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Seeing Miseducation can be Quite an Education


I was watching a bed being made up. After a little while, I decided to go to my study, and write something, but every now and again, I checked on the bed.

The case of the bed was always rather like the preceding time, in appearance, but not quite. Significant DEVELOPMENTAL changes occurred. The ones time selected were always progressive, but sometimes not very much so, and they did in the end result in a well-made bed.

Now if I had been afflicted with an intrusive imagination, and had some (admittedly fallacious) reason for seeing the thing done (such as thinking how easy it would be if this ... event of bed-making always occurred in this kind of useful and progressive, this incremental fashion), then I might have concocted the blindly confused and disoriented view that the most efficient means were always chosen, and that is how there were NEVER found any errors, but only progression. Millions of useless attempts at bed-making were never found. However, in that case, I should have lacked first of all

1) evidence, for there was good reason for never finding retrogression in its phases, namely that it did not occur

2) reason - the propellant for this construction, being ignored, there was no reason for this unifying of deft and correlative movements to a given and singular end, end and means as close as twins.

3) rationale. Though often are such sequences found, as this one, it is ONLY so when there is intelligence or program from it, to MAKE it happen. It is NEVER found rightly arrrayed in the bed-clothes without program, electrical apparatus to run it and the mind to instal it, or direct purposive agency at some phase.

4) The fact that though the information to gain this result was clearly operative  - for such automated lines do not come without it - yet there was no way to propose its mode of construction, and no way to see it happen. Someone with bed-making knowledge sufficient, and electronic skill adequate to create a program, and engineering facility correlative to make the program occur, must be there as a coherent and cohesive relevant input and sequence base; but without that, no bed-making occurs. It is not found if purpose is never present.

You need program from person to person or to prescribed appointee, always with relevant conceptual purpose configuring the presentation of mind. Indeed, even the best conceptually appointed programs are entirely useless without correlative receptors of such a kind of conceptual orientation as the directing program required, These need to, and do act by oversight manifest in the multiply complex and inter-related hardware, or lifeware, provided. Such is the receptor, and then, as to the result that is built,  it is in much the index of the state of mind of the sender. He, elsewhere with unique clarity, has provided in more depth the point of His purposes. This is in more direct language still. On this biblical direction, see SMR, TMR.

The fact that with life, there is that quality of program, written in discernible characters with correlative apparatus for achieving the result desired FROM the coded commands, does not equate to life making itself, its means, its programs so that it might be, in order to have them, let alone doing so before it is there to do it. Life is intrinsic in the commands as one whole, and the commands in it; and the result is correlative with persons, which in the end of the overall construction, result also.

However, the absence of person and purpose in the making, not this time of a bed, but of a universe, this has grabbed the gubernatorial, in education, like an assassin, and stuck up its meaningless standard as organic evolution.

The making of its code is never found naturally - that is, without intelligence, the correlation of symbol and fixed meanings in fixed circumstances, each one taken into effectual account (that is, in order to work with meaning=instruction=outcome, a movement in symbolism in clarity to construction in effectuality). Such depictions of mind are imagined absent, though they are  visibly present in the cohesive complementarity, coded commands, their multiple intercommunicative synthetic operative structures, oversights, corrective provisions and the other necessities for operation. Nor are ways to this found, as Denton insists. Observationally, cells were not there, and then they were there: no gradation.

Excluding the feature of empirical observation, orders given in the DNA, and responding performance in what is visible is an anti-empirical approach;  and making this intellectual apartheid into a kind of model,  is precisely intrusive delusion. On the contrary, in reality, whatr do we find ? these orders and that result, in triumphant operation with no litany of lists of almost innumerable failures preceding. It is assumed that what is the ONLY thing found in this area, empirically, is the one SURE thing missing: purpose plus propulsion plus languague, plus construction aids numerous and synthetic, to the end in view. This exclusion of the visible AND necessary in an ir-rationale is an achievement of muddle of a degree one may not say rarely found in history, but amidst its most daring follies (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go! and SMR, TMR).

THIS is a depiction in generic terms of what is  taught to children; yet in an increasingly careless, callous world when kids can be asked if they would care to change gender while millions die with their current gender and inadequate food to support them as they are, unable to find the means of life, and so not interested in induced mutation, were it possible, there is concentration on this jaunt. Were it a fairy story then that might perhaps be acceptable. This might be so, except that distortive and manipulative is this premature concentration on the topic which includes the dynamic of generation of human life in the life of a child, is like teaching the child calculus before 12 times 12. It is meddling with mind and playing with ignorance, examining immaturity, and blighting perception with pre-potted thoughts.

Even as fairy story, this medley of the irrational and the intrusive might lead to mere indoctrination and intrusion, religious assumptions unconstitutionally thrust in, without visas. This it may well have done in fact, in view of the now authority-induced kindergarten type bullying involving such things, that is now breaking out, or in low primary areas of what was once education, not indoctrination with varying degrees of indirect (or direct) solicitation, such as implying a certain low-grade character to those who do not


throw off the Designer, the Creator, the Maker,


ignore the implications of His coded control of the physical, and


become willing subjects of those who try to replace Him
with what is never attested, contrary to ALL test and a logical nullity.

As it is, it is a type of didactic bullying, not by students or outsiders, but by philosophers, for whom the children are serving to bolster fantasies, or otherwise bypass what does and does not happen, ignore the empirical and day-dream.

Is it really research, or rather an atheistic style philosophic paradise in which

no design is discerned, by a blindness
in which no relevant outcome is in practice achieved,  or in actuality found,

in what objectively in terms of any normal one of many definitions*1,

is the most advanced matter-surrounded design available for inspection
on this earth ? 

The speaker against design naturally comes equipped from command-type-program (that is its nature, assign it to what you will) which contributes greatly to the ability to recognise, use and criticise the nature of logic, the unique preserve of mind for its formulation and enforcement, while errors pound. Who made logic ? who implemented man endowed with ability for using its facilities in his constructive code ? Why is reason used to reject it  ? Why is nothing made source for everything ? Why are abilities postulated for what is found, when tests to not reveal their operation in practice ? That is only part. That misleading miasma of confusion has been taught for decades, systematically and futilely, except for the kidnapping exercise involved, not physically but mentally and morally.

If current social decline and inclination to the spurious and furious is in line with this type of nugatory instruction, without evidence, rationale or reason, based on defective premises, then is this surprising ? Cause and effect are at many levels, including will, but let the waves pound for 12 or so years of education, or rather more, and what happens to sandstone ''rock" ? If the children are denied simultaneously an awareness of what does not alter and is explicit and formed no small part of the base of this nation in its institution, then you have a perfect prescription for human tragedy, enormously advanced by systematic, bucolically belligerent disruption in the human race.

Small wonder if it responds in many cases, by carrying out the implicit instructions in this domain of force and reductionism, reducing to nothing what is unacceptable, and accepting what logically has the status of NOTHING. It is not a good source for anything, actually. It is a mindless proceeding, though not all fully realise what they are doing, as in the day of Christ!

Are children really harm-proof objects for unbased philosophies of premature prodding, when this land of Australia is already listed as far behind some others in disciplined and advanced, actual knowledge in schools, at various stages, and the experiment of lapses in address to what they need, namely an education which uses talents adroitly and wisely for ends to which they are fitted, is carried out, is treated as if this were low in the list of educative priorities.

Instead, while ideological mantras circulate like bees, and at times are treated as though sacred to the gods of this Age, much else is far less assuredly and  assiduously done.

Jingoistic surrogates for learning, and facilities for psychic manipulation grow strong like obsessions in many cases, leaving the need aloof from the feed; and this to an economically and psychologically profound degree. After all, if Australia in education becomes too much a psychic tool for fancy in the area of self-indulgence, why blame government in its directive centres, if it gives what is desired, and loses both markets and proficiency! It is astray because it yields to anti-vision and listless maunderings without either logical basis or observational ground (cf. Secession from Presupposition Ch. 7, *1A).

Yet is this all ? Are not follies at stratospheric level to be heard, when politicians call those who oppose their unnatural and intrusive manipulation,  homophobes, as if love of the way God made things were some kind of hatred! When this is done, then that is manipulation, and when it is magnified as if in relentless passion, the people need to stand up to this artificially created typhoon of assault, and reject what puts emotion instead of truth.

Let us take an instance in a whole range of related issues. I myself have watched the decay in the teaching of English in many schools, and the underlying approach to popularity beyond proficiency in teaching. True, you can have wonderfully good teachers who manage it all, but on the other hand, many are able to buy acceptability by indulgence or loitering so pleasantly in the maze of learning, in the daze of having a nice time. Yet neither is stressful rush the answer any more than loitering luxury in education: realism and care with a disciplined because well-aimed intention, without philosophical fantasy and enjoyment ratings as primary, is to be preferred.

After all, when you become really proficient as a result of application, it is most satisfactory, for you can DO things, and ACHIEVE them, and find resources within which are a joy to run. The workers of your land will  also both have more to think about in their inward facilities,  and to contribute, rather comparatively, than being left like sea-lions in the pleasant sun. You cannot have high standards and low effort. That, like eventuation from nothing and gender-manipulation, is great myth, but poor method.

That is all before we move to morality, and trying to make it a moral sin, in an amoral world, to stop people from teaching philosophic fantasy to toddlers, find lambastings available for those who resist the tide or ruthless irrationality. When we also find entry to this domain at the national level, there are sure results of the mistreatment of all-oblivious life: don't worry about facts, just indulge fancy!

The more reticence about this gratuitous grab for the minds of children, the more a return to moral self-control is discarded, and those who support it are attacked, the more ludicrous it becomes. It is called WRONG to criticise the removal of the concept of 'wrong' and those are to be judged, who judge it so, for judging is so WRONG. Using what they deride, such critics become critics themselves who criticise those who criticise their own criticism. What a profundity of hypocrisy is to be found in such things.

Such is their judgment in an Alice in Wonderland domineering bullying in print, so often found. The realities appear hidden, while the lambasting without reason, is not only manifest, but touted. It is so like Romans 1:17-32, where the waggly wriggle goes from trying to deny the Creator, to rearranging sexuality, AND approving those who do this! That is the progression both in the Biblical account and in the historical reality.

Such things have their results, and these seem more and more obvious in travesties in these areas being increasingly reported even from Primary School areas of education. After all, if you pour petrol even on reasonable logs, long enough, and use a prepared ember to begin, they can take ... fire. These things are excellent for the destruction of the human race, making it incredibly culpable, and move like objects in a whirl-pool towards the confused centre of the agitation, downwards, down to the opposite of creation, to its devastation by dragging forces. It is mercy that the way out is just the same as for milenia, and that God who made, knows how to rescue

 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment;
 if he did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah,
a herald of righteousness, with seven others,
when he brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly;
    if by turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes
he condemned them to extinction, making them an example
of what is going to happen to the ungodly;
     and if he rescued righteous Lot, greatly distressed
by the sensual conduct of the wicked
(for as that righteous man lived among them day after day,
he was tormenting his righteous soul over their lawless deeds
that he saw and heard);

     then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials,
and to keep the unrighteous under punishment
until the day of judgment, 10 and especially those
who indulge in the lust of defiling passion and despise authority

(II Peter 2:4-10, English Standard Version).


Thus God, determining to show more abundantly to the heirs of promise the immutability of His counsel, confirmed it by an oath, that by two immutable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we might have strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold of the hope set before us. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil, where the forerunner has entered for us, even Jesus, having become High Priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 6:17-20,NASB).






sections 2 and 8.