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Evolution as Religion

Let us first recall the points of Lemoine, as noted last time.

Of interest is Paul Lemoine, Past President of the Geological Society of France, a chief Editor of the Encyclopédie Française, 1937, who proclaimed - as Morris noted - evidently without contradiction: "Evolution is a kind of dogma which the priests no longer believe, but which they maintain for the people." Quite simply, he said that - "The theory of evolution is impossible."

The priests in his parallel are of course metaphorical as office holders, being those who maintain what is, in definable aspects, tantamount to 'religion', in the case of some scientists. This statement has since been confirmed to a significant degree with the explosions, expostulations or satire coming from growing numbers of outraged scientists: caught in the forms and philosophical formulae that banish thought, or merely declamatory in negativing the theme, the theory or the attendant follies that create fiascos that make it like a sort of Mardi Gras.

It is however no festival in its setting. Amongst such are: Nilsson, Løvtrup, Denton, Hoyle and in one lurid flash of candour, Stephen Jay Gould. Some like Pierre de Grassé, Past President of the French Academy of Sciences, and Schützenberger, Mathematics Professor of Paris University, have untangled particular follies; some like the notable Dewar, have gone further and perceiving the necessity of creationism, have crusaded accordingly, which was also the practice of Agassiz and Cuvier in their day. Some practitioners piously, if you will, cling to the memory of the form; some detest it; numbers do not find the arena ravishing any longer.

As anodyne available for religiously inclined scientists without the God of their creation, the fantasy of organic evolutionism appears for many to be becoming more painful than the pain of being adrift from God.

The Culture and De-cultivation of Cults

Therefore it is important to the fictitious religion of evolutionism that steps be taken to prevent loss of disciples. There is to be a Conference on Cults in May in Adelaide, and de-programming looms large in it. Here would be a spectacular case for investigation. Meanwhile, let us consider :

Evolution's Impressive Claims to be a Religion.
It abundantly qualifies.

The Priests ?

Of course.

Professors who demean their arch-enemy, the God of fiat creation (He spoke, the designs were executed, like a draftsman), the God to whom they will answer, who distort, deviate, indoctrinate, diversify their own teachings over the years like the wind, consistent in one thing only: their rejection of Him. These are the priests.

No Jesuit is likely to excel them in sheer dedication to the protection of their pope, the exalted transubstantiationist, evolution, which can make things that are not, by means that are not, in contradiction of what is, as may clearly be seen (cf. Matthew 24:26-27). The sheer invisibility of the means, the methods and the results of this grand transubstantiation of the evidential reality, the facts, this is one of the greatest tests of faith of the chosen.

Here are the priests. There can be laymen too, who take up the challenge, factory worker priests who can take it as they work, to extend the kingdom and the domain..

Lecturers who lord it over students, trampling on the evidence, sidestepping scientific method: these too are the priests, in lower orders, for there is a hierarchy of bishops and lesser ones. As in all superstition, mysticism is magnified, here the goddess 'NATURE' is glorified as in the days of Aphrodite. Some of these imparters may become cardinals, if they are careful about the Goddess, the Law (see later) and the prescribed practices of the cult.

The Praise ? the salvation ?

the sanctification ?

Praise is the salutation of the goddess of Nature, evolution her power, racism her product, superiority her clique, hell the terrestrial place accorded to her rejects, scorned and derided with all the shame this world can find to spare: salvation is her progress, sanctification is to love to have it so. (Cf. Jeremiah 5:30-31, 2:27-33.)

The congregation ?

Wait for it. So effective is the Educational Line in the Professional Schools, that this is large. Its devotion is often unquestionable. It tends to stick together in one thing, that those who do not hold to the contemplations of the cult are outré, to be despised and avoided like the plague, derided, slandered as was the Truth and Life Club Inc. at Adelaide University, though none ever found a reason with which to answer it where it could be found for years; and its offers, its challenges, its demonstrations still stand as on the first day they were made.

After all, the process of educational conformism is extraordinarily effective in programming the minds of the neo-religious, and it is doubtless felt to be imperative that these be protected from unsettling influences, which hence must be avoided, as the only safe way of ensuring stability amongst the chosen. The DISCIPLINE which can be achieved in pursuit of these goals is a highly noteworthy aspect of this faith; as with any cult, its members can stick closely together, their minds closed to all evidence, any logic.

Further, de-programming work is much to be feared where facts are already adverse, and a certain sensitivity for those in the evolutionary faith is perfectly understandable. Thus the de-programming procedures of "FREE MIND" or others may here have outstanding opportunity. It is all psychic manipulation; and in it, where is any truth to be found! It may be searched for, but it cannot be found.

Offers may be multiplied to come and show how it can stand, in open style, as at Adelaide University. Yet, though some tried, in the end, none prevailed, and all contenders departed. Truth is expensive, certainly. That is always the case when there is no fiction. When sin meets truth, there is payment required, as in any other disease. The marvel is that the doctor who has the evidence, Jesus Christ, has been willing to make that payment, to reconstitute, regenerate the distorted, the departed, those who have deviated from righteousness; as have all now on this earth.

Yet for all the evidence, and for all the wonder, and all the witness, and all its own idolatrous failure, this delusion so abounds that we shall look at the neo-religious schooling procedures next.

The Schooling ?

a) Inculation from Primary School, especially in secondary school, in text books and now in S.A., by government sponsored directives to continue the cant of evolutionism without opportunity for competition.

b) Protestation from many an anti-creationist pulpit.

c) Profanation directed against the God of creationism, of the Bible, the Father of Jesus Christ (see SMR pp. 179 ff., 485-498).

d) Indoctrination in the 5 Points of Preliminary Evolutionism

  • i) Thou shalt sever all connection with the Thought of the Designer-Creator, from whom man fell.
  • ii) Thou shalt never consult with reality concerning the immutable fact of no-mutation relative to major design types. Man is made for adversity, so that the adversity of evidence which is not able to deviate here from the creationist line, must be borne as a cross. It must be tied about the neck, as a chain.
  • iii) Thou shalt despise the doctrines of evidential realism, the 3 main laws of physics openly manifest in the Bible for thousands of years {SMR pp. 329ff.}; and
  • iv) Thou shalt chatter endlessly instead about Science as Hope: which is the first and greatest commandment; for if you cannot prove your point, then imagine what the evidence would have been if it could have been -

then act as if it were there, and in your existential being within, it will be.

  • v) Thou shalt fear the Lord, naturalistic evolutionism, and his Word, theistic evolutionism, which is usually around somewhere, and when naturalistic evolutionism seems too bad to avoid charges of hypocrisy or even programming , then CALL UPON THEISTIC EVOLUTION: for though it can't change the evidence, it can change the topic long enough to permit a strategic escape if your opponent is unwary.

e) Intimidation. If all else fails, threat of loss of employment, such I found when Lecturing, and Moody Monthly has attested in one of its articles; or of failure in exams, as even a year 10 student's father attested; or loss of Honours; or of loss of a Ph.D., as was the challenge to one well-known geologist because he was a creationist; or non-publication of a book, a situation that was clear in the early career of Professor W.R. Thompson, as reported by him in writing - these things frequently work. From scimitar to Inquisition, this technique has been employed by religions which depart from the Bible, with impressive vigour, and often considerable enrichment, then available for the propagation of the neo-Faith of the neo-religion to neophytes.

f) Co-operation. One way to quell much dissent and even unpleasantness is simply to encourage students to be co-operative. It is good for the team, the Tradition. Thus if they open their mouths against the sacred Canons of the religion of evolutionism, this need may be made clear to them in one or more of a thousand manipulative techniques.

Items for use in twisting the minds of students into rugged conformity to the neo-faith:

·       i) The best students are humble, therefore always willing to learn in the face even of the most unco-operative evidence. Therefore, do not create a ... fuss.

·       ii) The best just trust their teachers, and the Tradition of evolutionism, its Canon Law offered by exponents who, though they frequently clash, always know a sacred cow when they see one.

·       iii) The best students - those who get the prizes for research, are nearly always carefully selected. Let the ambitious ... take heed. Why ? It is because those selected are indeed almost routinely unrealistic, gradualistic, anachronistic evolutionists, Professor Løvtrup ( of Darwinism: the Refutation of a Myth fame) in effect, expostulates in his disquisition against this practice.

Indeed, natural selection just does not evidentially do what is required; nor does it make steps in kind such as are required. Removing, if you will, the trash can, does not invent new  machines! The new models advancing relentlessly have as their  basis NOTHING, which is the same source of the universe, although nothing has nothing of anything, including potential. It is all much ado about nothing, so that not only is there nothing to it, but it is like a vast, super-efficient industry which isn't there.

What therefore is to students a pressure test of morals, if they see through evolutionism - perhaps to remain silent, is to this eminent professor a callow corruption of biological sophistication.

  • Deploring the deceitfulness of Darwinism in particular, of gradualism in general, he finds that this trend diverts funds from more objective reality. These often speciously selective grants help to ensure that biology does not do much to move from the ranks of deceitful gradualism: this appears to be his message.
  • This unnatural selection, he holds, tends to stultify, distort and warp research, retarding biological advance. In terms of 'Nature', he finds, natural selection does nothing for essential evolutionary progress. The idea is a myth. Intelligence and method should be used in the deployment of research funds, not ungrounded bias and blind traditionalism.
  • Actually hitting a car with brick-bats is likely to change it, maybe more to the taste of the thrower, if on drugs, but not in terms of more advanced, integral design sophistication; nor if cars could have children, would bashing the womb be likely to improve the infant. Stress can of course activate the provisions and of, or break a design; and in particular it appears to be a component in the causes of cancer: yet it is worlds away from creating the master plan. The ingredients of directive design are more demanding than the provision of corrosive or erosive forces; and that is the area of our concern (cf. SMR pp. 114-159, 332E-H; 257-270; 289-316G).
  • Capacity to endure shock is not the same as capacity to create being created by it: for any programmed production. Multitudinous, intricately related, sophisticated code commands with their symbolic significations, assigned agencies and dynamic directions are not really manufactured that way. (Cf. SMR pp. 128ff., 226ff., 251ff., 284ff., 315Aff.,, 999ff..)

Noise is not voice.

  • Far less are they naturalistically begotten in a bold and daring flash of conceptual brilliance of overview, insight, oversight and symbolic perception, shrinking time into an ecstasy of creation, as some beleaguered biological theories in this post-Darwin era are coming to ponder. Their parameters however are coming close to an irrational duplication of the rational action of creation.
  • As for the concept of such orphaned 'advents' of the natural scene arriving unsolicited with massive increase of the symbolic design fundamentals, however, one wonders in which world the theorist is living!
  • The fact is that they have been so begotten INTO Nature, WITH ALL ITS CHARACTERISTICS, and it is powerless to duplicate them. Whatever it is, is not what made it. What did, has a name. (Cf. SMR Ch.1.)
  • Which world ? As to this one: It is God who has spoken. Not with the utmost encouragement can it produce it itself. Such a creative out-thrust is precisely what the evidence on the one hand, and the Bible on the other indicate. What was spoken endures. In the material creations, we are increasingly able to read it. In a vain speculation contrary to all logic and evidence, however, the brutalities of self-manufactured speech parallel those of humanly manufactured follies such as the World has seen come and mutate for the last sad 83 years of bluster and folly among the nations.

The Sacrifice ?

Yes, whole races or portions of them may be sacrifices because Nazi evolutionism so decrees, in terms of its estimate of the dynamism of variation; or Communistic Evolutionism so determines, in terms of its estimate of the dynamism of historical advance; or U.S. racism so allowed in its slavery days, when Theodore Roosevelt felt so sure of the "destiny" of the white races. Students may be sacrificed to The Tradition, research a sacrificial victim to the Law (the only law discernible in evolution is this - 'Prevail, somehow: be fit, survive away, with and in your day, while you may!' A pretty little ditty, don't you think ?: it is certainly popular!).

the rites ?

Please notice the spelling, since this has mutated as religion has moved to neo-religion. It is now a matter of rites and wrongs.

These are solemnly observed on endless TV programs where the needs of the lore of evolution must be served in endless seeming indoctrinative consolidations.

With all the other programming, at multitudinous levels, there is always the danger of de-programming. Hence the TV and radio must be constantly utilised, droning, intoning, chanting, the Praise, the Tradition, the Prizes, at every turn. As with much religion, doubt is unacceptable; and since here it is handsomely warranted, the means of preserving from its fateful and baneful influence must be many.

Since logic and demonstrable revelation are abundantly available to the contrary, this process of programming through the public media is naturally seized like a million from the casino. What would happen without it ?

As in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, Giant Maul seeks his own - so that Giant Media's mauling is always available to reach people in their unsure times, when they are less prepared for conflict. 'Maul the mind, maul the spirit, maul the imagination, utilise anything, everything, get among them: now is the time.' This may be the motto!

For such purposes, this invasion of leisure with business naturally should be made as palatable as possible; a course fairly generally followed by the media.

Additional aids to neo-religion: Have newspapers very sparing in publishing letters to the Editor on this topic, except they conform; and use brevity as a method or the pretence of pride on the part of writers, in order to make them desist. If they get difficult, don't reply. Thus the AAP fax was not even acknowledged (see news 12). If there was some other reason for this, or if this is regarded as normal business practice, it would be interesting to learn.

The time of day, as Rupert Murdoch put it when seeking in vain for time with a politician some time ago: the time of day ? this is not readily accorded from the media for such purposes as this!

The choir

This has already been noticed in some of its operations. However the giant massed choir, though admittedly by no means of angels, sings of the wonders of Nature, her artfulness, yes, and her wisdom, her striving, her efforts to meet need, her prevenient knowledge, her developmental prodigies, her designs, her devices, the difficulties she has foreseen and the steps taken with insight to overcome these, her grandeur, her solemnity, her judgments, her prodigalities, her liberalities, her overall schematic control. 'Nature made it,'  they chant, in execrable disharmonies with fact; but it is hard to make anything if you are not there, or the imagined source is not there. How can nature make the universe, if it has first to make itself when it is not there to do it! What a source... What ghastly illusions to deceive the elect if it were possible!

It is wonderful how all this is effected, though it does not happen, and how wonderful she is, though she never does it; and how the One who did it is ignored, though His works are here rightly appreciated, under a new management which does manage to do any of them at all.

the hymns

Countless hymns to Nature, though she has never been found to exercise any of these powers, are made. Sometimes she is Mother Nature, or even Mother Earth, and her terrestrial powers are as well-known to the mind of the true-believer in evolutionism, as her exercise of them before the eye of observation are absent.

Sermon time

As to this, these questions, forget them! That is the Message, the Address, the General Purpose Sermon of Evolutionism.

It proceeds: "If you hear THESE things, forget them, fast! ..."

"Which things ?.."

"Why, also these:-

  • " 'What has such wisdom ? where is intelligence to be found ?
    what has foresight ? what invents synthetic contrivance ?
    what meets understood need with understanding ?'

    What should your answer be ?
  • "Never say - 'a mind', never say - 'a person', never say - 'the creator's wisdom,' never say - 'generative, autonomous intelligence', never say ..." (dramatic pause, while the words filter)

"never say, 'the controller of nature who has no trouble with the same since it is His invention, and its ways are in the first place those of His choosing, as with any other inventor'. Above all, never say that non-nothing invented it all, created it all. Say anything! Anything at all, but never be logical. There is no prize for that, and if you want to survive and stay alive, say anything, but stay evolutionary.

  • "'God, the God of creation' ? Only for blasphemy, PLEASE!"

"We men," it proceeds,
"are our own fountain pen:
Wrote ourselves,
connote ourselves.
Are the very model of being,
Just what we must become -
Before we're there to do it,
In order to get it done.
Nature was just the same
That Grande Olde Dame,
Inventing without a mind,
For the progress of great mankind.
Just herself she blissfully made
To join, from nought, the grand parade. (This may also be said three times daily, after meals, with wine!)"

  • Quite a race! Unfortunately, with such proud illusion, it is a lost one! Incidentally, this prayer book that the religion is revised from time to time, but the theme is always the same.
  • (See:- SMR pp. 226-232, 422E-P, S1-S34 in Extension , Ch.2; pp., 75, 223-224, 255, 252B,D,F, 999 on the themes and the thrusts. Refer also to The Kingdom of Heaven, pp. 12-14, 65ff., and to That Magnificent Rock, Chs. 1,6-7.)
  • That, then, seems to be the doxology for this neo-religion. And is there yet more? Yes!
  • There is
  • still
  • the end
  • of the Service.
  • 'By all means and for ever be at cross-purposes with your Creator, and never come to the Cross of His provision!'
  • There is its Amen! As it helps itself to the glory of God, so it sustains itself in the deadly dynamics that lead to hell: for that is its place. Without light, it shall never see light. Many are beguiled by its inanities, but the Lord is well able to rescue His people from the desires and disasters of this false leaven.

A religion ? Yes endless negativity, this is a typical man-made, culturally conditioned religion; and like so many of its kind, it is a gross distortion, an evil perversion of the facts; and does grave harm to its programmees. A cult ? yes, it appears so, ever-changing, never satisfactory, a deadly delusion which defiles science and deifies what does not do the works.

The Bible in Isaiah, for example, has much to say of idols which "have hands, but they to not handle; feet they have, but they do not walk: neither do they speak through their throat" (Psalm 115:5ff.). "They who make them are like them: so is every one who trusts in them." That is the testimony of the word of God on the topic. Romans 1:22-23 has yet more to say on it. It is well that Romans 5:1-21 has an antidote for the dynamic of such distempers of His creation (Ephesians 4:18-19).

It is a testimony to the reality of freedom that mankind can so mistreat the evidence, the laws, the realities of God's creation; and one of the most obvious testimonies to the extraordinary brilliance with which mankind is crafted by celestial wisdom. It is a testimony to the reality of love, pardon and mercy, tender-heartedness and grace that God can authorise this declaration, in the very face of this MISUSE of what HE MADE, in that word which reason requires and faith attests (SMR Ch.1):

v           "For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet perhaps for a good man some would even dare to die. But God commends His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him.

v           "For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life: and not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement." (This is from Romans 5:7-11.)

Now read on in that context, if you will ...

The Jeremiah quotations meanwhile are these:


5:30-31 - An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their means; and My people love to have it so, but what will you in the end of it ?


2:27-33 - Saying to a tree, 'You are my father,' and to a stone, 'You gave birth to me.' For they have turned their back to Me, and not their face. But in the time of their trouble they will say, 'Arise and save us.' But where are your gods that you have made for yourselves ? Let them arise, if they can save you in the time of your trouble: For according to the number of your cities, are your gods, O Judah.

"Why will you plead with Me ? You all have transgressed against Me," says the Lord. "In vain I have chastened your children. They received no correction. Your sword has devoured your prophets like a destroying lion.

"O generation, see the word of the Lord! Have I been a wilderness to Israel, or a land of darkness ? Why do My people say, 'We are lords; we will come no more to You'? Can a virgin forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire ? Yet my people have forgotten Me days without number.

"Why do you beautify your way to seek love ? Therefore you have also taught the wicked women your ways."


Note for the Fascinating Fact of 'Creation'

It is not only the logical necessity, nor the observational deposit with all its criteria fulfilling the definition product-wise which concerns us (cf. SMR Chs.1-3,10). There is the simple observational fact that we ourselves are involved in creation continually.

As being creatures ourselves, with all the design ingredients once again, we nevertheless display to the eye, the mind and the ear, the most amazing creations of our own artistry, ingenuity, intriguing subtlety and éclat. As a race, we are deep devotees and practitioners of creation. Creativity is one of our chief characteristics as one would expect when we are the creations of the Creator ourselves, extraordinarily synthesised and commanded into new existence in every generation of babies, by precise billions of DNA commands. Matter does not command; it is commanded. Commands are conceptualisable and that is a mental phenomenon.

Not unaware of the processes of thought, imagination and birth from our minds and our spirits, in that from childhood we have been so active as derivative creators, we are creative with the creative capacities created for us, even to the extent of making mocking parodies of God in divorce from all logic.

The preparations in heart and mind may be what they may, before our creative works hit the light of day: their synthetic symbolic sequences in words, in ideas or in works are correlated with the utmost care, or with comparative ease, yet still annealed from the furnaces of thought and the impacts of our spirits; while in some cases, this occurs in conjunction with the help of God Himself, the Creator par excellence, who gives to such work its place and its reality.

Yet we know when we release the dam, expose the lightning out-thrust, deposit the heavily invested result of our labours, when a creation has occurred. We are not ignorant then of this everyday phenomenon, or of the thrill of its performance or the amazement which tends at times to be associated - as of a mother with a new-born child, when it happens! It is done. It begins, it is over.

Personally, when doing my M.A., in 3 days I poured out a constant stream of creation onto tape. Then there it was. It covered to a large extent the whole thrust of the thesis - to be one of some 75,000 words. Doubtless many have experiences not dissimilar.

At the level of genius, we are aware that Handel shut himself up for some days, and then there it was - The Messiah, a work so annealed in the furnaces of cohesive, mental, spiritual fire, that its integrity of composition, its delicacy of interaction, its insight and its sequence is all a sheer delight, as endless absorbed audiences have attested by being such for hundreds of years. Indeed, when a student at Scotch College Melbourne, years ago, it was my exquisite privilege to participate with that whole thronging assemblage of students, in the massive production of this spiritual wonder in the form of a school-boy concert under the direction of that extraordinary enthusiast, Mr John Bishop.

As for the other nature (or 'Nature') producing all this as a sort of after-thought or aside, apart from its daily labours in being what it is, according to its construction and its design, with all the built-in fittings and potentials but equally with all the fixities and parameters: we do not see it. We see merely the magnitude of the deposit which it constitutes.

The sheer munificence and magnificence of scale and purpose displayed in the creation of the material, mental and spiritual categories for the universe is indeed like a flash of lightning, or a finger of wonder, like the Northern Lights, or Aurora Australis with untold magnitude and variety as it is beheld in its splendour, coming into view, scintillating sparks, sheer clouds of wafting wonder, probes and processions innumerable, delicate yet decisive, borne into mind as into sight, like a very illustration.

In creation, however, the works and words of which are ever before us, there is a great and sheer added delight. Thence came the bounds and substances themselves, with the minds with which to appreciate them and the spirits with which to appreciate one other and God Himself. These, thrust from beyond their appointed boundaries, proceeded from the might of the matter-mind-spirit totality's Creator, who also has synthesised the correlation of the three. In what ? In that trilogy, man it has been done, in a way such, that were I an angel, I might - unless better instructed, or actually SEEING it - tend rather to doubt its existence: man is such a remarkable creation. Yet man's works, for good and for evil, leave the matter past doubt. The vulnerable potentate man, does exist. (Refer SMR pp. 348ff., 329-332H.)

As to the Creator Himself, however there is the abundance of testimony so great, so logically irreducible, so cohesive, in word manufactured, in word written and in deed, moreover, through the Word express and final, Jesus Christ, that small wonder we see Him, speaking to His detractors, declare (Matthew 13:14-15):

v           "Hearing you will hear and shall not understand, and seeing you will see and not perceive, for the hearts of this people have grown dull, their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with hearts and be converted, so that I should heal them."

And again, we read from John (12:40): "He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, lest they should see with their eyes, lest they should understand with their hearts and turn, so that I should heal them..."
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