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Chapter 12








What is man ? In spirit, one who chooses, imagines, befriends, blesses, hates, curses, sacrifices for friends, buries or loves enemies ... equipped with a mind alert with a lively mentality, powers of abstraction, conception, perception, generation of perspective, variable with mood or mode, to be wholly foolish or premature, immature or soaring, in the winds blown astray, or else borne to the heights of reality. In this, his mind, man meets deception that distorts from within, or encouragement to  find his source, being rendered willing, a lover, a desolator, a spiritual parallel to the chameleon; though many are rendered stable, secure and spiritual by the power of the Creator who is also the Redeemer.

Spirit then is his, whatever its proportion of grace or distortion;  and mind, and body, fulfilling the physical arrangement for implementation in a world equipped with the hateful and the odious, the magnificent and the munificent, the cursed and the blessed.

There is in all this. a threefold creation. There is man as the conceiver-creator within, man the expresser without,  and man the performer. He is; he is expressed; and he does accordingly as far as he is able.



Of course he may become muddled, neurotic, psychotic, but aside from this: he is, he expresses, he does; he considers, he conceives, he executes. .

God the trinity, is, expresses and acts; there is the Father, the Son (called also the Word) and the Spirit who is seen as early as in Genesis, brooding over the waters, just as He broods in one sense over man, convicting, convincing, encouraging, enabling, mortifying or strengthening (cf. John 16, Titus 2-3, Ephesians 3:16).

To be sure, man is one, and yet within that one are such functions as noted above, in their salient features shown in being, expressing and performing.

Any who objects to man being what he is, is in a sense a kind of conceptual suicide, eating away in his lost perspective even at what he is.

Any who objects to God being who He is, expressed not in words only but in a Person who represents His Person, with much wrought through that third Person who applies and implements, is not objecting to an anomaly, therefore, but rather BY objecting in this way, renders himself an anomaly. He becomes blind to what he is, and the Uncreated Prototype, the Prelude in Eternity; for without God always there, there is nowhere for Him to come from, and without eternal adequacy, there is nowhere from which to receive increments of being, so that Adequate Eternity, the All Sufficient God. It is He who praeternaturally possesses that penetration of reality by expression and execution of expression in spiritual power, who lives forever and exhibits Himself as the Trinity. He word expresses Himself, and it verifies itself done as we ponder first His  word to  man, the only authorised one, the Bible,  and  then  the confluent streams of history.  They match like twins of the most complete kind.

This glorious Trinity is not a system, though many things work in a way which is not called systematic largely  because that implies an artificer who imposed the system; while it is of Him whose eternal being enabled anything  ever to be, that we speak.  There is however an internal infinite intimacy in all of this, within the Trinity,  which is fundamentally one, operationally three and in the realm of the Almighty, exhibits mutual involvement perfect in function, glorious in power and of the utmost singularity in eternity.

Man is less, infinitely less; for what does not attain to infinity is incomparably less. Yet he is categorically more than all that is not personal, cogitational, equipped with the wings of aspiration, the avenues of nobility, the awareness of eternity, the configurations of conception, logically limpid, soaringly constructive, religiously receptive, and in short, created in the functional font which makes fellowship with the Eternal One, the Creator of all, meaningful, directly relational and personal.

A moment's thought shows that this proclivity of man leads to wonders of the beauty of holiness when the avenue to fellowship is travelled by the spirit of man, and the undimmed light of the Lord, unscurfed by sin, fills the spirit of man; yet that if this function be made largely dysfunctional, and this essential liberty be abused, or its remedy confused or refused, then horrid are the passions  misplaced, substitutes for reality, which by the very nobility of his creation,  can turn  man into very prodigies of unwholesome horror.  Thus readily is the beauty turned to refuse ready for burning, and without too much labour, that which might be holy appears rather in the format of raving lunatics, fed on pride, towering in hatred, pseudo-sublime gods without glory, sinners without shame,  molesters of the other creation and his  own fellows.

A measured  look at history merely confirms it; and the increasing  lunacy of our times mirrors what God has foretold (as in Romans 1 systematically as a history backed prognosis, for such settlement in sin as belongs to mankind). Thus now,  the limited (if vast) resources  of this earth are with growing wantonness treated as by a drunken ogre, drunk in his castle, while the beauties of holiness derivable from the knowledge of God are mocked. Indeed, they are clumsily mimicked with deceptions that mislead those who are exploited (as predicted in II  Peter 2), till the very name of  religion becomes engrossed in the statistical norm which bears  witness to a  sunken civilisation, like that of Sodom, or that of Noah, which having first sunk spiritually,  then sank in body also, which modern man in masses is too harrowed to see, to guileful to admit, too adamant to acknowledge or too fearful to consider, or indeed with many, his state becomes a mixture in different degrees of all such things. Thus bound, he becomes blind; thus blinded, he becomes dangerous to himself and his continuity on this earth, like those who, continually hardening the neck, are broken without remedy. Indeed, unless the Lord should return, as He stated in Matthew 24, mankind would  no more be ABLE to live on this planet!

All this, in no mean measure, in kind resembles the position of ancient Israel as exposed by God in such passages as Ezekiel 14, Jeremiah 23, Isaiah 1, Amos 5.

To what then does it lead,  this demolition of the design conferred by deity, as man exalts himself in the liberties of limited self-determination as if he were some god, and these  misused slides to the very brink of hell ? It leads to the varied agonies and angers of anguish in many, in many to despair, these being  depressed, to the pathology of hatred and the inane detestation of divine remedy. It moves on to the avoidance of spiritual and sublime reconstruction at the hand of that spiritual remaker,  Almighty God, preferring imagination and imagery to remedy for the impediment to sin and self-will to the explosion of beauty in the new creation which finds holiness from "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27). It prefers the symptoms of disease and the approach of spiritual decease, albeit in eternal shame, to the life eternal  from the  everlasting God. It moves to symbols, not to spirituality, to securing sin, not to release.

This is like making an image of your doctor as a clown or  criminal, and then seeking help from someone of such a variety,  whom you concussedly confuse with reality, to your doom. It is with God that man must deal, and there is only One (cf. Isaiah  44-46); it is His redemption that he must receive, and there is only that paid for  by the Proprietor which is available, being by nature a gift past the  value of man, for His aid and relief! Such are the issues of rebellion.



Yet serene in spirituality, glorious in holiness is God (cfr. Exodus 15), without the needs of  delimited, defined, and in  some things, determined beings like man. It is He who is loving in helpfulness to what has become debased, since His own needs are nil and His purpose is to give; for He provides necessary grace and effectual help, offering to all and supplying to many that elevation of  fellowship which by contrast with the denaturing of holiness with which man has become so enamoured, puts paid to obscuration, profanation and abuse. So He saves some from their bedevilment, their lairs, their rebellion and  their spiritual syndromes.

The plan of  salvation has had to be revealed from  the first, for man scarcely lasted a day on this earth, with such power of self-elevation,  self-misdeployment and self-deception, without fatally abusing it. Indeed, he proved easy prey for the abuse and grievous engulfment of his being. This was wrought as sin of sallow shallowness and feckless fancy, debasing design and  exploiting his substantial issue of liberty, led him to the desolations of the devil. Thus man called  for, and obtained the ogre of death, first of spirit and then of body. He had been promised it, and the promises of God do not fail. What also however did not fail was the  love of God to which we now come anew.

That is seen in the glorious protevangelion of  Genesis 3:15, which like its culmination in  John 3:16 (numerically similar, but one up), spiritually exhibits  the entire infinitude of the love of  God, just as it  expresses that deepest of concerns of love, through the priceless and practical power of  remedy. It is this which God foretold He would supply,  just as He now supplies it in constant availability. Thus in continuity for our Age, is met the need, through the ONE  ACT, at its beginning, of Him who came when it was due (Galatians 4:4, Daniel 9:24-27, Highway of Holiness Ch. 4),  to do what He had to do (cf. SMR Ch. 9), as God the Word, to accomplish it (Luke 9:30); and He knowing His own, thus and then He died for and covered them, each one, breaching death as a child breaches the womb, delivering forever from its power those so helped and remedies.

Thus has He done, the Lord Jesus Christ, focus of prophecy, criterion of history, what was needed to deliver from the misused liberty which bears the name of sin, along with its correlatives and consequences,

There, in the Eternal God, there are  no limits in, by, with or through time, and there is no dimming of the perceptions and conceptions that relate to time, just as there  is no 'given' for wisdom, or barrier to knowledge, what to the point is found ? There is in Him, the Author of all, Founder of Creation, Redeemer for man, the entire wisdom concerning all that should transpire, in, for and through the creation; just as there is and  was a complete understanding of the remedy needed. Creation could not flutter and resound into being, before He whose it is, who works all things after the counsel of His own will, held all in mind, including the very names of His saints to be (Ephesians 1:4, Romans 8:29ff., Jeremiah 1).

To what then is it addressed, this remedy  ? Why ? It is for the misuse of this outstanding feature given at the first to  man, namely of resolution of mind,  determination of spirit, allocations of liberty.

The input is remarkable as the Giver is unbounded in  wisdom. For a man in himself,  of  diseased spirit, infiltrated  mind (cf. Ephesians 4:17ff., 2:1-12), an  agent  for alienation, a victim of vice, in a civilisation of  mistaken gods, whether  material in conception, or spiritual, or mental, there is the prima facie impossible challenge. How can you  liberate liberty from the clutches of misconception, and will  from the burden of blindness  to the light of life without force, without  spoiling the very thing you seek  to  liberate, namely, man in the image of God, a being equipped by construction  for fellowship  with God, though through sin,  in the very vehicle for relationship, stricken and  spoiled, like the stunned body of one in a fearful accident. Will you free bound when his very nature and spirit,  will and hope is ground down to earthiness, or exalted to effervescent inanities ?

Once man had  fallen in the lore of sin, there  was only one way, but it involved, as befits the Almighty, prodigious depth, incessant nobility, superb sacrifice and the  very demonstration (as a good bridge over  the seas  demonstrates ability and understanding of its kind) of love (as in Romans 5:1-12). It was this. Someone  would, like  Noah, "find  grace" in the sight of the Lord. The eyes would be opened.  Yet how is then liberty and the very meaning of man  to be  preserved ? It is by knowledge. Whose ? that of God as in Romans 8:30. That it is that is written.

Knowing naturally the  end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10,and hence able  to declare it), and the heart beyond its pallid disproportion, comprehending in its entirety, the result of sin which disenables truth, God moves AS He knows. Thus it is written, "Those whom He foreknew, He predestinated" (Romans  8:30).  He did not foreknow what was not there, an impenetrable  mystique; for what is to be called impenetrable  to  God! Indeed, He protests (Jeremiah 17:9-10) that the heart of man is so  desperately wicked  that  ONLY HE COULD understand it. Indeed, we have  endless seeming  psychological theories in competition  BECAUSE the heart of man is not to be understood apart  from God. 

A second reason  for this myriad of psychological theories  is  that  such shafts  of  light as  still, from time to time, penetrate the  spiritual understanding of man  tend to be  so  distorted by the  enveloping darkness, that even these also tend  to be distorted, so that foolish extremes without wisdom seek to  envelop - just  like woman's fashion movements at the hand of rich designers - the mind of man. Philosophies and psychologies abound  like the fumes of a volcano, often with the same  intensity and acrid acididty.



While philosophy should be the  love of  wisdom, it becomes the love of  folly as a result; and while the realities may indeed be  perceived by man, when the  fog lifts and the deceit is disposed of, as in  redemption and  revelation, yet it is only by the operation of  regeneration, by which a renewed heart, no more under  the erratic  sovereignty of sin, comes into being. Cults maximise  the confusion and false  gods  fall over themselves as  they seek to brand, or more directly, as the  opponent of creations endeavour to brand man, in this philosophic  paddock  and  that. Alas, it is grievous, and resembles in no  small way, cattle organised  for  the market. Indeed, it is as in II  Peter 2 in its  predictions of some  false  teachers, like false prophets of old, making merchandise of men. While therefore the fortunes which some  false  prophets have made, and  the nations into  which others have brought subjugation  amid horrid misuse of man, are notorious,  this is merely one ghastly part of the entire syndrome of sin.

Overwhelming to some as these philosophically, psychologically or politically induced syndromes may be, and are, yet they are as gems for  clarity,  to the all-knowing mind of God, who made all, and understands its ways. As He knows,  so He acts, and as He foreknew, so He justifies and glorifies many (Romans 8:29ff.).

God thus selects for Himself, whom He will regenerate;  nor is it that there is no evidence of His movement by His Spirit in the heart of those who He awakens; for there may be a vast introduction in anguish of heart and  perception of mind, as the  attestations of the  eternal designs of deity (cf.  Ephesians 1:4) exhibit themselves, and what had been resolved before creation as  much as began, is perceived and  entered into, so that a man is saved  from  sin. This, it is wrought not only through God Himself (as foretold in Hosea 13:14) becoming the destruction  the just judgment of death, and ransom to give  eternal life, for foiled life ditched  in sin, but  also through His effecting this resolve and securing this result by partaking of manhood in the Person of His Word, whom He begot in flesh as the Son of God (note the  'therefore' in  Luke 1:35).

Thus the Father desired, the Son offered and the Spirit applied (cf. Psalm  40, Hosea 13:14, John 16:5ff.).

Moreover, it is not only through this that He has prevailed, but also by His attestation of the result in the bodily resurrection of Christ, not in a disjunction from the  flesh, but in its  enablement (as in  Luke 24), so that the enquiring  might poke it (as in John 20) and  it might distribute food to the hungry (as in  John 20) or eat it (as in Luke 24:42); but yet for  all that,  this, His resurrected  body was not limited by such modalities (Luke 24:31). What utter brilliance was placed in the creation of man  (as DNA analysis increasingly attests*1)! What parallel magnificence is shown in the restoration of just that very body (yet without sin - I Peter 2) which is man's, so that in Him is the perfect, final and climacteric victor. His is that over the grave, leaving liberty its life and love its procurement.

Man because of sin finds  of  all things the most  difficult, to believe the truth, and so  wants  to remake the actualities of history and the events of the eyes and ears, the attestations of evidence, both in prophetic fulfilment  and its observation, either in this extreme eccentricity of fraud or that,  as if reality alone is despised! In this,  the race as it is has a catastrophic intolerance of spiritual truth,  and even its physical correlatives, and in its stress becomes so  at  variance  with the other features and  foci of science in particular, that it provides a high reading on the gauge of his spiritual pathology, just as in other things, in Christ's own day (Matthew 15:13ff.).

Man sways and is stricken, as by fever or ague, with this erratic onslaught.  Yet, in the realm of the scientific, while in terms of scientific method, this vagrancy from both the method and the truth  does not alter anything, other than the good name of those who indulge in it (cf. SMR pp.140ff., Secular Myths and Sacred Truth), there is an entailment for those who follow.

The inner entanglements of those misled by such as serve not science but scientism, become  painful, often exploding into the realms of a Marx or a Hitler, with the underlying assumption of power without glory, and force without understanding, in a world without any truth even  available, on its own model, while its shadow is shouted!!  Alas science like the other occupations of man has the double attestation of  some who see and many who  do not  because they will not, because in their obdurate  spiritual  condition, they cannot (cf. Matthew 13:15ff.).

Hence, and similarly, in another domain,  an entire  Church,  for example that named the  Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, can  fall as one, or almost one, as in  1966,  when one had the privilege of being the only recorded  dissident from the intoxicated Resurrection  Statement made in the Church Assembly of that year,  and suffered for it. The nature of that became apparent when the Session  lost its  majority and my name was  given the normal outage reserved for truth as man falls not only once, into sin, but twice, in moving first into sin, and then away from the testimony of salvation,  a double descent  of inflammatory folly.

It happens  over  time in many ways,  whether in the Romanist Inquisition of  several centuries (cf. Ancient Words and  Modern Events Ch. 14), the  Communist caricature of  Christianity of 1917-1990, with various hybrids as in China operating in sanctimonious affiliation of opposites that are most oppressive to man, or in the major follies of our own  Age, which tend, as if in a spiritual supermarket, to be a matter  of choice of  vice and occasion  for  diversified folly (as  foretold in II  Peter 2, II Timothy 3-4, II Thessalonians 2, Matthew 24:12,24).

God however, having foreknown His own, and discerned those who, though blind in themselves, are not made obscure to Him who  sees  past sin to those with whom in profound  mercy, incandescent  grace and illimitable love He has  to do (as in  Colossians 1:19ff., II Peter 3:9, I Timothy 3:19, John 3:16-17)*2, is not here  or in anything else, at a loss. Neither defiling that  liberty without which love can have no meaning,  nor submitting to that tyranny which by its very distorting nature sin claims its victims, He performs in history*3 what He knew and foreknew before  creation  was (Ephesians 1:4, Romans 8:29ff.), and  SO liberates many.

bullet It is not for  all, that  He becomes the sin sacrifice,
though its purposive intent is as wide as that in the  illimitability of love (I John 2); 
for He foreknows His own  and hence is aware of what is not so.
bullet The offer is to all as in the national  sacrifice for  Israel, but the reality is for some only
(as in Deuteronomy 29:18-20 cf. Psalm 32). Hence those  for  whom, not only in offer
but in actuality He is delivered up, it is these who inherit  ALL THINGS! 
and yes, that includes heaven, there being no omission of infinitude of  relevance and value!
(Romans 8:32).
bullet While therefore God is liberality to the uttermost in the disposition of  His love (as  Wesley rightly saw),
He is not  confused into  covering the uncoverable or bearing the sin of those who prefer to  keep it,
as He  makes so  eminently clear in John 8:24.


If  they did not  BELIEVE  that He, Jesus Christ, was God incarnate  (John 8:58),
the Messiah of the majesty and wisdom of God,

then as  to their sins, retaining them unpurged,
 unextracted,  in sovereign implantation in their hearts,

they would carry them intact to their death beds.

Such was and is His own word.

God does NOT force, and love REQUIRES liberty which God preserves in  this delightful depth of divine dealing, in this manner. Nor is He unreasonable in His  love,  for it is no impure and selfish passion on the part of Him whose grace is to give, having all, and thus did He speak to  some of the Jews in His days, saying:

bullet "If I had not come and  spoken to them they would have no sin,
but now they have no excuse for their sin. 
He who hates  Me hates  My Father also.
bullet " If I had not done among them  the works which no one else did,
they would have no sin;
but now they have seen and  also hated both me and My Father."

The topic was exclusion in eternity, or acceptance. To 'hate', as in Luke 15:26,  in such contexts, implies simply to exclude from truth,  to delete from credence, this Jesus Christ who, being in the form of God and having become  man (Philippians 2), if rejected, attests as in a laboratory experiment - this the laboratory of history - an eternal dissidence in those who do so. It then represents a  departure  from that God who is love, in essence and finality, and a movement into the realm that is  left, that of exclusion of truth in hatred of it, insusceptibility to it, divorce from it, disparagement of its  dignity and defacement  in the mind and heart  of its reality, on which all is based: in God who made us.

Thus as to mankind, and from among man,  there  are those called to be saints, and residual are those  left to be ruled by sin,  whether that of  pride in one's  fundamental integrity or works or personage or other, or admission of one's fundamental failure, indifferently;  for all sin is one in this,  that it is unable to  dissemble  before the God of truth, who  like a good  dentist, requires the  extraction of the abscess:  nor  does He give  any permission for the pollution of all  life through such means. What liberality of love and depth of wisdom  is here*4, that God knows whom  to purchase, how to purchase and preserving liberty, show love! What wonder of communication  that He  so  affirms for so  long and in  so many ways, as in Hosea 13:14, Genesis 3:15, Matthew 20:28, Titus 2:14 - 3:7, Romans 5:1-20, and back earlier again, in the symbols of Leviticus 4-17, in the sentences and sentence of Isaiah 22, 32, 49-55, as in the lived allegory of Hosea 1-3, where in the end there is redemption, as in the teaching of Galatians 3.

For my part,  I love  to be purchased if, and only if (the IFF of the mathematician) the  One who does it is my Maker: for this  I would neither desire nor trust anyone else! In this case however I find it  an  inestimable privilege, an unalloyed joy and an exercise of sovereignty delicious to consider; for my errors  are not such that  some other source of error is my deliverer, nor that any such could deliver me, but such is my Maker, that I relish HIS redemption, HIS work by which in grace alone by mercy without alloy, in the inveterate but pure love which does not force, He has acted. Thus becoming not  only Creator but Redeemer, and knowing all and indeed seeking all, all that which was lost, as in Colossians 1:19ff., He has found and finds to this day the recipients foreknown before sin was, in His prescient mind, not as they became, but as He has seen them, gathered them and blessed them.

As these respond, it is not a shanghai, but a fulfilment of what He has known and as such, it penetrates what sin would render impenetrable, and moves into what is justly made receptive, however deceptive might be its current pathological state. Glory be to God who made freeom, thus preserves it and hold man justly responsible for knowing rejection, because of love not judging en masse, but with knowledge as in John 15.

But what then ? Since it is the King of Eternity and the Eternal Redeemer who so acts, therefore  I am at peace,,  at rest in Him. It is because I trust Him, who knows, and know Him whom I trust (John 17:1-3). Since He acts in love, genuine and not a parallel to the robotic in its exercise, I am  amazed at His depth and wisdom, as supremely comforted that He is like that, whom to know Him is eternal  life. To know Him ?  you cannot do this, without having that very same eternal life (cf. John 17:1-3). In this, there is no shadow as in His love, no blemish, and in His salvation, the resolution of all problems, the glorious resources of heaven reaching to the uttermost without exception or exclusion in the end and in His sight, except in this, that LIGHT has COME into the world, and many have PREFERRED DARKNESS.  So He says, and so it is (John 3:15-19,36).

Called  to be saints! rejoice, and come.l






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The actual manner in which man in history experiences this chaste but glorious work of divine grace varies according to  the case,  and the divine intention, to mark it as He will. Some may become extraordinarily aware of the divine probing operation, of that aspect,  some more of the response which the Lord has supervised and achieved in personal  reality, based on what was wrought before indeed, but with principles of man's actual response far  from  irrelevant, and this now translated into the working in time. Again,  there may be an intense and extreme sense of rescue, not only as a fact, or even a highly dramatic fact, but with an  additive of immense fear and seeming irreparable lostness, which again would mirror in principle  the actual  fact, as one of the relevant data which the Lord has allowed  to  escape from the shroud of His personal  operations into  the  psychic turmoil of the one being saved. 




Thus is liberty validated for man in one


divinely directed,

originally created,

successively molested and distorted,

successfully inspected and realised,

sovereignly divine schema:

so that God alone, having the relevant powers, can exercise in man the reality to which the term applies.

Liberty is not to be found in  a visionary but bloody revolution in France, an imposition in anti-visionary Russia, or a series of dicta from the United  Nations, which as per card, rage against the Lord (cf. Psalm 2). It is not to  be found, either, in lifting the  face of man to infinity and proudly specifying  his own glory, power  or positioning.

Liberty is logically available in one way only: in GOD having  made persons, not  programs; and since man fell into harnesses  through  folly, it is found in the  LORD, the second Person of the Trinity untying  those harnesses  and restoring not  only the  vision, but the knowledge of God (as in Romans 1 with 5 and  8).

It is found in His doing  so, not by  manipulating the sin-stricken partialities of fallen man, but by using His OWN INFINITE KNOWLEDGE (as in  Romans 8:30ff.) of man, before time  apparent to His supra-temporal mind, so that predestining  according  to truth, He sovereignly achieves what He wisely knows. Thus, equipped with the knowledge of man from eternity, He secures what man cannot, yet for man He does it; and this done, He may indeed find hatred for what excludes this love, as  He  pursues the realities of predestination  founded on foreknowledge, precisely as in His own word (cf. Romans 9).

 In  this way only, by the  power and wisdom  of God,  is it  possible for man to have freedom, to love without  robotic surrealism, so  that  he is indeed  responsible for his relationship to God, for negating it.

On the one hand (as in John 3:19), such negation is in the very face of the  love of that  God who did not come to condemn  the world, but  to save it (as  also in I John 2, Colossians 1:19ff.), yet  did not  save by aborting  the purity of His love. Instead. He selectively saved in realism, with sorrow and grief  profound, fulfilling  His  knowledge according to truth. On the other, it is in the eyes of  God whose infinite wisdom discerns all, that truth is told, and the reality of man's responsibility as an  image-bearer of God so  far  from being lost, is measured and rendered sure; for  God does not redeem some  other type of being, but what He made, according to what it is and all that pertains to that! It is for this reason that the word of God to man, so  often bears some  resemblance to that of a father to  a child.

Gone is the secular vanity, based on an unrealistic and self-contradictory model (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7, Christ  Incomparable ... Ch. 2, Barbs ... 6   -7), which cannot escape the  'self' to GIVE it freedom. Gone equally is the Calvinistic horrible decree, the decretum horribile, always an intrusion and inversion of such texts as  Colossians 1:19ff., Luke  19:422ff.*1, although his  five points, read outside  that error, in  the configuration which the Bible provides, are true  enough! Gone, on the other hand,  is the Arminian revolt which puts the unsaved  sinner in the seat of knowledge  with which to choose despite  I Corinthians 2:14, so appearing to make what is defunct efficient. Gone is the apparent irresponsibility of man held nevertheless responsible (as in  John 3:19), since the love of  God as stated encompasses ALL in the  most massive  emphasis possible (as in Colossians 1:19ff.),  and in vast  correlation throughout  the word of God (as in the references and expositions of *1 above).

Present now is only what  is written. It is indeed the case that if CHRIST  had  not COME amongst them and done and  said what  none  other had  done, they would  not in the  relevant  category of judgment concerning eternal life, have had SIN (John 15:22ff.). THAT, had He been  absent and not present as He was, with them, would have been no final judgment for them. It was  ONLY in the direct realities of meeting them and being rejected, He  God, that the final  condemnation  loomed, not for being sinners, but for being  sinners who rejected  the ONLY salvation, and that one infinitely costly to God at that! If He does not meet, then in whatever manner this principle is performed before time in the Author's mind, is His affair. It is neither difficult to  envisage  nor  possible to be dogmatic, as to the precise  divine mode in eternity.

The Lord  tests all, directly or in parallel propriety to fulfil His own stated principle, and for Him, this is scarcely difficult; and when final judgment sits, it is not in ignorance THEREFORE, that it rests, but in the equivalent of  rejection in all truth, as known  to God on  the part of the reprobate. It is perhaps a residue of that combination of  arrogance and puny pride that has  come from an earlier Age of humanistic  exaltation, that  some  seem to want to place  God down with the kindergarten while they themselves survey things in massive  splendour; instead of  realising the truth, that the very nature of any  marvel or majesty comes from Him. Thus,  achieving results of grandeur, such as knowing all before  any came, is the beginning in the realms of infinite deity, of  man's own kindergarten progress, from  then  to now and on, great as it may be in his own sight, compared with that  of the Lord.

How God realises in Himself this principle in  foreknowledge  is His business, but there  is no  systematic or sustainable 'problem'  in  that masterful massif of  might and wisdom. THAT this is the  character  of His love,  which  MUST not be defamed, far less infamously restricted, as if His sovereignty MEANT its  denial, is scripturally and  multiply assured, just  as is  the sublime  and loving sovereignty deployed in the execution of  this His love.

It is indeed true that you cannot have  liberty of  spirit without God,  for ONLY HE can make it in the  first  event, just  as  only He can restore  or sustain it. Nor  can you  righdtly devise spiritual systems  in which His love  is needlessly defiled  because of an  imaginary conflict  with His  sovereignty. On the contrary, it is BECAUSE of His  sovereignty and all-surpassing competence that that God  who IS love (how often must mankind be  reminded of this glory, in or out of theologies of the imagination - I John 4:7ff.), realises it in  man, NONE  being lost  of His chosen: His choice being in the  sanctity and chastity of love. This,  seeking all, manipulates none; but  fulfilling that grant of being  created in his  image, made so marvellously for  man at the  first, it finds what  liberty is where man resides. Moreover, it  ensures  that liberty is neither mulled, nor mangled,  nor lost, nor dictated to, but rather  found.

FOUND! it is found infallibly for each and every one of this race, through His foreknowledge and His predestination, not in the  wisps of chance, or  of  arbitrary wilfulness, but in the work of His own mind which, knowing all, is as loving to all in redemption as truth  allows; for  love never invades, never forces, never  deviates  from  truth, nor enmembers what is mere appearance .Indeed, it is alien to all ravishment, and though it grieve  as God so often has  shown, yet it does not stage a take-over, rather enabling the blessed  fulfilment of  what the divine knowledge of truth from the first has discerned and known: and it is His own  that He has known, and not one of them is lost.

Nor is there merit in the exercise of that liberty which God first invented for man, as He  created Him in His own  image, non-robotic and discursive in thought and will; for it is GOD who made man and  not himself (as in Psalm 100!), and what He made has no merit in functioning accordingly;  and where in the sublimity of divine knowledge, God's own wisdom, there is  no diminution of sight through sin, God sees, yes  He  is aware of man's heart, and He does not  transgress (impossible as that would be since He  IS love)  because of desire, but rather abides in truth. How often has He acted and would He have acted, but despite  His desire, they were not willing (Ezekiel 20, Psalm  107, Luke 19:42ff., Matthew 23:37ff., II Chronicles 36, Hosea 7:1, Jeremiah 51:9 with 51:28ff.).

That is the biblical testimony in history, in principle, and in direct statement from the Bible. It is consistent, coherent, self-explanatory, and not too hard, once it is realised that God is not man, though we be in His image, and is not  limited as we are, unless saved, by psychic moment by moment events, but rather sees as the  eagle, as the space ship in  time, so time from eternity,  both in detail  and as one whole, both in precise point and in abiding principle, both as an  arena for action as desired, and  as a plant for its own growth, that truth be exhibited, that all  may see and know.

What then of those to be lost ?  Despite His uttermost desire,  so it is; for desire is not  sovereign over  God, even good  desire; and it is  He who  knows what  man is, that this is not rescinded because of sin, but realised because of the knowledge of that sovereign who being  love is NOT mere desire, nor yet  force, but chaste in holiness, achieves  all  that  love would. Thus does He give to  man the  realisation that  deity is not mere dominion, but in Him is there such beauty of holiness that it smites the spirit with an overwhelming flood of  beauty, and is the very heart's desire. Such is  goodness  and such are His ways.

Therefore, so  far  from predestination being an  excuse for too little concern for others, or for a measure of protestation about one's not being able, it is the certainty,  the security and the certainty that  ONE IS ENTIRELY PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE if one declines the offer of the Gospel. That this offer be put  to man  is a matter of horror at judgment  and delight in deliverance of those who, after  all, though they may be  lost, and this be foreknown, yet are and have been loved in that heart which IS love, before left  in that knowledge where truth  abides.


How glorious is this fact, that what neither in understanding and overview,
neither in principle, nor mode,
nor thought nor enquiry, CAN man solve,


in  the realms of freedom  and necessity, truth and reality,
love and  responsibility, self and spirituality, but rather constantly hassles
in fretful extremes that abort  facts  and  contradict themselves,
so  that philosophy recognises the bogs  of  its incompetence,
when not too  dazed to  do so by the latest dangling
of  contra-factual and irrational appeal:


this God conquers.

The  victory is His: for  it is  ONLY in what  and who He is, that the ingredients  which explain  COULD be  found, since these  are  altogether requisite  to  cover such a case  as  this  without confusion and  failure, in principle. It is still further to the glory of  God that what only HE, such as  He is, COULD solve the  riddle of  reality, so  He  DOES solve it.

It is not just a model; it is a revelation of detailed action and  knowledge which in fact  GIVES precisely what meets  the case, explaining  all logically  so  that there is no clash or inadequacy. What is  thirdly  to  His great glory is this: that not only are  these  great  things  so, but they are what  is  to be  expected of the Creator, that  HE knows  what He has done and how  He deals, so  that  THEREFORE HIS WORD contains the  resolution,  and this  alone on  the earth. What scimps His word, as Calvin in the  love for those ultimately  lost; or what  expands it, as Arminianism in the place of man's current operational will (contrary to John 1:1-12), even this measure of departure  from His word  solves nothing, but merely  fails to  meet  ALL the  criteria of  His word.

His word is precise;  and if  space-craft need to be  surrendered  to specifications, not rashly amended by desire, and these merely find the moon, how much more must the word of God be adhered  to in its specifications, on the part of Him who  not merely has the moon in His power and at His creation, but the whole universe as a product!

WHEN to that word  NOTHING is added, NOTHING subtracted, then  and then only is reason regaled by revelation, while revelation is massively vindicated in the very precision  and purity of its utterance. Glory be to God who first made us, then redeemed and in His foreknowing, predestining way, not  dependent on our fallen natures or fussy works at all, but on His own intimate knowledge, has achieved what  love would.

Such is that Bible (cf. SMR), and such is our God; such is our Saviour and so is our Redeemer, who know Him. Rejoice greatly therefore daughter of Zion, literal where saved in Him, or metaphorical where Gentile; for your Lord is coming (Acts 1, I Corinthians 15),  and if man can  make it a few hundred thousand miles to the moon, fear not,  HE can make it to each of His own, as His angels gather when the time comes, God's people from this world, to the congregation of the resurrected, for the completion of their test in rest, and the wonder of the quest of  God fulfilled, they live with their Life and Lord, God Himself, forever.