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When will the desire to circumvent the will of God cease! It is not that there is anything in the slightest degree wrong with alleviating suffering, or curing diseases: heaven forbid! It is a great work. Similarly there is nothing wrong with working and growing in wealth as a result. It is a question of motive.

IF and WHEN the desire is to "set one's nest on high", as the word of God has it, and to be immune from the trials of this world, that the thing takes on a different hue. Thus when Time magazine in its May 18 1998 issue has a large CROSS placed over CANCER, in red, on the front page, it savours of just that madness of the 1930's when we were all going to be wonderful, and the world was to have a spree, supermen sprouting up all over the place (pity about poor Adolf, but then you always have a few mutants), civilisation with a capital 'C' was to replace the forlorn past in the wilds, and a new age would dawn with all things getting better, excelsior, every wave that strikes the shore, seems to say it more and more, excelsior, one way, aloft, let us go!

Space would be a comfort, the universe the nearest man needed to infinity and this or that political philosophy would take care of the rest.

There came a shock through World War II, quite apart from what Solzhenitsyn came to regard as World War III (the Cold War - and make no mistake, the nuclear waste in the Arctic, c/- sweet Communism's political philosophy in the U.S.S.R. is down and down, every wave that sweeps the shore, seems to shriek it more and more, Nyet, Nyet, never forget, you've only one world, if you faith is furled, and you're losing it fast, so think of the last!).

Now the incredible violence, cruelty, malevolence, mean-spiritedness, insane racial and pseudo-religious prides and mass slaughters began to bring a sobering spirit to the mad rush of "MAN" to be it, beat it, get there on his own strength, as though all his perception and power were a product of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics when it was on holiday, logic had gone mad and only myths could live.

The Third World War, being real enough to destroy the world, and hence capable of being so-named, brought more of the naked truth. Man is no naked ape and is aping the devil in his less than angelic angles on things. Born to be a friend of God, he is participating in rebellion on such a level that the worst in the curse in wild beasts seems sheer benevolence in comparison. Striving to such a point that he calls the curse the mode of creation, as though the facts of scientific life were irrelevant, and as if scientific process could be found ONLY in its entire and fastidious ABSENCE, he still has ... IDEAS.

Some want to live forever, so they take certain rejuvenating drugs, exercise much and spend fortunes every hear in the U.S. (maybe some want only MUCH, MUCH longer). Some want to remove certain undesirable features in the earth, like individuals, and the freedom of the same to propagate what is not convenient to what would appear the best shot at longevity for the race, without God of course. They make it "ancient hatreds" to tell the truth, as if the ancient hatred par excellence were not just this: the hatred of God. You DO, you know, HATE someone whose entire gift and provision for you, at the absolute level, you ABSOLUTELY disregard. Further, it IS absolute negligence when you DO NOT read what He says, have NO logical ground for rejecting it, ALL sorts of dutiful grounds for accepting it, and live a lie by acting as if you made yourself when you were not there, by some mystic or other.

The death of Christ was not much of an effort at realism on the part of Jewish priest and Roman governor, was it? THERE of course was what the world needed, and can still have, but does not want, because of this ancient disregard that amounts to hatred.

So now, CANCER IS OUT! Well not quite! Nothing is ever quite. It is always around the corner, about to come, on the next wave of evolution (or 'devilution' as it might be factually be called, that grand delusion, that civilisation paranoia which can never fact ANY facts on this issue, at the final level, at all), on the next grand spree of the human spirit, in SOME way or other which never has been seen to work, has no grounds for working and fails every time.

The ANSWER is of course the God who made us, and the redemption which is able to change us so that we do no more dream of the fantastic absurdities which convulse the world every time they do not work, ad infinitum, but rather say EXC ELSIOR, every day that fondles the earth, shows the wonder and the worth of the God who has power, by day or by hour, whose Cross for His Son is the only One which has power to save, this side of the grave, or the other! (See SMR Chs.1-10, That Magnificent Rock Ch.1 etc..)