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What is found increasingly astray in our land ?

It is   ...

Pressure for Imprudence,

Praise for Perversion,

Relish for Unrealism,

Impatience for Increased Debt,

Scouting for Surrealism

Much binding Blindness to Belligerence,

Appetite for Indispensable Ideologies, based on Myths,

Making man an idol,

Building temples of gods without glory,

Dismissing National Christian Culture as an act of Moral Duty,

Mocking Christ as a Trade, using His Name for swearing,

Disbelieving in Him as a Social Grace,

Dismissing with partiality many who disagree with the current tic of culture,
while exalting crowds who concur,

Making Irrationality King where God is concerned,

Wondering why our nation has so many problems
with  mistaught children, confused adults, and political splinters,
capable of paralysing action, steps of safety and progress.

While looking at changing our Constitution,
since it, with reference to Almighty God,
has  helped make us a famous nation, we find

failing freedom of speech  moving honest debate towards a void,
and thus in these fields, democracy comes close to a cymbal,
and choice to a pretence.

Why die ?  It is not obligatory ?
Meanwhile,  biblically defined sin is coming in calamitous proportions,
Gospel ignorance is soaring,  'salvation'  in self-belief deludes,
all like bombing a reservoir wall.