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News 495

 HAARETZ January 24, 2017



Embassy Affairs

Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, Site of Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection,
of God's divine prescriptions and predictions, ancient Capital of Israel.

Jerusalem, how fruitfully it was covered in divine prediction, now fully operative as in the first part of Zechariah 12. The second part concerns the mass conversion to come in Israel (Zechariah 12:10-13:1), to Jesus Christ, who does not change, yesterday, today and forever, and whose words change history, now as in His own time.

Where is the capital of Israel to be, that is apart from the word of the Lord and the electioneering statements of Trump, and the attestation since 1980 itself ? Where in the world is THE WORLD to TELL this country where to have its capital! It would seem so singularly inappropriate,  leaving questions of mere courtesy vastly behind, for any nation, outside group or body so to presume. Is it some kind of an international custom ? If so, where are the other examples ?  If however the country of Israel, whose testimony in Israel is abundantly and continually attested not only in history but in architecture, one of whose results is the Bible in all its manuscripts, Dead Sea and other, its dealings there going back to its inception around 3000  years ago, is to be "allowed" to  state its ancient capital, as it has done, to be its present one! Is it to  be permitted to continue to rescue it from the reportedly extensive depredations of sacred sites during the Jordanian occupation ? It  will prove a heavy stone, declared the Bible (Zech. 12) to those who occupy themselves with it.

If then, with Israel concerned for its major political and religious and archeological site from ancient times,perhaps world permission from some slanted body might come also for the USA,  to go about its business. Then perhaps the agilely anti-God worldlings and other opponents of the word of the living and  livingly attested God, might also "allow" the USA to choose to do what it does, with its embassy. Evidently, in all its other diplomatic arrangements, namely, to site its  embassy (if any), in other countries, it is in the Capital of the Country Concerned.

Let us assume, in view of recent comment by a Trump official, that the matter is under review. But what KIND of review ? Is it to decide whether to honour the reported statement of electioneering Trump, that the embassy WOULD BE MOVED to Jerusalem ? If so, then it is possible that an enormous weakness would be manifest at once, with never one clear resistance. The claim would be unfulfilled. It might sometime, depending on the nature of any announcement; but sometime is a bad word in the context of the USA and Jerusalem, and the Congress making it clear that THIS IS WHAT IT WANTED, over years and years of non-fulfilment, or stalling.

How ? The statement of the ruling body of the USA appears to have been most clear: Jerusalem is the site of the embassy (The Jerusalem Embassy Act 1995). The position for strategic insight on the part of the President, permitting such a person to delay for 6 months, in the performance of this mandate, has been just 6 months at a time, as we have sadly seen for so long by so many Presidents for so many reasons for so long.

It has been, if not abused, then annulled in practice. Is it not time for the  illusion to  disappear and the will of Congress on the matter to be implemented when the electioneering, now President Trump, made this one  of his most salient election commitments!

If however he does not do so, then conclusions may be drawn y many,  alien to the standing, status and reliability of the  USA, its commitments and its faithfulness. There may be an international "take" of the matter amounting to acknowledgement that the USA is not willing to put principle above Islamic and secular agitations. It could well be seen as folding from the first. It would also of course represent an immediate distancing of the USA from the protection of Israel from the threatened genocide, courtesy of Iran, concerning dealings with which under Obama, it finds itself in some kind of alliance! In alliance with the mass murdering and grotesque stated INTENTIONS of Iran concerning Israel ? What a betrayal was that! Indeed, in view of the increasingly reported misuse of charity and help funds for the Palestinians, instead  deployed for terrorists purposes, through whatever underground channels, to match the literal underground murder openings in Israel's soil, it is interesting to note from HAARETZ January 24, 2017, that some 200 milion dollars were transferred to Palestinian hands hours before the new administration was initiated in the USA this year.

Was due care taken that these would not go the way of all flesh, in this rorting domain ? (not that all of it is so, but enough evidence is there to encourage care, especially when responsible people in government are asked not to pursue any significant large moves before the new administration should come in). So there are many forces which in one way or another appear to be dictating to the USA concerning its elected administration, to cow it, or make it bow, or frustrate it, and certainly and of course to condemn it, instruct it and manipulate it at the diffuse hands and amassed muscle of some kind of reception committee.

In all this, of course, our topic is neither more nor less than the treatment to be dealt  out by the new administration concerning Jerusalem, vis--vis the declarations in the election. One also remembers, earlier in the Obama reign, that Israel was strenuously asked NOT to bomb the Iranian atomic plant, the more so, in view of the fact that this same USA would look after its interests in maintaining it. It is perhaps forgotten that ONE of Israel's interests is continuing to be there.

There are then, many ways for the new administration to  capitulate, in this field now in 2017.

A particular matter may be worth considering.

There is one possible mode of fulfilling the election undertaking which would tend to minimise the movement in its undertaking, in its impact, without altering the fact, were this to be done. Thus, it would perhaps be possible to retain FOR THE TIME, the current buildings and most of the officers, with perhaps some adjustments and adaptations. The Jerusalem collection of operational buildings would remain, but with the new name: CAPITAL EMBASSY. The current parallel in Tel Aviv would be called the COASTAL EMBASSY,  The latter could handle all questions of defence and commerce, thus solving some operational problems and minimising functional difficulties and some in personnel as well. The CAPITAL Embassy would cover all else, including all basic policy issues. It would be the chief. When the operational results were clear in terms of work load and efficiency, premises could be adapted or added or subtracted. Of course, the Tel Aviv centre could be named differently,such as Consulate General for Commerce and Defence.

On thing is certain, and it is this: that if the USA compromises yet again on the long expressed desire of its legislature to have the USA Embassy in Jerusalem, it will begin to appear not only treacherous, as apparently with Obama re Iran, but utterly unreliable. If they don't, indeed, the LORD WILL. He has said so so many times in so many ways, that it is a study in divine force and impact in articulation (on the Web, this site has placed five volumes on the issues and the biblical predictions and divine resolutions, His being those which do not alter or lapse). To 'hope' He will tactfully allow enemies of Israel to prevail in dismissing His promises (Genesis 17:7-8 for example), is like hoping the air in China's capital will resemble that on the top of a Swiss mountain in the next 3 months.

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