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There has been what may be in part report and in part surmise, that there is some great balancing act in view by President Trump. The fact is that Jerusalem has NOT become the new recipient of the US Embassy. It has been re-asserted as COMING, this movement, but the 6  month delay provided for in the US Congress decision to place their Embassy  in that great city, has been used by President Trump as by ex-President Obama; but so far, for the former, only this once. Again, Tel Aviv must do. Again, this apparently unique position of a non-capital city embassy is endorsed, despite the original resolution of Congress, in this vast delay.

What then  is this possibly looming plan ? What would even seem to justify in any eyes the failure of Trump to carry out what was presented in his electioneering phase ? It may be this. There is now forming an anti-Iran alliance, because of the placement, the growing power and the assistance being received by Iran or its plans from others, such as Russia or perhaps Qatar. The idea is that all in this alliance will be asked, in a supreme-style bargaining mode after the style of Trump, to do what is necessary to make this alliance effective.

Since Iran is Shiite, that would mean that it would be an alliance directed against what seems to want to be the LEADER of Moslems (Shiite version) in the Middle East, with illusions if not delusions of grandeur, victory (for itself) and submission (for others) in the Muslim manner to emphatically found in the Koran. Wives submit (ad nauseam to the point at times of semi-extinction, two to one women ratio to man, when acting as witnesses), then all to Muhammad and hence the Koran (and various other things depending on selection), and through this, to what is called Allah, who appears as a remoulding of the Almighty God revealed in the Old Testament some two millenia before, and in the definitive work of Christ, some 600 years before. Both the Almighty and the Christ, duly fulfilling all relevant predictions in power to attract a singularity among all people in history, are replaced and new versions are called for and placed in this book, the Koran.

This contains the virtual caricature of Jesus, from whose name deity, salvation, redemption and eternity are slashed in what appears as a sort of religious end of season sale, to  - in effect -plagiarise and distort His work in a vast unattested parade of words, not of works to the point.

This then appears as the religion nowadays so forcibly pushed in Iran, and it is a particular not so common but well known version of it, the Shiite, in the name of which considerable wars may be fought, against those of another version, the Sunni.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are of the latter, and Saudi Arabia is reported to be buying to the tune of a vast sum, masses of advanced weapons from the USA, which this country is apparently committed to supply to it, so that, if all went according to plan, the Saudis might become a powerful participant in the Middle East tussles.

The great plan attested, though it is not confirmed at least as yet, is that all these anti-Shiite, that is in this case, anti-Iranian nations involved in the counter-cluster to the Iran-is-great movement, drawing  closer to atomic weaponry, and to Russia which is not short in supply of the same, would unite to overthrow the threat. Each would be required to make whatever sacrifices would enable this union (a little like a very junior version of the Common Market, yet in this case, not for commerce but for a select war) to act as one.

Israel is in such a scenario as this envisaged, the chief sufferer. SHE, would be required to GIVE up (just as she gave up the Sinai peninsular for peace with Egypt in the past, and Gaza to help the Palestinians have a base and a way to co-exist and prosper) what ?  It would be this: nothing less than the integrity of her capital, her "eternal  capital" city, as proclaimed in 1980 after the military triumph of 1967.   What is that ? It is Jerusalem, city of David and of the Empire under Solomon.

It is as if the USA were asked to give up half of New York or Washington, a ludicrous expectation, and not one being made. Yet of Israel, that would be the plan, and has long been the plan of the indiscriminately rocket attacking Palestinians, who do not recognise Israel consistently at all, and would like the nation extinguished, just as they even USE THE GIFT OF GAZA to bombard children or anyone else whom the rockets may strike, missiles with which they pound over the decades, evidently to the congratulations of some in the USA and Europe, for example.

That, it is like asking the USA to give up half of Washington during World War II, to help make peace with Japan.

It is an extraordinarily obtuse concept, vastly ramifying in implications,  since Abraham via Israel and Jacob (cf. Genesis 28) was given the land by the Lord, and after its appointed exile (Micah  5) for killing Christ, was to come back (Jeremiah 33) and live there, winning almost incredible wars against vast odds, with divine help (Zechariah 12). That is all in the OLD Testament, the Jewish section before Jesus Christ came and fulfilled the predictions, the sacrifice and the bodily triumph which made Christianity surge throughout Europe.  It has of course, simply now happened, as God turns the leaves of history.

Let us return for the moment, however, to man. THIS then, simply a part of the Palestinian plan, is in view, according to the current construction of some, in the Trump organisation, for Israel. It would, the construction continues, also require (in the most amazing obliteration of  the result of a war waged for the extinction of Israel, and won against multiple assassin nations) the handing back of the military gains, to the Palestinians. That is, Israel would contract back from the remarkably gained 1967 portion of its 1917 gift. Already but a fraction of that assignment, it would become yet smaller by a new slicing. This would leave them exceedingly small and possibly by any normal means, with the all but indefensible borders then applicable. THEN maybe the US Embassy could move back to West Jerusalem, all that would be left of it.

Now this is the Palestinian minimum, it seems, irrespective of whether some very basement bargain of a sort, is proposed by President Trump, or anyone else, or any other body such as the UN. What however would Israel gain ? It would perhaps be given (temporary) permission to  exist, and to live next door to the new Moslem Arab seat, the one for millenia not even in sight, since the Moslem plan was not in view, until the 600 AD fledgling body commenced, whereas Israel had been there since around 1000 BC, apart from periods of exile.

What then is this, whoever is the source ? Is Jerusalem itself now to be the NEW Gaza, so that the Palestinians, according to type, might hammer Israeli children (and others) from next door and at will, be making a sort of Paris executioner slaughter house of the city ? Ridiculous ? yes, such a plan appears, in view of Gaza, one of the most grisly acts of non-cooperation and murder even imagined. Is it to be imagined that that such proximities are indicated with those whose hostilities now inbred through normal educational machinery amid the Palestinians, are allied with hatred for Israel ? Is this buffoonery, so to propose to those currently the formal butt of Arab slaughter, a thing taught and praised even for the young, while slaughterers are given an income for their murderous deeds ?

Is one nation to GIVE part of their historic capital to those who desire, and so state, to exterminate it and who seek to perpetuate through their educational system, including practical participation, this hatred! With such guile and godlessness, against the word of God as well as all reason, there is room only to  warn ANY who wish to perpetrate more oppression on the tiny Jewish State, the one guaranteed by the British Empire in GRATITUDE for Jewish help in the First World War (in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, confirmed by the League of Nations in 1922).

The word of God, the Bible, has never been shown to fail, and as Christ declared, to the jot and tittle it will continue to be  fulfilled, indeed ALL will be so performed to the end. Zechariah 12 not only indicates the final times for Jerusalem, but indicates that all who seek to handle Jerusalem will find that city a burden, a weight, a trial, as the Jews win the wars directed to overcome it, that were to come. These are the ones that have now come in 1948, 1967, and  1973, upon the return of the Jews to it, as in Christ's words in Luke 21:24. They ARE back as He predicted; they HAVE had those wars; they ARE a burden to those who seek to 'manage' them (Zechariah 12:2-3), and the end is in divine confrontation itself with the exterminatively inclined or grabbing peoples (as in Ezekiel 37-38, Isaiah 66, Micah 7) who will seek to invade.

But God will not have it so (cf. Micah 4:10-11, Isaiah 51:17-23, Jeremiah 33:24ff.). Then there is judgment for the perpetual bullies. Israel was stricken, but this was not to enable other peoples to live on it and off it as a perpetual carcass (cf. Isaiah 51:17-23).

It is quite wonderful, to see the Bible's words from millenia ago,  so massively fulfilled , whether those of divinely ordained Jewish exile for a long period, of their eventual return, of the reaction of others as they come back to their promised land (Genesis 12, 17, 22), or of their military triumphs at that period. Indeed, let us not forget it, there is another element to come: their conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ, in large measure (Zechariah 12:10ff.), an event to come. God's mind is for their triumphant return, just as they return to Him.

To try to subvert the word of God is common as dirt, and was well illustrated by the Assyrian monarch, Sennacherib. You can read all about it is Isaiah 36-37. His magnificent self-assertion and glorying in his own power was followed by the devastation of his army and eventual murder by his own offspring, while in the temple dealing with his god.

Disregarding history, justice, God - the Bible, not only the power of the word of God but the Almighty God behind His written word as well as all the recent events in the last hundred years, concerning Israel, fulfilling biblical prophecy step by inveterate and inexorable step, there are many who wage remorseless war on her, even while they seek international aid against the mini-nation!

There is a barrage of words,  exultations glorifying the sequence of exterminative, aggressive assaults on Israel, continuing in ceaseless rocket attacks of the most malign and inhuman character on the part of those who failed in their wars, and refused wonderful peace offers both in 1947 and at Camp David in the day of President Clinton. Indeed,  preferring to seek Israel's destruction, or helping those who do these things, the anti-Israel camp awaits judgment and the history which God foreknew and foretold. There is a power and a wisdom placed infinitely above the ruinously and ludicrously anti-Israel UN, with its committees of hatred.

It is that of God, and of the Saviour which THIS world is rejecting as it wars not only in significant measure (directly or indirectly, subtly or openly) with Israel, but with the moral law of God and the very bodies, in this country, of some little children who think of being another gender. Such moral depravity, in type predicted,  lies amid the other attacks on the God of the Bible, the eternal Father of Christ, and the salvation offered to THIS WORLD, which rejects that, just as the Palestinians have rejected the peace  accord with Israel. The latter is an illustration of the former, under these circumstances, namely,  WHAT IS WRITTEN.

Warnings are not for fun - they are for help. One does not like to see ANY people running into a brick wall, far less with an amalgam of injustice, hatred and unreasonableness, into the abrupt judgment of God. It is also wonderful that God is still ready to pardon the penitent, hear the repentant, and save those who receive His redemption by faith (cf. Romans 3:23ff., 5:1ff., Galatians 3:28). Though one race was chosen for a particular mission, and failed at the crux with the Messiah, who would want to endure what came to them through their rebellion!

It is necessary to realise that God has His plans, and those who want to usurp them and change God, might as well try to change the heaven, and make a new earth. Indeed, to take the point, in the end part of Jeremiah 31 and 33, God indicates that those who want to defile and ruin or exterminate the Jewish presence in Israel should first ensure that they are able to govern astronomical objects, and take over from God in power. HE, it is written, will not change in His plans.