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Peter with pentecost

Paul with corinth

the word of god with love








Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson


Th.D., M.A. (Hons.), B.D., B.A., Dip.Ed.,

of the Presbyterian Church in America

References to The Shadow of a Mighty Rock (1992 & 1996)

are to a trilogy on Christian apologetics, by the author, also

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This work:


Revised January 1998


ISBN 0 9586992 5 9




Many are and have for years been exercised by certain questions relating to Pentecostal teachings. Indeed we might think of some of the chief of these as:


Are unintelligible tongues commanded by the Bible for the churches ?

Should they have major emphasis ?

Are they a necessary or sure sign of conversion ? or of some kind of sanctification ?

If they occur, should they be a joint church act ? or single ?

How do they compare with intelligible speech for the purposes of God in churches ?

What is their real thrust and purpose ?

The panoramic place of Pentecostalism, amid modern movements, in the terrain of history, is of great interest. This however is not regarded until the epilogue, lest the basic questions be confused. Yet when these are done, and we have examined its particular features, its place broadly in our time will be of more interest, and more profitable to consider.

Does such a thing as unintelligible speech, with or without someone to try to explain it, make it right to join with any others, of whatever beliefs, who also so speak ?

How do tongues relate to the word of God, in its teaching, in its preaching ?

What happened at Pentecost in this regard, and what at Corinth ?

Should Pentecostalism be called Corinthianism ?
Why ? or why not ?

What is 'Holy Laughter', and how does it relate to the Bible ... and to 'tongues' ?

Was such a thing as speaking in tongues predicted in the Old Testament ? if so, for what purpose ?


I. Introduction (above)

II. A Question of Gifts 1-37

III. Mark 16:17 and Acts 11:17,

on Tongues

IV. The Tongue of Truth and Brotherly Love


V. Pentecostalism - and Frequent

Mistakes, Misinterpretations -
in brief


VI. Pathology : A Panorama for Pentecostalism
and a Place for Rome 65-71

VII. On the All-Sufficiency of God
and the Covenantal Keeping
of the Contrite 73-76

VIII. Survey of Sights in the Relevant Scene
- The End of the Rocky Road:

Moving from Regulative Dangers
from Experience
to Determinative Powers for it:

Surveying in the Context of Pathology:

Elements of Pentecostalism, Schullerism,

the World Council of Churches, and

the Confession of 1967

IX. Finale ... Christ, Signs and


X. Appendix 1

A Spiritual Supplement on Seeking Guidance

XI. Appendix 2

A Structural Supplement
on Prophets and Prophetesses

XII. Appendix 3

on 'Holy Laughter'

XIII. Appendix 4
multi-functionality of gifts



See Also ELTHAM on
Tongues and Authority, the Bible and Revelation,
for a brief pithy summary.


Robert E. Donaldson Th.D.

1996 (Revised January 1998)

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