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Founding a University:

It was a real challenge.


The day was chilly. The need was simple to state, hard to meet. The preparation of the personnel was demanding and the fact was that unless we could cultivate a love of learning, a delight in experimentation and acceptance of its results, a passion for perfection, a sophisticated sense of how things belong to one another, and where and when and why they do not, on multitudes of other occasions, so that families and kindreds of events and happenings and forms and characters in various things could be seen objectively, we would be living in one fuzzy world and acting in another. Truth is always a necessity, romancing and slackness being deadly.

How would we inculcate this sense of need of effort, labour, honesty, integrity, willingness to sacrifice in order to achieve, in the very place where increasingly there were rights, endless rights, rights if you were beaten to live as if you had won; if you were weak to live as if you were strong; if you were wrong, to Live as if you were right. It was not seen as mercy, but as right. There was a necessity for your feelings to be dictators from within, so that having escaped Hitler, we might find an inner tyrant, represented by laws, enforced by insults or fines. If you spoke with all good will, but critically, or as if to suggest the actual nature of things for some perfectly innocent or even good purpose, then you were unfeeling. Even humour or intention were irrelevant. Everyone had a right to everything and only those who criticised such concepts could be wrong, and rigorously accused, being apparently deemed incapable of themselves being insulted or offended, but deserving much acrid and ethical criticism for not conforming to the illusions of society.

It seemed like Bunyan's Vanity Fair all over again.

It had gone to the extreme that you hated man if you saw for him the same as his DNA provided, that is, a distinct and definitive male and female, the commands for their generation by generation production to enable procreation, the continuance of the race for one thing. What if  the billions of DNA voices battering away, in each nucleated cell, with the code formulations for builder programmed instruction to make babes out of zygotes, and men and women out of babes, were not IGNORED! how devastating to consult our natural inheritance, even if naturalism were the ruling myth! Fancy children not being taught to question their inwardly constructed gender, and to ponder preference in this matter,  as if they were gods and not youngsters. Oppose this too, and then too you might be said to hate man. There is the homophobe weapon of emotional terrorism.

The reason for this has always been obscure, but it appears under the surface at least, to run like this. Since nothing is our father, and matter is our mother, with will our mentor, dreams are our distinctiveness and desire is our friend, and therefore you hate this erratic, despotic approach to mankind which is so staid!  if you cross our current cancellation of truth, and want facts not subjective fictions, and if you cling to religious warranties, you are abhorrent. Why ? it appears fundamentally because the human  race is to be worshipped. While any form of preference for one race over another has proved very lethal with Hitler, yet the preference for our whole human race for use for pleasure, satisfaction, dreamy feelings of satiated desire and sensitivity, or such things, this is a worshipful thing.

We  MUST be indulged in our unsupported fantasies.

Whoever dares to lay claim via construction and its eloquent and objective testimony, to be our Maker is all the more an invasive authority who should be


hashed (by teaching courses to show nothing can make anything),


bashed (as in the crucifixion or beheadings on the part of some
who according to one of their prime leaders, love death, not life),


smashed (by having their churches burnt down), or


dashed by having their expositors deemed hateful or barbaric or unfeeling,
or at any rate fit for further insults,
ignoring THEIR feelings as if feelings were found only in culture-worshippers,
man makers who lacked only this, the power to make man.


The imposture is appalling. The hypocrisy is astounding. The double dealing is on its own. To criticise with vehemence to the point of accusing of hate, those who differ from the current subjective culture, and be appalled at any criticism of its philosophies as matters for hurt feelings is all but beyond both hypocrisy and folly. It becomes a cultural lash, a reality apartheid, a systematic discrimination as well as a bastion of illusion. In the very name of anti-discrimination, these rude critics become flush with it. What then ? Does it even begin to come to this ? that God lovers are man haters is becoming part of the accessible denunciation apparatus. This of course applies only when the religion or god gets in the way of desire. Vague religions are therefore desirable, and the religion of the State, now in operation, where in the name of unity, such atrocities are wrought, summarily is to be found acting to facilitate execution of religions of non-conformity. It is unconstitutional, but the alternative to some seems insufferable. Let Section 116 suffer, not desire, not social objective, not values anew.

What hatred, or phobia is this, what in other words dyspepsia of thought, phobic denunciation comes freely from the lips of those who seek better things than subjectivistic innovation and contra-DNA imaginations! In other words, reform is ruinous. Such approaches however can tear up both nations and individuals.

How in other words is it hatred on the part of a physician if he desires to destroy what is ruining you, namely influenza. Do not microbes like sharks, have their natural habitat and is not man fair game, and should they not be protected! Such is the confused bifurcation. In fact, microbes are slaughtered, while many dangerous sharks kept like dangerous. But it is ALL so very natural!

To love what you seek to deliver before it thoroughly ruins itself, it is ugly ? That is the offensive word of acrid criticism astonishingly levelled at those who want us to watch our words! Do they not see that this is apartheid comedy, diligent divergence from truth. It is like a rebellious youngster who, finding schooling too demeaning, inconvenient, uncomfortable, unfulfilling, takes off on vagabondage while CALLING school and parents odious, hate-filled as well as insulting and useless!

It was in a society settled in hypocrisy, anaesthetised against reality, wilfully distorting people's motives, trying to bring in a morality which confused sexuality with love, and wanted sex to be separated from its obvious fundamental in continuing the race according to highly precise, very complex and amazing provisions, normally implanted by an information pool, with processing equipment and correlation between orders and commands, as in an army, where authority and action work together.

HOW could a university be founded which would look at truth, not fiction, when it comes to the nature and status of mankind ? If we refuse to know what we ourselves are, and rant against what we had formerly indicated as the source for our reliance, Almighty God, as from our founding times in 1901, how can we avoid the darkness that would envelop light as in
John 1:3 ?

How so bow and yet have wise objectives, realistic enterprises, and reliable actions of our own ? for these are not deluded masterpieces of imagination parading as truth, as with so many of the past cultural enterprises of mankind, such as Nazism, Communism, Racism, Emperor worship, Animism, sundry idolatries, preoccupation with fallen and fatuous principles, such as surviving instead of being worthy to survive, and grounded in reason to live. These possess the only logical alternative to Irrationalism, which has become a fad and fancy; but truth is not even bent, not even a little.


Let us continue our story.

In such an environment, then, how COULD we found a new and honest University, not prone to craven culturalism, naturalism, hypocrisy and in search REALLY as distinct from notionally, of the truth. So deliberations proceeded.

Let us then imagine the case in some years time, when more and more fascinating fantasies have come to control man and not working has become a fad, and being relatively idle a virtue, while people fulfil their FEELINGS about their futures, point, meaning and sensitivities about criticism (that is, of themselves).

We would need people for the academic Staff. But these to face reality, would have to face facts. No more could nothing be said to be the source of anything. No longer could inventions of nature be just sitting there ready to invent themselves, as if a dream were the foundation and it became reality by some unknown process. Hawking's talking would be logically deficient, and powers and potentialities could no longer be kept in mind, exported into some illusive view of the universe, and then suddenly put there and  so become available for pressurised points or other extremely sophisticated arrangements of matter and form and logic (although  the untutored  explosion that creates is not rational or fulfilled in testimony*1).

Where would we find those who wanted what was logically sufficient for the  deep acquisition in mind of what is in this universe, or discover those who demanded confirmatory evidence, while avoiding hypotheses demonstrably contrary to fact! Where were to be found those who disjoining from tedious fact-phobias, would be willing not only to learn the basics, at degree level, but those ultra-sophisticated pieces of just pedantry which required a deep and almost intuitive understanding, fertile for due hypotheses, in seeking what really does account for the evidence to the uttermost: the way our programmatic, quasi-electronic personal gear actually works, disjoining from useless theories and without inhibition, searching for evidence ?

Only then could the ultimacies of intricacy such as our DNA and related codings, with which we are made to  appear within the universe, be related to aptly; for they are there, whether we like it or not. They must be cherished and in our rational minds solicited, sought, understood and lived in as in a medium, fish for water, birds for air, man for conformity to the logic which runs the universe under God who has endued it so. Thus our refined understanding of logic meets God's implanted rationality in the universe, and the two matching, as found for centuries, have a near to heavenly unity. Accordingly,  the law HE HAS PLACED there can be understood with the law we FIND placed in our minds, with the same logic, these working  together: His to inform, ours to be informed.

But ...


Who could be BOTHERED


(speaking not of Hawking's strange universe, wondering whether or not to exist,
but of those wondering whether or not to persist - this time having the advantage
of actually being here now),


to learn the sophisticated jargon together with the reality of rationality ?


Who would be employed,


knowing that rabid condemnation by sensitive souls who call just criticism hatred
and devotion to reality 'phobia', and so proceeding,  engage in psychological melt-down
in their assault on the realists,


which would await them ? 


Who could be sure that the probable loss of jobs consequent upon speaking


the objective truth in terms of evidence,


would not be a deterrent, so that many would scarcely dare even to apply for this new, envisaged university!

Courage and conviction in the risen Jesus Christ, His words, His salvation
may indeed as foretold in Revelation 11, lead to many martyrs,
but the entrance to such an institution is in fact one specialised form of the
wisdom and self-sacrifice normal for Christian people (Luke 14, I Corinthians 15:31).


There are various instruments, though their number grows.

One often used in this defamatory cultural discrimination, the term 'phobia'. It would be seen as trebly insulting, and be applied only sensitively to those who had lost the power to reason, or were gripped by devastating illusions and controls.

First, its suggests an horrific distorting power to be gripping the mind of the 'patient', one dangerously dynamic.

Secondly, in the combined form, such as homophobia, it indicates that man, in this case, is the object and objective of hatred, not love, and it so viciously misrepresents both the point and the purpose of the other person's motivation, a kind of systematic slander that it is like pollution, inhibiting natural breathing with its smog. For the Christian victim of such usage, it also and of course, is a complete denial of the objectively stated and totally authoritative purpose of their hearts as in I John for example. Such a procedure is not particularly irenic, nor a wing in the ways of peace. We take it peacefully, though explaining the confusion, as we are excluding from using force for the Gospel (John 18:36), and it would be foolish, since love is not forced. Yet this thrust we meet without violence, begins already to use it in law and fines and enforceable brain-washing learning sessions.

It implies thirdly, that the persons thus vilified are not only defective in motivation, but dangerously divisive, like those with a potentially infective mental state.

The use of such a term in this regard is thus trebly blind, intensively condemnatory, inferentially suitable for gods who know the motivation of other people, or more precisely God, who knows what He does and did, superior to any of the mass movements in the cultural creations of mankind. It makes capital out of (intellectual)  poverty, and bliss out of absence. How then do you find professionals for the University when such distortions are so readily applicable even with governmental authority ?

Those verbally assaulted in this way would include those who utterly despise the intellectual effrontery of imagining that all you have to do, is remove failed students and brilliance automatically comes, inefficiency the stimulus to genius ? Survive MEANS create wonders. Alas, objectively,  this is not so. It does not work that way. Your survival ensures that some results of your failed status in a class, will continue. It does not create the top 10% of students, because you fail. They have to work, perhaps very hard.

Moreover, teachers do not find this. But in fact things are very different. Indeed, genius is most aware of the facts, sees in them and beyond them, not as scenes for a play, but as realities. It takes knowledge and intuition and savvy sophistication or at least profound consultation with all that is involved, in whatever form, format or sphere of thought, work, labour, assiduity, for the most extraordinary to come and contribute as geniuses. They do not arrive as a kind of mortuary accompaniment of death.

Yes, they do not come simply because other students failed! Is 'mummy' Nature to contribute wisdom in spades and understanding in plagues, from nowhere at all, just because most of the students don't get it. Does a new car even, contribute a factory ? 

We need a logical name for this fallacy, and why not invent one: dynamic by dismissal, or simply of course, begging the question. Does anything get all this wonder  by the failure of other things ? That is a facile substitution as so  usual in this buccaneered take-over field, of ease for  labour, absence for presence, failure for function! It simply is not productive, for it is not grinding gruesomeness but torrid work which brings creation, not a product called 'nature'
but a Producer called the eternally sufficient and efficient cause, the basis, God, who always there, never has, like Nature, to come from a supposed nowhere in order to be.

But they will not listen, and in some cases, through long immersion in magic, cannot learn.

Who would then dare to join such an adventurous university, that it might be founded  ? Isaiah 29:10 shows the result of vastly chronic distortion which may accrue where truth is zealously confounded ? The voluntarily shut eyes may at last be divinely sealed.

One case in point was instructive and relates an actual occurrence somewhat to our story.

The author used to travel by air to Melbourne at one time, to assist the formation of such a University, but by the time those concerned so to build had finished finding how to meet governmental requirements, and what to do to avoid instant failure, there was not a lot left.
Non-acceptance was the continual condition, and conformity the constant requirement. It was as in my lecturing time in what is now the University of South Australia: quite explicitly, I was forbidden even to mention, even in a few words (the case in point was perhaps a dozen words pointing out an indisputable fact), what reflected a verification of a point of view that was not naturalistic. The case was this: NO criticism, in the very face of challenge to authority, was made of what I presented, not even for it to be given! Nothing was found to be condemned. A clean slate was left unchallenged.

As a matter  of fact due answers to a very vocal student, one specialising in religious denunciation, were made a voluntary matter, outside course and class, for those willing to hear it. This was done lest there be any needless breach of what was deemed propriety. At that, it was too much!

What then ? Why did this lecturing cease ? It was because there was an embargo on truth, on material unchallenged, where it could not even be presented for balance in that academic body!



Why then should it not continue ? It was dismissed in one word: "It is not convenient." In the case of my Master, Jesus Christ, it WAS deemed expedient that one man should die for the people (John 11:49-50), as we find from the lips of a master authority among the people. Let him go. He is not only a nuisance but a peril, that leader indicated. But as for me, I would never sell my lips for my stomach, so I went. Shamelessly, bypassing challenge, they continued to indoctrinate freely in that institution.

But what was the implication when Christ was sacrificed, an example of service as well as the provision of a ransom for sin ? (Matthew 20:28). In view of the fact that the stated fear then was that all would follow Jesus, so increasing their forebodings, especially following His raising of the dead Lazarus, in famed circumstances, days after his interment, it was this. Truth had become a luxury, verification an indulgence to which they could not submit. SURVIVAL was more important. How does this sort of approach, now so common, differ from that of a rat, putting its own valuation on things: stay alive!

It was easy to prohibit the truth in the case noted in South Australia, but it is impossible to dismiss the truth, which as reality will continue to harass and dog the grand design of getting rid of what is not convenient.

In the University which we have, in our story, this is a problem. So often and in so much, whether tenure or convenience or cultural conformity or dismissal, or prohibition of research or payment for it, as of argument freely out of hand, there is a benighted blighting. Similarly, right down to Education Departments, there is pre-selection of what is to be taught where truth is not-selected in type, but as a troublesome vector, and there also has been adversity for truth where it relates also to religion (cf. SMR, TMR including Ch. 8). The difficulty is this, willingness:  who would have the former courage of better times, when delusion was not dignified and convenience an idol! How would people who would realise their expensively prepared for  vocational training might put them  out of work or into prison, shrouded in the mists of deceit, wandering amid the fog of deviousness, sign up for this career undaunted ?

Who would have the courage to join, only perhaps to find the university, if formed, itself condemned as socio-phobic, or by some other question-begging, querulous damning.

It would take courage, and readiness to suffer acute and rabid condemnation. But even if Christians, being famed for such courage during earlier misrepresentations and hate-campaigns

(that is actual hatred of what they stand for, their daring to stand, their insistence on evidence and dismissal of irrationality as well as insistence on a sufficient basis for all the equipment inbuilt into every one of us),

were found, as they might well be, where is acceptance to be found for the children, youth of parents looking for them to have viable careers ? Who wants the modern version of the treatment by king culture, alias Herod, of John the Baptist, for example ? Not very many. 

But suppose it all done,  Staff found,  eminence in learning found (despite the tendency to reject out of hand what does not conform to irrationalist naturalism for example, at the student stage, just as formerly it was racism rather than as now, surreality which ruled, so making few to inherit Ph.D. ratings): what then ?  Then the university needs to be  mischaracterised (just as in the phobia fantasy), by the culture vulture, and illusion will seek its normal persecutory way. The extremities of the cultural illusion has been documented rather robustly in The gods of naturalism have no go!


It is well that Christ's return is objectively and empirically confirmed as near!  Love is His donation, whether in life or in His crucifixion, but hatred was as increasingly in the Gentile world as now, His reception committee. What adds to, perverts, distorts, subtracts from His word is almost mandatory in numerous large and some formerly sound churches. In a sort of desperado tilt at truth, Many use the term 'Christian' even when they flatly and fervently violate His words, a practice which, He said,  indicated that they were not among those who loved Him (John 14:21-23  cf. John 16:2).

There is an apartheid for you, people who love what would appear to be the referent for the term Jesus Christ, but cannot stand basic principles let alone actual formulations, present in His words. This trend to add to or alter His actual words has been famous in the largest of those bodies called Christian Churches for a millenium, is basic in another vastly populous religion which uses His name, and is settled in almost innumerable bodies of our time, which turn His truth into something so utterly different as to be almost a new form of killing. Those concerned have been frequently named elsewhere, but this story is concerned with overview.
What then of the University where truth matters, however inconvenient ?

Despite the fact that  the University in mind, has not come to pass (though there may be some few here or there that have kept some form of semblance to it), yet this Age has come to pass, and with the Jews no more witness to a trodden down Jerusalem at the pleasure of the Gentiles, but freed to occupy Jerusalem, we come to what Christ both foresaw and specified as a SIGNAL that His return to rule is near (Luke 21:24). That will be better than a University, because the truth will be both seen and heard, felt and observable, His ways vindicated, and virtuoso compositions of various religions, often unabashedly using His name for alien projects, these will cease.

That, for that to cease, it would be like having uniform temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit cease. After a long period. It would be most pleasant. But far more important, it would bring us back to non-confrontational co-existence with our Creator, and the exhibition with power of the results of His work, not only in some, but over all. Psalm 72 speaks of that time, as does Micah 7, Revelation 20, Habakkuk 2 and of course, Jesus Christ (Matthew 25), whose rule it institutes.

I hope,  dear reader, to see you then.





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