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Human Robots

Recently, as I was driving, I saw what was almost a vision, but not celestial. There before me was a young man in a young car. In that there was nothing so very surprising. It was just the integral character of it all: he and the car were as one. In that too there is perhaps nothing so remarkable; yet it was the SORT of oneness that appeared. He was streamlined, leaning back and looking for all the world as if all his responsibility and response rested in being in that seat, at those controls, in a rigid looking posture, like the car, a component of the whole.

It was as if his head were in receipt of the same communications as the car, and both lived for whatever it was, whatever system, robotic or otherwise, industry, civilisation or culture, which was in vogue. GOING was God, it seemed, transport was transporting. There was no soul, only a contraption a driver, rather like the locusts in Revelation 9. One could envisage such a picture in East Timor as the murderous retaliation for DARING to want to be independent set in (and it WAS delightful to hear of the leader of the independence movement giving Major General Cosgrove a warm embrace as he left, because of his friendship to the oppressed people), with semi-robotic people dressed in uniforms, acting as if humanity were a blur, and bullets were what mattered. Power to kill may come out of the barrel of a gun, if it is correctly pointed, the prey cannot remove fast enough, and no one else gets the gun. But power to live assuredly does not! Marx was an negative as the Gulag Archipelago, and the system he bequeathed has sold the soul, as well as emptied the pockets. Life and liberty go before push and shove. That is for larrikins, and that is the larrikin political system. It has had predecessors, but in some ways it has surpassed them in reductionist vainglory, putting all pretence of justice and truth aside, in the interests of some people preying on others, with the ludicrous pretext of deliverance. After all, no God, no man! God made man and man without God is man without man, and this is the trend.

Have noise without music, emotions without meaning, sexual intercourse without love, teaching without truth, a marriage of convenience between what you do and what you get, what you want and what you do, without peace, without love, without meaning, an exercise in self, hoodwinked by desire, stupefied by satisfaction and eventually, immersed in illusion.

What joys ahead for fallen humanity with robotic men, controlled men, industrial people, cultural alloys made in schools and fooled in universities by control philosophies which are not merely ludicrous in lordly pretension, but irrational in baseless pretence. THIS is how to make mini-men, proxy people, internet anonymities whose lost humanity will be so apparent that the Biblical concept of being LOST will be pictographically available in the latest blood-bath, then as now, but then with perhaps a little more glory, as the State takes it place, and the religious beast does its stuff, invoking the first, the secular beast, so that all may worship it (as in Revelation 13). This is the third degree burn.

First came indifference to God, leading to falling churches, a sort of autumnal ecclesiasticism, the acceptance of increasing numbers of sects, mere pretences, using the name of Christ and the authority of the Bible to depart from both in slick substitutes, make the more attractive to some by the increasing deadness of many of the larger denominations which, leaving their own moorings, were little if any better, wanting power and dominion, or glory or secular impact, or whatever it may have been, but not simply believing in and following the Lord Jesus Christ.

Then came aggressive domineering secularism, such as was seen in New Zealand when the writer was ministering there, in the denial of the bodily resurrection by a Principal of a seminary, and the supine acceptance that this was ONE way to have it, by the apostate Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of N.Z. in 1966, at which one had to make protest and concerning which write decisively and voluminously, by official dissent,  in the formal denunciation which being a representative elder made possible. This dissent and statement at the Assembly's  'Resurrection Statement' vote, made by this author, on the floor of the Assembly, covers all usage of that document; and as this dissent was made, recorded by Assembly rules, and then written at length, so it stands. No lies will change it; no pretence will annul it; nor will any prevarication alter what hundreds saw and heard.

This was not some lonely episode, but a crag in the heights of depravity, misusing the name of Christ, abhorring Acts 2:31 and Luke 24:39-42 and doing as they pleased. Could they not INVENT their own religion without pretending to re-write the record, invent a new Christ who did not really know what He did! This ecclesiastical lampooning was the second degree, and its ways have been seen from Presbyterian to Baptist, from Methodist to Anglican, now willing in one Joint Commission with the RC's (which in itself breaks the Bible's command - Romans 16:17) to have the Pope as LEADER!

Then there is coming the third degree burn. This moves from the emotions, to the spirit to the heart: now is there to be some sort of ruffianism so intense, that the lost soul syndrome will become the norm, the aggression the mannerism, the insistence on evil, rather than on its toleration, the storm.

People in cars, in conveyances of philosophy, of culture, of education will then be able to domineer like the Popes of old, the Moslems with their irreligious scimitars, defiling the faith of Christ (whom they also sought to include in their armoury, in reduced dimensions, just like the liberal denominations, with which they therefore have had enormous affinity in principle), calling evil good and good evil with more and more unrestraint, while the picture of the Beast with his image will be as pushed as was the ludicrous folly of Maoism. It was everywhere, a prelude, a trailer to the end.

THIS, it is this that is being sought and presented instead of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of eternity, the Saviour of souls, this mulch of culture and irrationalism, literally founded on nothing and with nothing to found, but foundering on the shoals of time, as the temperature rises and the return of Christ comes like Spring after Winter, or perhaps here more aptly Autumn after Summer, when the heat is on.

The heat is on, and will grow; but the people of the Lord will be off (Revelation 11:12, I Thessalonians 4 - cf. Preface).

Meanwhile, let us who are His attest like trumpets, not with uncertain sounds, but with vigour and intensity, power and grace, in peacefulness of heart and humanity of thought, with confidence of soul, that our very boldness will be a sign to those who are being lost, of their condition, if by any means, they may repent. For the time is short.

(See The Other News 5.)