7, and the specifications of the terms in the Index.


*2  See for example, Defining Drama Ch. 3 at 'centre'.


*3 See SMR pp. 1032-1088H.


*4 An Excursion ...


Let us look at some of the things that are happening on Earth,
and use an illustration or two! starting with a sect... Mormonism.

Here we find a cross-roads of science and religion, true to neither, sacrificing both.


Mormonism has some new ‘scriptures’ delivered by angel, interpreted by magic glasses, written on gold, the two latter lost, and seeks to discover what has been lost of the word of God to many generations. Such is its scripturally voided concept.

The concoction of the concept that God left out what He wanted to say to generations of the godly, not only contradicts his word (Psalm 111, Isaiah 59:21), but  impels to the concept that He lacks power, purpose or comprehension. Required for all, it is sustained (Deuteronomy 4, 12, Matthew 5:17-20) by the power of the One who has this purpose in speech. Though a generation may be beguiled into indifference, the word remains where it is supposed to be, centrally located in temple or publication, available.

To believe that a book, of Mormon, or any other presentation for tradition, one without objective or rational ground for acceptance, is actually given by the God who made reason, in order to add to the immutable Gospel (Galatians 1) and bring new material contrary  to it and to the Bible,  the word which has demonstrated itself for millenia, to be added to it with magical apparatus and angelic transport, and this long after sending His Son and only Saviour, moreover, is merely to insult His intelligence, and to defile our own.

To receive material from angels, giving them credence in doctrinal innovation is expressly forbidden in the Bible, so that the Mormon Moroni concept is in violation before any speech is made (Galatians 1:9-9, Colossians 2:8,18); for if the acceptance of angelic works concepts for salvation is not worship, one needs to remember that the concept of worship implies precisely that inordinate and utter reliance on the sent one, which gives power to create the way of salvation. It is for this reason that the wise man builds on the rock that is Christ and His words, inalienable from Him.

God alone is Saviour and His word alone is authorised (cf. SMR Appendix D,   C); moreover the works path is so monumentally condemned in scripture that it is amazing anyone should seek to combine it with salvation by grace through faith, a gift by grace (cf. Romans 3:23ff., Ephesians 2,  Titus 3:4-7). Yet the Mormon Articles of Faith (Article 3) declare that "We believe that through the atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel".

Moreover, the Gospel is inalienable by man from its Pauline statement in Galatians (Galatians 1:6-9), which inveighs against any compilation of works with the basis and gift of salvation. Says Paul,

bullet "Are you so foolish ? Having begun in the spirit,
are you now being made perfect through the flesh ?"

Again, he says,

bullet "And the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith,
preached the gospel to Abraham beforehand, saying,

'In you all the nations shall be blessed'.

So then those who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham" (3:8-9).

By HOW is this faith operative ? It is by grace; and how is the gift of eternal life conveyed ? It is a gift by grace (Ephesians 2:5, 8, Romans 5:15, 6:23). And how are you justified ? by faith (Romans 5:1), and when this is done and a past fact (Romans 5:1), as it is there, what is your future ? Having been justified by faith, through His blood, you are saved from wrath (Romans 4:25, 5:1,7-10).

Works? Heaven forbid, says Paul, for then there is boasting (Romans 2:25ff., 10:1ff.), and going about to establish your own righteousness has all the apostolic appeal of rotten egg gas, that hydrogen sulphide of the spirit.

That however is precisely the point that Little A is making. Man is so blown apart by the disintegrative philosophies, concepts and religions which grab him, now here, now there, that reason is irrelevant, and they even reason why this should be so.

Their affront to Jesus Christ is of course ultimate and makes it impossible to receive such (cf. John 8:58 and SMR pp. 532ff., Separation 1997). It is stated, in Colossians 1:15ff., that it is BECAUSE He is the Creator of all things that He is the firstborn of all creation. Yet Mormonism has mankind with him in the first (Doctrine and Covenants 93:21-23 -"Ye were also in the beginning with the Father"), so that not only is His role in absolute creation denied, relative to man as to all things, in category, and man's place of it, in category, but Christ as Creator of it all (Col. 1:15ff., John 1:3), and thus deity (Isaiah 45), is denied, for deity in Isaiah is He who BY HIMSELF created all things (Isaiah 43-46), of whom it is written, "Before Me was no god formed, nor shall there be after Me" (Isaiah 43:10), so that the very BEING of God is denied, that of Him who created all things in heaven and in earth by His word, maker of the defined and delimited matter, the creative mind of man and the spirit which inhabits him. One God is not king over all things, but gods exist amid all things; such is the demeaned role of deity!

From a biblical viewpoint, they are thus in this way atheists, worshipping what is not there, and denying what is, hence evacuating the only God who is, being pre-occupied with the material, the sexual and a book which has quotations from works written centuries later, by their own computation, on one coverage, 25000 words of the King James Bible of the 17th century being found in the Book of Mormon, though allegedly it was completed in the early centuries of our era. Despite this, it is a work replete with passages from the KJ Bible and even parts of the Westminster Confession are discernible, over a millenium later.

Their god is not this one, the God of the Bible which they claim to be authoritative (and objectively, translation is never an issue in these fields), but a being in transit, just as man is deemed to be in something that looks surpassingly like spiritual evolution, without the logical basis for its pattern, plan, or the evidence for its existence. So we find in A Marvellous Work and a Wonder, Le Grand Richards, p. 287, in Manual 1901-1902, Part 1, p. 52, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 1, p. 123, of Orson Hyde, a recognised Mormon theologian, and contemporary of Smith,  and in Doctrine and Covenants p. 462, with The Pearl of Great Price p. 67). 

In fact, Doctrine and Covenants 130:22 says of God that his was a human body and that he could not occupy two places at once! Indeed, says Smith, "He is an exalted man ... it is the first principle of the gospel to know he was once a man like us". Small wonder some try to create evasion by declaring that Adam is not our heavenly Father, thus repudiating Brigham Young's teaching (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 1, pp. 50-151), despite their authority structure being so grossly founded on the words of leadership, while still maintaining that God started as man, so making the delimited product the source, and having no ground for the product. This in correlation with the emphasis on the concept of creation being by sexual transmission (Journal of Discourses , Vol. II, p. 122) assuredly leaves an atheist conclusion, biblically defined; for the creation is made the author of the Biblical Creator, and the world must be content to be a groundless product ex-Producer.

Indeed, in their authoritative Doctrines and Covenants p. 248, they proclaim in notorious indifference to the fixity of the Gospel as shown in Galatians 1, "And whatever they ('those ordained unto the priest-hood') shall speak when moved upon by the Holy Ghost, shall be scripture, shall be the will of the Lord, shall be the mind of the Lord, shall be the Word of the Lord ... and the power of God unto salvation."

Paul on the other hand, in Galatians 1:8-9, declares this,

"But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what
we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again,
if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accused. For do I now persuade men, or God ?"

So far from being criterion himself, Paul makes it clear that even if he himself should preach any other Gospel than that ALREADY preached as he spoke, he too should be accursed. The thing is objective, pervasive, assured (cf. Galatians 2:4-10, I Corinthians 15:9-11). But what of this novelty of Mormonism ?

More anti-scriptural 'revelations' would be hard to imagine, sexual creation without their being any free Being to create sexuality or those who have it, salvation with works as a criterion for its conferment, Christ in the same formula as man and so forth!

Why this should be related to the Bible is a question that has only one rational answer: it is that it may achieve the evidential and superb basis in proposition and prince, Christ Jesus, the name to which none can objectively even compare, and so gain some credence for these imaginations.

As Creator, Christ Jesus had the pre-eminence when He became a man, one of the categories of life which He first created; and it is He who has made all that is called made, by no means making Himself before He was there, which is impossible, and a mere contradiction in terms (John 1:3). Not thus is Christianity founded, but on Christ as rock, than which there is none other but God (Psalm 62), just as there is no Creator but God (Isaiah 45), yes, and no Saviour (Isaiah 43:10-11), and there is ONE ONLY BEING who is God (Ephesians 4:4).

God is He who is this, does this, and what is other, is not God (cf. Deuteronomy 32:21). Thus Christ as only name for Saviour (Acts 4:11-12) and Creator, is God and as near to creature or to the status of man in Himself,  as is infinity to minus infinity! He took the form of a man, having the form of deity (Philippians 2), and thus by vast humiliation, became man.

Mormonism however teaches that Christ is a being in the same sense as men, as taught in their Doctrine and Covenants (93:21,23). Thus deity is turned into humanity while humanity is made to grope as if to become deity in a rash of the irrational (cf. Doctrine and Covenants 130:22, A Marvellous Work, p. 287).

To be deceived by such multiple contradiction of the Bible, while giving place to the Bible is a testimony to a confusion that only spiritual judgment can explain; and indeed, this does explain much, from plague to heresy, man with itching ears unable to rest in the Lord, and finding hope in himself, his doctrines or his desires. Such things are predicted for the last phases of our Age, to proliferate, both categorically and in detail  (I Timothy 4, II Timothy 3, 4:3, II Peter 2).

Moreover, our example of Mormonism is only one of many new New Age oddities, Transcendental aspirations and crucibles of guruism. This,  added to the additive species of Romanism, itself mirroring very closely the above Mormon quotation, which seems almost a parody of it (Doctrine and Covenants p. 248 cf. SMR pp. 903, 913-916, 1065ff., 1070), become a class of contention with Christ, using His name.

It represents the same anti-scriptural aspiration to have control of man and doctrine, whereas Christ, sinless, infinite and eternal, creator all that is created (I Peter 2, John 8:58, Philippians 2, John 1:3, Colossians 1:15ff.), "all things" other than God Himself, and alone MASTER of man (Matthew 23:8-10) is thus displaced. Displaced then in His own name ? This is the situation which impels judgment, as sects new and old, proliferate and the world becomes old in sin, expansive in liberty, departing categorically and multiply from the fear of God. Those who abhor judgment should first abhor its ground, the rejection of mercy and the pollution of its provisions in Christ!

Man however is not satisfied with this type of invention, but moves similarly in science to fantasy: with no rational basis, when once the domain of God is involved. While of course not all scientists jump into this irrationale (if this is not a word, it is time it became one), many do, and fashion loves it.

Thus, as some go doctrinally into mud and muddle, so others soar into specious philosophy (cf. Colossians 2:8), making magic their father and a stone or earth their mother (cf. Jeremiah 2:23), to the demise of logic and the erection of those towers of imagination which Professor W.R. Thompson so well described in his critical introduction to a new Everyman Edition of Darwin's Origin of Species (SMR p.  313).

He noted, for his part, that just as Darwin failed to find the connections he sought, so the case is not other today (SMR pp. 199-208). Løvtrup, in his Darwinism, the Refutation of a Myth (pp. 352-353), notes that the empirical reality fails 'stubbornly' to provide one single example of phyletic gradualism, 'which is supposed to be a prediction of the micromutation theory', while Denton in his, Evolution, A Theory in Crisis, makes the point amidst vast search in many biological arenas, that the continuity between all living things has existed only in the mind of man, not in nature; and that the anti-evolutionists, as he styles it, are those who have followed the empirical testimony, not the evolutionists in their responses (op. cit. pp. 352-353). See in this field, News 57 and Sparkling Life ... Ch. 8.

Let us examine this a little. What is this Anti-evolutionism which has the palm, according to Denton, empirically, as is indeed the case (cf. TMR Ch. 1, Beauty for Ashes Ch. 3). It has one logical facade, since gradualism and continuity is out: it is that of Nilsson (cf. SMR pp. 108   -114), immediate creation of design, and that, whether magic or God be the basis, is creationism.

Magic, however, it is not rational, and either appeals to nothing at all, a scientific demise, or to oddities imagined, without rational base. The only logical option for source is what is adequate, which as shown in SMR Chs. 1, 3, 10, is the One who has the powers eventually exhibited, and who, constructing all systems, and the basis for any,  has no construction Himself, being eternal and unlimited. Alternative ? deriving God from nothing, which is nonsense incarnate. If what IS adequate were adequate to produce God, then that IS God, and the idea before it so becomes a mere transition of fevered intellect.

More particularly, the normal creative correlate of discontinuity is evinced in empirical fact in 'nature'. Let us consider what is being said in some more detail.  "The concept of continuity of nature," says Denton, "has existed in the mind of man, never in the facts of nature," one reason as he indicates, for Aristotle's opposition to evolutionism as found in his time. Aristotle was very keen on facts, research, what was there to observe, so the result of a fixed idea or ideal or kind, for him, is not surprising.

Denton proceeds in a little, "advocacy of the doctrine of continuity has always necessitated a retreat from pure empiricism, and contrary to what is widely assumed by evolutionary biologists today, it has always been the anti-evolutionists, not the evolutionists in the scientific community who have stuck rigidly to the facts and adhered to a more strictly empirical approach." In particular, he deems Darwinism (op. cit. p. 358), "the great cosmological myth of the twentieth century".

As cited in A Spiritual Potpourri Ch. 4, Denton states that not only is there no "primitive" to sophisticated cell sequence in time, none being primitive, but also that just as sequenced fossil intermediates are lacking morphologically, similarly developmental sequences lack in the micro-biological relationships between creatures. Thus, he states, declares, these do not appear, but what is present is a "highly ordered hierarchical system" (op.cit., p. 278) at the micro-level, from which any such sequence is "emphatically absent". Moreover micro-divisions between them are "mathematically perfect".

On these areas, see the trilogy, The gods of naturalism have no go!

Science at ware with empirical reality ? What is this but science falsely so-called, a variety of knowledge falsely so-called, as noted by Paul as a vain babble. So religious fragments and scientific ones hurl themselves from the fount of reason and the spiritual reality of man, to the horizons.

Magic and mutiny are flinging from man, his reason, his reliability, his integrality, making him a spread of parts, rather like a car after an accident. Small wonder that King David could pray, "Unite my heart to fear Thy name!" (Psalm 86:11).

Life is not for folly but faith; not for escape but contrition and return; not for invention of your God, but reception of His will and word, and in particular, of His free salvation (Isaiah 55, Ephesians 2), which has no part in works either of imagination or of hand, for its basis, depiction or performance. Thus it is in the cross of Christ that Paul glories, and it is by this that the world is crucified to him, and he to the world! (Galatians 6:14 cf. Questions and Answers   2). But man ? man, says Paul, is holding down as in a wrestler's grip, the truth. Since he must live by it, this renders him in violation of his own being, which parts into pieces of spiritual, psychological, sexual, political, moral, meaningless stuff.

The meaningless ? it is but ONE of the symptoms of our Age, that having destroyed itself, and refusing to find help in its basis and Creator, in the Redeemer and restorer, it becomes particulate, enervated rather than regenerated, tossed rather than triumphant, the ultimate in what in wartime is called a SIW!