AUSTRALIAN BIBLE CHURCH ...    November 11, 2012 


 A Presbyterian Church following the Bible without Qualification
and the Lord Jesus Christ without Compromise by Faith

In agreement with the basic thrust of the Constitution
of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, 1901



Jeremiah 30:1 - 31:34 esp. 31:20,22,31


Write! comes the order, in a BOOK the container, that book of the Lord (Isaiah 34:16).

Write ALL the words: nothing is exempted or excepted (Jeremiah 30:2). They are SPOKEN to Jeremiah by God, not intuited or imagined, pondered or conceived by man (I Thessalonians 2:13, II Peter 1:20-21):  they are not of reflective origin. That is why ALL Scripture, being God inspired, is profitable for righteousness and instruction. Those in love tend to ponder each word of the loved one. Those who love the Lord move not less, but rather the more (Matthew 5:17, Psalm 119:97). Little changes like omitting "not" are works of utter odium, adornments for judgment.



The Extremes

Swiftly discovered is that height of horror, "the day of Jacob's trouble" (30:7) - uniquely horrible. This is to be followed by the fact firstly, that he will be SAVED OUT OF IT, as happened after Hitler's fell drafts of death, partly through but mainly after World War II with its aftermaths, and the restoration of the Messianic King, descendant of David (30:9), who will rule the world (Psalm 73), till its time is up (Revelation 20:11 - 21:2). Here are coming lows and the coming consummation,  close together in sequence. We move rapidly from Europe's Hitler to the Lord's Christ (Luke 2:26).

While the Lord plights His continuance with the people, there is to be in the interim, a CORRECTION. How hard for how many is it to receive correction! Simple in fact, the underlying principle can be more horrible to some than death (cf. Jeremiah 37:19 with 38:19).

The Four Singularities

1) There is to be punishment for the assailants (Jeremiah 30:12-16,20B) as Israel comes back to their Rock, a prescribed portent that must soon happen (cf. Zechariah 12:10 - 13:1). There is to be ONE ONLY Governor, for and of Israel, who is identified by the explosive question, rhetorical but defining: "WHO IS THIS"! (Jeremiah 30:21). Here is the Messiah, son of David (30:9),  straight away focussed after that unique and horrible "day of Jacob's trouble" (30:7).

Here is the uniquely satisfactory servant of the Lord of Isaiah 41:28 - 42:6, to come to rule as in Isaiah 59:20. Long though that day be in coming, HE will bring it to pass.  It then will be not a transient people, biologically divided, tongue near, heart far from the Lord, but a construction in truth: "They shall be My people, and I will be their God." Both in judgment on the arrogant and salvation on those received, He will perform the intents of His heart (Jeremiah 30:24).

2)  How great is to be the rejoicing! with singing will they come and sing in  the height of Zion (31:12).  Suddenly there intervenes some notion of the cost of this redemption (31:11-12). Here is RACHEL weeping for her children, because they are no more! This is not simply a reference to the "day of Jacob's trouble," already covered, but to the cost of getting sin out of the equation as a ground of judgment! Already, we see that there is this singular lamentation, like that for Jerusalem after the fall near the end of Jeremiah's ministry (Lamentations). Here it is something prodigious. However, this saving work will be rewarded (Jeremiah 31:16, Hebrews 12:2, Isaiah 53:11), with many souls saved. But how ?

3) The third singularity now arrives. There is to be something beyond price. It is an internal mourning, one of repentance this time, for the sins that provoked, on the part of a representative, a depicted Israel, as if one person showed the state at this late time  (cf. Jeremiah 30:18). "Y are the Lord, my God," he exclaims... "Is Ephraim my dear son, is he a pleasant child ?" the Lord asks in response. There is a singular reconciliation.
What more remains ?
It is the MEANS, as distinct from the circumstances in the situation. This brings us for the fourth singularity, equally to



4) With these singularities in mind, Israel is given exhortation to turn back (Jeremiah 31:21-22), to get on the highway, to return from their gadding about. How long! (as in that poignant word at Jeremiah 13:27). Why ? What is this sudden urge, to what does it relate ? What is this kernel ? The reason for the cry ? It is in the central plateau of the course. It concerns as in Isaiah 7, a prodigious event (make it high, make it low, upwards, downwards, but ASK, was the cue for disbelieving King Ahaz).  Here again, to the "backsliding daughter", the reason is given for immediate alerting. The Lord "has created a new thing in the earth - a woman shall encompass a man."

No more is it just a child in view, as for the nativity: rather a WOMAN base for MAN, is the issue. Recipient then without donor ? No, it is the LORD Himself who is the divine source of incarnation, as in Isaiah 9:6, and the One who is the descendant of David, with a kingdom for ever (Isaiah 9:7), increasing, not in any decline, it is HE who is the recipient of that sublime name, Prince of Peace, not the donor of it at His own birthday on earth;  and it is thus HE who is also "THE MIGHTY GOD," so that in human terms, it is the woman who is left entirely to ENCOMPASS the one who grows to manhood. It is GOD who is the source and donor, and following Isaiah, Jeremiah gives the utmost drama and centrality to this fact in 31:22.

Almost at once, therefore, so introduced to the METHOD and the MEANS of this deliverance, we find more of the depths of it, reaching to the heart of man from the love and the pity of God. Associated with this divine child, eternal from the heavens and now incarnate as such, there is to be a NEW COVENANT. Later to be called the new covenant in My blood by the Messiah, Jesus (Matthew 26:28), it is an internalisation that leaves formalism ludicrous, as it always was. The law is to be written in the heart, the nature changed radically, through regeneration. Rejoice therefore in the singularities that count. and are accountable!

These are those of God who first made us and then  provided this salvation, using Israel for the incarnation of Jesus, the Christ, and  this same Jesus for the breach and blight of death. So, shattering the saturnine steeples of human folly,  He brought immortality to life.. Everything about God is singular, for there is no one  like Him.

Never shrink from seeking miracle if need be, and acceptance likewise of His direction, who is wise in counsel and wonderful in kindness, to those who know Him (Isaiah 28:22,29, 28:16, 53:1,10).