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How Myths are Born

and what they Spawn!

Exercises in self-imposing futility,

 contrasted with work of undeniable utility



The birth of a myth ? It takes stubbornness in the face of fact, desire in the face of reality, the mental equivalent of a leaky heart valve in the mind, a distressing viability between observation and inculcation, often a desire to bring some type of glory, or vainglory to someone or something. It is perfectly displayed in the evolutionary example.

As man discovered more of the logical, mathematical, engineering, spiritual, mental brilliance of his Creator, it became convenient for many of allow this to go to their heads. If all this was on display, as it is, more and more with every year, why should God be allowed to put it to His credit! A naively gross patricidal tendency grew! Why not invent processes to make themselves, then the masses could be persuaded that they owed nothing to God, not even their sanity or existence, and so could become readily manipulable, having no root or logical ground, and having abandoned the law of causality, while arguing WITH it in the particulars of their systems, they could be so tangled that they might approximate the barbaric. Was Hitlerism any better ? or the mass-murdering,  starvation devilries of Stalin ?

From the days of to-be-worshipped Roman Emperors*1 to the present, mere logic, reasonableness and truth regarding the God who enabled us to reject Him, and to love as we will, even futility in place of utility, have not stopped virtual madness from hurling man in often ludicrous divisions, each at the other's throat, just in case the abundant resources on this earth should prove adequate, and wisdom should bring peace. As Revelation 20:4 puts it, reflecting on the devil's current mission, though not commission, he was put under restraint so that "he should deceive the nations no more."

Dynamic deception through things ranging from devious and dubious to ludicrous and outlandish is part of his profession. As with other professions, it can be learnt and evil though it is, he is very good at it, just as the slam with Islam IS has some skill (at least one would mercifully hope) with the scimitar or other decapitation device as it proceeds through savagery in hope of glory, perhaps even of a 'reward' of a sensuous kind, were that possible. This soul-beggaring butchery becomes the mark of many a force religion, which has basis neither in heart nor in head, in reason nor in beginning, neither in expectation nor verification.

The Darwinian concoction of course was not actually Darwin's, as several put forth this and that before him, to the point; but he popularised it and put his peculiar slant on it, confusing adjustment potential with creation, as if an air conditioner facility in a car showed that it had made itself without craftsmanship, when it was turned on. It was a profoundly unsustainable hypothesis, for never once before or since, has it been found to be shown, in any basic intellectual or symbolic fashion sustained and implemented, be exhibited simply to happen.

Excuses for non-performance litter the earth, when it comes to the works of man's anti-god, anything-from-anywhere-somehow farce; but the stages of thousands of naturalistic attempts (the oxymoron reflects the fact of the case cf. SMR pp. 212ff.) to bring on either


a sequence of stages, or


enormous numbers discovered for every foozled advance, or


further enormous numbers of coincident changes enabling
systematic wholes to leap stunned into existence, so that they could work,
together with


the expert mini-machines, as for protein folding, 
collecting notoriously on the way, and


comprehension in command-recipients,
to usher in codes for things
to be engendered, obeyed, realised and kept,


all this, while myriads of interactive and brilliant measures of coded consignment
are taken with all the facility of old hands:

these omissions from the observable evidences are one of the most prominent characteristics of the cult!

As they lack exemplification in the testimonies of the past, so their arisings never appear in the present, as their joint correlation is required in the past, in mass emissions from the logical source, so they are not to be experienced in the present.



neither their performances


nor their implications are extant;


they are neither to be seen, nor heard, nor touched, nor found slipping into being,
nor is the supposedly mind-free DNA seen scribbling itself into existence now,
being at this present time,
DNA is defunct in such new endeavours just as by utter contrast,
it was enormous in them in the past,

leaving their vast testimony to this hour
from the creativity demonstrable
from that former time.


Their alleged type of matter-mind production is not found, while


mind as in man, continues to have ideas and symbol-substance power,


matter to be receptive to manipulation by the same, and
design to use the former for the latter.

At every level, whether mini-machinations
or universe construction, the need is what it takes, and nothing making something
and something making anything is more than vague,
it is a lively blasphemy of irrationality, directed at the divinity,
the mind that counts and the power that acts,
so that nothing is too difficult, and what is to be, is what can be and is done.

In what is close to a frenzy of fantasy, fiction and mental fibrillation, the idea of following what is found, in both explication and exposition, what is actually the case on every side, appears to be not only rejected but excluded with all the pseudo-imperial energy of other unsustainable systems, used so often in our history on this earth, with loud, imperious voices backing persecutions or slayings of extraordinary folly, until some other all-conquering farce fathers uproar, upset, and orphans very often, millions.

While symbol-meaning, and meaning-action, and action-precision, with interaction facilities all organised, loom to make the RESULTS of their presence as exemplified in man, leave a Boeing assembly line and hangar's work, as almost vulgar in comparison, simplistic in type, here we find what is most cunning in collation,  with meanings of codes to be standardised without a degree from MIT, and mental sophistication to be commandeered by material objects in ways never found to happen of themselves in nature, any more than fairies fly from rubbish tins, and editorial correction machines fling to the aid of editors. Is it more arrant or arrogant, flimsy or dysfunctional ? Whichever, it is not found. It is the very stuff of dreams.

To develop at the same time - to enable other things to continue without dissolution, coincidentally simultaneous - provisions by which observed genomic entropy could be reversed from its current negative direction, and a different world of logic where sufficient causes are not needed could be whisked from the iridescent mind into ordinary existence: this would help the fantasy to be functional. But the entropy does not cease its direction of flow, causation implicit in argument does not go, advances do not show, merely the facility of adaptation to conserve and to preserve, without the innovation which hugely present, normatively vast, all but incredibly multiplied in what is to be explained. And what is that ? It is a base kind of thing in all its features and characteristics, at the material level the greatest known exemplar. Of what ?

Quite simply and with precise accuracy of terminology: of creation.

But how often, let us be sure ? How often does the material produce this ?

Not once.

They have nil examples for their erratic materialistic premises (cf. Christ Incomparable, Lord Indomitable 2 , Repent or Perish ) or anything which makes such an inductive function for the result.

Hope springs eternal, but these things do not spring temporal in this world. Just as babies spring from duly prepared wombs, and blade from seed in the ground, so ideas do not arise from the dust, and the quivering darts of inspiration do not populate the air.

Organic evolution, and every effort to combine it, to arouse it, is found to be fathered by nothing. The case does not move, any more than a dead elephant in a dry creek. It is one more myth, one more fairy story, one more correlative to the Marxism which could never keep to its theoretical rails and come freshly minted from industrial nations, and could never move with demonstrable experiment from nothing (hard to obtain) to the power to think about it, only moaning about the nonsensical, as the Greeks did with their fire, water, air, atoms propositions for engendering the earth, despite total lack of evidence for EVERY surmise in which they sought to make a part the author of the whole. And how ? this by means voided to all observation, logic and feasible tracing, indistinguishable from other myths.

But let us undertake a little mental experiment, an intellectual jab.

We endeavour to create what is here from what is not here, and that from nothing there, if it were a site rather than an absence, so including no 'there' for it to be at, to see practically the type of thing involved. Myths, like water mains, need to be turned off early lest they flood the place with all-encompassing pollutions, whether these be 'naturally' produced, mythically, or by some combination of radioactive destruction and oceanic disturbance, or whatever.

When the initial sequences are specified, in the directive commands, on the way to the present creation ... but wait. We must go back before that. Let us try again. When time has been created with its sequential affirmations for process...  Hullo, before that species of congregation of events then, we have to have what will create time and sequence, and of course, geometrically ordered space for its housing. Oh, but again, we ourselves, we are not there, so some other agency has to do this. But it has no place, as yet in our constructive realism.

Nor is there time for it, for time has yet to be created as we start at the first.

But then there is no first at which to start, for time has yet to be made in this approach in realism.



Without begging the question, in the normal manner of such mythical antics, mystical secessions from necessary powers, therefore, there is need for something more than nothing. Like an old car without a crank handle, only a space for one, you have to start; except that of course there is no car. It is an intricate parade of simultaneous illusions.

Since this something needs a cause, unless logic and its definitions are to be abandoned, and with them, all power to argue about beginnings or anything else, and causation itself cannot be just heisted into existence in the fairy tale manner which is in this type of thing, the norm, we simply start with nothing. Other than the Eternal, that is the only option, vain though it is.

Though of course we would not be there to observe the change into something, that would be the starting point, though there is neither point nor start in nothing! That in itself would be an enormity, for nothing has neither future, nor past, nor potential nor potency, nor facility nor agility, nor capacity nor constraint, and its time, place and power is all one, a matter of nothing, and as we read in one place in the Bible concerning one being, an abomination is it to choose such an entity!

That is, you are involved here in a contradiction in terms at the outset, and in every onset. It reminds one of a chemistry Class at Scotch College, where the lowest score would be published to the Class first. Changing the name, it would run: Brown, nothing!

But having been stopped from progress in our intellectual experiment in producing the world, at the first, for instruction, in this sublimity of urbanity, we just beg the questions of non-nothing, and make something or other for no reason and with no rational background even possible with antinomy in every effort as a constant companion to every effort to break the hold of nullity. Again, this is the penalty of seeking to remove the Eternal from the case.

We allow, then, in this experiment, for no reason and contrary to reason, time, space and logic, the requirements for which are mental, physical, mathematical, sequential, creative, a work of mesh-mastery of things creative, material, mental and co-ordinatable by plan, and which causatively has to include the mind to do the thinking and the practical ability to do the creation, and the maintenance power to make all the interacting systems coherent, rationally relatable and mutually operative. The ship of progress in our intellectual experiment sinks at every turn, and is granted temporary existence only as a give-away to allow more of the arrant nonsense to be observed at each step.  It is a sequential slide.

So we simply allow multiple nonsense in each granted ontological fragment, simply waive the need for a basis for existence manifestation till we reach the massive heights which under life, including the design and practical designation of atoms, molecules, their inter-relationship, the relevant laws, the law-form rationalities and the government of the many involved intellectual disciplines along with their components and correlations. Oh might a businessman say,

If only MY type of item, order, systematisation, co-ordination and operation, in my business, with my type of necessary creativity to conceive what is directed into being on the basis of multitudinous reality, were to 'arise' all by itself, the way these platitudes do! Then how easy it would be to be rich! But it appears that here science has taken leave of its census, and observation, like logic, like causality is banished. If in North Korea, a man who will die announces himself as God, who is eternal, is this much better, where nullity is source, and what is not, becomes the basis of what is!


But it is not so. Here is not what Lewontin justly calls in the evolutionary approach, in part just-so stories. The derogation is just. Indeed, when we look closely, they are not-just-so stories, in their presentation in the realm of sober fact. It is not so.

People may find things already made, and exploit them, or make them, but their underlying order and connection with other reality by bonds of relevance, these have to have their source. The irrational is not so disturbed by constraints, but at the same time, is not relevant to reasoning, in which the naturalistic myth-makers love to dwell, as if in some way it had anything to do with what they are talking about! That is where one of the antinomies enters. You reason for unreason...

So we move back to having begged the question on nearly everything, in this our intellectual experiment, into getting what is here as in the Bible, by fiat, no more excluding the eternal and creative God whose fiat it was and had to be, for its existence; and we consider again life.

Whether the initial sequences are specified, the progressive results indicated, the steps co-ordinated, the multi-mini machines assigned to their productive locales, the functional blocs utilised, the net results synthesised,  a unitary result for any living item obtained, with available outcomes awaiting its selective functioning, each whole with its overall meaning, function and enablement: in all this, we have the operational equivalent and normative expression of purpose. To strip purpose of its coherent, cohesive, definitionally apt and adequate exhibition, and set it to the door of some unknown, invisible, intangible, untraceable natural power, facility in something, somehow, somewhere (except that causatively, as noted this too is begging several questions in a way irrational, unscientific and rambunctiously indifferent to observation), is mere obstructiveness and obfuscation. It resembles a Director of Fairy Tales being given a post as Professor of Advanced Thought.

The singularity of such a purpose and its definitional fulfilment (cf. Deity and Design ... esp. Sections 2 and 8) is design. That is what these things are, this type of creativity is, is and the name given to it, what it is called, so that no obfuscation can alter this fact.

Continuing the marvel of coded instruction using such devices as DNA not for command economy (where men command certain events), but command life (an adequate commander is needed for the judicious composition of meaning via symbol and action via meaning requires such), the overall -coded total deposition of each entirety, be it micro-, macro-, or integrative, in ascending orders of synthesis and inter-action at various levels, is the equivalent of years of work in often an increasingly envisaged design, at a far higher standard than that to which mankind has visible access in himself.

These things are not FOUND to exhibit themselves, intrude their operations into observable reality. They have done so, and are thus extant. They do not do so, and their operative presence is not extant. Like vast excavation from raging flood waters, their path is plain; but neither those floods nor that kind of result is current. Plus or minus, cause and consequence go together, and if you ever want any results, you have to start not only with the eternal, which does not have to come from nowhere, but with the Eternally Competent.

What was adequate for all that followed, normally called God, took sustainable action, and the results are in large measure sustained. Sin against its productions proliferates, since the great invention of musing or confusing, the evil fruits of will, are available, and this intrudes into facilities. But despite this, the substance of things largely continues - though as Gould points out in his Wonderful Life, a vast congress of early designs is no more, and our residue is not near to first appearances! Such negatives qualify, but as yet, have not been permitted to delete the earth, though this is to come also by purpose (cf. II Peter 3, Matthew 24:35).

The Eternal Entity however is not at this time taking such action; neither is it so in removal altogether, nor in another phase of vast creative concourse. People have creative purposes from time to time; and fulfilling them, cease that brand of action. It is the nature of nurture, a quality of mind and as we know from ourselves, a function of spirit which imagines and proposes, disposes and composes at will. God has made; will deal with the results; and currently gives to man a breathing space, though the very air because of  man becomes polluted (II Peter 3:9). But what of the wonder of His creation ?

Man as a being is himself one example, his creative work one exhibit as a derivative, and his often found multiple failings in efforts (such as Edison had to make with light globes) of intelligence before results come, are one difference from  the far superior works of God. Accounts of these failures of man litter the earth, just as failed efforts in life itself, do not. God and man are very different.


Such realities as design which fulfils definition of design, and which comes in pent-up plenitude in former times, but not now, being deemed to come from an evacuated source, and not from a logically sufficient one,  is ludicrous in each of its refined sophisticatedly coded orders, as in their different orders of operations and review. A naturalistic production of the elements of defined design and purpose lend themselves to graphics. It would be like finding in some cave in some site, the entire works of Browning, Shakespeare and Bach, in their different competent and impressively net systems, bound in preserved leather, with publication notes, before any of them were born.

It is noted, to be realistic in the comparison, that provision is also found in our imaginary cave find, for re-production of all texts and bindings ( Alex Williams spends a little time on the impossibility of the production of cell walls in an illusory from nothing to now production contemplation - cf. Journal of Creation, Vol. 29 (1), What Life Isn't). Various processes occur with the current production unit of this marvel, to enable in due time, the next publication, complete with editorial facilities and productions checks, to be forthcoming. This was a wonderful cave, but the idea caves in to the lack of empirical productive elements, powers, agendas for the creation in the first place of this ordered work of wonder with powers beyond those of man, from first to last, super-equipped with facilities to republish itself from time to time. So severe are the copying ingenuities, to ensure significant control over error in copying the multitudes of commands (often related as comparable to 1000 or so volumes of a vast encyclopedia in order - and of course, absence of disorder), that the loss is sustainable after thousands of years.

Thus, the loss through attrition, wear or clash, after such immense volumes of production and reproduction, as is normal with designs, is not nothing. It is not for nothing that Professor Sanford, whose career has been at Cornell University, exhibits in his work, Genomic Entropy, the fact that there is now a considerable burden of error in these vast automatic copyings over millenia, a burden to the race which is increasing and limits how long it can last. Thus, we learn from the cited work that there is a limit which approaches.

There is thus with the wonder, the clear indication of the realism of things, of the distancing from the original coping, copying, inscribing, co-ordinating, synthesising, symbol-meaning systems, linguistic whole in which each one is set and to be understood for action in each copy and so forth, with a prodigy of technical brilliance after which man can only strive. In comparing creators, you need to compare their works. Man's creativity is created. But what of the origination of this sub-creator ? the mode  ? What of the initial download, completely correlative quality of the initiation that worked ? Gould does well to pursue that topic in his Wonderful Life, but without any logical success. For all that, he is far more realistic in noting design erosion and the ludicrous character of accounting for increase in designs type, when the fact is decrease. The superb arrival of designs so numerous, so diverse, so lucidly varied in some cases in meeting similar options, it remains unexampled in our era.

Such things are NEVER found now (that is, their origination), never found to happen, have no greater or variant exhibits to be watched. The TYPE of requirements for such results is likewise CONTINUALLY on display in the works of man, who however, is a product in body of such things, not the producer. In the image of God, he knows by experience and power, the meaning of creativity, and his works exemplify it. It is one of the best known features of the entire race, conforming in type to ONE pattern in this, some more, some less. That is just one of the originalities requiring source and base: sometimes this creativity is shown in semi-automatic instinct, sometimes in rational realisation, sometimes in the application of intellectually understood principles in new settings, sometimes in sallies of thought and imaginations with controlled conditions.

The original commanding creator of such things (cf. Genesis 1, Colossians 1, Isaiah 55), conformities, types and guises is seen by His works, but as in the verified biblical statement, they finished, this typing and this creation, long ago, and now we find the long-surviving monument to their former action in the enduring results. If you want to base it on the present which for some arcane reason, contrary to obvious necessity in this case, then it does not occur.


Just as the exclusion of the Eternal Source brings unanswerable criteria, so it produces endless problems. Thus it is obvious when you come to the so-called 'problem' of the one and the many, that the case is as normal, only one more of obfuscation, confusion or spiritual squirming, and it is this which makes the problem. In creativity, it is precisely patterns, programs, common principles, applications, mouldings with purpose be it aesthetic or envious, which is the thrusting and thrifty way of working.  What is the norm for this feature, is what is found.

For example, the principle of the wheel once grasped, or of design with which man in the image of God is full as a concept for creativity of his own, or of mathematical precision, or causal operation to secure effects by relevant and adequate inputs in terms of underlying structures, strictures and laws, principles and procedures, these things become MEANS, things apt from the application of innovation by man. Hence man finds principles of flight, and makes a vast number of applications, such as the wing, which indicate a KIND, at that level, just as the creation  with which man had nothing to do, but of which he forms a part, has its own principles and their application, such as in much, legs and arms, wings and tails, for propulsion or compulsion as man makes his way.

These are not inexplicable analogies by a source which does not understand, cannot correlate symbols, assign meanings, standardise them as they work, but the expected commonalities, kinds of application, of mind when using matter, which has its own conformities, such as atoms and molecules, used on a vast canvas of conforming creation.

The problem as in countless cases when mankind tries to make some element of the creation its source, with a kind of daydreaming distillation of what is least relevant, is that when the most pervasive of elements, the one and the many an example, types another, kinds another, conformities another, laws another, creation of beauty another, come into view, there is no reason for this kind-copy kind of case.

For that matter there is no reason for anything when you start with nothing, but it is contrary to reason both at the outset, and as here, in the onset. None of it without the due cause works, none is explained, always ultimate inadequacies intrude into the well-rehearsed and imagined irrelevancies. As Gould points out in his Wonderful Life, there is no obvious way in which many advances in complexity, subtlety, design characteristics surpass in survivability, what did not survive. There is another basis, another result, another reason. Ignoring evidence is not the way of science, except in plenitude nowadays, increasingly it becomes taken for granted, selectively at least. It is not unlike cheating in an exam, except in this case it is systematic, whatever the intention; and not rarely, it IS the stated intention.

Fidelity is the opposite. There is in creation precisely that point. We know it. We have it. It explains all when put where in belongs, a RELEVANT and SUFFICIENT source for the outset. If it were not there, nothing would remain. If it were inadequate, this world could not come. Simplicity is the thing missing in the arcane romancing of the self-making nature, which even manages to make itself before it is there to do it. What is it like ? It is like a millionaire (life is VERY valuable, its result prodigious for good and for evil, for magnificence and for folly, with the human will active on its chosen images, idols and pretences, pretensions and arrogances, or humilities and graces as the case may be). Asked how he made his millions, he says, 'Oh, you see, when I found money with all its potential lying about in its archaic forms ... ' You reply, but it does not lie about. Where you born in a castle with hidden treasure ?  He replies, 'I did not like to mention that!'

So what cannot begin explains nothing, and what does not fit, as in the case of kinds, has no basis, only illusion. That is why idol and lie are so close in Hebrew conception, and you can have 'a lie in your right hand,' as in Isaiah 44:20. Thus it decries folly, crying this, that no one wakes up in his idolatry, saying,

" 'Shall I fall down before a block of wood ?' "


"He feeds on ashes.

A deceived heart has turned him aside;

and he cannot deliver his soul,

nor say, 'Is there not a lie in my right hand ?' "

But whether there be irrationally conceived mental idols or physical ones or those secured in fragmented personalities or political ideologies, it is all not only useless, a distortion, an enclave in the world of antinomy, but it also is as conformable to reality as would be the imagination that nought equals what is there, or that infinity equals one. This world does not work like that.

Despite the prodigious disruptions that man's  repetitive madness of spirit bring, it is an intensely ordered, causally working world, where even oddities are sought with reason for their explanation, and even philosophies of cynical pretence and irrationality, hence defeated at the outset in reasoned argument, use reason and causality in verbal composition and implications, as part of their effort to account for the world! To USE what you DEVALUE and DESPISE or doubt in order to prove ? That is self-defeating; and indeed all effort to remove God as the adequate and eternal cause are futile. Without the eternal, there CAN be nothing else. You CANNOT, except as a fugitive from rationality, yet using it, start with nothing, or for that matter, anything inadequate for the causal consequences.


There is no holiday. You can show the rationally conceivable lines of work to proceed from some base that is already THERE, or you cannot. With the Christian God, as shown in SMR, you not only do just that very thing, but have a book called the Bible which gives you enormous opportunity to question its revelations from that source, verify or contradict the consequences of what is purported, show the error of the all but endless predictions in politics, psychology, sociology, morals and even in the case of some nations, of the very spiritual movement to occur in mankind over time. You have moreover the scope to find the sort of life it presents for repentance, believing and God-receiving man, in salvation, and to experience His works.

Since here God is not only knowable, but knowable AS God, there is a consistency and verifiability which is self-selecting. If you are a hypocrite, as far as personal life is concerned, it will not work any more than a wire in a proposed electrical circuit will work in that system, if it does not happen to carry electricity. Talk does not make it flow; but connection and power source.

We were earlier considering the propriety, the rationality, the relevance of finding an atomic bomb in some cave or other entity, and yet trying manfully, or womanfully, to explain it away as a product of nothing in particular. A matter of percolation, or precipitation, or a chance meeting of elements, so that the chartable aspects, the rationally inspectable modes and concertedly correlated means, with the unitary destructive power were all to be conceived of as the result of no cause needing testing, but a mere item like a stone (which still needs ground for its granulation, atomic structures and velocities internally of its minute  components). Even when its internally constructions (those of the bomb) are specified with meticulous and conspicuous detail, harmony and attestations of understanding of principles by their various KINDS of usage, no, it was the work of air, of water, of flame, as with the Greeks of old.

Do you even find a sandal on the beach with its manufactured specifications and conformable to needful purpose, and yet doubt ? Would a beach produce a body ?  Would a KIND of thing called corresponding sculpture,  in its  countless applications invent itself, such as the Mount Rushmore presidential and recognisable faces, with their correlative history and reason, and show in the RESULT of its presence, a whole art world of inventiveness which comes to be understandable so that man using this kind of thing, can create it, more or less ?

Is cause of a common course of things to be omitted because one has some kind of a fit of fiasco, where reason and realisation are no more linked to an adequate cause ? And is this  defence of this throttling and denial of reason by reason to be engaged in by systematic thought and precise attempts ? Is antithesis to be the new logic, and searching for the most distantly related possible cause as contrary to normal science, and the least illustrated parallel, to replace looking for the most intimately relevant and the most principially linked, whether in logic or empirically ? The short answer is yes, that is so. That is the diversion of scientific method current in this area, with persecution and pomposity alike supporting its nefarious nothings.

Yet in schools*2  in this land there is such a prodigy of obeisance to what is logically fallacious, experimentally a failure, internally inconsistent, empirically lost, founded on philosophy, a foundling from logic, in short, to the mental idol of organic evolution*2 that one so involved now, can never point derogatively at Israel's former addition to idolatry and nature-worship. That was notorious in the days of Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel, and one would be wise to ponder the all too devastating result of such illegitimate licence. When man becomes intrigued with the nuts and bolts, and forgets both factories and engineers, he readily becomes like a corrupt second hand car salesman, all talk and no performance.

You even have those who try to argue that this is the new science! That is where mere wilfulness, a sort of pettifogging comedy comes into play.

But it does not help man, nor does it explain anything; but rather it gives an illustration of another feature in the Bible, that is, the charge against man of persisting in a rebellion against his actual Creator which numbs his mind, confuses his  spirit and indulges an escapist lunge and lust, fighting fact and fancying morbid inventiveness, a simple misuse of the creativity given (cf. Ephesians 2:1-10, 4:17-19, Romans 1:17ff., with continual illustrations in the Old Testament as in Ezekiel 20, Psalm 78).

In fact,  what evidences commands and order, requires a commander and orderer, and it is as such that you see God's image in Isaiah 55:4ff., following the revelation of God as a uniquely profound thinker, as the Saviour (there is no other as in Isaiah 43:10-11), the redeemer as in Isaiah 50-53, providing necessary maintenance of man's standing and more, pardon for default. Here is found provision of the Messiah, the Christ as the payor for sin, which like dents in the duco, is only in vain denied. The idea that man made man before being there to do so, or that nature made nature before it was there to achieve it, is ludicrous and abhorrent, an illustration of a lie in the right hand or the wrong lobe!

How  woeful an enormity to have nature conceived to make itself through processes never seen, methods never verified, antinomies of outrageous self-confrontation of thought, through verbal power EXPRESSED in DNA in what is never empirically found outside the work of mind. There in that very order structure greatly helping to turn zygotes into people, there lies an imaginative furnishing of depiction and digit, substance and symbol, implicit definition of terms, articulations of system, and of system over system never found without a high order of mental thrust. Set to secure a continuation of system that is characterisably a mental matter, an intellectual excursion, but unlike Plato's  Republic, one actually built, operative and itself mentally active with the facilities of logic available in its construction BY them, the things made! There lies a virtual rational paradise, nothing further from materialism being readily even conceivable.

Moreover, this one, unexampled now in our own bodies, still works. You may savour the systematic solecism, in terms of the imaginary products of what in the magic model simply not there, or what is moreover assigned outside any verification, type or example, in a way not differentiable from fable and magic. But you may not except as in a fit of flurry of mind and flight of logic, for any scientific or logical purpose, to call this into action. Magics are not so, and imaginations are not Empire State Building, they merely precede them WHEN the plan and the purpose and the products and the organisers and the architects are all there. It is God who was there; nothing does not do.

The bomb and the site, what a magnificent output of nothing, itself given an outcome that is a flat contradiction of terms; and the logic interwoven in the mutually relating systems, what a profound expression of non-thought by a non-thinker with a non-mind! It is like the firing of a 21 gun salute by cannons that are not there. So is nullity re-drafted in such models*3, with a magnificent future (this universe), although it is not only a product of what lacks anything assignable such as ANY future, but resembles an excavation, where what is needed is a mountain. It is a toying with truth, an antithesis of reason, a well of non-verification, a fiesta of hope literally based not on the inadequate merely, but literally on nothing. 

It is an explosion of irrelevance, a vice-like grip of irrationality, a passion of puerility, a flight of fancy, a surveyal of surreal scenery, a substitute for thought, an abandonment of man to the mercies of what the Bible rightly calls 'the lie' (II Thessalonians 2:11).

In fact, the biblical analysis goes further. Let us hear it.

"The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonder, and with all unrighteous deception
among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth,
that they might be saved.
And for this reason God will send them  strong delusion,
that they should believe the lie."

Similarly, the era as it progresses towards its end, has this said of it, as a trend:

"I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus,
who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom:  preach the word; be ready in season and out of season;
reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.
For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching,
but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers
to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth
and wander off into myths."

(English Standard Version).


Causes do indeed work, and when man gives matter majesty, or himself goddishness, or his dreams legs without body, they produce clash with reality; but not this only. This readily produces confusion and illusion whereas repentance is needed (Luke 13:1-3); and man's so often self-assertive ways find their strutting sequels in judgment (cf. Ezekiel 28:17, Isaiah 2:2-22). This is both solemn and sad, and the situation needs to be realised among the other biblical verifications in prediction, just as a medical diagnosis; but this more, for its source has no limit nor does it make errors.

Believing in the Creator of our creation is not a stab in the dark, but a cogent, coherent, careful and commodious response to the light.






See also on  religion, 
Department of Bible, Ch. 11.



See for example SMR pp. 140ff., Government Composite, TMR Ch. 8, The gods of naturalism have no go!

To use schools to invade young minds with this kind of woeful spiritual wilfulness, and then apply it with "Safe Schools" which are perhaps among the most unsafe environments readily available for youth, being pre-infested with psychological experimentation based on atheism, directly or indirectly, can not fail to remind one of the methodology of broken and discarded Nazi youth conditioning and Communist youth dictation, at the whim of the powerful and the desire of mass murderers. Bodies are not alone the objects of take-overs, and even at that, take-overs to the secularly impassioned may appear for a time, to be kindness.

On the Australian development of "Safe Schools," see for example World Amiss, Heaven Aboard Chs.   5 and   6.




See Mercy Overcome Judgment Ch. 6, and then Pilgrims and Strangers, but Not to God!, Ch. 7, where crypto-religion, that is one not acknowledged but with its teacher-priests and political protectors, nevertheless implicitly taught with all its paraphernalia of belief, divorced from truth, is noted.  Bankrupt in truth as there shown, it is bankrolled by Government. See further *2 above, references.

Love, founded in the  Lord's Christ, has an imperative, both to help and to find where help helps most, where wisdom finds best place.

It has challenge which it must take up. In taking over the reins of  life, its values, its  schooling, and inserting its crypto-religious religion, disguised as ideas, the  current plague of interference models has sauce more than meat, force more than enablement, atheist conformism on fallacious grounds*1 . It provides this, rather than aid to humanity to live with God, not with a void derived from  avoidance of the most elementary logic,  and any understanding of human  nature (John 2:22).

On *1 above in the note, See SMR esp.  Chs. 1, Ch. 3, 5. See also Deity and Design ...