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News 107

Insalubrious Celebration

The forecast celebrations in Australia, of the apostate consensus on major justification matters, between the Church of Rome and that of Luther, have now happened (The Australian, May 29, 2000, p. 21). Talking of justice, the announcement is just cause for mourning, that such a beginning in stepping out of the quagmire of Romanism, as Luther was helped to make for this people, should halt in this sinking slough of despond, nearly 500 years later.

For the full background see News 88, which took up the matter in some due detail, when the forecast celebrations, and their occasion, were earlier in the news.

What aggravates this defeat of enlightenment in the second dark ages to be so concentrated in the 21st century, while it lasts, and before the Lord Himself returns (A Spiritual Potpourri Ch. 18), is this report...

"Dr Steicke said now the Doctrine of Justification had been finalised, the churches were tackling the new subject of theological anthropology" (it. added).

So ... that's the end of that! It's rather like being told that your daughter has just been thrown out of her girls' school, and receiving a note from the Headmistress in which that functionary declares: "So that's the end of that!"

In one way, yes... In another, in such a case, unfortunately, it is only the beginning. When you fall, it is the end of standing upright, unless you get up; and if you do not, it is a mere beginning of the end.