Think of a babe. The DNA in context provides purpose-driven expression, reception, direction and reception that uses the same language to fulfil these commands, obey and implement with a singular result - life not merely in preparation, but maturity of outward form. If you like you can start with a zygote, move by the same means to a human life in complete format. In the human case, it is human life with all its bodily facilities intact.  It is this which comes and grows before one's eyes, or as shown in particular in the womb, formatted and ready to be normally functional at this stage or phase and that, as it develops... not by human intervention, in principle, but by invention made programmatic in formula. It comes by stages, sequels and implementation, being fashioned according to a co-ordinated norm.

The commands expressed in myriads in the equivalent of language are matched in real events mirroring what the language demands. The total provides the programmatic equivalent of overseer, director, co-ordinator, material supplier (matériel master), with stage sequence and development progression, kept in safety till export into the world from the womb, with a precisely co-ordinated new oxygen supply from breathing, in fact simultaneously operative at birth.

Equally physically governed is the now visible growth over some 20 years, with basically systematic maintenance ordered for the same.

Commands which run it, expressed in the same language as that effectually received by the executive strucure which receives them, interpret and effect them - like people in the same country equipped with the same language, a vast help, mutual expression of conformity. The symbols have appointed meanings in this common language, derivable only from mind and its co-ordinated purpose-driven decisions. The unitary resultant expresses visibly the reason for the construction episodes: a new human life: physical department

The program, mentally constructed is linguistically creative, systematically contrived and pervasively integrated is thus a work of mind and one of set purpose and will, requiring at least a personal being, back of it.

Just as the generational code provided for life rquires mind, so the very existence of matter and its parts, forms and operative laws reuires something adequate for this production, a role nothing cannot fulfil, but only an eternal sufficient being can (if he ever were not there, there would in this series of requisites, be nowhere and nothing to come from).

No God, no matter, no start, no life, no logic, no standards - and that matters very much. Atheism ignores necessities, and their absence ignores life. The creation of this unit of correlative mind and spirit, together with matter, which we are all using now, makes the tripartite whole.

All this DNA was created once. Then long ago, it stopped. Since then it has never been seen being created. The systems proceed as ordered, the orders complete. It is just the same as with other creations, our own. We envisage, enact, may complete, and leave in that state. How programs with no one to make them, started by what matter has never been shown to do, and in terms of what has never been shown to be equipped with such productive capacity in the natural realm, is a simple matter of cause and effect: and the cause must be adequate. We are drastically inadequate as is nature, which could scarcely have created before it was there to do it.

When someone becomes willing to come to terms with God, then the whole position becomes clear for this, our race. The eternal Creator  has given to our spirits a liberty to reject Him, a fascinating provision, and our current world with  its almost inimitable problems, mutual disrespect, fascination with force, brutality, mass murder and nice words (sometimes), making a willing partnership in hypocrisy, is finding not only its whole development - which was by command in the infant body -  to be in breach of commands, crucial, relevant, moral and spiritual ones, of its Maker.  Itr is finding there is a price to pay. The penalty is death, to put it in one word, and one of God's decisions has been to cover the cost of cancellation for those who are known to want it, all those who  apply (John 1:14, 3:16-19). This He did with the same degree of facility as in the creation of the DNA. For man, as man, He took a cursed position on a cross, to bleed slowly and agonisingly to death, a due transfer penalty. It was very straightforward, with the infinitude of goodness paying for whoever believes.

But the response is no program. It is personal.