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Why is the nation Israel

Demonised ?

Slandered ?

Made subject to oil requirements
(as by British Foreign Minister, Bevan*1 after World War II,
deeming it necessary for oil purposes
not to offend Arab nations) ?

Blamed for Middle Eastern wars, whereas in 1947
the more monopolistic regimes would not accept a UN
peace move, making Jerusalem an international city, and giving to Israel only separated bits of the Palestine promised
by Britain,
but largely given away and denied her:
while Israel was willing
to accept this plan!

Accused of intransigence when it not only gave back Gaza, but Sinai also to its active enemies, both gained after winning a war to exterminate it, one in which Israel took these territories, the former then used to blast it, the donor,  indiscriminately
with vast rocket attacks ?

Denounced when it responded actively
in well-organised defence against those openly
dedicated to genocide against it ?

Expected to negotiate with those determined that it should not exist, even with some alight with declared genocidal intent, as far as the nation was concerned ?

Ordered to stop settlement in the Capital it won back
when threatened or assaulted in 1948 and 1967,
as if the biblical prophecies of Zechariah 12
were to be undone, whereas they were applied precisely
in this series of staggering victories against many,
(including 1973) for the usurped
homeland of 1917 ?

Exposed by a US President*1,
who having strongly urged it not
to destroy the nuclear preparations
of genocidally inclined Iran,
declaring the USA would look after it,  then joined Iran, deadly enemy, in a military alliance ?

Assailed by a UN which yet seeks to grab more of its
ludicrously little territory (compared with former 'Palestine'),
that left even after the betrayal
of the Homeland assignment ?

Degraded by an anti-Semitic war, waged by those wearing
labelled angelic clothes, even as they seek not merely to kill Israelis, but to ruin even their commercial enterprise ?

It is time Australia, in particular, recovered yet more of its earlier realism,

instead of playing with gender,
while selling operation of crucial functions
to governments or their agencies,
both hostile to democracy and
seeking their own expanding rule in this world!

Threaten to exterminate a nation and it is always possible that
it will take action to defend itself. There is neither need nor right
in making the UN a new seat of government to a new order
of concentration camp for a surrounded Israel,
glared at by those implacable, unyielding,
with many hostile votes and but one sure for Israel.

There is no need to be surprised that this nation looks to
realistic defence rather than ruin,
in the site of its thousand year occupancy.
Is there need to add to many nations raining ruin on it,
a further denunciation and dictatorship, by an international consortium of nations, even to heighten the bullying ?

God in the Bible, is also involved, and so far EVERY detail in order,
is being fulfilled in the vast coverage of the history of Israel
therein contained, along with God's plans for the Gentile nations
(see Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 19,
Micah 7, Jeremiah 16:19-20 for example).
These include a turning of the tables
on the scornful oppressors of Israel
(cf. Ezekiel 36:15, Isaiah 51:22-23)
whose contempt God treats as contemptible,
and whose judgment is sure
(cf. Deuteronomy 32:34-43, Micah 7:15ff., Ezekiel 36-39).


Unbelief contrary to evidence, does not depose God
nor cancel His word.


Continued ignoring of the creation of the world and its conditions,
and need of and provision for salvation from its wickedness,
does nothing to God,
though it may grieve Him;


but it will do much to those
whose discriminatory dynamic against Israel,
as likewise against the Christ of God,
makes for a coming direct confrontation
with the One who speaks unfailingly.

His assigned land is given by appointment to Israel
(Genesis 17:7-8, Matthew 5:17-20),
a nation which was predicted to be exiled for spiritual failure
(cf. Micah 5:1-3), but  whose conversion
to Jesus Christ is also predicted (Zechariah 12:10),
and restoration likewise from its plight and to its long-assigned site
(Ezekiel 36-39, Jeremiah 30-33, Luke 21:24
cf. the Five  Volume work,





*1 The British Foreign Minister, Bevan, spoke of the "grave risk in alienating Arabs ".

How might this be done ? It could occur by their appearing to ...
"endorse the Jewish aspiration for a separate State."

They did not then, after World War II,  endorse it,
though the Balfour Declaration of 1917 on behalf of Britain, instituted Palestine,
then under their care, as a homeland designate for Israel.
This was later internationally confirmed by the victorious nations.

A UN double cross was to follow a little over a quarter of a century later.
MOST of the land was given to Jordan. That land, not surprisingly,
at one time admitted Palestinians to its nation,
but when its being used by such immigrants to attack Israel,
in their annihilatory obsession, led to civil war in Jordan,
this natural home for such persons was no longer welcoming!

Many sought then to grab more of the little remnant left to Israel,
and in their predicted defeat (Zechariah 12), by a seemingly invincible Israeli army
at various times, they opened the way in the resulting wars,
for Israel to gain land from the  resources the UN had denied it.

Then the annihilatory factions facing Israel sought international support
to have Israel simply hand back much of what it had regained:
a gift freely made to t hem, and soon used to fire rockets into it,
from closer to hand, turning Israel's gift to them, into a nearer blasting site.

Now the UN appears impassioned to support the many nations oppressing  Israel, in taking more once more, this time from their minimal area, as if the world must be added to the hostile nations, in order to subdue Israel. Hilary Clinton was almost like a directress when Secretary of State, virtually ordering Israel to stop building and to OBEY. Obama made a military alliance (of sorts) with Iran, Israel's most loquacious exterminator in waiting.

Towards Israel, that all appears a ludicrous proposition, but very revealing as to the ranging of the powers concerned. It is however in fact, when Israel's power is gone (Deuteronomy 32:36), that a greater than these, is multiply predicted to act in His own power and, in the presence of repentance and conversion massively in Israel, to Jesus Christ, to deliver it.

Indeed, He foretells that He will take the cup of His anger at the nation Israel for their unfaithfulness and mistreatment of the Christ, Jesus, and hand that cup to their oppressors, so letting those who had told Israel to lie down that they might walk over it (as now) find their due, in an experience of utter overthrow, at His own hand (Isaiah 51:21-23, with Micah 7, Deuteronomy 32:36). For their inveterate hatred, there will be for them a draining of "the dregs of the cup of My fury."

The Lord however, despite the fancies of this world, is a stronghold to those who put their trust in Him (Nahum 1:7), and their lives in His pardoning power, and though they suffer, the issues are sure and the things are certain. In my own lifetime - since 1928, and in much of that of my earthly father, prophecies concerning these things and the Gentile parallel, have been coming to  pass like the flying Scotsman over the rails to its target city. The 1917 British liberation of Palestine, for example, occurred in the very war in which he was a soldier, receiving  a reward for conspicuous  gallantry.