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10 Propositions on its Character,


and Centre

Shown continually throughout the 242 volumes in the work, "In Praise of Jesus Christ," which is currently on the Web freely, these are usefully placed together as a set.

1.   In no area does it err in its assertions.

2.   In no place, do its predictions fail.

3.   In no way does it contradict itself.

4.   It meets all the basic questions of life, philosophy and theology.

5.   Departure from its words readily moves into systematic error.

6.   Of no other book or collection, can this be said.

7.   Further, it provides precise information on the only REMEDY for the rule
and guilt of sin in the human race, individually applicable and freely available.

8.   It presents what it represents, the Messiah, Jesus Christ stricken
at the time foretold, divinely effecting this salvation, God as man
to bring man to God.

9.   It reveals the motive behind this divine action in the love of God,
and in this love provides for the lateral love amidst mankind,
and its ways, the only functional way for the human race to live in this world.

10.   It states the sins of this world are such
and have such results that
unless its time was shortened,
and this same resurrected Jesus Christ returns,
the human race could not continue,
and it describes the system of events leading
to this His return to rule, one now being fulfilled uniquely
before our eyes, to denote this as now coming near.

Just as these things transpire and are openly attested in this world as it ripens,
so they are shown in and demonstrable from the Bible as it is written,
on the Web at


 Email : team@webwitness.org.au

The point is that if anyone chooses to ignore it,
what it says does not ignore in turn,
but as always, falls out and happens as stated.

The gift of God is great, that it is available,
and was most costly to prepare (John 3:16).
Dumping it is desolatory (Proverbs 8:33-36).
That is the nature of the word of God.