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News 502

Algemeiner April 27, 2017


In Bulletin sixty three, we wrote:

As in any other state, apart from the above traced history of this one for our times, if you want to enter it, there are rules and laws and conditions and as in our land of Australia, these may become more acute when the nature of the country concerned seems itself under threat. Again, Switzerland as is well-known, is very zealous in protecting itself from entrants who may not fit in to its modes and ways and manners of living. The present ones desiring mass entry into Israel, by contrast, would be perhaps the most outrageously unfitted by their defiant and devastating passions and indiscriminate physical attacks, that could even be imagined!

Applying horrific pressure in utter injustice, nations are talking of a resolution, as if the escapee from internationally forced doom, which Israel has repeatedly gained, were now to  face aid, on the other side, as if it had something MORE to give, than the Sinai which it gave back in the interests of peace, and the Gaza Strip, which was then used as a base for thousands of indiscriminate rocket attacks on its people.

If then it had to give up MORE, in the illusory name of resolution of the 'problem' of those wanting to enter and run it, then the con about the case, becomes potentially a coup.

This could be  seen in context.

It is therefore of no small interest that a group of American congressmen has formed a society by this name:

The Congressional Israel Victory Caucus (CIVC). Their major statement so far seems to be this (Algemeiner, April 27, 2017). Palestinians have lost their wars against Israel. No meaningful peace can then be made which does not recognise this fact.

That is the commended STARTING point.

Interference by many nations, including the overwhelmingly anti-Israel UN, which has lost all credence*1 concerning Israel in its multiply fed Islamic nation perspective. Indeed there is even on the same day in the same news site, a staggering effrontery. The news ?

UNESCO Draft Resolution Declaring Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem ‘Illegal’ Draws Fire From Israel, Jewish Groups.

Was it illegal when the Allies captured Berlin ? When marauding masses threaten repeatedly your existence, then is distancing of their intents a crime ?

Has all rationality departed and is a new precedent to be made unheard of and inoperable, and is an international body to act the ultimate bully in asking David to acknowledge he had no right to Goliath's head when he overcame the Israel-confronting, boastful giant!

Israel transgresses even at its own wailing wall, supportive deposit left from the  former temple! is it possible ?  this amazing figment of deluded desire is even put into words!

However, both the intimidatory talk of the losers, the Palestinian aggressive failures in the  ultimate transgression wars against the remnant of post-Hitler Germany, and their allies which would appear to include the Pope*2, are in line with the biblical prediction  of Zechariah 12. Here the payment for this type of interference and continuation of  degradation, depredation or discount concerning Israel is as in  Zechariah14 and Micah 7 and Deuteronomy 32 and Isaiah 66. It is interesting how for very varied reasons, as the nations and powers of this world launch their assaults on the tiny nation, while even apparent friends perhaps about to ask Israel to give up yet more of its assailed land, though it is already threatened by Iran with genocide:  so that it would become arguably indefensible.

God, who made the earth, has appointed certain fixtures with certain rules (e.g. Genesis  17:7-8,20-21, 21:12, 28:14-15, the covenant exclusively through Isaac), and certain  challenges (e.g. Jeremiah 31 and 33 as these Chapters end), and if any man, papal, international in  power, or any group, wishes to confront Him, one can only be concerned pray for  those so deluded. They are as if playing games in Chernobyl. As at the Exodus, the final result in not in any doubt, as Micah 7:14-15 makes so transparently obvious.

The matter is not subject to negotiation and any  apparent peace that may give to dissidents with the divine, any hope in their rebellions (as in I Thessalonians 5), is to be short-lived while such  all but asinine antics proceed. It is NEVER  wise to challenge the Almighty Maker of man's capacity to  reason and  to exist; and the Creator of his only peace (cf. Isaiah 11, Ephesians 2:14-18). That is only the first of the things to be lost.





It is reported, for example, in the same paper, April 28 that:

All 100 US Senators Sign Letter Urging UN Chief to ‘Root Out’ World Body’s Anti-Israel Bias


The papal furore was created by what  is reported as a casual reference by the pope to the Holocaust on  the one hand and the tendency of  some nations to be most wary of Muslim immigration, as if they were comparable. An excellent article in Algemeiner April 29,  shows clearly  the enormity of such a degrading, in accurate and  slanted view. It may be found as below.