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Escaping the Torrents of Treachery
in the Power of Truth


There are sometimes situations where a person is tossed about by
desire, hope, doubt, trouble,
a collision of past impressions and present mutability,
as if there were some meeting of mighty ocean currents, creating a whirl-pool.

Such a force has a vortex, sometimes vigorous, and the trend for objects in the vicinity is one, downwards.

In meeting such a case, one realises that it may be helpful to others.

Hence in this case, we meet three major assaults on the Bible, none justified, but all from the forces of the raging waters. The first is on the trinity, the second on morality and the third on the miraculous.

When one is involved in the dramatics of life, especially in such situations as these,
it is not always easy to categorise what is affecting one,
for the onset of wolves may seem a matter of teeth and slobber,
but the reality may be a plan, a strategy , which the dogs are following.

Hence it may serve to look at such assaults, and in the provision of this work,
it is hoped that some will see such strategies and learn to despise them,
to be encouraged and to find with renewed force,
or even with simple faith in Christ and His word,
a buttress of vision of reality for all time,

the answers all along there.

But what is it like ? It is like London in the 1940’s,
with darkness of night amplified by air-raid precautions, black-outs,
lights of night turned off, windows obscured,
while darkened forces arise to secure destruction.

Using invisible radar on invisible forces makes them visible,
and when they are shot down, the dramatics are less intense,
the simple realities of the enemy’s audacity become apparent,
his vulnerability, and eventual defeat arising to sight.

The word of God is NOT ONLY His;
it has the  QUALITIES which one would expect,
and then even more, from such a source.

When it is pushed, it responds with strength, like a great tennis champion:
the more it is assailed,
the more it is strong,
the more obvious its defeat,
the more apparent its victory.

When a troop arises to overthrow it, incredible intrinsic power is apparent,
to the last jot and tittle.

It is like a Spitfire in the night, outmanoeuvring all opposition.
It is like a missile, immune to defence.
It seems simple, but its power is overwhelming.
Its message has not changed since the institution of sin,
but it has been amplified until in the Lord Jesus Christ
it is a torrent of protection, a massif of rock,
a light from heaven with God Himself exhibited in flesh,
and in flesh attesting His power, concern, love and sacrificial splendour;
arising from the dead, the very victim victorious,
and the whole plan announced for millenia.

With God all things are possible; what is NOT possible is any reality without Him.
It is to the comfort, assurance and joy of His people,
as well as to the snatching of burning wood-ends from the fires of folly,
that these answers are now presented.

May it bless you who read, and lead you to entire realisation
of the trustworthiness of the Lord, and of His word,
which in fact endures while the generations pass,
and changes not at all. Truth does not have to… it is right.

Occasionally in the text presented, minor or cosmetic changes are made, not affecting the points in view. One addition, noted, is made because of omission of a sub-point of a question, which was overlooked initially. Otherwise, and almost entirely, the materials are viva voce, as the Latin indicates, 'with the living voice'.




The reader who has a special interest in answering negative criticisms of the Bible will find these may be precisely to the point, as many aspects are considered!