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Best tell them, Begone!


Robert E. Donaldson



 Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

First Published

August 2004


ISBN 0 9752175 9 3



Published January 2005



Published June 2006

extended through September 2006

ISBN for the Tetrad 0 9775556 3 1



Published July 2009
with extensions to June 2010

ISBN for PENTAD 978-0-9806750-2-3


as a HEXAD

Published February 2011

ISBN for Hexad:  978-0-9870886-1-1

Extensions to July 2014


Volume I

ISBN 09757291 2 8


Volume II

ISBN 09757291 3 6


Volume III

ISBN 0 9757291 4 4


Volume IV

ISBN 09775556 2 3


Volume V

ISBN 978-0-9806750-2-3


Volume VI


now are parts of one whole,


thus constituting  this a HEXAD , which may be called the NOGO HEXAD,


while retaining its generic title




It should be noticed carefully that 'gods' and 'go' differ by one letter. That letter is 'd', the first letter of 'dynamic' and that is precisely what is missing in the gods of naturalism. If you should, before we go further, wish to take an acronym, since you may be averse to long titles (but this one is relatively short, compared with some), then you can get 'gonahang'. This is rather macabre sounding, but it is not far from the fate of these gods which did not make heaven and earth. The way Jeremiah puts it is this:

"The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth
shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens."

To be sure, it is not precisely uttered that the method of perishing will be by 'hanging', and it is the case that the source of that term is simply the 'have no go' acronymically treated to form ha n g. But it all hangs together! Indeed, it is most relevant, since it is noticing the evacuation of power to make heaven  and earth from the domain of the gods of the creation. It is a significant vacuity, as if a student did everything right, but write, in an examination!

In fact, we could have made the acronym instead, gonathang, by simply adding the 't' after the 'na' of naturalism, but this is becoming ghoulish, and who wants ghouls ? Still, 'go, nature gods, hang!' would then be the sense of it, and this is not far off in this, that  it sounds more peremptorily dismissive of their ludicrous pretensions to majesty, and this is what Zephaniah (2:11) declares from God on that point:

"The LORD will be awesome to them,
For He will reduce to nothing all the gods of the earth!

"People shall worship Him, each one from his place,
Indeed all the shores of the nations."

In so acting, as the NASB has its rendering, "He will starve the gods of the earth", and it is in no lean measure because of the ludicrous abuse of His people by those who do not fear God, but instead "have taunted and become arrogant against the LORD of hosts."

The LORD is unimpressed with boastful bashing, arrogation of deity's power by things born and to die at command, through the imagination of their hearts, with the ludicrous cultural captivity of religion by which what has no divine power invents gods for its national or projected power and invades nations (or slowly murders them at choice...) in their name!

It is like a motor car invading the house of its manufacturer, shouting, 'My cylinders have done it!' and 'I am the mightiest, who are you of flesh!' except much worse; for though God took flesh to deliver flesh from the mesh of its mighty madness, called sin, in Christ's crucifixion, yet He is by nature its author, and not its inhabitant, and has told the world in so many ways for so many days, years, millenia, what is what and what is not, that the power, precision and point of His utterance CANNOT be ignored without starvation diet for both the excuse for doing so, and the one who in pompous self-glorying DARED so to defy the living God!

Nothing is of course just what Paul Davies at one stage at least liked to make the source, and that is almost a literal fulfilment! Nothing is the dynamic, nothing is the due, nothing is the attestation of these 'gods' of evolution, secularism and cultural mandates, which like to appear like southern lights in the sky, full of awe but empty of adequate illumination, a show which has no go.

A universe into a universe goes once, but a universe from nothing does not go at all. Dynamising what shrieks its protests, moreover, at such manhandling, in order to make it achieve what it quite simply is NEVER seen to do, has NEVER shown itself to possess in power, method or principle, in equipment or in process, is simply presumption personified.

It is time that its starvation diet, feeding a stomach that is not there, were made more evident. There is simply no argument that can begin to stand, all totter: the talk is all air, not even hot, being cold with the ludicrous downfall of the human mind into asininity beyond all belief, while 'science' is humiliated by this philosophic intrusion from arrogant erraticism, so that it is indeed 'science falsely so-called', as one component of the more adequate definition from Timothy 'knowledge falsely so-called'. Despite the clamour of some, whoever on earth imagined that science is not one form of knowledge, so that 'knowledge falsely so-called' would not include it!

As to 'science', it has from early Greek days been precisely that fatuous combination of observation (in part) and philosophy (in the main) which it now is in the establishment,  IN THESE METAPHYSICAL AREAS in the contemporary scene.

This error is of course not  the pit of all scientists, or all Ph.D. recipients in this field, not by any means, since many realise the folly of OTHER scientists, and by their hundreds hold to biblical creation, and far more scientists of course, to creation itself. It is however that false and foolish abuse of scientific method which this philosophic outrage has perpetrated for some generations now, that constitutes the contribution of the main matrix of modern 'science' to the entire knowledge situation of which it forms one cultural segment, so that this and the rest of culturally domineering human 'knowledge', in delirious combination are giving just what Paul warned Timothy to avoid, which is 'science falsely so-called' as part of 'knowledge falsely so-called'.

To be sure, it is not ONLY what we now call the 'science' element that is in view; but equally surely, it is by no means exclusive of it. The abuse of scientific method, as now defined, is quite as bad as that of the Greek philosophers of their early history (cf. Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 13). That sodden contribution of the 'classic' times of Greece with its atomic theory and the rest, mixed with doses of philosophy of an arrogant indifference to truth, is precisely what has now come of age. To ignore or to seek to subvert the apostolic warning is no service to God! It is alas, however well-intentioned, a work of confusion.

It is the TYPE of knowledge of man which is warned against, WHATEVER its contemporary modes, that fusion of confusion with observation which inherits the cultural collapse of faith into fiction, with the pomp and ceremony of ludicrous aspiration towards learning, a learning always active and never prepared to tolerate truth (Romans 1:17ff., II Timothy 3:7, 4:4, Jeremiah 2:19,27-28, I Timothy 6:20, II Thessalonians 2:10-11, cf. Wake Up World ... Ch. 6, TMR Ch. 1).

The Bible has precisely orientated to this state of things, both as inveterate and to be cumulative or culminating as the Age ends; and it is by no means the case that those caught in this current of force and fiction, are either aware of what they are doing or intentionally subverted. It is as with other drugs, a humbling and a warning altogether, to realise that there are domains into which one may come, and no more know what one is doing. From this, may the good Lord deliver His people!

In each part of the Age, what is ignorant clamours from the oil slicks of iridescent imagination, to be included in the going concerns of disfaith (q.v.) of its day, to occupy the minds of the prestigious and be taught to the eager spirits of the young victims. It is these who are seized in spirit and seduced in mind. So do these segments of time issue their pollutions.

Ours is but one of these virtueless voracities, repetitive in rebellion and reeking with irrationalities, disadorning the various epochs. A failure to realise due historical perspective and actual modes in what is deemed science, WHEN IT COMES TO THIS DOMAIN of deity, design, nature and directed power, is biblically defined to be false. It moves flimsily and flirtatiously, in company with all the nature gods of all seasons (cf. Jeremiah 10:11). Indeed, whether wrought millenia ago by some, or in this our day by a whole multitude - but not all - of the scientific establishment, this presumptuous practice of setting the images of imagination above the observation of act and fact, power and equipment,  is adornment neither to factuality nor to science.

You have been warned.

Naturalism needs no escape hatches, from this or anything else. It is doomed. It is mere cultural invention, contrary to observation, sequence of scientific method, intruding 'hope' for what is witnessed, and secular or pseudo- 'religion' for reality, while the biblical depictions remain immovable after these millenia: just that PRECISE and SCIENTIFICALLY APT statement which nothing can contradict; and even when 'nothing' tries to do so, as in the Davies' depiction noted, there is nothing that nothing can say.

If Australia should elect to have, and so elect an atheist leader, then this is the way to afflict the relationship of this falling nation to the Lord, yet more. Then,

bullet not only would you have the case of an RC school in Sydney, cited by the SA Government,
as teaching evolutionism so that the children would not get a cultural shock when they left (reminding one somewhat in principle, of teaching the use of harlots
so that people should not get a cultural shock if they felt later they wanted one,
a gross failure in leadership and faith),
bullet and a vast array teaching such mythology as if relevant to science itself:
bullet but then this further snapping of the fingers in the very face of God.

In fact, even someone addicted to a naturalistic 'church', long seduced from the Bible to its vain dreams as if Jeremiah 23, Acts 20 and Timothy had never been written, this could serve evil quite as well, since then many of the bemused and befuddled, forgetful of the faith and invaded already by the cloying decompositions of errant culture, could be taken in tow by ingratiating worldliness and various rewards to the conformists.

To be sure, as to God Himself, the omission of His word and its wisdom to so vast an extent already in many affairs of State is a declination in both senses from the way, as when the idols such as Israel loved devoured her, debauched her power and grieved the Lord. Once more in modern times come the forgings from that prototype, which once more lead astray, this time pulsating with illicit power in the Gentiles; and the omission of the facts as coercive beyond desire  becomes a short-circuit of truth (cf. SMR pp. 140ff.).

Such movements are vile; yet to effect alliance, to the point of leadership, with the denial of the Institutor and Creator, in secular and religious domains in unrighteous wedlock, this would be an affront most direct. It would resemble efforts to remove from the house,  the wiring itself!

Let us hope that Australia can avoid both idolatry and atheism in its leadership; but if it does not, then it is only following the leadership of so many who for so long have been allowed first more privately, then with subversive propaganda, to lead astray without taking the tags. If such a nation as this is to become the forlorn relic of the power which made it and the principles with which it was instituted, yes and go further in a new Constitution omitting this time the Almighty, as it may given such leadership, secular or synthetically 'spiritual' and naturalistic, then one could weep for its folly and raise lamentation as when they call the names of the heroic dead, with bugle for each. These, they are principles beyond politics.

Yet there is also and always ground for rejoicing, for even if one's own nation in such ways so mocks God, and were to aggravate the mockery, there is always the crop that is taken, year by year, of those to be stored in the granaries of heaven, when the reaping comes at the end, and all go, each one, to the appointed place which mirrors the mind and reflects the heart's desire.

If the place  is not to be desired, yet that is both the trick and the lure of sin.

There follows then, and for many reasons but above all for the glory of God and the testimony of truth, Jesus Christ,  a collection of different parts from among our 82 volume library on Biblical Christian Apologetics and matters pertaining to this, which put together, increase the ease both for comparison and for development of understanding in this area. The writings concerned, in their published form,  have spanned a period of some 11 years.

Revision or enlargement relative to the originals, may occur as our present purpose suggests, in any of the items below.

With the passing of time, it has been found that the two volumes have had to become four as  years passed and materials grew. It is one of the features of this work that various orientation aspects are used, that materials are deployed in different regions and aggregations, to create now this, now that facet view, overview, or inspection within of the whole crystal of creation to the point. Thus the at first overwhelming size may become more and more a matter of increasing familiarity, as when an orchestra plays different symphonies from the same composer, and finds elements in common.

The total contents are near to 600,000 words or around 14,000 pages.

As an update: Easter 2008,

 two things may be noted.

First, a new encompassment with a kindred but distinctive emphasis has now been formed.
It is called


a work now of some 2.7 million words.

The latest volume after that, is




The Saying to the Straying,
the Bible to the Braying and
the Truth for its Lovers.

This has much in the area of the current tetrad,  The gods of naturalism ... and some of its chapters are incorporated in  Deity and Design...

Further, a set of volumes of verification, validation and overall perspective in schematised phases is presented in the exceedingly detailed work,  Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ.

Thus the theological set, IN PRAISE OF CHRIST JESUS, of which both this volume and the ones just cited are parts, has steadily been growing, and it now approximates more than 20 million words and 50,000 pages and has 144 volumes. It is rather like the wind: when the Lord stirs one up to write, what can one do but follow Him! It is His affair, but may the service bring blessing to many and glory to His name, which in Jesus Christ, is infinitely due to it.

His is strength and majesty, eternity of which He is King, His is eternal life which donated to His people brings meaning, depth, beauty, holiness and wonder to all who find Him, from whom there is no cutting off;

and it is He

bullet who to hoar hairs carries His people as they age,
bullet who for those who wait upon Him, brings power and peace,
lilting and lifting them up in spirit, resourcing their hearts,
so that they may rise up as eagles, soaring and not flitting,
run and not be weary, walk and not faint.

Thank God for His glory and the work of love, always faithful, in discipline and in doctrine, in truth and in refreshing, and rejoice in the truth which He is and the everlasting tenderness of His love beyond the tempest which Calvary stilled, on which the resurrection of the body of Christ, smiled in amplitude of grace and majesty of power.

For the PREFACE TO THE PENTAD, July 2009

see below.




In this, the 5th Volume of the Tetrad, THE GODS OF NATURALISM HAVE NO GO, the work as assigned for the set is described as before,  in the Preface to the set. To find this follow the link above.

As this volume makes of the tetrad a pentad, the latter as a set has its own ISBN, which is

This last volume deals with matter in its bits and mind in its conceptual grandeur, as with spirit in its dispositional, roving and elemental ascertainments. This, the spiritual dynamic, in its own domain, is near to God in this, that it may seek Him, and if where He may be found, find Him; but the intimacy available is of little use to man in his present position, for he is divorced, unless it be remedied.

With all that, then, the glorious and the inglorious, the potential and the disablement, man is yet capable of being re-conjoined with the Maker of 'nature', that is creation, of which man is a fallen, and increasingly forlorn part, for all his machismo, braggadocio and impenitence on the grand scale. 

In this volume, the halls of reason, order, conspectus, perspective, necessity, liberty, and the domains of matter, mind and spirit, with conscience and the pathologies of equivocation, the logical parallels in antilogy and antinomy are all explained, as befits what is taken both from and to the written word of God the Bible. On the one hand, it is demonstrated; on the other, it is applied and verified. In all the elements of man, without plausible but impossible reductionisms (mere wilful incursions and exclusions by will), or casual assumptions.

While special and specific in major focus, this work is part of the entire assemblage, and hence moves with the other emphases in their own broad fields, in particular, of

Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny,  

Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ,  
Who Answers Riddles and Where He is, Darkness Departs

In view of the addition to the formerly four volume set, the Appendix to Volume 4, with its 3 chapters,  has now become part of Volume 5. Since there are some 24 more relevant chapters now written,  since the publication of the tetrad in June - September 2006, this is the best course to follow.

This makes The gods of naturalism have no go! a pentad. It has its own ISBN as shown above. Its reference name is NOGO PENTAD.

The total contents of Volume 5 are about 830,000 words or around 2000 pages.

The entire  Set, In Praise of Christ Jesus, is now of some 22 million words and 60,000 pages and has 230 volumes.


Stop Press:

The total work, In Praise of Christ Jesus now compromising 186 volumes, and  further Chapters are, temporarily at least, thus placed in this fifth volume.

These come from Waiting for Wonder, Appendix, found in Number 48 below, from
The Barbaric Symphony of Bits
, including Reflections ... Ch. 4, Number 49, and in April, 2010, two Chapters from

Alpha and Omega
, the second and the third, comprising, Numbers 50 and 51, below, dealing with a (relatively) new fabrication amid the fantasies of evolutionary myth-making, added to the lost tribe which preceded this.

Number 52 exhibits follies in mystic naturalism and reactive revisionism, showing the impact of logic on such outpourings, the third Chapter of Alpha and Omega, while 53 from Ch. 3 of The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God, the Bible True to Test 

gives an emphasis which is generic, moving from the realities of the words from God, their wit, their impact, their results, their evidence and application broadly from the realms to naturalism to millenialism. Its scope helps to bring a broader perspective here.

The scope for these Chapters is from December 2007 to July 2009, together with the August 2009 addition; and the further additions of 2010, January and April, June  take the work further. These all  proceed on from the earlier Chapters in the first four volumes. The whole scope is now around one million words, and there are numbers of subsidiary references, especially in Ch. 49.

Further work to February 2011 with what is now the HEXAD has increased the scope and size of the work, as shown below. Its contents now have moved on to include December 2012 and March-April 2013 and July 2014.

May the Lord be praised whose wisdom knows no end, and whose wit is beyond compare, for whom no ''problem'' can tower and before whom every high mountain falls.

After all, HE made them, and man cannot manage God!

It is God who has managed our salvation, and even there man is in need not of a course on management technique, but of faith to receive the wonder that is His who made us, and of humility to assimilate it, from Jesus Christ,

who remakes what is screeching with grinding gears,


with an offering of a new creation as consummate as the first,


through His offering of Himself as Redeemer,
unsoiled, unspoiled, sufficient for all,  available to all, freely


to pardon and restore the souls of mankind and purge pollutions,


for as many as come to Him AS HE IS! recipients of HIS work of  grace.

This has as little to do with our merits and works, as the original creation. That is the divine information, not only for our minds, but for our hearts (Romans 3:23ff., Ephesians 2, Titus 2-3). His inseparable presence is THEN better than life (Psalm 63:3), and guarantee of its eternity (Ephesians 1:1-14).



As a diver, deep in the oceanic blackness, surrounded by oddities,  rejoices when he is lifted from this arena of dulness to the light, so it is grand to have the grace of God in HIS speech, both in DNA and in the Bible. These alike are readily readable, but the latter is at once for all, with open face; and in these two,  the works of God are shown in a magnificent medley of mutual exhibition of the glory of God. The rationality of the LOGOS transcending all, has such expression in word and deed, and multiplied in innovative marvels is His wit,  that it is sheer joy to  ponder it, its outcomes, just as it is a searing sadness to see what man has made of it, his incomes tragic indeed, as with all defilement of beauty and defiance of reason. That this same LOGOS (John 1) sacrificed Himself for man and gave resolution of sin in bodily resurrection is the real mystery of all time, and it is not at  all mysterious in clarity, only in profundity, that He should BOTHER to do it!

Whether He be massacred in a mutinous murder of heart and mind, by religious sophisticates unbinding their lust, at Calvary, or by others distorting reality in contra-textual assault, as now, the result is one. Man cannot stand the Word of God, who made him and all that is; and though some are  won to their source and His savour, to the sent Saviour, Jesus Christ, yet many perish wilfully. Even while the earth trembles anew, in appalling horrors of cruelty of man to man, and staggeringly restrained divine judgments, the daring default of man goes to the limit. It is not far away now.






Naturalism - its gods have  no go,

best tell them - Begone!



Naturally They Don't Go




                            Earth Spasm ..
. Ch.    1

See also the Witness of the Worm for the
Ironies of Little Things together with big principles
(Stepping out for Christ Ch. 10). This also relates to Ch. 5 below.



                             (from part of SMR Ch. 1)



                             Sparkling Life.
.. Ch.  8


                        AND MEANING MATTERS WITH MAN

                           Overflight in Christ
Ch. 4      cf. Ch. 14 below, Great Execrations 6,
                           which gives with  Defining Drama 10 in Ch. 21 below, a large-scale synthesis
                           of harmonies divine, amidst disharmonies of illusion.


                          and the Total Thumbs down of Scientific Method:
                          The Internal Discreditation

                           Secular Myths and Sacred Truth
Ch.   7 (see also Index).

See Appendix II below.




                            News 94

Evidence and Reality ... Ch. 5



                                 Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming ... Ch. 5
                                 and see Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 5


Chapter 8         CREATION 

                              That Magnificent Rock
Ch. 1

Chapter 9              


                                Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming ... Ch. 6



                              A Spiritual Potpourri
Ch. 7



Necessarily They Don't Go!


Chapter 11         GRADE A AND GRADE F SCHOOLS

                              A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-3



                             Calibrating Myths, Machining Dreams and Keeping Faith
 Ch. 6


Ch. 13         MOSAICS OF FIELDS

                             Little Things
Ch. 10
                            (contrasted with supernaturalism, and dynamised into history)

                            See also Red Heart  ... Chs.  4  -  5, which form part of this volume



                              Great Execrations ...
Ch. 6



Chapter 15          THE CRUCIFIXION OF LOGIC

                                  Repent or Perish Ch. 7



                                             MODELS AND MARVELS

                                 That Magnificent Rock, Ch. 7

                             See also Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 9



                                Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 13



                               Secular Myths and Sacred Truth
  Ch.   8

                               With this, see ...

                             THE GENERATION OF THE DISPOSSESSED
                               (Appendix I, Barbs, Arrows and Balms)




Nothing Doesn't Go!


Chapter 19         TRUTH IS EMBRACIVE

   The Glow of Predestination Ch. 7



                               A Tale of Two Pities, Man's Obscurantism
                                and his Lustreless Loss

                               One Joy - God's Onrush of Glory and Mercy

                                Earth Spasm, Conscience Chasm: and Renewal of Life Ch. 7



                              Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch. 3

                                 Consult also the same volume

Ch. 2, Ch. 7 on myths,  and

Defining Drama Ch. 10 - a synthetic coverage -
with Secular Myths and Sacred Truth  Ch. 3
on Post-Naturalism

which form part of this collection.


Chapter 22            



     Secular Myths and Sacred Truth  Ch. 6



                                          News 57


                                and Judgment

                                Ancient Words, Modern Events Ch. 9

This presents an overview, review and oversight of many aspects in one: summoning thought on the creation and Creator in multiple facets to one focus: remorseless on rationality, unfavourable to misfits. These are the work not of 'nature' in this case, but of despising its own nature, necessities and the liberties to be found in it: for it is various, diverse, with a unity not found in itself. A special section on causation is embedded.



                   Growing up is far more extensive than often realised

                                Christ, the Cumulative and the Culmination Ch. 8



Moving to where the logic is, we find verification, validation and both in uniqueness.

                             News 82, News 122,
                             What is the Chaff to the Wheat ?
Ch.3, Ch. 4

                                   Swiftness Ch. 6, included in the Volume, Swiftwitness and not in this one,
                                   is also relevant in this dimension.


APPENDIX   Appendix on Faith and Love


APPENDIX II Scientific Method
Slain, it refuses to lie unstirring; and
indeed, refuses to lie.

This is correlative to presentation in Chs. 3 and 5 above.
It includes

Cascade ... Ch. 3.



Volume 4   




For Preface to this Volume, see above.


Ranging in Reality -

a Good Change from Corruption through Philosophy,

when it comes to Science and Reason alike

 Chapter  27  


Oracles of Obfuscation and Clarity of Sight

History, Review, Overview, Helps, Hindrances and Holiness Ch. 4



Chapter 28  



This relates to the historical foibles of evolutionism, with reference
to the prodigious nullity to the point,  of  'finds', providing overview of aspects
of confusion and constraint, It includes a comparison of formulations of design.

Pride of Life ... Ch. 5


Chapter 29 

Rationality Dies without Design


Chapter  30

'Mother Nature', The God of Creation and the gods of defamation



Chapter 31  


Dreams defile, truth awakes, and imagination may be used to distil thought from confusion.

History, Review, Overview, Helps, Hindrances and Holiness Ch. 5,


Chapter 32   


Bonvoyage  Ch.   1

This relates to the theme of this work,
both in review and with imagery,
with special emphasis on different aspects of history in the broader sense,
including Marx and Tolstoy


Chapter 33 


This provides in an eschatological drama, a sense of the atmospherics of oppression by the dogmas of blind evolutionism, when Authority mandates and its mantras are in high demand ... or else! This is part of a novel, and so gives a sense of looking on as well as looking in. 

Little Angel Ch. 8



Chapter 34


This is a chapter showing that you cannot escape from truth by twiddling the dials, for the requirements are absolute, and the orchestra without conductor, composer or manuscript plays havoc.


Gratitude for His Glorious Grace, No. 4 and


Chapter 35


Gratitude for His Glorious Grace Ch. 8,

These last two chapters are relating to grace for the race, and the differentiation of its different aspects in its created whole, as time develops.

Involved are matters of more recent history in the melt-down proceeding
for much of the human race: its due, it's true, but a ghastly sight,
to be avoided by truth.



Volume 5   

The Bugle of Creation to the Belligerence of the World


For Preface to this Volume, see below.


Published July  2009

Extended to January 2011

ISBN 978-0-9806750-2-3



In this, the 5th Volume of the Tetrad, THE GODS OF NATURALISM HAVE NO GO, the work as assigned for the set is described as before,  in the Preface to the set. As this volume makes of the tetrad a pentad, the latter as a set has its own ISBN, which is

This last volume deals with matter in its bits and mind in its conceptual grandeur, as with spirit in its dispositional, roving and elemental ascertainments. This, the spiritual dynamic, in its own domain, is near to God in this, that it may seek Him, and if where He may be found, find Him; but the intimacy available is of little use to man in his present position, for he is divorced, unless it be remedied.

With all that, then, the glorious and the inglorious, the potential and the disablement, man is yet capable of being re-conjoined with the Maker of 'nature', that is creation, of which man is a fallen, and increasingly forlorn part, for all his machismo, braggadocio and impenitence on the grand scale. 

In this volume, the halls of reason, order, conspectus, perspective, necessity, liberty, and the domains of matter, mind and spirit, with conscience and the pathologies of equivocation, the logical parallels in antilogy and antinomy are all explained, as befits what is taken both from and to the written word of God the Bible. More data adorn the field as time flits on to its eventual terminus for this creation, made and to be unmade in this format, by the same Creator, much as one can make a paper-aeroplane and then toss it out.

Not so light however, is His touch, for this plane flies, but it dashes out of control; but it soars, and then is sent to the moon; it sighs, and considers its end, a most active plane ... but one on the plane of man, it becomes tattered and tattooed with untruth, and its ultimate end is not the same as for all its passengers. For some will utilise the parachute provided, before it is too late.

It is a fine plane, but it comes, it goes, it flies, it has its end. It all ends except for what has a new beginning, which eternal in kind, does not mind the departure of the old. It is rather like growing up. It is nice and meaningful to be a child; it is wonderful in importunity and opportunity to be a man. You do not cling to the first because of the second, but go as you grow, where you find what is to be found.

What is to be found is not just your place in 'nature', or to put it more accurately, your part in the creation, but your part with the Creator. Subtract that and you are mere act. Confuse it and you lose it.

It is well that the God of creation and redemption is at hand. It is w ell that His word, indicated and then vindicated, is before the eyes. On the one hand, it is demonstrated; on the other, it is applied and verified. In all the elements of man, without plausible but impossible reductionisms (mere wilful incursions and exclusions by will), or casual assumptions, it stands upheld by reason, defied by treason, unimpressed by sedition, unaffected by sedition. On this, more broadly, see

Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny,  

Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ,  
Who Answers Riddles and Where He is, Darkness Departs

With these see no less, SMR and TMR.

This current work, then, special and specific in major focus, is part of the entire assemblage of 165 volumes in the set, IN PRAISE OF CHRIST JESUS, and hence moves with the other emphases, in survey and demonstration,  in their own broad fields, of the above volumes, confirmed and advanced in the rest.

In particular, it may need to be noted that In view of the addition of a new volume to the formerly four volume set, the Appendix to Volume 4, with its 3 chapters,  has now become part of Volume 5. There are now 18 Chapters in Volume 5, namely those from 36-53.

This makes The gods of naturalism have no go!  now to be a pentad. As such, it has its own ISBN as shown above. Its reference name is NOGO PENTAD.

As of  October 2011, The entire  Set, In Praise of Christ Jesus, is now of some 24 million words and 60,000 pages and has 203 volumes.

The total contents of the Pentad, The gods of naturalism have no go! are about 830,000 words or near to 2000 pages.


The scope for these Chapters is from December 2007 to July 2009. They proceed on from the earlier Chapters in the first four volumes.


Chapter 36

The Nano-Particle was So Particular!

The Delightful Declamation: the Magnificence of Pure Mercy

This with Chapter 37 involves allegory to the point, and then dialogue concerning it. 

It is from Mini-Messages with Maxi-Impact Ch. 5.


Chapter 37

The Plastic and the Key

This Chapter is from Mini-Messages with Maxi-Impact Ch. 9.


Chapter 38

The Lavish Luxury of Creative Thought

Creative Exemplars and Creation:

Love's Gift and Life's Lord

In this Chapter, we see sovereignty and creativity is a blessed bond of empirical and revelatory testimony, coherent, verificatory as always in all domains, of the presence, power and procedures of God, and their correlative creaturely correlatives in man.

This Chapter is from Grand Biblical Perspectives Ch. 3, Appendix .



As the next Chapter would constitute a large file, it seems best to leave the access to it  as below, and simply to characterise the contribution made in each succeeding Chapter of this present volume, in this present listing. Thus Chapter 39, as observable beneath this note, having started the trend, Chapters 40-53 are similarly given comment or description at this level, with the referent Chapters available on their own hyperlinks as below.


This Chapter is from Evidence and Reality,
The Prince and the Proof, Constant Christian Faith
and the Fickle Frenzy of Force

 Chs. 2, 5, 6, 7 .


There is here much concentration on scientific method, its proprieties, contribution, abuse and limitations, on logic and its more comprehensive contribution allowing demonstration that the word of God is just that, on spirit and its nature and evidence and its correlation in a trilogy of testimony from mind, matter and spirit which not only conjoin in their operational functionalities and felicities, but adjoin their Creator God, whose has given not alone their specific and specialised domains and cosmoi, but read these into them in collaborative commission.

With these go very well the earlier Chapters: Dig Deeper, Higher Soar, DIvine Glory Delights the More Ch. 2, and The Majestic Might of the Merciful Messiah Ch. 6, where there is an angelic conversation imagined. In the former especially, definitionally aspects of design are given some rigorous treatment.

The coverage of all such issues in Deity and Design ..., a work of around 2.7 millions words, is rather comprehensive, but this current Volume 5 of The gods of naturalism have no 'go'! includes later works, and is a good additive.


 Chapter 40

Mini-Messages with Maxi-Point for the Call of Christ  Ch. 2Ch. 6,  
Happy Hitches and Holy Healings,
Godless Glitches and Divine Dealings
Ch. 2

Evidence and Reality
Ch. 3,
The Holocaust of Morality ... Ch. 3     December 2008, 

On the DNA aspect, all the above except Mini-Messages ... Ch. 2 speak, extending the applications or placing them in varied perspectives. There is also a combination of considerations at many levels in these chapters.

As to the DNA, it needs to be realised clearly that when you have information about information, a dictionary, phrase book or semantic aid,  as it were for use with words to secure their due apprehension so that the apt results might accrue from each word, in fact a symbol, in the coded section, you have a double-system. The uncoded DNA, itself a huge section of the whole,  is now being seen to have huge meta-conditions for the commands of coded DNA, and with this meta-material, the information, the commands themselves, there are double and correlative systematics, which deserve thought.

Thus if a dictionary to give the equivalent of meanings, syntax or the like, is needed as reference point for the interpretation or construction of commands, the combination of code and code about code in two separable elements of the system, one ministering to the other, then there is a tableau, a collateral, like legal documents and land, each apposite. The combination however has to have contextual collation to have meaning.

This means that the build-up, imaginary and contra-evidential as it is, of any ONE system is valueless UNLESS it is accompanied by the other system already OPERATIONAL with felicity, so that ANYTHING in the parallel system may be secured in effect, and made meaningful, rather than mumbling about nothing signified.

To have a dictionary on the one hand, fully operational, and a command, on the other, to be acutely and reliably interpreted and disposed, so that each new command imagined to be falling from heaven or any other place, is gifted with this meta-master provision, to add to its own felicity with symbols, so that each may accomplish with distinction just what it is coded to do, surpasses the normal abandonment of experimental reality for magic.

This is like a drugged consciousness, relentless with a drunken sardonism, as when drunks become obstinate and self-assured: it becomes a matter  imagining dictionary and language, the one to tell and the other to be told, each in the same mode, with the same type of language coding concepts and super-concepts implicit as building constraints. Moreover the telling about the mode and meaning of telling as well as the telling what to do, both these have to be recopied with each new birth of nucleated cells.

Here is not only the motion to make magic king, but nonsense LORD. A sound system in the same milieu as a similarly sound system being built in terms of that milieu, so that the second requires the first, and both require highly workable results, is a dealing with systematics as the actual, perceptible topic. When therefore non-systematics as the assumed and imagined topic, is made to appear even slightly relevant, this becomes a work of contrariety so vast as to bring the smile. Here is the pandemonium of obstinate philosophy at work, irrelevant. It simply does not relate.

Here are not 'bits' (concerning the philosophy of which, see Ch. 47 below), but systems in alliance, conceptual uniformity in liaison, and the one to be reliable before the other can operate. We have now books being written for rules, and rules by books, and the master concept is RULES and COMMANDS, the two joined, which for such co-operation becomes the synthesis of semantics and command. ALL of this is in the field of mind, nothing in the least to do with materially investigable realities. To get a dictionary and start relating to it as you go, or a correct usage for codes compilation, and to go in this phase, it is all a work of purpose, of reason, of application and of constraint over all.

A mind is necessarily at work, and whatever man may be minded to do with his own mind, mindlessness is not really a bright idea for the concept of the cause of this phenomenon, any more than it is for the vastly MORE complex mind of man, let alone his spirit, the whole domain of which is understanding, meaning, will, perspective, oversight, overview, thrust with ideas and connotation and operation in terms of comprehension allied to apprehension and desire. That in its own turn, relates to design, what man seeks, and the view taken of what is to be obtained, whether for love or hatred or anything else IN THIS DOMAIN.

Man is not enabled to make designs, both in purpose and in various matrices, because he is not one, but rather because not only is his set-up a design, but a meta-design, which can designate designs, imagine and invent them, by man's mind and spirit: all with a magnificent facility as one moving in a domain wholly set up, fully operational with the components of intellection, inspection, innovation, imagination and purpose all coherently present. To effect designs, these qualities and powers given man are MAKING the composition workable. Imagined means  are used in connection with those actually available. The results is thus contrived.

Such glorious workability in domains beyond a given realm, such astounding brilliance in what is posited causally as the non-mental, it is an attribution like that of a corrupt politician, carefully giving to a groomed relative, corruptly. It is in this case a position about which the candidate not only knows nothing, but where he does not even possess the type of intellection required. He is outside his field altogether.

Domain indifference is only one of the leeches which destroys man's reductionist models (cf. Repent or Perish  Ch. 7, Glory, Vainglory and  Goodness Ch. 1). It is rather like a fashion parade in which the various models are, by an oversight, all scare-crows; and what scary scare-crows these are! Each one says to the other, Oh, I say (Darwin was British), you DO look a fright.... except of course that speech is their problem, these materialist fops who wave, and wander without mind, code experts, dropped by fantasy into the inferno of loose ideas.


Chapter 41


Bewilderment, Bedazzlement, Bedevilment
or the Beauty of Christ's Holiness 
Ch. 3, Ch. 6

 August 2008

Causes, Kinds, Components, Expositions and Impositions in creation: the necessity of regarding what is there, not being airy-fairy about things, as if a divorced spouse were to accuse the former mate of being scarcely human, a mere stand with dresses on, hypnotised by convention and so forth. It is not really relevant to stampede with words: you DO need to face facts, and in the face of it, creation is not really given to the simplistic, the reductionist or the bedeviled. It has a vast hinterland of  principles, powers and functions, with a provision for determination BY man which is not less because it is so frequently ill-used. In view of his moral and aesthetic, spiritual and moral capacities, it is truly remarkable, like a ruined horse, how he increasingly shows himself degraded almost past recognition.

That however is precisely the Bible's speech concerning this design. called man, who having the powers to design and designate to a point, tries to turn the point into a plateau. Humility is not just a moral criterion; it is essential for man; and it includes a willingness to be instructed by the Instructor who caused it all.

These Chapters  jointly also  include the concept of a REALITY CHECK, and check-mates irrelevant assault on spiritual life, while showing the need of that very divinely dowered vitality,  as something not casual for the spiritual aesthete, but necessary for the human race.

There is also the crucial concept of META-DESIGN with man in view, raised in a dialogue situation, exhibiting the nature of God, of man and of liberty, the impact of love and removing confusions so that the wonder of the Designer, the Meta-Designer might be clear apart from the elaborate confusions which some have lingering in their midst, like those who are never free of the croup, the fevers, the inflammations and the infections of pathologies innumerable, like those staggering in daze amid the haze, dim within and walking as in a dream (cf. Jeremiah 23). Alas for man, such is more than possible, and nothing makes it impermissible but divine deliverance.


Chapter 42

The Holocaust of Morality and the Coming of Christ the King  
  Ch. 2.    October 2008

Here we have the fascinating concept, biblically derived, of DE-CONSTRUCTION, used as an index for what is required in construction.
Ch. 3 of The Holocaust ... appears in our Ch. 40 above.


Chapter 43

The Secular, the Sacred and the Sublime Ch.  4,   Ch.  5Ch.  6

November 2008

Let us take each of these Chapters, noted above, in turn.

Chapter 4 removes the hiding places of unreason when we face the concept of meaning and the intra-systematic necessities which in their domain, are prelude to power.

Chapter 5 defines its interest as follows:

When regarding all that is before us, in ourselves, our world and its universe, we have considered in Ch. 4 some of the implications founded on empirical reality and logical method, with scientific modes in view. Now let us go into the internals of living things a little more, for a little forgetful of outside implications, merely surveying the depths, like one who having been an astronaut, decides for an excursion, to investigate the depths, relatively small though they be. We shall start with a visit to conceptual realism.

Chapter 6 has a somewhat comprehensive approach to variety in creation. The following excerpt gives an initial indication.

There is the bat with its sophistication of apparatus and its mosquito quenching powers a marvel, diligent in small things and making a difference by agility in the air and disregard of the apparently impossible, while careless of its appearance, and not easy for co-operation.

At the other end of the scale, there is the whale with its gentle play and hard times with the octopus, an harassed giant, the porpoise with its intelligence and glorious agility, the snake with its abased hiddenness ready to abase what is lofty, the scorpion with its fixtures of disfavour, ready to inflict harm as a vocation, the white ant with its devastating persistence out of sight: and all these things have a message.

Within their panoramas of performance, there is now mockery of man's strutting, exposure of his deviousness, expression of his loftiness, derogation of his sloth, his greed, his cunning, his unillustrious devastations and massed group powers to inflict evil.

Now there is admiration for diligent industry, abhorrence of the disgustingly abased and abasing, laughter at grossness. Parodies of the great, are linked with elevation of the lowly; parades of the gifted come with animated versions of the feckless and the foolish, the predatory and the soulless. There is depiction of the diligently constructive and the recklessly destructive, the lazy, the inert, the callow, the cunning, the inherently dangerous and the merely negative.

Questions of direction, protection, motivation, elevation, the meaning of attainment and the means for it, are all given the forms of drama and the format of seasoned players, like those of some Shakespearian panoramic pageant, appareled to convince the watchful, instruct the ignorant and rebuke the mighty, with poems of tragedy and indifference, casualness and application.

These are scattered like seed for a vast and varied garden, to make a testimony not to be forgotten. If creation with its wit, wisdom, flights of wonder and glorious aesthetics, intense variety and vast dedication to kind with sub-varieties of the specific thrown in like so many evening gowns, fur coats, summer shirts and warm underwear all in so many drawers, each in different sites in the wardrobe, is on the one hand a pageant of wonder, a display of magnificence, an investment in wisdom, a paradigm of utter brilliance of method and fascinating accomplishment in myriads of results, an odyssey of invention and a flourish of technicalities beyond man as the sky beyond the earth for height; yet on the other, it is a display page for advertising to the wise, the follies of flesh, the misconceptions of mere speed or power, the dangers to life as sophisticated as misled, of passion in its persistence, as sudden for the unwary as death by adder.


Chapter 44

The Kingdoms of This World and the Kingdom of Christ  

Chs.   8   and  9

March 2009

Here we deal with scientific method in its applications, contrasting scientific method and scientistic method. In Ch. 9, we perceive and investigate the metaphysical pre-occupations of Dawkins and expose his irrational conundrums, inaccurate allegations and inadequate formulations in the field of religion, and not by any means there alone. There is a syndrome which in general comes to afflict man, of whatever intellect, like paralysis in the young, and the results speak for themselves. There is a cure.


Chapter 45

Spiritual Food and Spiritual Drink

Chs. 1, 2, 3 Epilogue, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

May 2009

A  major feature in this series of wide range is the LOGOS (cf. Ch. 4 and Epilogue). Thus man is not only equipped with logic in his own mind, with its internal and external self-verifications, but the universe which he investigates responds acutely, sensitively and continually to its exercise, all being the work of one LOGOS, a directive, communicative, institutive, code-writing, spirit-moulding Being whose expressions are without exception; and while man may mar the work by his clashing use of imagination, this does nothing to limit or demolish the actualities which such erroneous and unverified theories merely ignore.

Man neither invents the logos, but rather is invented by it, nor makes it work, but applies principles derived from it; and while he can utilise its exploits in the universe, by interpreting its works there, which the universe itself is never seen to create, merely to exhibit (like a car running rather than a car being made), he himself, conscious and analytical even of these things as he is, can no more institute it than institute the universe.

Each is the work of one LOGOS which institutes in man what it constitutes in the universe, and having made the chief things in man invisible, his courage or obstinacy, his love of beauty (which is far from BEING beauty) or his intensive rigour, his peace or militancy, it is as distinct from man and the universe as is any dower-power from what it endues (cf. Ch. 47, two below this one).

The constraints of the visible are inapplicable, and the codes it invents are underivable, being the expressions of His thoughts (for thoughts without mind are events without cause, detachable flummeries of fiction), whose wisdom invents not only codes but in man, codifiers, the Creator creating the creative and the creative in turn USING the principles deployed by the Logos the institute things sound or unsound, depending on the degree of his interference, knowledgeable and proud or weak and careless, with the enduement he possesses. Yet it continues, like a builder, whatever is done to the house he made; and man continues to need what he so often slights,  the One who gave him sight both of logic and of himself.

As to the Logos itself, it is at initial regard,  sui generis; but as to that, it is not a 'genus' at all; for there is none like it. It is as God says, thus represented, "I am that which I am". This certifies and signifies an existence independent of all creation, of constraint, all coded control, all delimitation, free of anything and of all, neither gripped by invasive passions nor by any other feature from without, for all outside is His creation, whether it runs amiss in terms of misused will or ambition, or is gracious and godly, liberty itself the profundity of His wit and love the enormity of His heart.

Only this accounts for the results which man and the universe constitute; only His eternity avoids the problem of 'all is nothing' at any time, which would mean all always nothing; but we are not nothing. All efforts to annul the validity of reason annul the arguments which use the concept, for if it were true, then the argument is invalid, and if it be false, then that is its end. All efforts to conceive of Him as demented, an ogre or idiot who makes things which suffer interminably through evil intent, makes Him lacking in something, and hence a mere creature, his constitution surging to look for what it is by nature ... missing. Such anthropomorphisms or more accurately, model-annulments, are mere self-contradictions. It is His to give, needing nothing psychically or in any other way, and ours to receive.

Nothing lacks in His provisions, for incompetence is merely a deficiency relative to performance; and the word of God is readily found, the LOGOS self-descriptive and prescriptive for man in his conscious deployments, for there is nothing else verifiable and validatable on all fronts. It is relatively easy to find what has the wisdom of infinitude, the accuracy of truth over time and the non-revisionism of knowledge over the millenia (cf. DEITY AND DESIGN, DESIGNATION AND DESTINY, especially Section 8; LIGHT DWELLS WITH THE LORD'S CHRIST, Who Answers Riddles and Where He is, Darkness Departs).

In this lies the Gospel, and there lies the responsibility of man; for man is not an engaging fellow finding out what he may from a reluctant or evil universe, but a defiant maestro, with illusions of grandeur when not dabbling in defeat, depression or wander-lust, and it is his own rebellion against truth, logic and the Lord, from whom all comes, that is the ground of the demise for this world, its plan finished, which now draws somewhat closer.

In the Word of God, the validated Bible, there is found both the description of man, made in the image of God in capacities for fellowship with the divine, the Maker, the Redeemer, and the attestation of the Logos, so obvious from His works, showing moreover that it is He who is the eternal expression, the personal expression, not a manual but definitive image, not subordinate but intimately expressive within the infinity of the magnificence of God.

This Chapter 45 should in this field be taken in close connection with Ch. 47 below, itself from The Unsearchable Riches of Jesus Christ ... Ch. 7, which devotes extensive treatment both in text and dedicated Note in Excursion, to these things.

Chapter 1 takes things to the simple, the elemental.

Chapter 2 in particular deals with common errata in considering the power of God and His ways, deleting the derangement and so allowing focus on the necessary source of creation, without confusion through cultural impositions.

Chapter 3 Epilogue considers an illuminating contrast in the realm of correlation of design and power movements, in particular considering  failed man, epitomised in one recent case, in the power-pushfulness of Ahmadinejad, on the one hand,  and the purposefulness of the love of the Saviour, on the other. It is He who  Himself, the Mark I man: Jesus Christ (Romans 5) shows the power of love in truth, and shunned the love of power.

Such a contrast stirs thought and requires conceptualisation of the dynamic of love and liberty, and its detailed verification.

Chapter 4 probes further into design and love, so that correlative considerations in results and causes, at the level required by reason and confirmed by verificatory revelation may be seen without the prejudice of the injudicious or the extreme, in theology, preferring the biblical expression of its own case and concept. It is necessary in modelling to be accurate! Laxity for WHATEVER reason is systematically irrelevant in its findings.

Chapter 9 deals with arboreal aesthetics and botanical metaphysics.

Chapter 11 has for its topics the fascinating reality of TYPES, Patterns and Exuberant Multiplicity, so that the measure of the mentality of creation surpasses the cringing littleness of expediency or the crimping of paucity, being fitting to God as are the multitude of the stars, of the sands, of the biological cells, of their composition in the brain of man, the fascinating principles operative in space and the liberties accorded to man, who has universes of his own to explore, derivative likewise from deity, in the glorious liberty accorded to his thoughts, which he can even test and discard, or to which cling despite obvious folly, tenaciously.

Chapter 12 has for its topic, Decisive Creativity. In this there are multiple ingredients. Some may be considered broadly.

It is as if you surveyed a scene and tried to institute a criss-cross pattern in order to separate its elements into assignable parts. This would be an intellectual exercise. Space however flows. So do the thoughts of man. Yet you CAN find separable thoughts in the mind of man; and you DO find separate creations of kind and content in the array of God's fascinating creations, dower of His creativity, as He fills in now this, now that component, arraigning now this type of creation, now that, and to man giving the specific facility of examining both these and their variations about a common theme, like that of a composer, with thematic renewals in a given piece, which nevertheless is both itself, and not another, while incorporating its delightful unity of being and differentiability from each other piece.

As noted:

"Precisely as in human creation, but on a scale vast beyond comparison, items are made to take this or that space of conceivable reality - and of course, though we might be able now to conceive of it, this is very different from conceiving of it before it came to be! It is as with stars spatially, there is space about them; so it is with kinds of creatures biologically, there is space around them."

Chapter 13 is the sight of the butterfly, a tableau. In this we have elements readily perceived but needing thought and cogitation:

Does our washing stay clean in a dusty wind ? or do surgical instruments stay sterile in a crowd ? or does a painting retain its texture when tossed about by manual labourers or hurricanes ? Does food not rot if one fails to preserve it, and does not a cell unguarded by its membrane, constitute an invasion site!

Do things not run down when artistries and graces, delicacies and intricate systems, set without hardened covers, are given time without much care ? Is not the Second Law of Thermodynamics a law because there are no exceptions known to its stipulation ? Do not things, without domain of diligence applied, tend to dissipate the more as they are vulnerable the more ?

Yet here amid the rough and tumble of weather, wind, sea, oceans, storms, pollution, earthquakes, vast earthworks and clouds of dust, vibrant heat stirring much of the globe, intense cold afflicting much of the rest, here prodigies of artistry and delicacy continue to arrive and proceed to endure. When one generation is gone, another arrives, fresh from the bakeries of confection, run by the DNA and associated structural engineering components.

Life, it is like that.


Everything comes: that is one of the master concepts in life. Creation comes; test comes; preservation comes; judgment comes; salvation comes; the Gospel comes: the time to receive it comes and it goes. Today it is still here.

So are we. Let us rejoice in the vitality of life, the victory of His wisdom and power, purity and love over sin, and ensure that we are participants in His provisions, already received for physical, mental and spiritual action, but needed in a further layer for spiritual life, to replace the marring and scarring of sin.

It is this same vitality and vigour, unremitting capacity and splendid innocence in infinite wisdom which in God brings forth once the myriad forms of life and their myriads of exemplifications and productions for every season, in the first place.

That is creation.

It is He who similarly produces the liberation from sin which obscures the truth and rebels at duty for Him; and pays for it, and He HAS paid (Hebrews 9:12, 9:27-10:14), never to pay again (Galatians 1).


Chapter 46

The Track of Truth, Meadows of Mercy and Peace of Pardon  
Ch.  1Ch. 3

June 2009

Here in Ch. 1, the new concept of DIAGNOSTIC SYNTHESIS is considered. It has a close relationship to deconstruction, but in the opposite direction. In Ch. 6 the concern moves on from what one medical scholar called CEREBRAL NUBILITY. We move to the mover of such re-creative, re-organisation and purposively directed, programmatic interplay. The excerpt below appetises to face the issues involved.

It concerned a woman born with what the article calls "half a brain" and he is cited as saying that this had "rewired itself, to work as a whole."

Yes, I do recall something about improving IQ and moving more gracefully, through putting the brain expectantly through its paces.

I for my part recall earlier talk by a special student of the area to the effect that the concept of just wearing out, losing brain cells with age, was over-stated. He was emphatic: the brain CAN manufacture new brain cells, and requiring of it fuller function is the call: USE the thing as you age, don't capitulate to apathy.

You once mentioned something about brain injury I believe ?

Yes, I read of cases of injury at war, brain injury, leading to re-organisation pretty much the way this doctor describes. In other words, this part of the brain being damaged, certain functions were moved to what was not their normal place, so that the work could continue. It was amazing: not only did the brain work by means of billions of inter-related cells, each one a triumph of DNA memory emplacement and functional capacity, a sort of combination of a bookshop and a multi-task engineering tool, with some mathematical brilliance imparted as well; but it could, to a certain extent and in certain circumstances go much further and actually, actively re-organise even sites for action, alternative ones, because of total systematic need.

In other words, not only does it have a resource to store for the recall of millions of bits of information, but a function to organise them with such an exquisite facility and overall instillation by some means of total relationship to total function on the part of elements or areas, that it can even to some extent re-arrange things. I mean, an electrician for your house in one thing; but someone to re-organise the wiring to enable your special needs to be met by alternative ways ...

Yes, I see your point, someone so inspired as to be able to innovate in order to meet fixed and knowable purpose ... and then, passing it all on, do so without personal involvement through having installed a program for the purpose of meeting just such contingencies, this is an avalanche of wonder.

Indeed: for it is so foolish to imagine that passing on arrangements that condition responses on stimuli, and have the equivalent of descriptive orders of how to meet impacts internal or external is something less than personal. It is more than simple thought: it is thought codified, compressed, stylised and subjected to transmission in standardised, reactive format. It is rather like Morse code: it is not less than language in being codified; it is in some ways more, for it requires not only the conditions for expression and reception, but an added feature, their subjection to a format for special use.

In Ch. 3, the action moves to the nature of intelligence, formation, information, red herrings and fishiness in general, and facing the issues without irrelevancies of the inchoate substitution of showers of imagination for logical necessities. In this the concepts of demi-urge or spectre is given attention; and there is no respect for a spectre, since you need more than an imaginative metaphor to deal with the constraints of reason. The matter is correlated with other reference.



Chapter 47 

This Chapter is from The Unsearchable Riches of Jesus Christ, and the Aggregating Debt of Dismissal, Ch. 7 July 2009

Here is an extended investigation into all the cosmoi of man's observation, access and combination both in practice and in mind, with the underivative character of causation emphasised, and the derivative character of man assessed, with its results. It includes the summit phenomena of multiplicity and exuberance in creation and the consequences of that fact for mind, along with the pervasive expression of the LOGOS in man's mind, in its conceptual potential as in the penetrability of the universe in those terms, this with a new and necessary facility when the full exercise of reason, having led to God, gives a functional perspective for the coverage of the whole creation. It moreover prevents those illogical, those illicit stumblings which both misuse reason, reach frustration,  and do not start where it has its own earthly source.

The excerpt below will suffice for further introduction.


Let us look at the talents. Thus you do not ask a child to write a mathematical thesis, or a wrestler to play the piano in any normal range. God gives talents to man such that, if you take the very best of them, in mathematics, physics, astronomy, physiology, and the various disciplines, you see once more something of the sort at least of brilliance and capacity, functionality and facility which the very workings of our many-times self-reproducing bodies exhibit (via, to be sure, a duality of male-female, all part of it).

Then though the  greatest functional powers of man lie far beneath the least of those evidenced in the fabrication of creation, even the simple cell an exploit of sheer wonder, yet we find that LOGOS, the word of God, the cause, the expression of His mind such that in man it SHOWS ITSELF, intrinsically, in what he is made to be, and through man, it shows itself extrinsically in his works, again, less clearly because of sin, yet nonetheless most distinctively, in what he creates in thought and construction*3A.

LOGOS-wrought in making, logos-taught in functioning, man is surrounded by words as a forest by its trees. Seen from without, it is vast and rambling, yet ordered and beautiful; seen from within, it is powerful and functional, logic so sheer in its splendour in man that he even toys with it, discusses it, tries to seduce it from its work by invalidating it, as if that could amount to anything: for if a man breaks a sword, with what weapon does he fight!

As will be seen from the added excerpt below, the scope of The Unsearchable Riches of Jesus Christ, and the Aggregating Debt of Dismissal are wide-ranging and perspective that is testable and valid is applied unremittingly.



 So we have the same barren artifices at work both in biology and in politics, with disastrous results, as in the last two World Wars, paying tribute to the synthetic powers of bringing this vain survival of the fittest idea, into containment in man-management policies: organic evolution and communism in unholy but very convenient wedlock, a marriage of convenience if ever there was one. What a to-do ! Subtract a few millions of tortured relics from the earth: that is some accomplishment, some experiment! Some fantasy, some blood.

Biology and politics, then, are two fields of reality-evasion of enormous portent and ones which have exacting prodigious payment from fantasisers: or rather from their followers, such as Darwinists and the neo-contrivers who build on the same sand with different implements, such as Marxists and the like, as placed in China, which retains power by Marxism and makes money by free enterprise, as if duplicity of speech were the only way to go.

These two then: the vital and the political disciplines, have been used to the near demise of the race, for though many remain, the CONDITIONS in which they remain are far more suspect... now! The very earth is beginning to share something of the fever, through dire misuse, advanced extravagantly through preoccupation with power play and exploitation of people, whether for profit or management, in a web of illusion which ignores the only plan that works, that of the Creator whose it all is!

Thus we have been distinctively afflicted by these two undisciplined but not indisciplinable disciplines which, with scientific method in the basement, have built titanic skyscrapers above, as if to sink from space would hit bottom later.

It may - but with more thud! The first is courtesy of that publiciser of the magic of organic evolution, himself confused amidst confusion and attacking (quite rightly) the evidential basis of his own work as inadequate, that is, Charles Darwin; the second is per favour of his cousin in mind, Karl Marx. In each of these developments (and there have to be many when the thing is wrong at the commencement, as indeed it is in both cases), scientific method suffers duress (cf. refs. above, and SMR pp. 145ff., 931ff.), and observation is observably in demise. Thought rules, but is unruly, being irrational. What then of Marx ?

The task for him is simple. How to create a good State by evil means, gentle virtue by vicious virulence, a warless peace by a profusion of wars, a world of abundance by the politics of want, a time of liberty by the arousing of the genie of compulsion, good people by bad means, and a world like an earthly version of the kingdom of heaven (Christ said, "My kingdom is not of this world!"), from an assumed systematic matrix of history, which had no liberty at all: this was his task.

It fails in thought by simple omission of an adequate cause for the desired ( or, biologically, the observable) result which he proceeds to manipulate, even any observable power to coerce life-production into being even WITH intelligence; just as it fails in producing what is beautiful and good by assailing something amongst many things, compulsively, as if it contained all evil, rather than being a form of abuse of freedom. So Communism fails in principle just as it fails in history by the omission of the obtaining of it by the prescribed and clearly irresponsibly inadequate means!

That is what irked Sir Karl Popper in the University of London in his apt review of Marxism: it does not happen, it is simply contra-evidential empirically (see SMR pp. 145-148, 211ff., 266-267, 305-308, 925ff.). In addition, it is meretricious, adventitious, suppositious and pernicious in its dehumanised, products, both reductionistic in irrationality, and in integrity, making of man a comic mask, bathed in tragedy.

 WHAT does not happen ? NEITHER the Marxist predicted product happens, NOR does the Darwinian one happen to happen in any way practically apparent, or formulated with theoretical causative force: this was what Popper declared in his massive review of the actual evidences. As to ARRIVAL, not a SINGLE organ has been accounted for causally in the Darwinian mode, he notes (just as, in fact, not a single one has been seen in transitional stages, or clearly exhibits the same in retrospect). It is true Popper himself tries (metaphysically) to get reality inventing itself by prongs of interchange and development, potential realising itself; but all such efforts fail at once. The GRANT of the potential in the first place is the all-important question-begging commencement; to which one needs to add the potential to develop the potential, and then the actualisation of both potentials, which is merely slow-motion smuggling of the divine powers under phrases. These, however do not provide the reality. God's words can do this, since He has the relevant power; ours do not, since we don't.

Popper's account of the causative force of these 'scientific' theories, then, is fine. What in sum is that ? This: They never amount to anything, never account for anything. It is in this, an accurate review: for the simple fact is that in each case, it does NOT happen like that, though it be watched for, worked for, hoped for, dreamed of, for centuries. Logic is not about to capitulate, and to murder it requires its validity to be there, in order that one may logically destroy it; so it stays, and these results do not arrive by logic any more than by observation.


Neither in the physical, the mental, the metaphysical, the rational, the moral nor in the spiritual is there any room for rampant reductionism, the unravelling of reason, the investiture of bits or the occupation of getting what is called life from a dead heart with a dispelled dynamic, an impelling escapism or a listless relationship to the Lord. God keeps faith with the faithful. Abutments into hell before their time are not only untimely, but pregnant with what to the wandering, seems to be 'fate' (cf. Psalm 1).

It is GOD who is faithful; man may have faith or fate. As to the latter, it is not impersonal, but the sure consequence of avoiding mercy, which twinned with impervious fact, is treated by billions with contempt. The milling that results is not unfortunate; it is procured! The remedy is not possible: it is assured. It is Jesus Christ, Redeemer from the implosions of erratic thrusts and rebellious indifference alike.

Ignore this the way you would, if in an aircraft, 30 feet above ground, you saw a red light in a well-known part of your instrumentation, flashing and firing.


Chapter 48 


This proceeds from information and its nature, to meta-information, genetic construction and constriction, and decline, and scientific material on this point. It traces causation to its various levels and leaves the realm with the necessities of creation revelling in their sheer exuberance and mastery,  and the swooning crush of avoidance-ism - that compulsive seeming rush from reality -  to its own inglorious devices.


Chapter 49

The Barbaric Symphony of Bits

Dealing with Dissonance  
The Roll-Call for Rebels

The Mock Grandeur of Dissociation

Elements of the Course for the Bachelor of Bits

January 2010

In this Chapter we concentrate on the concentration camp for bits, particles, ideas in isolation, material and spiritual isolationism, in which one mind in oneness seeks to imagine a universe of bits, joined in the contemplative mind of man, assumed in system, managed in contradictory coherence, equipped with consequences, devoid of cause, used in systems of abortive thought, while abused in scattering, symptoms of rebellions, items of irrationality, part of the syndrome of insufficiency, by which marred modern man tries to live. Cloistered in his own imagination, he finds nothing for support but hope, in a pretentious and factitious fealty to the science of nothing, which has nothing to do with science, just as nothing itself has nothing to do with anything.

In this field, man as creator tries to build creation in his mind in bits, disposing of his own invention as inventor, as if it were the dream, while dreaming up a creation which creates itself, available to his own mighty power, dunce of dust,  vaunting with the spirit given him, his delusions with the dynamic of propaganda, with never one fact, always swelling with antinomies, never substantiating in action.

Inventing from nowhere,  the logical stage for thought, the rationality indices for its discipline, he spreads out not in laboratory but in the labours of illicit thought, in consistent inconsistency making creation the spawn of no cause. Begging each question, and assembling from nowhere all he desires, unbelieving man cannot even organise the congestion of unattested pretension, himself lord of action while he is born and dies, unable to dispense with birth or death. While disposing these things in empty thought, feckless creator by presumption, he is dispensing with them in action, composing a lurid morass of lordly imaginations divorced from the empirical, dead to reason, constituting the course for Bachelor of Bits.

It has many students. The fee is your life.

In this way, imagination is the builder of creation, but the buildings it proposes are never found arriving in the realms of life which it disposes. They are not found incomplete, on the way, but always apt in the light of common day. These it disposes, in the emptiness of vacuous thought, while denying constructive thought for their composition. Consequently nothing works, all verification collapses, nothing is ever demonstrable, excuse is the exercise, confusion is the content.

The dynamics of this belief concerning spontaneous creation of the universe are often found in the mind, while never found in  the resultant. It is this which remains, this and not man's fetid imagination; it is this which is the bearer of the testimony of effectual action, the indelible stamp of strength from their causatively ineluctable Creator. Here is the base for all rational and practical belief, the truth which the relative cannot create, even for thought, without which it can not even lay valid claim, but morbid with mortality, lies a pretender for ever. His and not man's is not only the stamp of logical sequence and validity, but the dynamic drive whereby the effectual imagination has its power to dower,  its product ourselves. Made in ways never now seen, from the era of divine creation,  many blindly squander their spiritual inheritance, mad about bits, bits from nowhere, caused by nothing, adept at interaction in systems product of the void, itself a creation of thought, denied by definition anything for anything.

By contrast, It is the eternal God who is the actual Creator, whose is the power for the mankind, here debasing himself to the realm of the imperiously puny, denying the source that they might even exist, or rationality with them, antagonistic to the exclusive base for all rational belief.

Correctives for the Bachelor of Bits, and testimonies to its ludicrous inadequacy, and to the realities both of reason and reality, the empirical in its actualities, and the actualities of the living God, there from the first, judge at the last,  are the following.


Sums, Summits and in Sum Chs. 11, 12, Epilogue and Finale,

Reflections ...   4,  SMR Ch. 1,  TMR Chs.  1,  8,

Message of the Words of God to Man in the Word   5 4,

Christ Incomparable

The gods of naturalism have no go!

Evidence and Reality 2, 5, 6, 7

Impossible for Men, Open to God     3,

Dig Deeper ...    1,

The Kingdoms of this World and the Kingdom of Christ    8,

The Holocaust of Morality and the Coming of Christ the King    3,

Glory, Vainglory ''. 1,

God's Gift of Grace in Christ Jesus      7,

The Christian Pilgrimage   5, It Bubbles ...    9,

Spiritual Food and Spiritual Drink,
This is the Real Missing Link 

Repent or Perish     7.

(See also, more broadly:
The Majestic Might of the Merciful Messiah   5,

The Track of Truth, Meadows of Mercy and Peace of Pardon   1

150  4,

The gods of naturalism have no go!  1,

Spiritual Food and Spiritual Drink,
This is the Real Missing Link  11.)


On Moral realities and necessities, and some of their applications to various fields: see SMR Ch. 1, pp. 179ff., Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4,  Barbs ... 6,   7,  News 19, Ch. 11 above. Even reason can attest the goodness of God, as Romans 1 confirms; but its abuse as in things metaphysical, so in things moral, brings licence in place of law, quasi-autonomy in place of responsibility, godlike chauvinism in amoral humanism rather than the definite moral perception and confirmation that logic requires. It is shown above, that being from God, and made by Him who needs nothing metaphysically, morally or psychologically, and gives both life and judgment, salvation and condemnation, the latter only with the utmost reluctance, equated to His zeal to face in human form the Cross: we are not oddments.

Rather is the human race bruised in heart, broken in relationship with our Maker as a race, gifted with return avenue, in Jesus Christ, and usually given to grumbling about God or seeking to ignore, caricature or condemn Him, while dismissing Him anyway, by a sweep of the irrational hand. The final mischief is first to act out the myth of our jurisdictive powers, and then to collide with truth, always a humiliating experience, and merely a prelude, when persistent.

Anti-evidential, dreaming theistic evolution is simply a drab combination of irrational immorality and invisible verification, contrary both to the actualities of creation method, and of evidential testimony; whereas progressive creation is in turn, a combination of the above, at another level, with some concession to evidence, if not to morality, and again, as destitute of necessary evidence as the other. God neither dumped bits to begin a track through virtual miracles to things better, nor better things, to do the same, in part or in whole. You do not get such things on the way. What you get, is one thing: a kind (cf. News 74; The Divine Drama Ch.  10, A Spiritual Potpourri Ch.   5), which does not have in the interstices of its heavily commanded and commandeered DNA matrix, the means for new information, any more than the paleontological evidence shows such development (cf. Wake Up World! ... Chs.  4,  5,   6).

Morality and scientific reality go hand in hand, and to both, power plays are irrelevant for the formation of the information, though not to the judgment on such use by moral beings such as man.

One may become immune to morals, but not to their results.


Chapter 50

Strange, the People You Meet!

Ch. 1 of Let's Be Reasonable, for God Is!

This is a conversation equipped with 23 endnotes, enabling an exhibition through a simple dialogue, coming relatively quickly to the point, of detailed scientific data, on dates and diverse items and elements,  so that the peril of a lassoing of the meeting can be avoided, and the pith perceived. This is valuable as a compendium with references.

For more recent work, see Ch. 58 below.


  Chapter 51




If You Don't Grasp That,

Muddled, Befuddled,
You'll be Grasped by the Wrong Party

April 2010

Dabbling, Discipline, Daydreaming and Deity gives a short summary of the philosophic parodies of science which have successively shaken science into the concussion of the scientistic, in various periods, and the doctrines make interesting introductions for possible novelettes; but not for reason, or scientific method. Irrelevant and quasi-controlling additives have become, for many, the order of the day, and its blight.

See also Ch. 1 of this volume, preceding the above; and *1 of Possess Your Possessions Ch. 8.


Chapter 52

Ch. 3 of Alpha and Omega

April 2010

Mystic naturalism and revisionist words from Denton are in view, but not this only, rather trends in this direction from which logic mercifully gives good protection, and revelation reasonable and assured escape.

Chapter  53

Added in April 2010, this comes from January 2006.

Ch.2 of The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God,
the Bible True to Test.

Here the emphasis is generic on the realities of the words from God, their wit, their impact, their results, their evidence and application broadly from the realms to naturalism to millenialism. The sheer coverage thematically brings  value to this work, for our present volume.



Moving from the Riddle of Unrealism
to the Reality of Creation


Published February 2011

Extended to  March, October and December,
then to June  2012, March 2013 and July 2014


 ISBN 978-0-9870886-1-1


For Preface to this Volume, see above.

These 6 volumes are a specialised sub-set of the overall work now of some 230 volumes, and some 25 million words and 60,000 pages.

In October-November 2010, there came the addition of the Chapters 56-57. The former is dealing with Genesis and creation, in a synthesis of considerations.  The latter focusses on wisdom as given in Job, and covers a broad spectrum of creationist issues, in the light of the absolute wisdom of God, there revealed, in many fields and engages in some spiritual/intellectual experiment for expository purposes.  Chapters 54-56 deal with matters of the wisdom of God and its exhibition and the fretful feebleness of man trying to invent creation with words that lack logic and power alike.

Chapters 57-59 continue to deal first with Genesis, generations and genes, the days, with more on dates, then the key to Christian Apologetic Method, amid the evidence situation the validity and the emplacements of God, before we meet with Job and wisdom, what it portends, requires and gives in Chapter 60. In Chapter 61, we have a spiritual-intellectual experiment, linked to Jeremiah 4, before we audit a dialogue in Chapter 62.  Further is given as you come  to these Chapters.

Chapters 61-62 deal with the dichotomy between dreams and reality, moving from this naturally to the dreams of Dawkins as he exposes a nightmare substitute for the Bible, in discussing the same, a matter duly corrected for his divagations, denunciations and the like. Ch. 63 looks at the exuberance and significance of vitality in Christian Apologetics. It places this in a composite with many other crucial features of life, and their implications.

Chapter 64 provides a dialogue with focus on suffering, design, disaster and deliverance with stress on caution and on our particular contribution, in terms of liberty and revolt.

Chapters 65-66

 In the Chapter  65, we have The Area of Implacable Vitality

where an arraignment of specific follies is made, amid the barren postulates of an epically and indeed epochally dismal non-performing scientistic theory, dignified by its improper immigration visa into science. In Chapter 66, we look at a vast realm of  design, physical, mental, spiritual, reaching to the heights and descending to the depths.

For positive and negative reasons, it is necessary to move from the riddles of unrealism to the reality of creation.

Accordingly, in Chapter 67, we come to the Dawn of Dawkins and the Prior Dawn of Creation, and gaze upon these infinitely diverse phenomena, moving from the riddles of unrealism to the reality of creation.

What of Chapter 68 ? Here, first, are the lists of the unique facilities and functionalities of creation and life, from an institutive point of view are considered and made into one total list with new additions, set in the midst of freedom and its pre-conditions, while the texture of truth in what is before us is pondered amid the panorama of the created and desecrated, made bereft of reductionism and faced.

In the second reference linked here, for Chapter 68, we have the antithesis, that fluting music that knows no basis for its imagination, so that this becomes a satirical exposition on nothing as a mode of thought or basis.

In Chapter 69, in two sections, we see the unholy holocaust of children's minds on the one hand, and a coverage of the fantasies, illusions, invalidities, sophisms, antitheses, antinomy of modern befuddlements such as are made compulsory but certainly not compulsive sources for students of all ages!

Chapter 70 deals with a broad spectrum of naturalistic dissavours, and links them to one source and one result, whilst its second reference brings to us a conversation with father and son on things ranging from the Middle East to the Supernatural God, in terms of power, performance and prediction such as science might JUSTLY long for. It is here.

In Chapter 71, we give major attention to considerations of command in things natural, personal and supernatural.

Chs. 72-73 (q.v. below) give broad coverage in matters of EDUCATION and POLITICS in the setting of the philosophic, the scientific, the scientistic, the political and the educational, considering recent developments in the News. Ch. 74 specialises in overview, both of faith and unbelief, and is of exceptionally broad coverage.

Chs. 75, 76 and 77 provide  a broader coverage of the follies of begin-spin, romance physics, unscientific scientism, egregious inventions and inane contentions in the field of the ultimate, and provide a convenient list of predecessors of this genre. 

Chapters from volume 210, Agitation, Cogitation, Aspiration and  Conclusion, included in Chs. 76 and 77, are from a work covering dimensions of morals, metaphysics, Messiah and modern developments, with exposition from the Bible. The metaphysical  however is a branch of  logic, directed to certain fields, not  the  form of it which deals with delusions  as if they had  some standing and no need of the exacting pressure of rationality, verification and validation. Dialogue as a specialty is used in Ch. 8, The Clever Kid.


The extent, in June 2012, of The gods of naturalism have no go! appears in excess of one million words, and to be expanding. In all things there is a reason, whether these be small or great, gracious or grating. It  applies whether in the spreading of the heavens or of works in a set of books, and the propulsion is what is competent and disposed  to or for the work. If formulation, needed is intellect and imagination, spirit and reflection; if formation, then needed are information and production of  all  resources used. God produces both kinds and is omni-competent, in the micro- and macro- realms  alike, in spirit and in person, in concept and creation, in disposition and destining. Not for nothing is He termed the Almighty, though for nothing many sell their souls.


By February 2014, this last volume so far, of The gods of naturalism have no go! progressed to Chapter 85, the 12 new Chapters appearing at the end of the list. Three Chapters on the topic of information may be found here. Chapters 86-87 were later added, the last entry in July 2014, a pithy summary of major fault lines in naturalism, allowing verification at length.


Chapter  54

Added in June 2010


from Possess Your Possessions III

ROMANS 1:16-21 'The Power of God to Salvation'

Matters of rationality,  validation and verification
mingle with those of the empirical and the resultant
in terms of the Gospel by revelation.


Chapter  55

July 2010

Ch.  4,  from Possess Your Possessions IV

This chapter deals with DATES, DETAILS, CONSTRICTION AND CONSTRAINT FROM THE LORD, composite synthesising of diverse and disparate topics with one result.


Chapter 56

Added in October-November 2010

Ch. 5, Volume 6, Possess Your Possessions

Here is a synthesis of considerations surrounding Genesis,

science and the scientistic, and fidelity to the word of God.


Chapter 57

October-November 2010

Ch. 1, Volume 8, Possess Your Possessions





Chapter  58

Added in October-November  2010

1) Ch.  5,  from Possess Your Possessions VIII


With this is

2) Ch. 2, Volume 9,  Possess Your Possessions



This Chapter is very wide-ranging and exceptionally extensive, includes consideration of Redeeming Science (Poythress), and the need for forthright clarity, and casting down imaginations as in II Cor. 10:5.

It surveys the wonder of the results when biblical perspective/propositions and empirical/rational realms are compared. These are exceedingly clear,  both in the stricken and various realms of naturalism which cannot stand, and on the other side, in those of knowledge when it is NOT self-contradictory, but properly so-called, and indeed science, one aspect of it, when that is justly so-called. It is then that the triumphant standing of biblical revelation, in close partnership with reason, stands as clearly alone in impact and sustainability, as the testimony of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour.

A third contribution is added to this Chapter, so that we have these 3 emphases.

1) Genesis, generations, genes cohere to a marvel; whilst horrible hermeneutics are  mere hindering mechanics, spoiling a good car.

2) Divine Initiative, a Key to the actions of God: Christ, more than spiritual entrepreneur,  sent as Saviour, no less than the grand Prince of Wisdom, whose works speak as do no other's on earth, whose words attests His ways, whose actions were wrought both in heaven and on earth.

The key to Christian Apologetic Method discussed amid the evidence, its name, nature and place, the validity and the emplacements of God.

3) A spiritual/intellectual experiment

 Ch. 9, Volume 9,  Possess Your Possessions

Jeremiah 4 and Creating/Desecrating the Universe

This involves a spiritual/intellectual experiment to aid understanding and illustrate what must be realised in the field of the love, patience, power, industry and necessary bases in God. It looks to Jeremiah 4 for crucial input.


Chapter 59

October-November 2010

1) Ch. 5, Volume 8,  Possess Your Possessions.

With this is

2) Ch. 2, Volume 9,  Possess Your Possessions



This Chapter is very wide-ranging and exceptionally extensive, includes consideration of Redeeming Science (Poythress), and the need for forthright clarity, and casting down imaginations as in II Cor. 10:5.

It surveys the wonder of the results when biblical perspective/propositions and empirical/rational realms are compared. These are exceedingly clear,  both in the stricken and various realms of naturalism which cannot stand, and on the other side, in those of knowledge when it is NOT self-contradictory, but properly so-called, and indeed science, one aspect of it, when that is justly so-called. It is then that the triumphant standing of biblical revelation, in close partnership with reason, stands as clearly alone in impact and sustainability, as the testimony of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour.

We thus have two emphases here, and in the next Chapter comes one in accord, the third. providing three collateral emphases.

1) Genesis, generations, genes cohere to a marvel; whilst horrible hermeneutics are  mere hindering mechanics, spoiling a good car.

2) Divine Initiative, a Key to the actions of God: Christ, more than spiritual entrepreneur,  sent as Saviour, no less than the grand Prince of Wisdom, whose works speak as do no other's on earth, whose words attests His ways, whose actions were wrought both in heaven and on earth.

3) A spiritual/intellectual experiment

 Ch. 9, Volume 9,  Possess Your Possessions

Jeremiah 4 and Creating/Desecrating the Universe

This involves a spiritual/intellectual experiment to aid understanding and illustrate what must be realised in the field of the love, patience, power, industry and necessary bases in God. It looks to Jeremiah 4 for crucial input.

The key to Christian Apologetic Method is discussed amid the evidence, its name, nature and place, the validity and the emplacements of God.

It follows in Chapter 61, after Chapter 60 below.


Chapter 60

November 2010

 Ch. 8, Volume 9,  Possess Your Possessions




Starting from Job's hungry search for wisdom, this moves to finding it, to which Job in his challenged life gives great impetus.


Chapter 61

November 2010

Though closely allied to the two components of Ch. 59, this Chapter deserves a separate location, as its presentation is very particular in kind.

Ch.  9,  from Possess Your Possessions, The Divine Initiative Volume IX


A spiritual-intellectual  experiment!

Jeremiah 4 and Creating/Desecrating the Universe

This involves a spiritual/intellectual experiment to aid understanding and illustrate what must be realised in the field of the love, patience, power, industry and necessary bases in God. It looks to Jeremiah 4 for crucial input.


Chapter 62

Here is a broad scope of suffering, design, disaster and deliverance, with stress on causation, its genus and our particular kind, liberty and revolt. It is taken from Possess Your Possessions Volume  12, Chapter 6.


Chapter 63

Getting Up to  Date

The source of this  is TMR Ch. 7, Section E, which has been accumulating for many years as things have progressed in this field of science.

The current aspect, placed here in that Section, may also be found in  The Lie has a Limited Shelf Life Ch. 4, where it takes it place in a spread of considerations of a cumulative character. In particular, a point is made of the concept of point, and the disappointing and pointless results arising through the slippery slopes that lead to logical slide.  While this Ch. 4 was written later than the following chapters, its topic fits it best here.


Chapter 64

January 2011

Possess Your Possessions Volume  12, Chapter 6.


A Dialogue

Here is a broad scope of suffering, design, disaster and deliverance,
with stress on causation, its genus and our particular kind, liberty and revolt.


Chapter 65





   The Area of Implacable Vitality

where an arraignment of specific follies is made, amid the barren postulates of an epically and indeed epochally dismal non-performing scientistic theory, dignified by its improper immigration visa into science.


Chapter 66

This is partly taken from Ch. 7 of Redemption or Revolt.


Here in conversation mode, we find a dream mode to introduce the escapades that never escape, as reality is seen to overthrow dark visions that never see the light.

Also linked here, is Ch. 2 of Redemption or Revolt, in which a vast realm of  design, physical, mental, spiritual  is seen reaching to the heights and descending to the depths, conceived, conceptual, creative, created, the domain of the everlasting mind and designate purposes of the in eludible and ineluctable God.


Chapter 67

This is partly taken from Ch. 10 of REDEMPTION OR REVOLT

HUMAN Jealousy

The Dawn of Dawkins and the Prior Dawn of Creation

This is a composite on the lust-thrust of Dawkins' dreams in the realm of  theology and associated  topics, with consideration of his blight and burden.


Chapter 68

The source of the first section of this  is CHAPTER  2



It is found in:




Here the lists of the unique facilities and functionalities of creation and life, from an institutive point of view are considered and made into one total list with new additions, set in the midst of freedom and its pre-conditions, while the texture of truth in what is before us is pondered amid the panorama of the created and desecrated, made bereft of reductionism and faced. Just as implacable vitality is seen in Ch. 63 above, so here we have new entrants, synthetic integrality, linguistic command,  the cessation of the underlying directional dynamic with integral meaning and irresolvable intriacies of the unredeemed and the singular resolution of salvation. This makes 15 units of apprehension made ready for comprehension.

See also, Life, What is it  definitive elements and aspects, and the investigatory perspective on a broader base in Repent or Perish Ch. 7.

The source of the second part of  section of this is CHAPTER 4 of the same volume.

This specialises in the nullity of what disregards or even disdains empirical reality, drawing from first to last on nothing for everything. As such, it is the perfect contrast, in satire, to the diligent method shown in Ch. 2, coming first in this current Chapter 64.


Chapter 69

The source of the first section of this  is CHAPTER  6 and CHAPTER 7


Errors and Terrors

 of the volume,




Of Chapter 6, there is this to be said. In this extensive coverage, a significant review of naturalistic fallacies in realms logical, empirical and educational is provided, with some up-to-date developments. Concerning Chapter 7, here is a broad, varied coverage of the fantasies, illusions, invalidities, sophisms, antitheses, antinomy, of modern befuddlements, passing as science on the part of many, though the scientific camp is strongly divided. New are seen in the light of old, and I Timothy 6:20 is given exegesis, in the midst of the considerations of the captivity of children by proponents of the naturalistic fallacies, teaching them  at the same time, anti-empirical bases for philosophic posturing, dressed up as science.

The positive  alternative is considered in its various logical facets, in marked contrast to these rapt wanderings, its biblical beneficence replacing the just curse put on man, its Christian confirmation, centred in Christ Himself, and not man, true not only for life, but in life. As once Israel of old was put in stark discipline, those whose non-innocent waywardness was nationally repetitive, socially and spiritually, morally and even in worship much corrupted (cf. Ezekiel 8, II Kings 16:8-14), now among the Gentiles, as formerly amid the Jews, just such things in modern dress, bring results in suffering to match the insufferable evil of the deeds, whether in mind, or matter's premises. The world writhes.

The way on and out is as delightful as creation, which is considered at some length, and as positive, having relief as well as restoration, and is part of the completion of coverage in validation of what reason finds in God and His word.

A third item placed in this Chapter 65, is Ch. 6 of Diamonds of Divine Divulgement in the Bible.


Chapter 70

This is partly taken from Ch. 5 of The Christian Prescription. It deals simultaneously with a broad spectrum of naturalistic dissavours, and links them to one source and one result, principially. With this in this Ch. 61, is placed Diamonds of Divine Divulgement Ch. 8 (cf. News 1), a conversation between father and son on things ranging from geology to the Middle East, from the supernatural God in this and that manifestation of power, performance and prediction, the attestation in the very world of nature, including our own!


Chapter 71




This is firstly from Chapter 1 of

The Lord of Longsuffering, Prince of Peace,  Christ of Command


Eternal Basis of Prescription, Inscription, Description but not Conscription

The Conspectus, Configuration and Competence of  Command

The second item in this Chapter 71, is The Christian Prescription
Ch. 8,

which deals with similar topics, surveying broadly.



Chapter 72

The Pathways of Objective Grace

This is received from

Ch. 1 of The Word and Wisdom of God and the Ways of Man

This reviews matter, mind and spirit without suffering subjectivistic exploits, and considers functions in each, and results for all in creation and correlation.

The title of Ch. 1 is:

The Nature of the Cosmos and of the Character of Man

Elements of grace and place and race are considered in their actual and proper connections.

See also Ch. 2 of the same volume, *1 for further on the nature of liberty and the self-contradictory and mutually confrontational theories which show the error of foundation-free thought.


Chapter 73

The Temper of Truth and the Tedium of Error

This is received from

1) Christ not Culture, the Lord not Man, Truth not Mere Intractability Ch. 1, linking curriculum in history and elsewhere with lordly and blindly misinformed culture, esp at History, Science, Curriculum and Country.

2) Ch. 2 of the same, at Excursion on Scientistic Pre-Occupations,
dealing with the realms of the scientific, the scientistic and their relationship to politics.

Jointly, these provide a broad coverage with useful references for the totality, and are relatively extensive.


Chapter 74

The Witness of Truth and the Fumes of the Abyss

This chapter is received from


which are really one whole.
These too cover broadly, and with some depth,
the elements of disbelief and faith,
from various perspectives, culminating in a biblical perspective simultaneously a logical necessity.


Chapter  5



This Chapter concerns the first item, and Ch. 6 moves on to the second.


In Ch. 4, one spoke of a spiritual singularity.

Here we come to its contemplation.




To this is added a Chapter of broad overview,


This has the advantage of considering topics in thematic association from freedom to creation, from desecration to deformity of understanding, from the empirical to the logical in form.



This includes two  chapters from the volume No. 208. Volume 208 is entitled


First comes Ch. 5, specialising on matters of information  science, with extensive reference  to Professor Werner Gitt's new volume, Without Excuse.

From the same volume comes the  Epilogue:

SOLEMN FARCES AND SACRED REALITIES. This pursues naturalism in a political, Secret Service arena, where morals, national priorities, human degradations, pompous self-assurance  and irrational assumptions are disentangled in a far-reaching analysis, and brought to  their logical realities and revelatory exposure.



This has  two  Chapters.


In this, Ch. 5, When Nothing got Fired Up by Nothing,  deals with the ludicrous aspects of pre-occupation with nothing and its hideous realism in one point, namely that it is an essentialising of what has for generations now, been an escape clause to avoid God,  making it,  whether acknowledged or not, the basis of the evolutionism which craves nature to make itself, in the last logical  analysis, before it is there to  do it,  and to do so by means found in it,  after it has been  made. The confusion deserves all it gets, and in this Chapter is a list of Chapters exposing this and allied features of this convenient philosophic pre-occupation, which stirs the revolutionary heart that so readily beats in man, activates the anti-God ways of Sodom and Nineveh, and leads to  atrocities in the flesh resembling those in the spirit and the mind,  as naturally as drought leads to shrivelling.

That list is reproduced here as well as in Ch. 5, for convenience, with its introduction..


For  a broader coverage of the follies of begin-spin,
romance physics, unscientific scientism,
egregious inventions and inane contentions in the field of the ultimate,
see the following aggregation of articles chapters and presentations.


Dig Deeper ... Ch. 1, Ch. 2,

Deity and Design, 2 and 8.

Man, in Prospect, Retrospect and in Bold Relief  Ch. 2
(goes with Ch. 5 of the same volume, exhibiting the assumptions of virtual reality behind reductionism and the enduements of "nature" before it is there to invent itself).

Possess Your Possessions Volume 7, Ch.  1, esp. *1A, (PP), PP Volume 12, Ch. 6,

The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of  God  Ch. 2, Ch. 7 (words, works, wit), Ch. 6,
Ch. 1 (review reductionisms, matter, mind and spirit),

Calibrating Myths ... Ch.  2 (machining mind, avoiding mindless machinations),

Stepping Out for Christ, Ch. 8 (dialogue),

Not Only is God Great, but Glorious Ch. 5, esp. *2,

SMR Ch. 4, Extension,

The gods of naturalism have no  go!  20 (dialogue), cf. PP Volume 9, Ch. 2,
Op.  cit.  36 (day-dreaming and nano-fragment), 37, 21

The Christian Prescription Ch. 8,


Sparkling Life in Jesus Christ  Ch. 8 (includes  Davies, Mark 2),

Delusive  Drift  or Divine  Dynamic Ch. 7, dialogue, gospel application, Ch. 6 (moron),
Ch. 4 (versified with multiple exposures of naturalism),

Redemption or Revolt, Chs.  5    and  7,

1504 (The Bible ... Ch. 4),

One Only but  Not  Alone  ... Ch. 9 (dialogue, includes slavation and trinity),

History, Review and Overview Chs.  4  (multiple exposures),     5,

The Defining Drama Ch.  3 (includes  work about Genesis 1, and  Reference to Let  God be God Ch. 12, covering some recent mouthings contrary to the word of God infesting where it has no place),

Christ, the Cumulative and the Culmination Ch.    9 (words of no mean import about nothing),

Lively Lessons in Spiritual Service Ch.   5 (includes Hartnett), Ch.  3,

Cascade of Mercy, Torrent of Truth Ch. 6 (pointed),

Hallowed be  Thy NameCh. 8 (father and son),

Scaling the Heights ... Ch. 2

Dizzy Dashes, Heady Clashes and the Brilliant Harmony of Inevitable Truth Ch. 6, Ch. 4,
Ch. 2 (variety of quotations),

The Desire of the Nations ... Ch. 2 Epilogue (angelic conversations),  Ch. 2 (dialogue),

Sums, Summits and in Sum  Ch. 12 (wide-ranging dialogue).

Agitation, Cogitation, Aspiration  and Conclusion Ch. 1 (stupour and the stupendous, creation and creativity), and Ch. 8, a dialogue on dynamics, form and function.



In Ch. 1 of  this,


there is added to this list, a parallel to the preceding Chapter, and a supplement in vivid form.



This has  three  Chapters.

Also in volume 210 is AGITATION, COGITATION, ASPIRATION AND  CONCLUSION,  Ch. 2.  This is an general origination prelude to morals,
which comes in Ch. 3.

It is fond of fundamentals, and funding for function, and explores extensively, with only one
logical result.

Ch. 8 of the same volume 210 in this set, adds dialogue. It  can be  seen in this setting,  as an application of what is basic to this volume. What is its nature ?

This volume moves in dimensions of morals, metaphysics, Messiah and modern developments, with exposition from the Bible. The metaphysical  however is a branch of  logic, directed to certain fields, not  the  form of it which deals with delusions  as if they had  some standing and no need of the exacting pressure of rationality, verification and validation. Dialogue as a specialty is used in Ch. 8, The Clever Kid.

Ch. 3 of volume 211, The Original and Eventual  Magnificence, surveys the scene from various viewpoints,  with but one result, logically, but a legion of results psychologically and culturally,  and indeed in  terms of the eventual end of the line, both naturally and in judgment.


This starts with The Original and Eventual Magnificence Ch. 3 and  Ch. 4.

The former deals with the underlying logical realities and spurious superficiality which tries such blatantly perverse escapisms from it, as to engender either contempt concern, both in ultimate measure! Scheduled creation is not an option but a patent necessity that no squirming can seduce.

The latter specialises in STOPPING as distinct from  starting in the production of life and its awnings. Excuses for thought fixations on different dimensions of life and matter, as  if origins have to be self-contained in their outcomes, politicians had to be made by the laws they passed or cars by the parts they incorporate, or  writing by the stroke marks they make, are becoming so saturated with shame as their confused lack of initiative and objectivity, reason and empirical  confirmation that it is a wonder anyone even tries to put up with them.  Hatred of God and his governance is the only feasible explanation of such delinquency relative to scientific method.

Following this realm of perspective, overview and emphasis, we add the Epilogue of The Original and Eventual Magnificence, because it tends to weave together the joint considerations of creation, predestination and divine initiative overall, enabling a broader understanding of many things in their places. In this respect, it is an important chapter.



In this case, the major field is information, its meaning, essence, modality, origin, contrivances, background, labours, utilities and requirements.

Both the items are found in the volume 215, Now the Highway, Then the Heights.

Chapter 1  introduces some of the concepts, and 

Chapter 3   pursues essences, utilities and purpose, labour with articulation and reticulation, and analysis of the components of information.



The next two items are taken from The Way of Truth and the Way of Error, Chapter 8 and Appendix.

The Appendix is on the topic of time, seen in terms of the God of creation and institution of man, of imagination and brilliance, conception and survey, wisdom and truth, limitless and unique, source of all, directly or indirectly. Prophecy is seen within the dimensions of this feature, which includes Envisaged Time, Pondered Time, Real Time and the Texture of Time.

Ch. 8 surveys the scene of creativity, the creation of the universe, the reality and the modes of conception of the interface between the ending of this and the start of instituted time, at the physical and the connotational levels, and these in concert.

The third item in this Chapter 80, is found at
Logos Uncreated, Incorruptible, Inestimable Ch. 4.




The topic is origins and the coverage with references is extensive and varied. As with the other chapters, it is also discursive,
investigating common concepts and actualities together.




1) The 'nothing' camp tries again. This presentation is found at:

Logos Uncreated, Incorruptible, Inestimable  Ch.  6.  

Its topic ?

It is this: Creation, creativity, modalities and messages, the full context and the replete revelation from God, millenia without change, but with applicabilities leading to changes with changes within its target, man. Of these, some have been for the better, many for the worse: and the vital difference in view, a 'new creation' by the new Ministry of Jesus Christ, newly founding the old prediction, the Gospel of grace, now applicable direct.


2) Progress, Regress, Emphasis and Perfection Epilogue moves from nothing
to necessity.

Avoiding the cultural trap, the sacredness of culture equalling the
worship of mankind, which is far from worshipful,
it is necessary to use the entire liberty of thought,
and finding what is binding logically, to follow it,
and hence find resolution of every intellectual type
of problem, with infinite advantage to the human race.
It does not need to get above itself, like morning mist,
which rising disappears, but back to its foundation,
which is attested incomparably, in the
Father of spirits and the Lord of glory,
Jesus Christ. Judgment is no mystery,
and naturalism and lurid imagination
is no excuse, but an indictment.


        3) MESSIAH, JESUS CHRIST, Author and Judge of History,
         Ageless Terminator of This Present Age and Lord of Glory, Ch. 3

Squirming by giving inhabitants to nothing for no reason, and eternity to matter which runs down in available energy, makes for a litany of errors, like people furiously looking through their Pass Books, Credit Cards, Purses and Resources for more money in a crisis, and finding but air; except that in this case, even that is not found.




Here we move to the capture of human consciousness by manipulative mesmerism, and so proceed, with the use of a massive and prepared data bank, to consider this result,  which led to perhaps 55 millions deaths. Evacuating all pretence of Hitler as an oddity in the organic evolutionary crowd of devotees, finding in him rather a speciallsed application. In fact, parallel to other tangents in Mao and Stalin, it is worthy of investigation in this aspect of implication.

We consider the disruption  from this disabling theory which possessed them all. Instead of inane and irrational bifurcation, seeing double, as is the lot of many, passion as the cruel thumb of the layout of life, and compassion their preferred and contradictory contribution, you have a more consistent application of the irrationalism of the theory itself. It is just one form of reductio ab adsurdum.

The height of that absurdity, with even more tyranny already infesting 'democratic' education with a wantonry almost indescribable, is exposed further as a brazen world lurches further into the self-commanding abyss of desolatory judgment. It is almost as if free man wants to bind himself to the black hole follies of the dictators, by swallowing up light, empirically, logically, heuristically. There is an end.

This is found in Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs Chs.   3 and   4.






1) In Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs, Vol. 2,  Ch. 8, we turn from the ruthless use of violence, as seen in Ch. 82 above; to the equally ruthless subversion of students; the poignancy of the partial enlightenment of Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard fame,  amid the gloom of his enchainment despite certain key advances; to the associated study of academic entrepreneurship, when misled into suppositious and ridiculous presumptions about what is never found, not seen but given high poster exposure; while with this, moving into the explicit derogation of religious truth to be found in various outbursts of Gould, as if insatiable to avoid the result to which some of his work so pointedly directed thought, though the sometimes clearly expressed results were given a casuistical funeral.


2) In Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs, Vol. 2, Epilogue, there is a large and wide-ranging review of many aspects of naturalism, supernaturalism, the Creator and creation, with special emphasis on the acute parallel of two cases.

One is that of Israel, immorally mugged and all but burned in effigy by tracts of humanity,  despite divine warnings that divine discipline of that nation is not to be confused with international persecution, and that the results to come are explicit and vast, for not listening to this advice about what God has most clearly had to say from times of old on this topic. Here, a dénouement approaches.

The other element in the parallel is this: Just as Israel is treated to such exacerbated scorn, as a land in the Middle East, and as a nation, so is the Maker of all the lands of this earth, more and more scorned in His creation of the same, as of the universe itself. His ways are ignored, His curse despised, His salvation avoided on a growing internationally aggressive scale.

Creation, the Christian Church (not vague substitutes as in the II Peter 2:1 case) and Israel have become major topics for tension, assault, degradation, persecution whether in  concept or in person, whether nationally, internationally or academically. The parallels are instructive, as for example, might be the case in comparing infectious diseases in cases where they are linked. The main part of this Chapter is in the realm of God and creation; but the parallel is pursued somewhat.





Here we have a revised and extended Chapter from The Secular, the Sacred and the Sublime (Ch. 7), found in Department of Bible and Spiritual  Affairs, Volume 3, Ch.2.

Dogs without exercise, are not well treated. The mind without exercise, sunk in subordination to cultural clamminess, continuity of tired old themes and naturalistic trances, far from possible truth, is a conveyor belt for the destruction of this world. It simply places man by his reckless and heedless imaginings, contrary to themselves and to reality, where destruction at last is the only way left (cf. II Thessalonians 2:4-10, Isaiah 57:15-16). Toying with truth and making friends with antinomies may be attractive, like a jitter-bug dance of yore, for built-up energy supplies; but truth is no toy, and its traction is inescapable. Mercy is far better and utterly necessary.

Department of Bible ... Vol. 3, Ch. 5 goes into energy, the entity of eternal energy, necessarily the case, the capacity to do work, without which nothing is done. Unless ultimately there, it cannot come and nothing is done. That is not so. He is.

This energy is supernatural, unlimited, used by the One who necessarily having it, has it in the form He desires, and  exhibits it in all the motions and masses, plans and portents, procedures and outcomes in the realms created, directly or indirectly, each in accord with the wisdom and wit with which He acts. He also exhibits it in man, in the creativity and recognition of the same, with a munificence remarkable, a sensitivity delightful, abounding in artistry.


in addition, at this same Volume 3, at Chapter 6, there is a dialogue deliberately pursuing the definition of creation, its observation in practice in those criteria, the extent of it and the communality, the inevitability of the title and the assurance of the Worker, whose work is done at the natural level, for so long in type, and has come in the Gospel which completes the commencement in a new creativity and creation, of the utmost significance, the attainment of the ultimate, made available to mankind.

With these, in concordance and progression goes Volume 4 of the same series, Ch. 2, where the emptiness and failure in scope and resolving power, logical sufficiency and causal efficiency are found deadly flaws for all non-Christianity, to all without the Bible as the decisive doctrinal basis; and the creation at the first is seen as the prior step to the creation of man, of redemption, through the Gospel, with the creation of a new heart and life through it as the third, the making of a new spiritual creation in the recipient, who takes the redemption from death to his whole life, as attested in Christ's performance in covering sin to make peace available.  The fourth is the coming confirmation of a new resurrected body with the fifth creation that of a new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness may dwell in the love of God. This resolves all problems of guilt,  sin, freedom, heady determinism, empty voluntarism, human responsibility, divine rule and the origin of love in man, its necessity and its relative absence, leading naturally and observably to his own self-dismissal from this earth, except for that same Creator of all these things.

On the other hand, it leads, because of that same Creator from the first,  from His divine goodness and  glory, to human reconstitution in liberty, amid that glory, where those adopted as children of God find their home, in that very kingdom of which they were citizens on earth (Philippians 3:20-21), and where they now dwell, a whole articulation of creation, redeemed from curse, in a blessed, hallowed and joyful triumph, God's image restored - not destroyed - with a culmination of consignment past all hope and in the very annals of eternity.

When He comes, the problems, solved in principle and pardon, exhibition of power and of harmony of concept, in inner life and meaning for life, are now simply voided, for the rebellions have now gone to what they have desired,  empty indeed, but empty head and empty heart being the alliance to fight God, despite His full heart and wonderful opportunity given, it gains its own place, like water... running down.




Surveying fantasies and calling them to order, and restoring reality to its place is a worth-while task in the world domain of II Timothy 4:1-4. This exercise occurs in Department of Bible and Spiritual  Affairs, Volume 4, Chapter 4, and is extensive (approx. 20, 000 words).

Department of Bible and Spiritual  Affairs, Volume 4, Chapter 12, extends this treatment in a specialised area.




Both the above additions, Ch. 4 and Ch. 12 of Vol. 4 of Department of Bible ... deal somewhat extensively with INFORMATION.

For comparison on this topic, see Ch. 75 above, including reference to the volume,


Ch. 5 is there cited,  specialising on matters of information  science, with extensive reference  to Professor Werner Gitt's new volume, Without Excuse.



Inter-relating Chapters on logical, empirical and philosophical elements in naturalism
       and in various religions, with overview of basic approaches, are found in recent work.

VOL 5   Thus, in Department of Biblical  Affairs ... Volume 5, Chapter 6, we have an investigation into starting and stopping in the construction of the universe, into dream and  reality,  possibility, actuality rationality, into reason and revelation, fact and fancy,  fiascos and foundations, truth and fiction, scientific method and pseudo-scientific fiction, the IF domain and the TEST domain, together with the underlying necessities and provisions, making revolt from the Lord, rationally inexcusable (cf. Romans 1:17ff.)
Like the DNA, the instruction not only for body-making, but for mind  of man waking, is all given.

VOL  4  It is noted  that Volume 4, Chapter 2 of the Department ... sub-set, has rapport with this insofar as it deals with religions on the one hand, and naturalistic varieties on the other, in an overall perspective, that includes the nostrum of the Big Bang. These three chapters are in a close relationship.

VOL  6 of Department of Biblical Affairs, Chapter 4, deals with another cross-sectional analysis, namely the use of MODELS as modes of approach to issues, with emphasis on RESULTS, for comparison from each variety.

We are most familiar with this from climate modelling.

Each configuration, plan, type is isolable and specifiable with rigour, not confusion, as is common. The fallacious syndrome here is for critics of one model, perspective or  approach to an issue, to  set about rebuffing it by assuming their own as a basis, as they critique the other. But each exists in its own milieu and AS SUCH is subject to the common logic claimed. The point remains: how does EACH perform on its own basis, and what is the comparison in RESULTS? Re-statement is not argument. This morbid mix-up is too common for clear thought; and with multitudes of mankind almost routinely being activated by many motives, some internally incompatible, clarity is frequently the fall-guy for the dismal din of thoughtless drive. This Chapter is a basic one, and is named MODELS, MODES, MISCHIEFS AND MEDDLING.

Where logic is disdained, argument is disclaimed. Here its applicability is acclaimed.



VOL  7 of Department of Biblical Affairs, Ch. 10







A brief summary of 35 logical lapses in naturalism


VOL  8 of Department of Biblical Affairs, Ch. 6


Concerning Accounts which are Never Paid






VOL  8 of Department of Biblical Affairs, Chs. 14-15



Chapter 15 op. cit.


These two Chapters concentrate on realism versus surrealism. If your problem were to make man, how would you proceed ? what choices ? equipment ? agencies ? The issue is forced, the case is taken apart for the naturalistic model, step by step from such a perspective as the opposing models are compared in a constructive manner, in terms of facing a problem as something one had to solve, to make man. Dreams can occur at any time without anything needed for them, but life, sleep and imagination. This topic however is not to account for them, but for the universe.

VOL 9, of Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs, Ch. 2. This is a brief review of important aspects of creation as such, of the Creator, of conditions for creation and creativity. 

In the same volume, Ch. 6

Then we move to comparison of commands for creation and to creation, comparing with the nature of predestination in the summitry of God in every phase.

In this work, the realities of creation as distinct from the obfuscatory confusions of naturalism are faced, and compared with the equally clear dynamic, divine deposition of doctrine in the Bible, so that creation and predestination are seen together, both the work and the Performer of them, precise in both cases, the one BY command and the other WITH it, to mankind.