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I Job under Duress

"Will you condemn Me that you may justify yourself ?

Will you annul My judgments  ?"  (points made in Job 40).

In this, the Lord confronted Job, who became aware of his straying under severe test,  and was repentant, like a dog that reacting to pain when being de-burred, almost bites his master. Then turned faithfully to accept the needful pain, he makes motions to apologise. It is fascinating to see, and was moving in my Cocker Spaniel. But what of Job as in Job 40 ?

No more would he say such outrageous yelps as found in Job 9:21-23, "I am blameless, yet I do not know myself. I despise my life. ..Therefore I say, He destroys the blameless with the wicked. He laughs at the plight of the innocent."  YET, wisdom is found in God only, he  tells us in Job 26 (cf. as in 9:10 - he ruminates), and His judgments are sure. Job is held in tension, spouting foolishness occasionally, but returning to reality.

Or again, in 9:24, he asks: "If it is not He, who is it ?" Who is responsible!


II  Society  Makes its own Duress

Here you have the discursive, the investigatory, but in modern developments especially in philosophy and government,  the kind of fictions  touted in detail in universities such as in many things, Latrobe. In many cases, you have this ... If it is not He, who is it ? The questions resounds. The species of 'answer' that may be given varies along such lines as these.

Well perhaps nothing, or some something somehow in some way or time, did it all,
chants the increasing crowd of versatile vibrancies of virtually meaningless speech, claiming perhaps 'scholarship' as a basis for clear distortion which in five minutes can be seen and demonstrated to depend on false generalisation. In this way, words become mere vagrancies from thought.

What of universities which follow this type of line ? Is it nature which made itself before there to do it ? Did the language of DNA 'arise' as a matter of course when there was no course to produce it ? Did logic contend to conform the universe to laws, when the opposite was its alleged basis ? Does jangling what is not there make a plan for a multitude of items which came from nothing ? Do these in turn schematise systems!

So mankind unmans himself, and in the process, erects Products of Nothing,

as if this were a sort of corporation, disdaining inventions in grammar and genomes

as if they were not there, ignoring the genesis of generations in babes by programmatic commands, these specifications by the billion in each person,

as if THIS somehow were 'learning', and acting

as if land invented itself, and so belongs to anyone who grabs bits of it, though this readily involves scores of changes on the part of this or that party or sub-party over time, while proceeding

as if people belong to any government which chooses to grab the children and educate them forcibly and irrationally to the gross level of naturalistic idols.

The result, as we see, more and more worldwide, is violence, vileness, despising of life,  social breakdowns, mad macabre movements to mow down others in death, as though murder were some kind of saintliness! while often many do not hesitate to make man estimable as if a would-be god, though this horseplay becomes more and more like the work of a devil, inspiring and teaching arrogance and evil with outrageous irrationality.


III God's Incorrigible Gift

But in contrast, look at the eternal life which God has gratuitously provided for. Look for example at  John 6, where he who eats of the bread that I shall give, Christ declares,  will live for ever, and I will  raise him up on the last day. Life itself is a gift, and so is eternal life, for which many long because it is the ultimate outcome of spirits such as ours. Therefore many long for it, look at its attestation in Jesus Christ and the Bible, and glory in Him. But even then, some would  export the reality of Christ's substitutionary atonement to  bring pardon to  all who come in faith by grace to Him, bringing eternity to life.

Indeed, many would make the bread of symbolism into an idolatrised piece of bread, though the Last Supper was sovereignly stated by Christ to be in MEMORY of Himself (Luke 22:19). They would further export the unique sovereignty of Jesus Christ, and contrary to express command, visit it on a pope (Matthew 23:8-10), and take the office of a virgin in the incarnation of our God, and make of her Queen of heaven and even redemptrix without any ground but desire. Thus the blessing is abused and the donation aborted.

But consider the beauty of Christ's conferment, in John 11:25-26. If you are now living and believe, you will never die (covers current case). If you were believing, but now already have died, then you will yet live, because the intervention of death does nothing to abort the general resurrection in its times or the fact, as with  Paul, that to live is Christ, and to die is gain (Philippians 1).

Meditate on II Timothy 4.Here a crown awaits those who (in fact) have loved His appearing (and hence have not loved His disappearing in the minds of men by export to another, or others, of the sovereign, unique, and attested powers which are His as the Word of God incarnate - Philippians 2:5-11).

Again ponder II Timothy 1:12, where Paul shows where the life of a Christian is by faith stored; and in II Corinthians 5, consider amid the detailing of our destiny, the Christian exultation in the realm of reality. Even regard the outcome as in I Corinthians 15 (1-4, 42-44, 53-54) where immortality, in a moment, comes not on philosophic wings but in the glorious transformation (cf. Philippians 1:21ff.), already wrought in Christ Himself, and which He before that, had wrought in others. And how was that done ? It was secured by robbing death and disease of their prey, due to sin, and through the operation of faith making  many free not by some sinecure, but by divinely prepared sacrifice


executed in love and insuppressible life,


enacted in time,


constituted in justice (I John 1:7, Romans 3:23ff.), and


instituted in transforming triumph of bodily resurrection (I Corinthians 15:50-58).