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Chapter 5


THE eternal creative power of god,

the compassionate tour of duty of His only begotten son

and liberty in love, where glory dwells




Creation is after all, the great exhibit of mind, thought, understanding, artistry, mathematics, engineering, systems of thought, models of ideas; and in its midst is love, which leaps into reality as comprehension dawns, and realisation comes. Much more and worse than love can come, but  love moves readily where creation has its abode, creation after the style of God.

In Jeremiah 4, in the woes to come, we are presented with an image of un-creation, the successive movement OUT of aspects of what when the world was created, was movement IN.

Michael Denton*1 in his Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, notes of the staggering level of miniaturisation involved in life's underlying codes (1985, p. 338): "It is astonishing to think that this remarkable piece of machinery, which possesses the ultimate capacity to construct every living thing that ever existed on Earth, from a giant redwood to the human brain, can construct all its own components in a matter of minutes and weigh less than 10-16 grams. It is of the order of several thousand million million times smaller than the smallest piece of functional machinery ever constructed by man." This is this amazingly complex, brilliantly manageable protein-synthetic apparatus, DNA and RNA.

In similar vein, on p. 290, he notes: "It is now well established that the pattern of diversity at a molecular level conforms to a highly ordered hierarchic system.  Each class at a molecular level is unique, isolated and unlinked by intermediates. Thus molecules, like fossils, have failed to provide the elusive intermediates so long sought by evolutionary biology ... At a molecular level, no organism is "ancestral" or "primitive" or "advanced compared with its relatives." Indeed, on  p.288, he notes this: "when new types of organisms are occasionally discovered they never turn out to be ancestral to known groups but stand only as sister groups in keeping with the thesis that nature's  basic order is circumferential rather than sequential."

In other words, things move out from the centre, where creation occurs, to their various assignments; and so do we who are Christ's, new creations, sent with precise spiritual orders, commission, accepted freely (I Corinthians 3:17, Acts 16:7ff.), at the personal level, where hearts can know and love respond. Reborn in the image of Him who created us, now in Christ, we are able to be moulded to more and more felicity in this image (II Corinthians 3:18), in terms of Christ Himself.

Creation itself of the structure and contents of the cosmos and its outer environment, is nothing to do with things adjusting upwards. Creation has its ways for the world and its outer environment, and a strong mind, an organising brilliance, a flexibility within kind, these are outstanding characteristics, as when a musician has like pieces, not growing out of each other, but related by modes of creation, inter-relationships within each, and different purpose, either with closer or further objectives for the 'family', be it symphonies, concertos or quartets.

You can try to imitate the creative efforts of  someone with vaster understanding than yourself, but in vain. It takes much in conception, depth, vigour, vitality, imagination and self-control to create. Each work of art, like some others as it  may be,  like the molecular level in life, has its own signature,  stamp,  for each kind. There is nothing in between. We do not merge, we make; instant thought,  like particular children, are not mergers, but distinctive, each one separate, even when made on the same mould.  Thus creation can make billions of faces, on one mould; billions of brains, on one mould, masses of intelligence, which inhabit the  creations, and spirits, which activate them, and creations come forth,  whether they be books, children, stars of beauty.

Desecration ruins it, in thought, in mind, in body, in the world, in the cosmos. Sin spoils, judgment rebukes; but holy joy in God's salvation polishes it.

It as mini-creators that you and I live, because THE Creator in the beginning, made heaven and earth. In the Hebrew there is in the first few words of Genesis, a use of successive first letters to isolate and emphasis this statement. Then in Genesis 2, God refers to the generations of the heaven and the earth, all that made them to be, and  all that would come forth from them: their family tree, and the coat of arms, is that of God. Then Genesis 5, for example, gives the generations of  Adam, a living and personal product of God; and there we have reference back to his being created, he and Eve, and to what proceeded from them:  all is CREATION, including that vast and  tumultuous but precise and gloriously engineered exhibit which each one of us carries about in himself, herself,  and THESE generations from life, human life, are then in Genesis seen moving to families, cities, nations..

In  Revelation 1:8, God is called the Alpha and Omega,  the Almighty, and in 22:13,  the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, and in 2:9, the Lamb gains the  same name, the First and the Last, which of course is one of God's own names as in Isaiah 44:6; and "besides Me," He says,  "there is no God." He is the beginning and the end of all creation. It is  He who did not "create it in vain," who indeed formed it "to be inhabited", and in Genesis 1 you see He moulded what He had made with this idea, this purpose. Nor has He spoken in  secret to man, His creation (Isaiah 44:19), nor has He wandered from the point, saying to the desecrated creation, man (Romans 5): "Look to Me, and be saved, all you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other." Every tongue will in the END acknowledge Him, every knee bow. This in Isaiah is to God alone, and hence they so bow to Jesus Christ (Philippians 2).

The Saviour, Jesus Christ, workman and Word of God, has created ALL THINGS, so not only is any thing at all that is made, HIS creation (not products of things made, but the things themselves), while equally,  nothing that is not God is NOT His creation (John 1:3). He encompasses all things and to Him is their will to be directed, in Him their hearts found, f or Him their labours done and from Him the direction gained. Where they err, it is like a rupture; and mankind HAS erred (Romans 5, 6:23). Man is not insignificant, but without HIM, He is worse than insignificant: but he is judged, and becomes far worse than insignificant, even an outlandish alien, unreconciled and with many, unreconcilable, readily turning into tyrants who seek to increase their domain, tiny or vast, even to rule the truth; but it cannot be ruled and their lives like their logic, fail and cannot rise under its stamp. Repentance is no mere option!.

They talk of mystery, but this ignorant puzzlement outside God is then readily transformed into misery; for man MUST act,  seek the stars,  relish opportunity, seek challenge, try to  overcome, because he is made to act, and when divorced from His reference and Redeemer, he still acts, but either on purpose or by default, does so devastatingly in the end,  as at Babel. Alas, he is continually making follies for his power, his arrogant pride and his accomplishments. You see it in Psalm  107, they arise, they fall, they seek, they cry, they are heard, they flourish, they fail in weakness, forgetting. Oh that men  WOULD praise the Lord for His goodness to man, for without this, it is to choke the channel in which it flows,  like a water channel conveying moisture to the fields, but  choked with weeds.




So creative is God, that He RE-creates what having fallen, is made to stand by His salvation.  Thus in Colossians 3:10, we find that the Christian is one created, restored and being renewed after the image of God who made him.  This is restoration; and for the one who has lived outside Jesus Christ, the Son of God, cut off from Him as a branch from the vine, ALL THINGS BECOME NEW. It is a new creation (II Cor. 5:17ff.), an irresistibly beautiful act, more than mere re-assemblage; for in the redemption He purchases, there is a regeneration, as if your car could be, not panel-beaten, but reduced to basics, these separated, and then these reformed, and built again into the car. Now the 'new creation' is spiritual, mental,  moral; but then, in the resurrection it will be with a specialised and eternal personal passport, each one sustained in his or her place, in that body, of which Paul speaks, eternal in the heavens (II Corinthians 5,Philippians 3:20).

Not merely, however, will it be resurrected, this will be done with the same irresistible power by which God made the earth (Philippians 3:21),  alone, as He declares in Isaiah 44:24, Isaiah 45:18: that God who speaks, for there is no other. Creation and resurrection are done by Himself, that glorious inventive, creative, undimmed and undimmable Creator. Though the creation is swept by the winds of sin, and the typhoons of judgment at many times, as in the Flood, and so wears out as Isaiah 51:6 tells us, this, thousands of years before Lord Kelvin popularised and showed the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which formulates the manner of it in one dimension, yet the opposite comes in its time. The resurrection is wrought by a power beyond sin, post-redemptive, so that as Paul declares in Philippians 3:20-21,

"For our citizenship is in heaven from which we also eagerly wait for the Saviour,
the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body
 that it may be conformed to His glorious body,
according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself."

God's irresistible power mocks the tinny pretensions and tirades of dictators, domestic, professional or national. He does not dictate: as Creator however He DOES instruct, and as our  students, with 12 years of school and 3 or more of University are used to being instructed, hopefully, about the nature of things, let us all learn. Is it so hard to learn then from God, who is gentle and lowly in heart, as seen in His coming as Christ Jesus (Matthew 11:28-30), not to judge, but that the world might be saved. Judgment has wrath; salvation has grace divine.

The power that cannot be resisted, however, both to create and to save, is so because God has foreknown each one of us before the creation (Ephesians 1:4), knows who are His, who receive Him, and makes sure of them so that not one is lost. This is THE MIDST, after the beginning, before the end: that time of application of the Gospel. In this, how gloriously free you are, because you have only to  repent and call on His name for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:37-38), and you will be saved. Indeed, confess Jesus Christ as Lord (not some other entity) and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead and you will be  saved (Romans 10:9). He the Creator, has been creative in freely supplying the means of RE-CREATION, in a Gospel where HE who did all the work of creating us, has  already done that for saving (Romans 3:23-27, Ephesians 2, Titus 3).

WALK then in the Spirit, REJOICE in the new creation which is yours, if you are in Christ, be thankful and worship Him, not even dented by the impacts which Satan and Co. try to make: for  resist him, and he will flee from you (I Peter 5). Wisdom  and knowledge will be the stability of your times, says Isaiah 33:6, the fear of the Lord is His treasure. This is true both of HIS treasuring that clean fear of God in us,  which nourishes our hearts and helps them to shine, and OUR treasuring it in His presence, as a thing like the waters of the sea, both clean and cleansing: such is the beauty of holiness, as we walk, in the midst.



Then comes the end (Matthew 24:14). When ? when the Gospel has been preached in all the world, as a witness to all nations. Currently, we face thermo-nuclear devastations, mounting earthquake instabilities, increasing oceanic disturbances, harsher sun rays with less ozone coverage, endless wars, not least concerning God's long stated intention to bring back a fallen Israel to its land, before He brings a multitude of them back to the Lord whom that nation once had crucified (with assistance from Rome!), near missing asteroids, endless infatuated terrorists, in love with death (as foretold in Revelation 6 as a passion), false gospels, shameless instruction in the myth of organic evolution, based on nothing that can be seen or made to happen.

Meanwhile increasingly, the atheists boast of their knowledgeable ignorance, reactors who can rise above it all by pure miracle and tell it like it is, which of course it isn't, nor on their model can they know; but Christians do not limit themselves so, and not only can, but do know God (John 17:1-3), the real wonder for life on this earth; for He is personal, intimate, courageous, strong, wise, inimitable, insuppressible, as pure as a torrent of ice water from the mountains, kind to call, swift to hear, incapable of manipulation, ready to hear the cry from the heart, when it is addressed and packaged in Christ's own name and merits (Psalm 71).

It DOES end, this Age of Gospel grace and trial (I Peter 4, II Peter 3,  Acts 1), like other trials and tests. Always remember that. God who created the universe and man within it, and the Gospel for man, and man's creativity, alike, does not try for ever, for as He declares (Isaiah 57:15-16), the spirit (of man) would fail before Him. Therefore endure, be courageous, valiant, strong, fearless, valuing each day as an opportunity for the service of God, the testimony of Christ, that many might find rest in Him,  release and commission, before the end. He creates "the fruit of the lips: Peace, peace to him who is far off and to him who is near"- Isaiah 57:19.

When He DOES come, it will be an end indeed to this earth's arrogance (Isaiah 2:27, 24), as with the servant, so with the master; but it will be the beginning of rest from trials for His servants. Therefore rejoice in infirmities, for these are opportunities for the Lord to show His power, and wonders to behold, when He acts (Isaiah 64:5). When He has shown the earth the better way (Revelation 20, Isaiah 11, Psalm 72), then it will go, no more space or time for it (Matthew 24:35. Yet a new heavens and a new earth will be CREATED (Revelation 20, Isaiah 65:17, II Peter 3), in which righteousness dwells.

I look forward to this, in the end, a new earth and heavens CREATED. How staggeringly creative is the Lord! It will  all be made new, until the final eternity surpasses all that has been, and new bodies, themselves a new creation in a world, will endure past all worlds, in the wit and wisdom, knowledge and power of God. When the architect makes gifts of houses, whether bodies or spirits or worlds, it is always better to know Him personally, since He may give many worlds, when this passes, but when this world is past, relying on it leaves nothing.

Nothing, that is, except judgment for severance from God, when salvation is denied; and left no less, is everlasting life for His people, who have trusted in Him only and altogether (Jeremiah 17, Psalm 71), so that the end of the matter is eternity, end aborted, with judgment tossed away like clouds in the morning sky, at mid-day. There is rest (Revelation 7:14-17) wrought by the works of Christ, in creation to make us there to rest, and in redemption to make the delight of life to be at rest that we might function freely in Him, whom, as Peter says to the redeemed children of God (I Peter 1), "having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, receiving the end of your faith - the salvation of your souls." 

The freedom of faith (II Corinthians 3:17) becomes the very atmosphere of the endless truth which warms the heart and blesses the soul.


Here is the humanly impossible made plausible by the creative power of God,

who created redemption in the flesh by sending Christ to redeem,

glory in the heart which is redeemed, by accounting for the unaccountable,

with a love which knows no accounting (Ephesians 3)

for its grandeur and greatness,

but meets the demands of truth, with its precision as sharp as nails.



He calms of wrath due heedless unholiness,

and brings man to appreciation of the liberty

where heart finds both its foundation and its function,

in the estimable wonder of being an actual,

adopted child of God.

For us who are His, in our Father's house are many dwellings,

but the greatest part of it, is He who provides them

on His estate of sanctified energy, present glory,

endless liberty that love informs, where truth is relished and worship blesses.





See News   57, and Ch. 3 of Alpha and Omega, including *3 and *5A.



See *1 in Chapter 3 above, and SMR Ch. 2.