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Spiritual Death Camps and Life Ramp

You have only to watch this and that family, whether in humorous notation as in  Life among the Savages (Shirley Jackson)   or in fact, in TV shows or in seething social situations, and SEE how they ALLOW this and that for their children, whether undignified language, or swearing, or unclean motifs on the public domains or scattery dramas of no moral tone or even moral point, except that power is nice and pleasure is to be added where possible: you have only to do this,  to SEE the slaughter. To add to it, you see the virtual parental permission, if sometimes grudgingly given,  for the education department or other educational control to usurp spiritual truth and teach a hostile negativity or an ostensible neutrality, laced with the arsenic of materialism, in order to know that the slaughter houses are operative.

If however their speciality is children and youth, their appetite is not limited to that.

The country is slipping into slithery sedition against spiritual reality, and where it is not spiritualising itself into a spiritual substitute for slide, at the spiritual level itself, it is immersing itself increasingly in superficial chatter instead of life's point, meaning and purpose. If it cannot move into the modes of materialism, then it insists on enjoying the fruits of human bombast in religion, where people without biblical ground affect to know the will or the workings of God, and mislead many. To be sure it was predicted for just such a time as this, but that makes it no better! merely the more menacing (II Peter 2, II Timothy 3, Matthew 24, Jeremiah 23:16-20 cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5).

Objectivity, rationality, the knowledge of the true God who has not left Himself without a witness, but who came ONCE in the flesh to make a sacrifice ONCE by HIMSELF ALONE (John 10, Matthew 23:8-10, Hebrews 9-10), and not at the hands of another, to make HIMSELF CLEAR once and for all, granting His apostles grace so that in their generation all record was complete (John 14:26, Matthew 5:17-20, Revelation 22:18-20*1): this is to be derided, denatured or dismissed. That is the increasingly general rule. It is perhaps treated by verbal slides, as for those to be dubbed 'fundamentalist'*2 or some other emotive rubbish. It is no more to be seen as the last redoubt of God, the first basis of knowledge of God and the finale for faith.

But in fact the God who invented the human race in general, and the Jewish one as a transmission basis before the predicted Christ came, is not a basis for 'fundamentalism' as if it were some sort of pastiche of spiritual bits, but for fact. The confusion of the issues in this field has been discussed before*2, and needs to be analysed out, so that the true situation may be perceived. it is God or grossness, Christ or confusion, revelation or rebellion, and the revelation is to be verified or mere miasma; and of this, there is as there has been, only one*3. God is not of a double mind and has left no other testable religion; but rather even gave the date for the death of His Son when He would come, from centuries beforehand (cf. Highway of Holiness Ch. 4).

There is nothing but truth, nowhere but God to find it, for it does not invent itself for scattery bits without objective knowledge, but declares itself from the source of man, God Himself.

But by many, He is not desired. God is removed or reduced or attenuated or compromised or made fictitiously to be comprised of this and that, and MORAL LAPSE and PUTRIDITY follows accordingly. You can have people with perverted sex actually TEACHING and PREACHING (whatever) in the pulpit, children having pre-marital sex, perhaps testing physical compatibility, children learned in corruption, and even taught its ways at school, politicians who do not shrink from prescribing what may be said on the Web or here or there, and what may not, like other dictators, and removing topics from rational school work, like creation; misleaders who require nonsense to be recited in various meetings before they begin, as if Australia belonged in some nugatory way to a people who lived here before the white nation came (to the extent it was white), and as if they and not God were custodians, as if naturalism and fanciful imaginings were to replace truth BY DECREE.

Into this witless morass, which instead of recognising ALL people as due to fear God and to be dealt with graciously WHOEVER they are and WHATEVER their past, real or imaginary, and TRUTH as paramount as the company of love, rather than gestures at the arrogant grant of political power, regardless, there pours not an oil of goodness but a spoiling acid. Truth no longer matters. It is effects which are sought. Faith no longer operates, for it is manipulation which matters. It is all MAN, MAN and man the more, as he insidiously, recklessly, fecklessly mismanages creation with God in VIRTUAL absence for his calculations, distanced at his dynamic, and not incursive into man's practical imaginations.

There is a holocaust of morals, not only in gross physical acts, but in the whole range of spiritual living. Death camps abound in nearly every school in many a land, as in the literal Sudan outside them, so that people when young may be marred, scarred, deprived or even depraved, and all the people say ... oh well, let it be. It is a modern world! or at least this seems to be the moral laissez-faire approach, which lets things slide.

You in simple fact cannot let God 'slide' without slithering yourself, nor abandon reality without becoming a dreamer (Jeremiah 23); and dreams, as in the current great financial slide, do not exclude reality, nor tamper with it. They merely distance its impact, without safety or security of any kind.

What does not come forth from God comes from the diseased, deceased, deluded or dismal thoughts, the excited emotions or the fanciful power play, pleasure lust or degraded desires of man or his optional appointees, be these scientistic, political, social or religious. There is no superiority in 'religion' as such, any more than there is in health workers, as such. It depends on this, do they know their task, the truth about it, are they pure in heart and capable in concept, and do they  realise who man is and with what they are dealing ?

Confusion in matters of life and death does not help and is virtual gambling, when it is permitted or even sought for one's affairs. It is now a pandemic, and few escape. It is, just as Jesus indicated in comparison with the time of the Flood, a time of illusion and action, where truth is degraded or miscued as if it were ... almost fun.

The answer to this increasingly profound refugee camp in the world, with its displaced persons milling and spilling and gathering in little groups, rilling along in prepared channels for miserable motion, this moral refugee mass, surging over the desert sands of a stricken world, where material riches are to be found amidst a pervasive spiritual poverty, and morality is executed on gallows routinely prepared: it is the Custodian of ALL Places, the OWNER of ALL lands, the MAKER of the human heart, body and mind, the GOD of creation. It is to Him that ALL heartlands and coastlands should be given and all will, that man might be sanctified and empowered, purified and enabled, directed and purged, made whole and work at what matters - for the night is coming in which no man can work (John 9:4).

As to this Eternal Custodian and Creator, effectual and not mythical as so much in this increasingly secular race becomes in its profound delusions, confusions and contusions of mind and heart, you must find and you must KNOW Him. In fact, unless you do so, excluding or ignoring Him, you do not even have eternal life and hence become a sort of residual riff-raff, not because of how you are made or what you received, but because of what you REFUSE TO RECEIVE.

For this, YOU ONLY are responsible, God being on record, that He would have it otherwise (Colossians 1:19ff., Ezekiel 33:11); but in His appeals to you, He does not incinerate your heart. He only can heal it, but He does not invade. It is His work which enables your will, but it is His sight which sees who are His (Ephesians 1:4, John 3:17-19, 6:62), and while He has all power, He does also have all love, so that mere force is irrelevant, except in securing His own people, even every one who calls in faith upon His name. Which is that ?

It is the name of Jesus Christ, this only (Acts 4:11-12), the only exponent of salvation, verified and validated, exposed and repatriated to His eternal form as God the Word, the only begotten Son of God, the only Saviour and the all-competent grantor of life and virtue, peace and direction for living*3.

He is also the ONLY SACRIFICE that counts to cover sin.

To find Him, read and realise the truth that is God's written word to mankind, the Bible, pray for acceptance BECAUSE of His death on the Cross, in terms of His life in the resurrection of the body which verified who He is, give yourself wholeheartedly to God and receive with all your heart the offer of Christ crucified, yes risen from the dead (Romans 10:9), and finding Him thus through His Spirit who alone can open your eyes (Matthew 16:17), abide. Once you have found HIM as YOUR custodian, saviour and Lord, with all your heart repentant and receiving (Luke 13:1-3), then HE tells us that YOU will never perish (John 10:9,27-28).

When you believe Him, there is really nothing more, but living with His Spirit in you and yourself abiding in Him. HE DOES IT, you follow. You seek Him, He replies. You need, He supplies. You are then His, and instead of talking meaningless talk about custodians of the land, in terms of some race, white or brown or black or yellow, you talk of the Custodian of your Heart, and the Captain of your Life, to whom you for one owe sole allegiance, not to myths about matter coming from nowhere to invent life without mind, or spirit without will. Instead, in this quietness and confidence, in His presence who is permanently, once for all invoked in your life, you rest (Matthew 11:28-30, Hebrews 4); and labour as you will, not to gain Him but because you have Him (Romans 3:23ff.), your heart has a peace which is based not on fiction or faction, but reality.




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