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April 1999

MARY WAS TOLD, For with God nothing shall be impossible!
(Luke 1:37).
SARAH WAS QUERIED, when she laughed,  Is anything too hard for the Lord ?
(Genesis 18:14).
JESUS ASKED, O My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me. Nevertheless, not as I will, but as Thou wilt!
(Matthew 26:42).

Let us be clear about these things. YOU may say, Oh, I COULDN'T do that!
Reason: It is against your principles, your compassion, your desire to do good, or whatever the case may be.

It is not suggested that you COULD not open your mouth and utter the words in question, or your hand and do the things in question. Nevertheless, 'I couldn't do that!' - you may say.  Sun and moon might collide; but you simply could not do it.

It is not that an alien force has dictated this to you. It is not that your hand or tongue is tied. Nevertheless the possibility is excluded.

So here, some ask - COULD God lie! The answer in Titus 1 is categorical. No! We have even shown logically that it would be a contradiction in terms, for the Almighty Creator. Above all, it is declared. It is done.

Some ask next. HOW THEN is HE ALMIGHTY if He CANNOT do something, or as here, lie!

Very clever they may esteem themselves to be, but it is mere blindness. It does NOT mean that there is an external, far less an alien force which circumscribes God, dictates and directs Him, poor supple, puny subject! That WOULD be a simple contradiction in terms. It DOES mean that a lie would not flow from the Being that He is, that He wills to be and that freely, and hence IS, being Almighty. (You recall Christ in John 8:58, applying to Himself the title God gave, when revealing Himself to Moses - I AM.)
Such an action, then,  would CONTRADICT His Being, His will and His way. Since He does not change, as also proved in Ch.1 of The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, hence that is that.

with God;
but it is what HE WANTS that is infallibly done!
NOTHING can prevent His
a) being what He wants to be and
b) doing what He wants to do.

That cleared up, let us apply the FACT, that NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD.

It is most reassuring. You may be libelled and slandered and blackballed, as has often been found by the servants of God, and as I have abundantly found through false brethren; but God can still deliver. Mountains may sit on your spiritual terrain like Everests at two a penny, but they can all be moved (Mark 11:23, John 15:7). There is NO LIMIT with God. He does NOT grow weary. He may be grieved;
He CANNOT be worn out. He is Almighty and as we have shown (loc.cit.), there is no limit. Indeed,
WE may be worn out (Isaiah 40:27-31). WE may feel inundated, mortified and de-energised. However, not HE! As to God, He not merely has everlasting strength (being the "Rock of Ages" as repeatedly affirmed - e.g. Isaiah 26:4), but also IMPARTS adequate, vigorous and vital strength as the Isaianic passage just quoted, declares, and my own experience abundantly verifies!

With SARAH, these things meant this: SHE COULD have a child while in the area of 100 years old.
With MARY, it meant this: SHE COULD have a child of which the Almighty was the sponsoring Spirit, so that the offspring would be HIS! (Luke 2:34-35). Notice here, it is GOOD TO ENQUIRE, for one does about things that matter. It is DOUBT that is defiance, in its final dress! Knowledge helps, doubt is a hole.

With Christ, God on earth in the form of man (Philippians 2), it meant this:
THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY to do what was to be done in accord with the love and mercy, the pity and the might of God. MIGHT WENT THAT WAY since MERCY is heart-deep in God, and He IS LOVE! NO PASSING OF THE CUP was possible, no other way but the CROSS was ordained, nothing but the ABYSS of AGONY of mind, spirit and body, would suffice to SHOW the way sin went, to DEMONSTRATE the way pardon comes, and to PROVIDE the basis of all pardon, procuring it for His own, this being all who should ever come, and have ever come to Him, in through His gracious covenantal door.

Did He lack the strength, or the ingenuity or the wisdom or the power to remove this cup, this necessary atoning sacrifice for sin ? Not at all. IT WAS HIS OWN FIRST AND FINAL PLAN (Ephesians 1:4), made in advance of the world's construction. He had SAID it, and if it were false, to unsay it would be to make a lie of what He had decisively and unconditionally pronounced, and abundantly confirmed in numerous, successive prophecies. Otherwise, righteousness and peace could not kiss, nor mercy and truth meet (Psalm 85:10-11, Romans 3:25-26), and He could not be just while forgiving: thus He would have changed His word, His witness and his ways. Thus, there was no other way, for HE HAD ALREADY INVENTED THIS ONE IN WISDOM, POWER and GRACE.

There is no other way also, for you reader. You may be young, male, female, rich, poor, prosperous and prospering or in amazingly deep holes. If you are not Christ's, if therefore you are not forgiven by God (John 14:6, Acts 4:11-12), then it is NECESSARY to repent, receive Christ as your Saviour from sin, your door into Life and your Lord, accepting His word as truth and Him as The Truth, as sent from God, His eternal home, and raised bodily from the dead in that defeat of death's due, since justice had been satisfied (II Corinthains 5:19-21, Galatains 3:1-13, Romans 3:23ff.).

If you ARE His, and have a mountain, YES, it may be moved. May ? Yes, if it is a mountain in the way of godly living (II Peter 1), since all things necessary for godly living are promised, by faith it is POSSIBLE for this mountain to be moved. In faith, it is CERTAIN it MUST be, for the will of God is our entire sanctification (I Thessalonians 5:23), so that it is certainly His will, and yours: so let it be done, by faith.

Because other way than the cup was NOT possible (and Christ, you observe, made HIS pleas conditional - NEVERTHELESS NOT MY WILL!), therefore such a way for you is certain: mountains await removal and power is provided. It is suffering which is not removed, not victory. We remain sinners but chronically defeated sinners is not provided for in the prescriptiosn of grace (I John 3, John 8:35-36).
We MAY fall; we need not live by it. We ARE far from perfect, but there is no need to live in waywardness. Your cook may have unruly hair; but you do not need to expect constantly burnt soup.
To live with known sin is a luxury best left to the sons of darkness. To imagine you are sinless, is best left to the fallen, for pride is folly. To walk in the light is best done constantly! (Cf. I John  1:7,  Ephesians 5:8).