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It is now time (as when in World War I, taxi cabs brought troops to the front lines when Paris was threatened) to make clear that what does without God does without even possible truth, for with no standard, but only the relative, orientation is impossible, as with a car when the steering wheel, while one 'drives',  is disconnected.

It is quite useless to whine and wince at the cost, for it is just the same as at the first: EXCEPT you forsake ALL that you have, you CANNOT be My disciple (Luke 14). Now it is one thing NOT to be recognised even as His disciple, but when you cannot be this, it is a vain thing to hang about, haunt the holy habitats and oil  hope. If He whose kingdom it is, the Son and Redeemer, excludes, what is the point of contesting the issue with the one you call LORD! Why, He asks, do you call  Me  Lord, Lord, and not do the things that I say (Luke 6:46).

Denomination after denomination appears to have become short-sighted, and as in the Presbyterian Church of Australia in the period 1935 - 1974, as one Church paper around the latter year put it, it became a matter of 40 years in the wilderness. But in that period the squalid theologies of denial rampantly were promulgated, as one knows, for one bears witness now, as at that time, that no more morbid and immoral, unconstitutional and unruly assaults could well have been made - given the quality of subtlety. This in time was becoming virtual bombast, as occurred in the Church's Melbourne seminary. Whole biblical books were decanted in their veracity, evil surmisings replacing straightforward testimony, and imaginations so ludicrous as have a mysterious awe for some, became commonplace. Professorial challenge was made to the students, as to where was their intellectual integrity if the feckless assault in Class which had been made on Daniel were not believed! It must be believed or they were immoral, was the thrust of it.

Responding to the challenge, this person, then a student, showed just how this is done and that the attacking theory used in attack did not make sense, giving reasons for this conclusion. Removal from Class and the Ministry resulted, and although we won in the end, it was a massive project of some 10 years on the way, the divine intervention being both obvious and relished, and a cause for rejoicing in the faithfulness of the Lord, who foretold just such things (John 16:2, Matthew 24:24), including not just professional death, but physical.

That is one instance, but it affected no mean city. It is one credit to that much battered Church that in the  end, in a meeting in Sydney, with hundreds of elders, the matter was resolved in my favour. It was good to warn the Church in this way, and it is normal for those who will walk godly to suffer persecution (II Timothy 3:12). The Bible says it will happen and it does. How otherwise would  two such currents meet, without a whirlpool in the affected waters!

As the national brazenness increases, so that people are already insisting that this or that must be said about some topic or other to show submission to various philosophies and constructions of thought, as if to sell the soul for untruths or distortions were essential to life (as in the Roman Empire and many another historic graveyard), so does the necessity to face the issues.

Put simply, one of the issues is this: that your THOUGHT must be controlled, starting with your TONGUE, so that to offend someone's sensibilities in some cases as SUCH becomes a legal no-no, even in Australia; and to have any values of your own about certain topics, becomes a case for shutting down your business. This already; and as Christ said, with His usual magnificent foresight, never astray, as HE was walked off to be crucified: If they do this in the green tree, what will they do when it is dry!

With TV at hand, what they do in the much dried-out 'tree' is now not only becoming obvious to the nearest ten millions of often gruesome deaths, woundings, horrors, but exceedingly graphic.  The servant, as Jesus Christ declared, is not greater than his master, and if they do it to Him,  they will  do it to you.

Among the sins of the flesh, to be cast away through the power of God in the believer, are those of the mind, to which the flesh will often pay close attention. Among those are endless seeming suppositions made by irrational rambles in philosophic imagination, and they are national, cultural, moral, ethical, legal, spiritual and so forth, all abounding like flies around a carcass, and flowing from the idea of God away, astray, inert, dead, discardable, dispensible, rather than indispensible to rational thought. So it is, as noted in Ch. 1 to come, for example, as in SMR, TMR and through the array of 238 volumes already published on this site. These become like alcohol and drugs in the vulnerable slums, where vultures can prey (cf.  There are No Children Here, Alex Kotlowitz); but the acquisitions include those who live in mansions.

It is time to be plain with the facts of law and order and truth and rationality and cause and effect, and to stop waving wands of unfounded imaginations in the very face of the facts! (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!).

It is time to be  selective in what you believe, and NOT to believe what is a no-show oddity like evolution, or evolutionism as it might here more properly be called. There are objectively KINDS (cf. Michael Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis), both microbiologically and verbally, and the constraints for these and the scope within each of them are becoming more and more obvious. Programmed instructions do not write themselves to  create kinds, and their appearance doing so is not to be found. The empirical if it could, can only blush at the zeal of search for what does not happen without intelligence, because there is no provision for it to  do so, to be found within the universe.

To invent that kind of cognisable control of life is empirically not  part of creation  except by intelligence; and without it, in vain is it sought, be the excuses what they may; and in vain likewise is any sign or signal of advance by elimination of the dunces over time, as if technically botched up cases being theoretically prolific, just happened not to appear in the rocks, in the sediments or to  satiate the searcher. Genius is not created in that way, and false trails do not despatch for service, the true one. Figs as Christ pointed out, do not grow on thistles. If they did this naturally,  it would be a world with a different endowment; but it is not so, and pretending that it is so, is delusion, properly so called, and biblically so characterised.

Living by supposition contrary to reality is dangerous (like driving in a dust storm and not seeing the road), and the God who made our  DNA and related scripts does not judge you for the weaknesses of your many generations-long genetic history over time, but rather for your rejection of the repair and the resurrection in the Saviour, and contempt or dismissal of His free gift. This is as clear as was the gift of life in the first place, and of a universe with it, and of powers of moral choice with that, such as man ponders daily, with weight and godly fear, or without concern. Indeed, rather it is often with disregard of his individual responsibility for the use of the greatest fulfilment of the criteria of design to be found in the universe, his own body, not to mention its mind and spirit (cf. Deity and Design ...).

Living by faith, indeed where reason alone points (SMR), is the course to which to return, as multitudes kill multitudes and rashness becomes part of living. God has not only created but called, and to reject the call is not only unmeritorious but gratuitous.

As a witness, a warning, an invitation and for study of the Bible in its unique powers, as a resource for help and a presentation of the Gospel this site continues, and this book is now planned to be written (cf. Matthew 28:19-20).



Chapter One

On Being Bothered - when it comes to universes.


Chapter Two

The Purposes of God -

when it comes to mankind


Chapter Three


Multiplied Stories about Multiple Stories

A Matter of Multiple Levels of Unrealism


Chapter Four


CEOs  are always Small Relative to their Buildings

but They Do Run Them


Chapter Five

Errors about Errors


Chapter Six

Secession from Obsolescence

Chapter Seven

The Choice of what is Choice
and Ways to Avoid It


Chapter 8

Election and  Collection of Consequences over Time


Chapter 9

Method in Apologetics


Chapter 10

Founding a University:
It was a Real Challenge


Chapter 11


Textual Fidelity, like Personal Trustworthiness is a Delightful Thing


Chapter 12

   A TRIP TO  JEREMIAH 31:17-20
with Luke 14:31-33

Taking things as they come
and receiving the Lord as He comes,
in surrender (Luke 14)



Chapter 13


Oh, he said, I'll have nothing on a plate that is not there, with no sauce, thanks,
for I find this does not cause indigestion.

Yes, said the waiter, but that is a very costly dish.


Chapter 14


John 21 - "Until I come..."


Chapter 15

Don't bother me ... ?