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Totalitarian Support for Bullying ?

It is all becoming so needlessly complex, as social dictatorship is coming to replace the virtuosities of freedom.

Take the famous baker's cake case, and the 'crime' or social equivalent of the baker who won't write on a cake what is contrary to the morals of his heart, the religion of his life and the convictions of his mind.

Once, if you wanted to sell something, you did so, if you could. If what you offered did not appeal, little was bought from you and you might fail as a business. If someone, on the other hand, wanted to buy something, that individual would seek it from those who sold it, and get it there, not assault in some way, those who did not. .

Now the dictatorial mood is oppressing this country  more and more. If someone wants a Ford, does he make a storm and seek government intervention if a Holden dealer refuses to provide one ? No, he simply goes to the  site which sells Fords, no drama.

Why then have people to offer what they do not wish to, and do others seek to buy where the item is not to be  found (for whatever reason a business may have included or omitted that item, this being the business of that business to determine for its own reasons).

In what way is their ground for  this highly discriminatory and genuinely totalitarian shift, the  State protecting with penalties those who insist on getting from some,  what is available from others! Where is freedom of religion in all this ? Where is the Constitution, O sophisticated lawyers, in this ? Who is to 'interpret' the Constitution Section 116, as not really so very important. Is air important for breathing ? or virtual religious prostitution with State aid, not an issue ?

Of course, if anyone should wish to overthrow our democratic system, by, with or for violence, the police might be interested.

After all, if a people tries to live without God, even turning from the Lord Jesus Christ and His words as at a sharp bend, what do you expect  ? There is an answer to that: it is what you find! This is the perilous situation increasingly.