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July 8, 2017

We hear of the argument between plebiscite and political determination of the same-sex marriage matter. It seems, quite  simply, to  concern politicians unauthorised by election to deal with this issue, taking over conscience, conviction and for that matter, observation from us, like nannies  for the mature - in ludicrous presumption even daring to diverge from generative genes, in their gender instruction in building embryos into men and women.

But this, though interesting as showing the degree of capitulation some  are willing to make to  people unselected as topic experts, is way too soon. FIRST, if any sort of recognition  is to be given to the Constitution in Section 116, there has to be a change of that document, unless politicians are also free to take over not only from conscience, as moral  maestros, but from God, as base topic in  religion - for inclusion, exclusion or application.  Religion includes all re the nature of man, life, origin, destiny, human directive values.

The Commonwealth cannot simply direct here, favour, impel or prohibit "free exercise of any religion." Though moral pundits may disagree, violating the meaning of words, yet for  presumption, arrogance, intrusion and domineering, this at least equals the internationally popular approach, doing much the same to Israel.