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Australian Bible Church


( The Australian Presbyterian Bible Church )


v          We are dedicated Christ, following Biblical truth and infallibility,

v          without addition, compromise or equivocation,

v          both to believe and to do.

v          The Westminster Confession we take in its substance and system, as Biblical,  but it is to be read in the light of the Bible, not as parallel or additional: a subordinate standard:

v          so paralleling the foundation of the original Presbyterian Church of Australia, as also in this, that it insists on stressing the love of God, that none might perish, as in the Declaratory Statement of that body.

v          GOD above all, CHRIST above all, the BIBLE beyond all doctrine, alone authorised by God for mankind, CHRIST for all in the GOSPEL of GRACE and the WORD OF GOD: the narrow gate, the broad basis, the truth, these are vital emphases.


For the CONSTITUTION of this Church, click here.