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Monism is a scourge. It is an idea that all is of one kind. Material in matter format, incapable of thought, is made a container of convenience, like calling all metal cars, because these (were) are a common exposition of it. Actually, dualism is better, the idea that there is mind and matter, and neither proceeds in the same way, is subject to the same laws, though both may be linked in various ways, such as in engineering when thought and knowledge can contrive ideas into material format, though not into the functional dimensions of creative thought.

However, all this is in a way almost childish, or at least prelude. What is the relationship of the brain to thought ? Leaving aside modules as interior matters, let us come to the supply of thought and that of memory.

This may be of thought or thoughts (whether ideas or those of other things or people). It is apparent on investigation of the way in which one's mind works, both when young, mature and old (a most revealing phase in this regard) that categorisation of thought BY THE INDIVIDUAL, whether it be concerning relations, or ideas, or fears, or hopes, or procedures, or purposes,  or priorities, can vary.

What was a vital matter may no longer be so, and its availability to memory may diminish almost to  zero. However, some things may come surprisingly back, even when one is old, even how to spell unusual words, or meet unusual situations or whole arrays of facts about perspectives and so on, as if they were held in close reserve, out of immediate reach, but accessible to a large extent, still.

It is found that there is in other words, a dynamic interplay between storage priority and sharpness and present purpose (perhaps defined over a period such as a couple of months), and that there are groupings of things, sometimes by time, or by normal correlation in practice, in a staggeringly clever categorising and adapting manner.

Thus there is a purpose-product relationship between mind and concentrations, and storage and availability, which may bear some relationship to the way a storage company might change over time, the more and less accessible objects that you habitually or occasionally use.

There is indeed a sense of LIVING correlation between the actual calls of the mind and the available contents of the storage. It is tendential rather than stringent, but personal for all that, in meeting the sort of thing which a particular person has.

Thus we see that there is matter, with its limits, mind with its facilities, but in this memory aspect, and the direction  pf purpose and practice related, which is a lead to a whole aspect.

Over the mind, which is in some ways an ideational engineer and inspiration recorder and reviewer, there is purpose and desire, aspiration and  drive, or for some, languor and depression in its purposive aspects. Not only the thrust of energy, but directed energy, meaningful energy, effectual energy moves muscles at the material level (though this is engineered matter), and mind at the immaterial level. The last named is what matters most, since thought and purpose have no dimensions.

It is necessary medically as well as psychologically and indeed, in the case of spirit also, to have vocabulary to assist you to have the advantages of research and understanding neatly codified and usable, so that we  must first of all simply note that man is a trilogy, and we could  call this fact a matter of trilogism, along the lines of dual and dualism. Here we begin to become comprehensive, and thus able to discuss interior features of each aspect.

When the matter is then reviewed, one must acknowledge that the maker (cf. Bulletins 82, 83) of this design (cf. Deity and Design...), for DNA for example is not now found compiling the results of classification into symbolism which constitutes orders which find materials for implementing their commands. There is for man, and there was been for God in this affair, a time to create, and a time to stop. It is a personal thing.

It does not like Topsy, just happen to do this and that. That person   in her depicted mode,  is a matter of interesting imagination. This however, actually stands.

The reason being those symbol-significance bindings (found in DNA code) are of interest. It requires dealing with significance of symbols (not intrinsically related to what is designated by them)  with mastery in coded formatting, and this is a heavily intellectual matter. Assigning meaning and rendering it effectual in code which contains all these ingredients in functional format, is not a property of matter. If it were, it could be found, after the manner of evidence; but it remains a mere extraneous addition to the functions of matter, and is found only where intelligence is, since it is required for this sort of labour. That is its domain and such are its dealings in practice.

Magic is putting what is not contained in something, as if in working order into it, by some means so that the intriguing happens. It can be fun; but It is not science. This has higher requirements, requiring at LEAST the capacities in a given arena or subject, which produce such products. You do not,  for example, go for an answer to a question in science, to what lacks all connection, is never found  to be related, never found so to operate, and smugly smile at your intellectual entrepreneurship. On the contrary, you look for what is nearest or deepest by evidence, to the type of function which is before you.

This is precisely the opposite in evolutionism, surely one of the most anti-scientific theories of  all time, least descriptive and among best attestations of methodological disorder.

How wonderful in FACT, is the trilogy which the creating Spirit, which God has conferred, and what delight to follow through the various interactions and limits of matter,  mind and spirit, in this wonder of triple functioning, called mankind; to pursue the assiduity of its construction and the mastery of its simplicity, achieved in terms of billions of fastidiously engineered units or cells, organs, cords and conduits> These are available to mind in much, but not burdening it in all things, for it has its own domain in which to act.

This it does, together with the operation of a mind of one's own to move within this spiritual creation, and  spirit of one's own, to prioritise, perceive, envisage, imagine, discern, explore using mind as an agent and will as as a propulsive force and agency! Thus also in fits of obstructiveness, wilfulness and reckless abandon, or cunning contrivance, or connivance, man may explicitly or implicitly reject what his own mind shows him, abort thought because of its undesired and all too obvious trend, and so on.

Indeed, this is precisely the pathology announced as such in Romans 1:117ff., where man is seen as holding down truth like a wrestler exercising his mastery. By the magnificent gift of liberty, however abused, misused and however much grown defective by these things, man can even - and very often does - reject his Maker, spit on Him, and when He came to earth, the nation so gifted crucified Him, in the midst of His marvels.

Yet God is not mocked, and carefully announced the benign purpose of His coming in the first place, to and as  man (Hosea 13:14, Isaiah 53) and even the date (Daniel 9, cf. The Christian Prescription Ch.2). He foreknew what man would do, and even built this into His saving aim, becoming a sin offering for man, and this at man's own hands. Naturally, as far as the One who made you, one can never get beyond Him; but does not have to accept Him. Like an Alpine holiday, it is scarcely hard to receive Him when one's eyes are opened. Yet He does not use a crow-bar for this operation ... (cf. Isaiah 55).

And yet how mankind treats both itself and God! Here in Australia, September 2017, for example they are putting to a plebiscite whether to keep the term 'marriage' for what God gave in the reproductive module, or to make up new things greatly diverse from what God has left when He stopped creating in this field. Instead of this free provision, come ideas and means by mankind, according to taste. The DNA never found being made without intelligence, is ignored; the schema is deemed absent; the accomplishment is rated at zero; the logic basic to it, arrives from nothing and nowhere courtesy of imagination, and THIS, this magic, it is called scientific!

By what weird distortion of the term is this managed, that it may be massaged into the minds of young students, debate excluded, academic realism dismissed, like many lecturers deemed inept because they love facts. I should know; for I was given such an ultimatum myself.

It is treated as if a matter of taste, except that the taste becomes authoritarian as well as a drug and a drag on realism and a just comparison of the options. Indeed,  this kind of construction its means and module towering over our own abilities like the starry universe above our heads, is invented in the popular regimen for ... thought, by a flash in our minds, which creates nothing but confusion. Basis for it ?  ignoring reality and the scale and magnitude of ultra-human production, such as ourselves, as if it were a nought, a vapour trail of ideas is left, which logically clears away like all vapour trails. You need substance and means and adequacy whether for logic itself (a freewheel world does not move under the constrains and constrictions of logic, a contrary masterpiece), or the assembly line techniques or the code-significance pairing or the availability for performance at the right time and place, facilities.

The Creator of all these things, God, is set at nought. Yet they were both started and stopped in the design facilities coded in DNA. Neither the switch nor the power is found in nature. This is simply a fact, one of those which are ignored for convenience (a term used by the authoritarian official telling me, Conform or stop! for my work).

The vastly ultra-human creation, mankind as given from the womb, is set on high; but the human race is NOT THERE. Many fiddle with what is not given for transposition but for the continuation of the race. Lo, man becomes like a king, but with no sceptre, hence readily affects the rebel path (cf. Ephesians 2, and 4:17ff.).

Do they know what they do ?  Often not, indeed, for many this is a form of what the Bible describes as rebellion that can alienate from the life of God (Ephesians 4:17ff.), leading to ignorance. Error, however, is not under protection, at least ostensibly. Indeed, the issue concerns the human race in its current natural state, as such (Romans 1:17ff.), not any one segment.

Setting God at nought is fairly common in history, and vast are the desolations of pseudo-sophisticated civilisations, filled with contempt, but not for themselves. Of one of them, God asked, Will you still say 'I am God' to Him who slays you!

In this 2017 case, religion is thus forced contrary to the Constitution (protecting religion) in a systematic manner, so that the NATION lies in peril of having to use terminology which ASSUMES no God, so that a minority would rule all (or  penalties as in the USSR would supervene), and religion instead of  having exclusion from invasion and compulsion, would become a thing at the lash (this is scarcely an exaggeration in the classroom already). You would as now, have to indulge in fantasy in  evolutionism to be approvable in many regime educational units, and that has been the case for decades; but now, do we go even further ? Are we now even to act and speak and use terminology (robots would be better at it), in terms of what is demonstrably fantasy about no God (cf. SMR and TMR). Why ?