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Should a horse be deprived of its fodder, a champion its race-track, a village its water - or as seems looming in the NT, a school of its vision ? Perhaps, if that school were seeking  forcibly to  control the nation. But what sort of religious freedom would try to make sure a faith is unworkable ? not least biblical faith! 

How ? by forcing schools to employ teachers who do not believe this faith. Tell them what, how and by whom to teach, rule them with some kind of political papacy, for which MPs were not elected.  

Will Liberals now present Labor candidates, and vice versa! Is this some new way ? 

Are we to choose table-tennis players along with rowers for a boat race crew ? Such things represent nothing less than a coup, a quiet replacement of suppressed  principles, such as meaningful religious liberty. It is like insisting that our  vocabulary/concepts be changed to match other atheist or agnostic ideas; as if  though even contrary to nature, we still just do whatever we will with this, ourselves and our nation. 

THAT radicalisation requires an explicit vote, not the confusion of concepts. competing aims and desires aroused in a specialised plebiscite. If persons are going to sell their souls, they  need to know not only the price expected, but to whom, in what way; and to consider why! Selling a mansion is nothing compared with this. For my own part, I will neither sell nor lease my soul, but have given it irrevocably to that Jesus Christ who as God incarnate is accordingly infinitely better than I; and that with relish and delight. It is good not only to face death,  but to outface it, and in Christ to await the resurrection (John 8:58,11:25).