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Freedom of speech and religion in our democracy, does not mean State (government) control of religious perspectives, norms and vocabulary. No mere dictation is needed. There is a free place for religion.

Yet historically, Government often tries to take it over.

Again, some have even misused Christianity (which forbids violence as a method of securing existence or adherents - John 18:36, Matthew 26:52), to rule unbelievers. That too is contrary to its very essence. Christ died, not to arrest sinners, but to redeem them.

Thus neither is our nation an excuse for the overthrow or humbling of religion, nor is religion a permissible means to threaten take-over of our very means of expression, in  a democracy.

Indeed, any religion advocating human force to conquer or compel all, should automatically therefore be barred. Any in an ambiguous situation should of course clarify their own position officially, for safety's sake. 

What we think and believe, we should be able to say, not being forced to play the hypocrite or else face at least legal assault. Each domain has a place and each should keep to it.

Leave force to what needs it, and let truth speak for itself.