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Opening the Eyes

What do you see ?

Light, shape, form, colour, curve, concave, convex, varied, variform, collision of objects, collation of control concepts,

of engineering concepts, of architectural concepts, of design determinations,

of aesthetic outbursts and their shading, grooving,

of exhibits of humour, grandeur, grace, elegance,

disgusting things, remnants, torn things, pathological things,

invasive things corruptive of beauty and dispersive of designs,

simple things, in usage, abusive power,

complex things of simple function, of multiple function,
of co-operative function, of ruinous function,

aggregates of many of the above, as in the  human body, which moreover can vary from a profundity of wonder in the very grace and

sheer exuberance of its multiplied and unified functions, in terms of

capacities of the same, developments of the same for specialised purposes by conscious desire and visionary design, with malice or excellence in view, laws of confinement of functions, or of their sustainment,

geometric intricacies of wonder, atmospheric creations of artistic dash and
impactive affront or delight,

twisted trophies of conflict, dysfunctional masses of outraged forms, shapes, functions, purpose sources,

co-functional aggregations of such exquisite appointing as to combine myriads of preparatory functions, so that when each of these is in action,
all may be and are, but only then,

being functional arms, enablements, congregations of assets for specialised purposes, physiological, psychological and conceptually complex,

to transmit communication,

organs of originalities that are invented, improved
and modifiable by their

background thinkers, whether in things physical, mental or purpose, 
spiritual, moral or crusading in aim,

deceit, deception, theft, lies, heroics for purpose specifiable and often  specified,
spiritual depth and mental labour in combination:

all these last things being OF man, in particular, but also in terms of platforms of KIND for action, FOR him.

There is a

creative multiple power, purpose, conceptual imagination, narrative compilation,

inherent as a power in man,

and his grant of facilities is precisely such powers,

including power to invent language, vocabulary, syntax, semantics, machinations of cruelty and kindness, contempt and compilation of adoration.

There are co-ordinations of causative controls, inceptions,
for receptions, for the purpose of deceptions,
communications, symbol-identity (object or concept),

correlations assignable by man in his creative thinking,
and for man, in his mass-assemblage complex of billions of parts called cells,
each a prodigy of information, |

their conjunction for function, a further celebration of  wisdom,
amounting to trillions of connections, much that is inspectable, interpretable,

teams of events constructed by ideational flexing and
compound operations of enormous grandeur,
many involving mini-motors to facilitate operations impossible without them,
because of potential disruption, dispersal, dissociation.

There are underlying causes of construction and destruction,

there is a mode of operation which tends to conserve
what is of this medley of marvels in one unit, such as man, and

there are modes which tend to disrupt.

There are pleasures which are of one kind, and there are procedures which are of the other.

There is life, death, torture, jubilation in life and passion for servitude, domination,  spite, there is jealousy and there is nobility, sacrifice for good for others, of others for pride, self-elevation or swaggering domination.

There is comfort and rescue, selfish or self-denying with

benefit of another or others in view,

there is religious function, with miraculous results possible,
often found but relatively rarely, and like all the rest,
highly specific, specialised in mode, which is

centred in one religion of service as foundational,
where the disposer of the events and functions of man, and
the creator of his existence at all, and of

all the  depths and  dimensions inherent in his actions,
is recognised, followed amid assures of given results, including

eternity of life, bearing of guilt for the outrageous among actions,

in love which seeks remedy for responding man, throughout the contested mle,
as well as

the seditious of life, the vicious in presumptive invasive arrogance.

In this there is explanation of all the above,

the  whole spread of non-nothing, and of particular somethings in  all their existent array, functional arrays, multiplied compartments, organised co-operations,
successive upward levellings of
contributory powers enabling mental and spiritual expression in this same world.

There is no other explanation for existence, magnificence of conceptual organisation to which events correspond, laws in  myriads,  to which events correspond, and the whole array of mental and spiritual purposes discernible and testable from the Bible,
and its predictions, fulfilments, instructions,
information*1, and
the  planning operations apparent in  what has been made,
first not out of nothing, and secondly not by nothing,
but out of the departments of creation 
made apparent in what is found, sophisticatedly tied together
and synthesised, or synchronised or syncretised,

by the Producer and Creator who has all the powers needed,
both for script and scripture, historical modelling and design crafting.

In this, you see the enormous creativity in what is called creation, for it is not only made in the first place, as to existence, but as to

type, laws, forms and features of existence,
their total correlation in different degrees in different applications, as to

functions at all levels, and at synthesisable levels, so enabling

purposes to be fulfilled, found in conceptual-ideational-multi-tasking monuments
to what is beyond fantasy, because of relevant and rationally required ability,
exhibited in integrated, correlated, concatenated, creatively enabled,
mentally endowed, logically equipped.

At the USAGE level, this is man's.

At the PRODUCING level, this is the work of the institutor
of what man finds out in his scientific research,
however much he may in many cases lapse concerning the rules of thought,

wishing to abort causality
though this is quite impossible (cf. SMR Ch. 5, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 2, Predestination and Freewill Section 4);
for not only does he use it in defending his ideas, but the more you try to 'account' for it, the more in particular you use it to disprove it, a useless and self-contradictory fiasco of unreason.



*1 INFORMATION and how to be informed

The case of information is of special interest being now a famous feature of the 21st century, as a development additive to the work on this in the earlier one.

It involves:

forms of expression,

capacities for thought to inscribe them into existence,

assignation of what is the symbol and what is its referent,
a matter of will, choice and creative construction,

use of grammar, whether adapted to specialised forms of inscription or not,

that special format and format which enables and forwards transmission,

of mind's will, so that creation's enfolding methods

may turn a scramble of points or words or systems,

into a comprehensible-to-mind or to its programs,

message, whether in the form of instruction, compilation for creation,

or other.

Information requires both transmitters and receptors,
in one coded control field of endeavour, assignment,
consignment, with rules rigorously required
to be kept, on pain of featureless futility
or abandoned corruption, where success spells sedition
of what is in mind,  view, program or intent.

It is a result of energetic and consistent use of mind, with the joint and
correlative concentrations of conformed and configured
features, drafted for results.