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The Gender Jumble: One permission does not
Cancel the Constitution or the Genes


The 2017 plebiscite, asking whether the law should be changed to enable same sex couples to "marry", had a very limited question.

Certainly, it didn't specify that the permission sought should be the basis for a domineering drive, forcing some citizens to conform to the perspective of others, even in speech. The point of the plebiscite was not an effort to commandeer liberty,  religious or moral. It simply sought just one liberty, for some.

But many, it seems, act to snatch the chance for a whole new set of compulsions on others. This would utterly change Australian ways, defiling the Constitution in its Section 116 in particular, with shameless seeming opportunism.  Get one thing ? ask for all! Here freedom of religion is not only negated but mocked through legal sanctions and discrimination is maximised.

Shame! It is good that the Paterson bill requires scrutiny of the inventive demands some now look to extort from all.

A specialised new use of the term "marry" was voted on, not a world view,  as if neither the specific instructions in the DNA nor those in the Constitution actually mean anything! Their results mean a great deal.