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It is some kind of a plan.

News 500  The Times of Israel, March 16,2017

The Times of Israel has an interesting article concerning
an astonishing but grossly revealing aspect of the UN. It concerns a Report
of the UN Social and Economic Commission for Western Asia. This UN word producer,
has these ideas,
namely that Israel constitutes
ďan apartheid regime that oppresses and
dominates the Palestinian people as a whole."

It is possible that a greater error could be made, but not at all easy to imagine.

The latest kefuffle of the UN against that anti-Israel body, sometimes called the UN (if you want to be descriptive) comes from one UN Committee which has adopted a Report so accusing the only democracy in the Middle East, one robbed of most of the League of Nations and British Empire grant of Palestine (that was) as a Jewish homeland, is noxious, presumptuous, ludicrous and invasive.

Having repeatedly failed to overcome Israel (even when that reborn State had at that stage only a declaration to its name in 1948), even though a number of nations joined in the bid to destroy it, and again even when the USSR later backed Egypt in no mean military manner to destroy it, the assault increased. Egypt then engaged in an explicit genocide attempt, and as predicted in Zechariah 12, this and parallel efforts to obliterate the young State, failed. It hurt, but the courage, sacrifice, daring and divine assistance to Israel, all moved the forces into what some felt was abject defeat. Still, these and other assaults on a free people (surrounded by grizzly hatred from many for nearly two millenia now) cost Israel precious lives in its tiny population (as it then was).

Now, building up over the years, often on the part of those who failed to take the land by force, and now want it given to them, along with Sinai (already given) and Gaza (already given), loud in uproar is an exceedingly vocal, ghoulish seeming mob, infused with hatred expressed as such,  still seeking its end. This is despite its  1900 or so years of acute suffering in exile from the more than a millenium years national attachment to the land.

Offered to Arab occupation by the defaulting UN in 1947, much of this land, including an international city Jerusalem and for Israel, mere scraps of land here and there, Jordan already having received the non-Jewish segment, over half, of the Palestine that was: what ailed the unwilling recipients among the Arab and Moslem nations concerned ? To the offer: NEIN, NYET, NON, NO.

They wanted all. Israel was willing to accept the little offered in 1947. The others preferred war, and prosecuted and lost it.  Do not facts matter any more. HENCE Israel is not at all responsible for the war and indiscriminate, and sometimes mass murders which those who rejected peace and  plenty, flung at Israel. Again, at Camp David, wonderful terms and conditions for Israel's enemies, rejected. Both times, war was preferred by the intransigents, and Israel's desired peace was not granted, not even on this scale of gift!

Therefore the rockets need not have been used as a plague on Israel, either with or without the land grants which that nation made to its multiple antagonists, from which in the case of the Gaza strip, it poured out rockets, as if any sense of decency were somehow illegal.

Similarly,  when Jordan very appropriately allowed many who had failed in their international invasion attempt of Israel, to become citizens in its country, many of the latter used it as a base to attack Israel once more, and very nearly caused a perilous, civil war in Jordan, and so lost their welcome credentials. Once again, with MOST of Palestine ALREADY given to Jordan, with its Moslem leanings, Israel's death threat adversaries wanted more.

Fail in an international invasion of a tiny nation, from the vast territories from Libya to Pakistan, Lebanon, Iraq (then), Iran and so on, in an ultimate of bullying, and then bomb it from a gift as place base (Gaza), part of a piece of land earlier retained by Israel by its courage and audacity, its sacrifice and its desire to avoid new types of Auschwitz,and what next ? Some do not seem to understand this. Perhaps if they had inhabited such places for a few years, they would do better, through some kind of understanding. But it is not so. Destroy. It reminds one of the rigours of the Marseillaise, concerning letting a foul blood impregnate the fields. Abbas only managed "filthy feet" in his recent efforts at peace, as one understands his actions are called by some, but still, the idea is the same.

In the meantime, this new effort towards a national genocide, Israel evacuating to wherever, if there is anything left by the time this new devoted multitude has finished with its oil wealth, its hatred, and its nauseous educational modes, so reminiscent of Revelation 6, is a kind of reputational genocide. Kill by defamation, slice by slander, misinterpret by mind-dulling passion. Use an international body which hs long ago lost any reputation for objectivity in this matter, or peaceableness except by a sort of preliminary prelude natural enough with so many members, aligned to or constituting Israel's enemies, and Israel with just one vote.

Israel is SO VERY wrong to want to have some place on this  murder-mongering earth which is its own. This the UN body noted is telling us. Wrong ? It is appalling. Call it something ? what ? ah well, why not apartheid. Done! So a homeland for Jews, formerly given and held as such for decades, equates to apartheid. How many more million Jews does a murderous post-Hitler alignment want before it ceases its international blows, adding to the preceding military ones. It so happens that the place is their hereditary home, noted for more than a millenium in detail in the Bible. This is understandable. It is their historic site. The Moslem claims came some 2000 years later than the national gift from God was confirmed in Joshua..

So it is  apartheid to want to have a land for Jews, after one was internationally accorded it, partly in gratitude for the enormous assistance one of its scientists supplied to Britain in the First World War. It is apartheid for them to  want to have a retreat from centuries of pograms and persecutions, abuses and deceptive treatment, one where they can at least defend themselves from  the lusts for their demise! Certainly, not unlike many other nations, they have made some horrible mistakes. Equally certainly they have paid for them until many nations now seem to regard it almost if not entirely as a aright to  continue to dislodge, despatch, and deal in death to this people in a kind of mausoleum fever, as if beyond all control in hatred. As propaganda goes, this calling a need for refuges, a case of apartheid is a verbal device skilled in subterfuge, blatant in concept, shameless in distortion, void in pity, and one that ignores beyond all this, one little fact.


You can attack, if you will, and feel able to bear the cost of it, God  Almighty,
not the one depicted 600 years or so after Jesus Christ,
who made the definitive proclamation to all concerning Him,
and in particular,


you can do it in the name of the religion created at that later time.


You can therefore attack, if you will, His word and His commands
and His  mind and His dispositions for man.


You can defy His repeated stated plan to use Israel
for the birth place of the coming Messiah,
the Saviour from sin and His site for the purpose, and the way it is to be
(cf. Genesis 17:7-8 et.al.).


You can, if you will, call the Jewish prophets people from God Himself, 
as Muhammad did, and then flatly contradict their message
of sacrificial, substitutionary salvation
available to faith by grace, in Christ Jesus. Five volumes made available on this site,
have already covered these topics to a singular degree. We but rehearse to the point.

But one thing, one recommends to one and to all, whether in this or that part of our globe or political spectrum: do not seek to void God. It is the same principle, since He instituted Israel in its place and for His purposes,  and efforts at its genocide would of course mean express war with Him You will only lose His mercy, except you repent. If however you wish to confront Him about Israel, now disciplined for what it did to Jesus Christ (Mich 5:1-4), now brought back as promised so often (ISRAEL PENTAD), then please have pity on yourselves.

One does not wish to see people smashed, even if it is while they seek to smash others. Peace does have its points; and peace with God is essential, in the end, to human life. He has provided once and for all, from the beginning, and paid what is necessary for  adoption. But naturally, He does not adopt enemies of His grace. If all came then regardless, there would be no heaven at all. But if anyone thirst, let him or her thirst, not in vain, by drinking what is offered (cf. Revelation 22:17).