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Rev. Dr. Robert Donaldson





Published by

World Wide Web Witness Inc.


January 2003


ISBN 0-9750303-2-9





Rather life without water,

Than experience without God


Life without God can be very painful. One sees the moving mind that fastens on itself in some cases.  Someone recently told me that he was, by and large, without sin. I was astonished, for his life had appeared to be wrought in such selfishness, his work secured with such apparent ruthlessness that the claim came like a clap of thunder. How COULD anyone be so deceived! To be sure, once this person had been kind and rather sweet; but change as in the weather, had come. War had come. Hardness had come. A new man, now here, now there, had come. The ground under his feet was the same; the feet were not.


Does this mean that in such cases (and there are millions like this), there is no hope ? Of course it does not; for God is always able to astonish us by His patience. Hence for this man, I still pray with real hope. Being without God, in this world or the next to which it leads as Spring to Summer, or as Autumn to Winter, makes a noose for the neck, a barrier for thought, an incubus for morals, a waste for resources, a rebellion for the life, a midget where there could have been a maestro, a result where there could have been a cause.


Let us amplify this last. Causes ? Yes good or evil, you have causative action and results. But in this special sense, you become more aptly deemed a RESULT, when you decline to know God. Your potential, like that of a seed that REFUSES to germinate, is abundant; but abundantly broken. You will of necessity rot. You have denied the resources appointed for you, you have chosen death in a pleasant format, you currently may seem to govern your existence; but you rot.


Christ Himself prescribed this mini-parable (as you see in John 12:24-28):


Ø    “Most assuredly I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone: but if it dies, it produces much grain. He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life, in this world, will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honour.”


When Christ is in you and with you (Colossians 1:27, Matthew 28:20, Romans 8:31), then your potential is in princely hands, for princely aims. Many however prefer their own, which of necessity will be terminal with death, when the refuse results accrue; for what has denied life, does not possess it eternally, but merely retains possession rights for funereal rites, the pent-up consequences of living in denial of your Maker. “All who hate Me, love death,” says the wisdom of God (Proverbs 8:36). Funereal courtship with a coffin then becomes the character reference at the end, for such ‘living’!


Yet how may one show one’s lack of fealty, lack of interest, lack of life in its source ? The ways are all but innumerable. It is like saying: If my new Holden is not on the road, where is it ? It may be in a lake, in a field, on a mountain slope, in a creek … the choices go on.


However for man, the spiritual results need attention, even in this life. Thus there are baneful theoretical follies* which bewitch many, varying from time to time in the industriously urged programs of Satan to regale his troops. There is organic evolution in its flimsy fantasies, Marxism in its reductionist vagaries, Darwinianism in its ludicrous anti-scientific contortions, economic determinism in its assertions from minds admittedly under the control of forces other than truth and hence unable to declare it, biological determinism and psychological determinism, all alike unable with logical consistency so much as to enunciate themselves, and there is voluntarism, in which you really are a god, the precise opposite of the slaves of partial dynamics, the determinists.


Here, in this deluded dynamic,  you can do virtually anything: for your will is somehow able to understand all things, is subject to none and to nothing, as you ride your steed,  a stallion of course, without yielding, and wholly in control, and as an emperor, call the shots. However, your will must make do with your mind, and your mind must make do with what it has, and having only itself, it is subject at least to yourself which is subject to whatever conditioning, limits and sins seem good to you, or are even thrust upon you.


Free to will, is not free to be what you are.


What you want may be accorded you, but what are you who want it ? What constitutes you ? In what are you subject ? Did you choose your DNA, your parents, your education, your social milieu, your religious or irreligious upbringing ? Everything about you goes back to this and that genesis, none under your control. WHO is the YOU who analyses and contrives ? Did YOU make it ? Obviously not: at most you contribute and who is the ‘you’ who so contributes ? It is good enough for you ? So be it, but it is not free. Only when you know the source of all, can you seek the course of liberty, which knowing the truth, by it is set free. Without truth, you are no more free than a log in a current. Nor are you even fully human. With the potential for truth, like a TV set with the potential for electricity, you are not with it; you lack that for which you are made. You are entirely free, to be dead.


With the delirious substitutes for the Truth, there come dastardly deeds, as in the Middle East constantly, in Afghanistan where it is reported that warring lords can seek for beautiful boys to indulge their lust, while beautiful women are so clad in secrecy in apparel in households that their lives seem a mere romance for the male! He appears to be their lord, and they his serfs for his pleasure.


Delirious daubs without truth or reason become the very substance of society, while bleary theories seek their own place, as inciters to godlessness so that the world may become afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis of the soul as soon as possible and living by dream, find the drain is the end for absent minded romances with unrealism. It is currently poised just above that drain. How grievous are the lives of those who afflict and are afflicted! The trip to the dump for the useless TV which could never be plugged in is never appealing and many seek company on the way! Hundreds of thousands of professing Christians, it is reported, are Moslem slaves in Sudan; and so the false prophets continue their loveless rigours, the very rigor and stench of death, their way of life.


Yet there is another way. It is the way of light,


v          the lightened heart which has no burden of guilt,

v          the lightened mind which has no burden of the insoluble, for Christ’s light solves all problems (cf. SMR
Ch. 5),

v          the steadfast rock, for rather than move, Christ rose physically from the dead, making of that ogre a mere passageway to the living room of eternal life.


HE is immovable, so that the faith that is from Him is immovable. That is objective. When you have that faith, it is not merely subjective, being the action of a subject relative to the objective: it is life. Not that the faith itself is the life, but it is the connection to what is! This Rock is remarkable: it not only keeps your foundations immovable, but keeps you on it! (John 10:27-28, I Thessalonians 5:9-10, II Timothy 4:18).


It is foundational, to be sure; but it is also faithful. It is as if it had invisible lines of force which prevent you falling off it! It draws your feet to its foundational felicity, your heart to its rugged beauty, your life to its solid security, and exposes to you in security, the whole rugged, romantic beauty of the ocean of life.




*Some of these are found in SMR pp. 560ff., 611ff., 620ff., 925ff., 999ff., Ch. 3, Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 13,  Barbs, Arrows and Balms 6  -7, Predestination and Freewill Section 1, and Repent or Perish Ch. 7.






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