World Wide Web Witness Inc., during the period of over 20 years since 1996, has been at work on the Web, active in reaching, teaching, preaching, giving a reason for the faith and countering devilish devices which confuse, delay, inhibit or prohibit the outreach for Christ according to His infallible word and unfailing faithfulness.

As such it is a missionary, rescue and teaching organisation.

You may be interested in learning of developments on the world front,
as we gather from reports, re our  Web site.

In  18 months or so, in or soon after A.D. 2000, after we became able to check at various times,  on our users by a technical facility provided by our ISP, interesting statistics became available, for which we thank the Lord, who is always good to His people. While there has been variation up and down since then, this gives some idea of the work in scope.

Visitors from

YOU may wish
to consult the same,
to find or rejoice in the same Saviour (there is no other - Acts 4:11-12) and
to find the way of truth in Him, or relish it more keenly.

His word never changes.
When the world changes,
it changes just as He predicts in His word;
and the love of God to His people, remains, like His word, invincible.

The word of God even forecast
the date of Christ's death from around 5-6 centuries before it happened:

the TIME for HIS RESURRECTION; AND the situation in detail, preceding HIS RETURN.

As to the latter, it is near (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5).

Are  YOU near to God in Christ! Have YOU repented of sin and found the wonder of the love of God, through the redemption that is provided ?

"He who comes to Me I shall certainly not cast out!"
(John 6:37 ).

Rejoice with us: the Lord is good, and His command is to preach the Gospel to all nations, to every creature AND to teach people in love, to KEEP whatever CHRIST has COMMANDED (Matthew 28:19-20).

"Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your times,
And the strength of salvation:
The fear of the LORD is his treasure" - Isaiah 33:6.

Exposing the intellectual suicide, moral folly and spiritual death of political, philosophic and cultural systems which govern and guide the decisions of many, we are seeking by Christian Apologetics without Apology, to encourage people to find Christ according to the Gospel, and then to live in harmony with  the Biblical commandments, NOT in order to be saved, but as the EXPRESSION OF LOVE FOR CHRIST.

It is also the pathway of power for service (Acts 5:31-32). Our desire is for sanctification following salvation, growth in the presence of grace, and for courageous service in Christ in all lands. Hence the "WORLD" web: our field is the world.

If you can direct any to this site for food, stimulus, the gospel, challenge of heart, peace of mind, strengthening of testimony, our work would be enhanced for Christ, for whom
our lives are all directed.

This work is done by faith in the service of Jesus Christ, who came to seek and to save that which was lost, and to bring many children to glory.

If you feel called by Christ to contribute to our methods and costs of outreach, or to rejoice in Christian fellowship,  please email  to-

Rev. Dr. Robert Donaldson,
Vice President,
World Wide Web Witness Inc.
30 Musgrave Ave., Banksia Park,  S.A. 5091.


If you would like to become a member, see this site.

This is continually manifest! for which we praise His wonderful name.