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News 175


The Australian , Oct. 2, 2001

Destruction is in body, mind or spirit. It is in buildings of cement and concrete, steel and artistry designed by men, or in bodies of DNA generation equipment, RNA messenger executives, themselves not living in high and all but celestial seeming floors far from the earth, yet attached to the body, integral to it, in a sponsored programmatic arrangement. In this, it is vitality which  is thrusting,  instead of engineers' cerebration, as in concrete building plans.

Life has its own ways, but it has its own victims, and who so beastly in battering as the religious surrealist who, forgetting that God made all, sets one to hate another in vile actions, not in judgment but in judicial folly, imaging and not ordered, fanatical in frenzies that know no wisdom.

Is God Himself to IGNORE that violent and lacerative work of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the hideous repression of the talents of women, disallowed their professional expertise in terms of some concept of virtual disenfranchisement of their souls, as if they were spiritual derivatives of man, rather than correlates from creation! Is He to ignore the starving multitudes, the illiterate maestros in many cases, as news reports reveal, often with far more power than education, 'dealing' with men, on the basis of a dictation from an army! Is He to dismiss with a smile the artless enthusiasms of flesh, which destroy the bodies of men, leaving infants unfed and lives molested by violent thought, action and rule ?

Is the Creator to be deemed to ignore the reports of a border hospital, for example, near the Khyber Pass, and others like it, of the MRCA Hospital for Afghan Refugees where the statistics are cited that one mother dies in childbirth every 30 minutes, one in four children are succumbing to malnutrition and water-borne diseases before 5!

If millions seek to evacuate, what does this wonderful Islamic code achieve ?

If destruction of America is so important, what of the destruction of its own people ?

Hitler too had a type of jihad, if you change the name to include 'religiously oriented passion to alter history and rule on this earth in terms of a deeply believed intimation'. Both are baseless: One is dead and the other is currently killing in many ways, inter-related. Passion with truth has done so often before in the history of the world as we have observed before; but it is now doing so in terms of an impotence which in the blind follies of man,  must be made to become potent. Yet the potency is not where it is divine indeed, in just correction, as in construction and creation in the beauty of holiness and with hearts that love, and minds that behold the very glory of God, but where it is disastrous. The judgment of God is not found in one regime with vast and conspicuous immoralities affronting another with its own large measures of evil, among the good!

Meanwhile, it is reported also in The Australian, Oct. 2, that the Taliban is frustrating aid workers by seizing communication equipment and supplies, and it has to its name also, the retention, the detention, and the threat of what would be simple murder if the case is justly understood, namely the 'sentence' of death on the aid workers arrested before September 11, because of allegedly preaching Christianity. Perhaps the millions moving, the children dying in agony, in malnutrition on their own soil, or just out of it, fleeing for their lives at the passions aroused and the judgments which might come, could be saved from this misery by NOT speaking in the name of the god that is,  has long been and ever will be on vacation, the Allah who is the 'one' who is not one, but none (cf. Error, Lord of Life Ch.   3,  9, Divine Agenda Ch. 6).

This is the fact that evidence has attested and which we have adduced often enough. The rattling of scimitars is no attestation of truth; and murder of civilians without warning is no expression of mercy. Anyone can destroy; and what is past redemption because of an endless obduracy burning the very tissue of the heart (Hebrews 10:29, 6:5-6), alive only to death, even in the presence of life: this will be destroyed.

The detestation of God, the NOT-GOD of Deuteronomy 32:21 as we saw in Lord of LIfe Ch. 8, is not only incompetent to rule, but evacuated except in the minds of those who having made him, or accepted his creation, falsely worship him, and assail the race. It has been so from of old among the Semitic peoples, as often enough in more recent times, in other domains. Elijah's triumphant exposure of the nonentity status of Baal is merely an illustration (I Kings 17ff.).

Even now, when man expresses his detestation of his fellow man to the point that he collapses into fiction or into blood, the time is come for arrest. Religious passion does nothing to invent solutions; it is only when it is directed in truth, wrought in power and attested in righteousness, confirmed by testimony unbreakable and exhibited over time, not starting intemperately at some time as if God had been asleep, regardless of the lying wonders in His world, that it is to be esteemed. It is then that it relates to the objective God who is Creator, Redeemer and has love for man; and it is only then that it has solutions, for these are from god who made us. There is no other; there is no other solution; history is the slow moving, but fast arriving testimony to that! It is Baal who has been, remains and ever will be asleep, since none can rouse what lacks existence. It is the blood shed which does not lack existence.

With the 19 nations of NATO now invoking its article 5 for the first time, in the person of its chairman, so that all must provide what is needed by the one attacked, or rather what is (presumably justly) requested, there is now a determination adverse to these particular pretensions, in their invasive outcomes, one which is seen also in the reported prevention of further jihad destruction in Germany, as well as in the USA. Civilian lives taken wantonly for hostage, for maiming, for faith crusades to 'alter' the religion of victims, for hunting, for haunting, for holocaust, for jihad, for blood baths, for repression, it is not the testimony of truth. Judgment is one thing, when from God; toying with humanity, it is quite another.

A God of forces (SMR q.v.)  is never acceptable, because it makes of the God of glory, a hangman who has invented history in order to violate man, use violence instead of reason, terror in place of truth, torture instead of testimony and invasion rather than the discovery of reality. Lacking nothing, however, God is in fact in no need of sating a non-appetite for twisting from His creation some satisfaction from its throes and disasters. His is to give; truth is His and He made it for man, as it reflects but His action and ways.

  • Such gods
  • as extort,
  • as if to force faith or manage evil for some abstruse purpose,
  • rather than creating all good and dealing with the evil liberty which can produce:

  • these are mere inventions of man,
  • horrible cartoons of truth,
  • grave travesties of the clear testimony and ultimately sole validity of the discourse

  • of the One who in fact made the earth
  • and will judge man and civilisations, philosophies and misrules alike.

'Goats' come in many shapes and sizes, but have but one nature.

With the testimony of truth ignored by this world, the love of God mistreated with the clever sophistications of self-seeking man, striving with his Maker: it is surely little wonder that the program of Revelation 6 now in train, issues in all but unspeakable horrors. If bin Laden indeed has participated in the attack on the USA, as a reported phone call to Paris, intercepted by satellite, appears to confirm, apart from all else, then what is the case ? It is this: that he, like the deadly dynamic of Darwinianism, the cauterising jars of communism, and jihad mentality alike, all the machinations of men without Christ, the Word of God, and so divorced from reason in their passion ...  is but a symptom.

It is the race which has the disease.

Aid to the afflicted is good; remedy to those who afflict is even better. The Gospel is still the answer in the love of God, the teaching of it, the inculcation of it, the practice of it, the source of it in Christ who epitomised it on the Cross, so the leaving to God the things of God and as man, engaging on earth in the pursuit of wisdom, not wickedness, let alone that done in the divine name! God has judged before in the universal flood, for example; and is to do so again, in the dismissal of the earth (II Peter 3). Small wonder men love to mock the flood, but the evidence does not mock it (cf. The Other News   1 That Magnificent Rock Ch. 7). Great wonder however is it, though wholly competent to the infinite wisdom of God, that He actually foretold this end of the Age mockery of the flood, as one of the signals of His coming, in the total context (as in Answers to Questions  5).

Before then, the judgment on the frivols, follies, notorieties, passions without truth, formalities without heart and all the rest of the misled operations of our race: before that time there is a season, however restricted. There is that other aspect, for which the red alert is far more important than for buildings in their last time, atrocious though this devastation has been.  It is the call to repent NOW, for except you repent, said Christ, you will all LIKEWISE PERISH (Luke 13:1-3).

The buildings of man, the bodies of the people, the hearts, the souls ... the ways of murderers of truth, of bodies ... the need of mercy: it is all being seen on the screen of history. It is time to go past the screen to the Saviour. He is far from needless. Without Him, there would have been no history; and without Him, history is soon to become, as for Judas, worse than not having been born.

This is arrestingly sad; but the triumph of Christ for those who receive Him, independently of wealth or of grime, of affliction or folly, and do so in truth, this is far more perfect than horror is foul. The foulest touch of all, it is simply this, to reject or distort the truth, and then to blame God just as you ignore Him, like so many others.

Of this, ignorance is NO BLISS!