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Shame for Treating as Killer, Someone who


News 308

The Australian, Monday April 19, 2004



Like the rock in the picture above, the case stands out rather clearly. 


It is of course not only that.

Let us consider the matter factually. Hamas wants Israel gone. That means that it is at war with it, when it comes to killing Israelis in pursuit of this stated aim. It has long done this, with indiscriminate, passionate and brutal enthusiasm, in rampant style, almost literally lapping up the blood of children with its zest and quest to eliminate the Jew in Israel. More literally, however, it shares its blood with those of the assassinated, to the extent the blast does not vaporise or dispense with such things.

Dr Rantissi, the leader to be slain recently, is reputed to have declared, "By God, we will not leave one Jew in Palestine." It is singularly hard to know how this is not war.

What then ? you say, there is to be no Jew in Palestine - the land internationally originally accorded them, so that instead of robbing some, you want to rob all of that accord. Then you have an organisation dedicated to the same end. This body has been eliminating Israelis at large, and with 'sacred' indifference to suffering and death, deformity and age of those assassinated frequently by their forces, it pursues its aim of appropriation with no more authority than that of will (cf. More Marvels ... Ch. 4).

Each child killed is an assassination, each teenager, each adult. How many were assassinated ? What sort of a nation allows endless assassination, the removal of bodies of people, one by one, each one a front window piece like a coconut throw, to be knocked down because he or she ... is a JEW in its divinely and internationally promised land. Reneging on public accords at the national and international level in retaliation ? for the European treatment of Jews in World War II, is not actually a very morally impressive ruse.

Meanwhile, the killing continues, and the Press is horrified if someone is killed when killers are tracked down in the territory which REFUSES to use force to prevent this martial crusade against the Jewish populace, but spends little time on the blood-letting of the Jew, against which Israel even dares to take action, to protect its citizens. Will we soon see how a Jewish child is irrelevant; only Arab ones count. Shall we find that only assailants are sacred, and that those being protected should lie down under the harnesses of holiness, and be murdered one by one, without a whimper, because it spoils the sound of the classical music in the halls of the UN, or Europe ? Is there to be no end to oddity ?

Returning, however, for one moment, to the ruin that goes along with the ruses, and to the blood being so sacredly spilt: If that is not war, there isn't any!

Now when Arafat and his PLO do not use force to prevent this multiple sclerosis of the heart, and blood letting of Israel's civilians, and when indeed the Chairman of the PLO manages to OUST the first Prime Minister of his land, who in departing blamed his departure on  the REFUSAL of Arafat to allow force to deal with the murderous assailants in such martial bodies as Hamas, then it is apparent that he is involved. He is in fact is as determined as Hamas to allow assassinations, since he clashed with the PM who wanted not to do so. Would it perhaps be inconvenient ? Would he suffer leadership problems if he sought to negotiate in some other ink that Hamas-shed blood ? How sad!

It may or may not be his preferred mode of ousting the Jew, but it is the one HE PERMITS SO ACTIVELY that he refuses to quash it. Hence as leader he is equally responsible. If Howard insisting on NOT quashing a body in Australia who sent people to New Zealand and did the same, he would be regarded as a war monger par excellence, moral-free and a tyrant past all measure.

The site does not change the situation. If passion wants all Palestine for a small section of the Arab masses who collectively control so much wealth and territory, this has nothing to do with justice, equity or right. Profligate passion is not God. If passion wants to remove every Jew from Palestine, so completing the rape, and adorning it with multiple assassinations, each case a removal of what is in view - PEOPLE who are NOT to be there - then toleration of this on the part of the leader of any country, makes him at war no less. If the governing body of that country does not remove the leader, then it too is responsible NO LESS, unless it lacks power.

Even then, if it does not resign, it is STILL responsible.

Now we learn that there is a desire for revenge because war-mongers, murderers, multiple-assassins, their prey in thousands and in the domain of private citizens, children no problem, have lost a primary engine of their slaughter.  Revenge! Why is this ? Do you seek revenge when as a murderer you are apprehended ? or punished ? If the leader is given an arrest to stop his averred desire to REMOVE EVERY JEW FROM PALESTINE, and in view of his not stopping but rather inciting the blood flow as if it were the ink of victory in sight for this end: is this a cause of outrage!

Next a cat will be outraged because a mouse has reached its hole safely. The affront! If their leader was regarded as at war, and hence as in line for what happens in war, wanting blood, authorising its red flow, then is the removal of his publicly warring life, designing annulment of Israel, no holds barred, is this something other than judgment! If for his life, he issued challenge and one so active in the principle of busily assaulting and murdering citizens of the target, the victim country, then did he think there was no ring for the bout of terror thus announced? That there was no fight on his hands ?

Is it ILLEGAL for Jews to rise to challenge, for Jews only ? Is there a certain Hitleresque residue in the UN, in many of the press and in the guardian angels of oil ? and of whatever other priority which makes for many ustice sag and truth become irrelevant! It is almost as if the Gentile domination, in its international agenda, is actively TRYING to imitate the situation which Isaiah so categorically denounced, in Israel of old. For those sins so abruptly exposed in Isaiah 59, Israel  paid at the hand of God. It refused redress for centuries, and the northern sector of the land in the 8th century BC, was irrevocably swept from its land. Later Judah in the South, had a 70 year discipline in exile. Since then, after slaying their king, with a good 40 years to repent, they were exiled for 1900 or so years. Is the world blind in its moral night ?


Is the Gentile world trying to find what it feels like to pay, when its account is duly served ? to pay for gross unrepentant injustice, and gross disregard of the Lord whose word alone, directs history, a matter subject to the simplest of verifications (cf. SMR Chs. 8-9, Answers to Questions Ch. 5, Pitter-Patter of Prophecy Ch. 4 and so on cf. Index, Prophecy and Bible).

How any one without loss of mentality, is well able to see judgment on high-power murder otherwise, it is difficult to conceive; except of course passion, which always tends to blind, becomes and is the operative mental mechanism! It does not alter the case if some people or group or race or religious multitude feel they should have ALL of a country given ENTIRELY to someone else, for themselves.

If God judges, that is His business, but when man uses His name for slaughter, that is rather a different business! It does not matter who thinks he can outwit the God of the Bible, and inter the Jew, and seize the land by man  and God given to him, the former agreement in shameless shambles reneged, the latter, along with the attendant discipline, intact (SMR Appendix A).

Nor does it alter the case, in what condition those who are REFUSING to live with Israel except in terms of murder and assault, and do not like the consequences, find themselves. Poverty need not murder; difficulty need not hate; need has no occasion to blast. If it does, it is no longer need exposed for help, but greed or guile or vice exposed for correction.

Remedy for  this is to cease murder, not ask for help in its execution, and repayment for its exercise. Tolerance is to mitigate the penalty, not to ignore the provocation. What then has seared the eyes of the world international body, that it looks so distantly, and sees no scene before its face in this field! It is so blurred ?

In fact, murderers often find the limitations following their deadly aims to be limiting. Is it different, when the victim is a Jew ? Israel has indicated that it is not within its scope to arrest such bodies as these, and the prevention of MORE murder thus is the death penalty. It is not that it has not waited long; but it is not usual when those whom you protect are being systematically slaughtered, to consent to the continuation of the program, or to await some suitable time, before acting to impede the exposure of blood to the bright sunlight of the land.

This sort of sacrilegious frenzy facing Israel,  in other words, does not in the slightest degree alter the fact of war, nor does it remove the results of war. It is a physical and a vicious thing, and it is met by war-like acts, often with a degree of restraint which makes England's bombing of Dresden, along with the US, look horrendous by comparison! People do not seem, often in the grip of a distorting media plague, of strong dimensions, to realise what war means, when it comes to the Jew!

One must wonder why this could be ? If Hitler had been killed, during his onslaught to remove EVERY Englishman from freedom in England, and as many from life in the process as necessary, then one might expect a certain psychological effort to inflict more wounds on England in the hope of keeping up the intimidation; but as for any idea of REVENGE for this protective act, should England at war, actually remove the massively invasive tyrant, it would seem comical! Ludicrous and so over-wrought it would seem, as to become hardly of any value even as psychological warfare. When someone is seeking to blow your head off with a gun, it is understood that you will seek to stop him. It is not a novel concept.

It is in any case helping him not to be a murderer, which has its own revenge within! as Shakespeare so dramatically focussed in the case of the spot of blood on the little hand of Lady Macbeth.

The use of inflammatory language about OCCUPYING Palestine, when it is the Palestinian forces, of murderous intent in the undisciplined Hamas who are doing precisely this, is becoming a pleasantry of press and Palestinian alike. Yet, as to the latter, How can you regard what has been graciously GIVEN to you, as a site for murder in mini-invasions of your host ?

Israel gained Gaza and ceded it!

Or how could you regard what was kept for the tiny enclave constituting the SOLE land of the Jew, as being held by OCCUPYING FORCES, rather than by a despised people, amid vast ranges of territory available for, and owned by their oppressors in religion, one shared by many of the Palestinian people, and that of the marauders!

Should the very air the Jews presume to breath, should this  be called occupied air then! Is Jewish air occupied territory also ?

Is it not rather that those who so seek for so much more, are occupying what Israel has given them, when in many wars the very life of the nation was sought! It was given them despite this, and now it is to be enlarged, as if murder were commerce, with terrorism a trade, and the price the land. It is given, like a ransom, by the kidnapped; but in this case, these are already dead. Such is the equity of this desolate deal.

The earlier gift of Gaza, with the restraints that murder requires  ? This was enlightened, gracious and merciful; but the use of this land as a base to kill the donor is more than forgetful: for it is as if to parallel the other disaster which befell the recalcitrant Palestinian effort to harass the Jew. It is that of 1961 when the misuse of the citizenship freely provided by Jordan for Palestinians  - and that rightly, as it was a part of the Palestine which had been rapaciously snatched from Israel and given by Britain to others - led to civil war in Jordan. It was not so cordial an affair, the Palestinian in Jordan after that. And WHY did it lead to civil war ?

It is reportedly because the Palestinians were using Jordan then as a BASE for terrorism against Israel, an incendiary act with many ramifications in the land that had opened its doors to the Palestinians.

This inveterate hostility is shared explicitly by many Islamic people, some nations in the surge of multi-national assaults on Israel, one of the latter timed for Israel's annual holy day, in 1973! That these aggressor nations have been thrown back from Israel, and that with considerable interest,  is one of the major miracles of our times, the odds against Israel being immense, not only in terms of the number of people in ALL these inimical and invasive countries, and the few in Israel by comparison, but also of the room to manoeuvre provided by their IMMENSE territories, compared with the narrow neck of Israel, apparently so easy to cut.

Cut a country in two and you would expect to be well on the way to victory. However they did not succeed even in that. God defended Israel despite its continued disbelief AS A NATION, giving help just as in Zechariah 12, you see that He would, yes even more the massive return to faith in Him predicted in that same chapter, for many in the land, their eyes then to be opened to the true meaning of the killing of their own Christ.

Such was their deliverance in grace, in faithfulness, in covenantal mercy, for they have wrench their covenant into pieces; but the unconditional faithfulness of God to His word continues, and as we have seen, the situation proceeds as in Ezekiel 36ff. (SMR Appendix A).

God said this would happen; that is why it happened (cf. Ch. 2 above, and It Bubbles ... Ch. 10, SMR
Ch. 9).  Those of like religion to that of many of the Palestinians, that which espouses jihads so often, have shouted almost till hoarse for the pushing of the Jew into the sea, and Nasser of Egypt lost more than his voice. They have colluded, and with Israel they have collided again and again, and having failed, they have been recipients time and again, by gift, of the land Israel gained when they were trying to cut her national throat. 

Thus Sinai in large measure was returned, and Gaza was given for some degree of occupancy by Arabs, many of whom promptly show their responsibility by assassination programs. How dare Israel keep some of the West Bank, that fragment of the Palestine snatched from it in rapacity, of international proportions! Thus the inveterate verbal grab goes on, with all the propaganda repetition in the press and TV, of a Hitler in the making, ranting his odious perversion of reality.

What country could be more moderate in meeting these inveterate hostilities, aimed at removing its existence repeatedly! and even in the midst of negotiations, one hears of East Jerusalem as REQUIRED for the Capital of some 'nation' to be formed, an addition to the cities of all the other Islamic and Arab peoples nearby. It is as if, having given some poor persons in need, a million dollars, they come to you and REQUIRE your house as well, and start killing your children until you agree, while continually citing your occupancy of the premises as if it were some crime.

Is it really so surprising that this world is coming rapidly in sight for judgment (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5 and SMR pp. 502ff. ), when this is only one of its so carefully contrived international exploits!


Let us however revert to the rock in the picture in this chapter.

If it stands out clearly,
like the guilty harassment of tiny Israel;
yet it also reminds Israel and all, that there is a rock,
massive like a column well able to hold all that rests on it;
and it IS rest, so to relate to the only Messiah the world has ever had,
or is going to have (Ephesians 1:10, Acts 4:11-12),
who died at the time predicted (Highway of Holiness Ch. 4),
and will return when unexpected,
in the very midst of the mouthings of men, against this and that,
always rebellious, never satisfied, often critical of the One they have molested, if not in body,
then in their hearts, minds and ways.

Just for impact of thought, do you notice in the picture at the head of this Chapter,
how there can be envisaged, almost seen, a face in the middle,
with large shoulders apparent on either side, raised up ... in a gaunt and grim way,
almost like someone being crucified, and holding something up in the process ?
Christ holds up judgment, by bearing it for those whose sins are laid upon Him.


It is He and He alone to whom Israeli and Palestinian, Moslem and agnostic,
all must come;
for all have sinned.

Just as God has His own ways and His own directions,
so He has given man amazing liberty, for which He holds him responsible;
and if this were not enough, He has provided
for one and for all, for any and for everyone who comes, the satisfaction
for the multiple and multiplied sins committed,
when leaving these in repentance and grief, any sinner turns to Him, in faith
(Isaiah 55, II Cor. 5:17ff., Luke 13:1-3, John 4:14),
receiving pardon with remission,


joy with discovery,


delight with the knowledge at last,


of your God!


It is water in the desert; but for many, the sand tastes better.
The grit however never flows smoothly, especially when it is taken to heart.